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> > > > Adyar Ananda Bhavan

Adyar Ananda Bhavan

AdyarChennai    & IN 28 MORE LOCATIONS


17 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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Adyar Ananda Bhavan Reviews







Great Place

In a budget to have a good experience both ambience and food vice, this is a good place. The ground floor has an array of sweets and snacks from papdi chaat to rava dosa while the first floor is for the patrons expecting proper full fledged dinner. We tried the sweets like Jangri and basundi and they were scrumptious, Neither an excess of sugar nor bland, with ample amount of ghee, they were a delight to have. For dinner we ordered chilli parotha, adai with jaggery, mini idli and masala dosa. The star item turned out to be chilli parotha, which is basically pieces of paratha fried with capsicum and chilli powder, which gives it a spicy texture, but it doesn't taste that spice. With onion raita, it was tasteful. Masala dosa was also good but the masala could have had more salt, as it tasted a bit bland. Mini idli was delightful with gunpowder smeared on it. The sambhar was a bit watery, but still manageable. We have been here many times, and their service has been consistent till date and commendable.


gee2anu - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 30,2015



The food is good. But worst service. (not the self service section)
We went and we waited for 20 minutes even before the menu was handed to us. Then we had to wait for half hour and we got frustrated. Then when we asked the manager he said that the item we ordered was over. What the hell?
Dont know what gives them the right to think they are above their customers!!

Experience at A2B Marathahalli , on Jan 29th 2015.



This place is known for their delicious sweets . I have been to this place only during evening times and it is a bit crowded . The tiffin items are great though some of them weren't really hot which was indeed a disappointment . Service was great . The ambiance isn't as great as expected . I would easily say they are one step ahead of others in the poli's they make. Totally in love with them . A great place to spend the evening . Not to forget the milk sweets. They are simply awesome.


Best Place To Have Sweets

Anand bhavan is the best place to have pure ghee sweets, with good hygiene and a reasonable price.
Snacks are really awesome in taste with low oil cholesterol.


Best Sweets

Adyar anand bhavan is one of the few places that serve super tasty sweets in chennai, because they prepare them with pure Ghee .Specially dry fruit sweets taste awesome.


Best Food Ever

Adya Anand Bhavan has the best food.
It feels like home made food all the time.
Pampers me like my mamma's food.


Nice place a2b

Chennai is one of the traditional cities of India.
Been with Chennai since my childhood, i associate a2b to be excellent.
Outlet is really huge and everyone and anyone depending on their budget can get food available here.
I wish they continue their good work and satisfy every customer.
Deserts are also available or pick their sweets.


worst customer service

I could not recommend this ..I went there 2 book for an order for my college function .that is a bulk order ...after confirmation abt the rates and discount over phone.,I hav e gone there but they seemed not to be responding..I waited 4 1/2 hr and after that watever thay told was completely against what i have confirmed over phone..It was like im being neglected being a young guy and they responded well only to corporate people..and they could not confirm the delivery and estimates too .it was the worst customer service that i ve ever seen...



snacks at their best

all the snack varieties and the chats are awesome with chole batura topping the list once u go there u just cant come out empty handed
the chats by themselves are so much mouthwatering i especially like the cutlet and the tokri chat the tokri chat in all the places the tokri is always oily but it was very good with minimal oil
the rasmalai and basundi was the trademark aab style super
the hot and sweet that they make for just that time which is sold at counter is always a must whatever that might be(it keeps on changing )


Love the chaats and coffee here!!

I almost come everytime here whenever i pass Adyar area. They have a proper seating area although sometime it gets a little crowded. Its not very friendly for a large group. The best thing on menu is the onion kachodi and filter coffee. I just love it. Other good chats are dahi poori and simple kachodis. There is nothing special about the dosa and other south indian dishes and are the pretty standard type which you can get anywhere. The pricing is reasonable.


A stop for best evening snack.

I have been to this place 'n' number of times and it has been a tasty experience for my taste buds all the time. Starting from sweets to tiffin items all are at its best.The must taste sweet is jalebi ( jalebi),which is a mouth watering dish and the smell 't self makes you stop and eat. So, it is the best place for evening time snack.



Horrible Place

Horrible Place ! Looks nice from the outside and is supposed to be a brand . But the food is horrible , overpriced and most of the items on the menu are not available most of the time. And the worst part about the place is the service . The Waiters behave as if they are doing you a favour by coming to your table , which they rarely do and have an auto - driver like attitude. Fortunately for the place , its at a good location and thus people keep coming ,probably attracted to the brand name and external appearance ,otherwise it would have been out of business long back.


Not as I expected

Most of the dishes i tried were not tasty and were overpriced. The highlighted poli was extremely awful. The sweets here are not fresh and sandwich is just lousy. Service is equally poor. They have the look saying we dont care, we work and we go. Although this is the look most chennai waiters and shopkeepers have. In chana bathura there is no gravy and quantity served is less. Coffee was the only thing we liked there.


Used to be a great place.

Used to be a great place for Chaat. especially Pav bhaji. Havent been there in a couple of years. Dont really know how it is right now.


Wouldn't ever come back here...!

I must say this place doesnt deserve any of the praise it gets. The place was such a put off and the food wasn't upto the mark either. When I went in at 7pm they didnt have any south indian food left except Idyappam, which was just about normal.
Thorough disappointment.



Not a bad place

Friday evening, late from work and hungry - 3 reasons why when i saw this place on my way back home, i decided to stop here.

Not a bad choice, the service could have been better. Even though the place wasnt that busy, it took a while for my food to arrive. When it did, i wasnt complaining.

This place has got both south and north indian food, pretty good and the food was good.

maybe this place is happy to be under the shadows of saravana bhavan, but still a pretty good find on a late friday evening :)


A2B Restaurant

I had been to A2B (Adyar Anandha Bhavan) for couple of times. The restaurant has come up recently in the past few months and can be seen in and around chennai. Nice place to have gud food (both north indian and south indian). The best thing is the quality of fud and the care they take on the health. Awesome fud. You will like it the most if u can visit it. But you cant compare it with Saravana Bhavan :-(. So goahead and try it out guys.. Will give you the menu you can try out in my next posting..Till den its time for you to hunt for it. Cheers..