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> > > > A Kalavara

A Kalavara


  • 42022647
  • 18/A 100 Ft road, Maheshwari Nagar, By-pass Road, Velachery
  • Keralan

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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A Kalavara Reviews

Kalavara is closed

kalavara one of a good restaurant in this area. It is purely a budget restaurant and served only kerala cuisine. Unfortunately sold to other management and closed. You will find another restaurant now. It is basically a basement restaurant. No car parking. Average ventilation and airconditioning.


Quality graph going down...

Let me start by stating that I am from Kerala. This is a Kerala restaurant and I liked this place when I went here for the first few times. But recently the quality of the food has dropped quite a lot. The service was terrible even before, probably because it is understaffed.

The last two times I had ordered Biriyani, the rice was cold and the explanation given was they had prepared the rice early. Well, I guess they should have cared to warm it before serving! The beef ularthiyathu was also cold and they went back and warmed it for us. But the beef tasted watery and was like rubber probably because it is old and has been warmed quite a few times. It was no where near an authentic Kerala style beef ularthiyathu.

Having said all these, I would probably think twice before going there again, and most likely in the event that the other restaurants are either closed or somebody forces me there.



You get what you pay for.

As I walked in to this dingy place it looked more like the smuggler's den of 80s bollywood movies than a restaurant.

After a 5mins waiting time a waiter[they had just 2 guys attending almost 7 tables] came up with a glass of water, I asked him for a menu card and he was like ..what is that?..he told the available stuff and I picked parotta, chicken curry and egg chilly 65.

Though they were understaffed the waiters were pretty enthusisatic and were able to manage the 7 tables with ease.Their idea of having glasses around the appam counter is good but they shud have thought of having the counter clean,anyone who looks in will not order the appams. The kitchen too was not closed, the whole ambiance gave a feel of a chaya kadai which got converted into a restaurant.

The food was average,nothing to complain,the egg chilly was super good though...scramble egg with chillies and spiced up.The bill for these 3 items was Rs.100, am pretty sure if it was kumarakom I would have paid atleast twice the amount.

End point -the food here is cheap and so are the ambience and other factors we look for in a decent restaurant. I would say it is a good place for mallu bachelors living around velachery,wont leave a hole in their pockets.



Kerala Authenticated

I would rate atleast 90% for the Authentic Kerala recepies. My favourites are the Beef Ularthiyadu, Aapam, Veg / Chikn Stew, Any fish cury, Seer Fish and the list goes on............Small place will crowd quick and so get there early..Service is bit slow but can wait for the taste.


God's own MESS!

This restaurant was decent and had good food and ambiance a year ago! They have an open kitchen where you can watch them cook your appams right in front of your eyes. Now the kitchen is a mess in itself which is open to us for watching too! yikeeeeeeees...

If you wanna have a peaceful lunch in an A/C restaurant, to escape from the scrotching sun, NO do not enter. I think even the fans don work here, leave alone A/C!. Its got messy tables, smelly air, dirty plates and the sickest water i've come close to smelling! The food? The avial tastes like kootu, now who wud believe the avial at a kerela restaurant din have coconut in it? The egg biriyani was smelly, i had to throw way the egg heartlessly. Well i dono why anyone would want to go this restaurant when kumarakom is so near by with mouthwatering kerelan food at almost the same price. Its a cheap place alright! But they dont have to prove it in everyway...