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> > > Adyar Ananda Bhavan

Adyar Ananda Bhavan

Velachery Road    & IN 28 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 04445014455, 04445014499
  • No 37G, Velachery Road, Velachery, Chennai

12 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Adyar Ananda Bhavan Reviews




Adyar Ananda Bhavan which promises to be one of the most reputed food outlets has shown that arrogance is the way that can bring down the biggest of restaurants

I visited this so called quality food outlet today to buy sweets for my factory staff. When I was trying to help the TOTALLY UNTRAINED AND UNCULTURED STAFF in setting the box, the supervisors started to argue and the whole staff ganged and MAN HANDLED us.

This is the worst treatment that any customer can expect in a country where our great leader Mahatma Gandhi said "If you don't take care of your customer somebody else will".

It is unbelievable and intolerable. We as individuals can only make a difference by withdrawing our loyalty to visit this shop.


I can only hope for your support so that the guilty are identified and punished so that the incident gets noticed by the senior management.


Ashil Singhal
+91 9655552294








My family regularly visits A2B at Velachery and their other branches. Our main reason for choosing A2B was because the restaurant was *PURE VEGETARIAN* and it had a good collection of both North Indian and South Indian dishes. However today we were really shocked to find them using MDH TANDOORI CHICKEN MASALA for Chaat items.

When we raised this with the manager/supervisor of the restaurant, he had the audacity to respond, that MDH Chicken masala is just masala and it doesn't contain CHICKEN. When we pointed to him whether he can show that the product was VEGETARIAN, he said that they use it only for Outdoor catering. So is A2B saying that they serve non-veg food for outdoor catering? How can any pure vegetarian trust the restaurant anymore??








Good to be There

Went there to meet one of my friend. Selected this place because its reliable it is a brand and thankfully it was not a let down.
As I reached there at 3 o clock, there was no south Indian food available for which my craving is unending .
So thought of ordering junk and it was great value for money .
We ordered.

French fries : it was crispy , long . better then McDonald's for me.

Veg spring roll : It was spicy , with sprinkled green salad and fried, served hot and with chili sauce.

Panneer 65 : it was crispy , deep fried , Very soft and fresh paneer .

Grape juice and filter coffee were perfect as expected.


Good food. Decent ambience.

Visited this place in the evening for some snacks. This is like any other south indian restaurant in chennai. Spacious and well lit. You need to take tokens while placing the order and give it at the right counter to get the food.

Ordered a sada dosa and some idiappams. The dosa was good. The usual accompaniments were tasty and fresh. The idiappam was really good and soft. The veg curry they gave along with it complimented the idiappam really well.

There is no question of service as it is self service out here.

Good food. Decent ambience. 4/5


Not about the Food

A2B is a good restaurant. But their Velachery branch is the pits when it comes to service. I have been to many A2Bs in chennai and other cities and their service is usually good and courteous. As a doctor, I am careful about the places I eat and i used to like A2B a lot. But then I visited the Velachery branch a couple of times.

Waiters are disinterested, come to your table in the 'Service' area only if you call them half a dozen times and that too after openly bickering in front of you among themselves. Most of them are not native tamilians, they do not (or pretend not to) understand simple orders of dosa, idli or chat and bring you something else.

If you opt for self-service then they wait till you sit and take a bite before telling you to get up and sit elsewhere. If you complain they call you vile hindi names once you move assuming that a 'madarasi' cannot understand hindi.

This is provided that the man at the cash counter bothers to answer to you queries about what is available at that time. And then the man at the food counter accepts your token as he will be busy arguing with his co-worker on whose turn it is to do job x/y/z.

Dear A2B management - You need not make us feel like royalty, but at least instruct your service staff not to treat us like beggars waiting for spoiled food from the dog's bowl.
A no-longer customer


Krishnan S - Burrp User

Krishnan S

12 Reviews

November 20,2012



Went here last Sunday morning. It was surprisingly not crowded... Ordered Pongal and Rava Dosa from the self service counter. Was waiting too long... The food was great though... Noticed the Sweet Pongal only on my way out. It should have been prominently situated; might try this next time...



Hopeless people on Earth...

we ordered 1kg of Fruit Halwa from the Bangalore Malleshwaram branch to be directly taken to Mumbai for consumption but when we opened the box we found 10 pieces of Holige....these people even refused to accept their fault....the staff are nothing but cheaters...DON'T EVER GO TO THESE STORES.............



Mis-behavior by Managers..a harrowing experience

It was Saturday, June 2nd at around 1:30pm that my family (myself, son and wife) went to dine at Velachery Brach of Adyar Anand Bhavan. Since the space was near full outside (in front of sweets counter), we went inside to the diner’s place. We were seated in one of the empty tables and the waiter had come to take the order. We ordered soup and other items. Once the soup came and we were having it, the floor managers came in and started asking other customers around us to adjust to accommodate more customers. We overheard one of the managers asking the customer “How long you would take to finish your food”. The family had come with kids and were visibly shaken by the behavior. They had politely asked for the food to be served to finish quickly. Thereafter the manager asked them to move to one side to accommodate two bachelors. This all was making us very uncomfortable but this particular manager didn’t bother us. Few minutes later another manager came in and came right to our table and asked us to move to one side. We objected to that kind of behavior and told him that we don’t understand Tamil. He shouted at one of the waiters to come to speak to us in English. When I told him that he is mis-behaving and that we would leave, he asked the waiter to clear the table and went and stood outside the restaurant. My young son (7 yrs) who was just starting to have his soup had to leave it half-way and move out due to the irritating behavior of the managers. The waiter and the person who came after us was more worried about the rest of the order being ready and who will pay for it than the mis-behavior of the manager. The best part was when I complained to one of your other managers, this is what he had to say “Are you going to eat here…if not, drop the issue”. I paid for the soup even though we all left it halfway so that we pay for what’s on the table.

I have been a patron for your shop in Adyar and Velachery for the last 7 years and have never seen or experienced this kind of behaviour. I have always been an advocate of their superior quality of food and have brought many of our friends and relatives. I am not sure if I will be able to set foot in your store ever again.

Hope for the sake better customer service, they would be able to put some senior employees who know how to handle customers. Asking the customer to leave while eating is the rudest thing I have ever witnessed in my life. I am sincerely hoping that they take some action against those rude managers who don’t have the basic ethics of customer handling.


mtmani - Burrp User


7 Reviews

April 12,2012


Good place for relaxed eating

Enjoyable fare in the expansive hall..... moderately priced (less than Hotel Saravanabhavan's). The number of cars in the parking lot will tell you the intensity of patronage.



No Home Delivery

We saw in burrp that there is home delivery and when we called the guy banged the phone down saying that they dont provide Home Delivery


great but for

I am a regular visitor at A2B kanchipuram, the meals and sweets are great.

I was a long term fan of A2B sweets and savories at nungambakkam, great varieties fresh. I used to take home atleast a kilo every weekend.

On the 27th jun/09 I happened to purchase the chinese food at A2B nungambakkam. The very next day I was taken in with food poisioning presumably amebic colitis, either the mushrooms were old and poisoned or the standard of hygiene was poor. I was writhing in pain and was admitted on IV drips for a total of two days. Eating out is what I do every day and every weekend, this had never happened to me. This was the worst experience ever. To this day when I pass by the A2B I feel nauseated.

Guys avoid A2B fast foods at Nungambakkam, dont take a chance


Heaven in Velachery!

After few months m back home to velachery, the place looked all the same and familiar, nostalgic! But wait whats this refreshingly new place thats popped up rite after i left! Looks totally inviting, colorful and i shud say a yummy ambiance. You cant pass by the place without stepping in even if ur in a real hurry!

Attractive as it looks, the place is really crowded and has self service so u need real patience. But it doesnt actually get on ur nerves like many other places, atleast not on a weekday that i went on. The best part is that you can eat all ur heart and u still feel like ur paying nothin! There is so much variety and innovative items that u get so greedy and want to try every damn thing and theres nothing that stops you, not even price since i ordered almost 6 to 7 items (u shudve seen the look on my neiboring tables :D) and it costed me some 150 bucks! :P

But i really felt like i was cheating them wen i had a bite of each of those! it was taste of heaven,everything was absolutely delicious and am using that for a loss of a better word to describe! Lemme see, paratta - soft and crisp typical south indian style, sweet bun - totally innovaitve and yummy sweet, vada/bondo - yummy/yummy, mini kozhakatais! - reminded me of those made by my granny wen i was a kid (havent seen em ever in any other restaurant), the tomato chutney that comes with it was awesome too! Butterscotch milkshake and black current icecream were rich and filling!

I just wish they start service to the tables there, so we can order more and enjoy in luxury! i promise i ll tip the waiter more than he can imagine :)


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