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> > > Al Reef

Al Reef

Kasturba Nagar  

  • 24422221, 24422255, 8015401003
  • No.18/1, 3rd Cross Street, Kasturba Nagar, Adyar, Chennai
  • Multi-cuisine

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Al Reef Reviews

thj2812 - Burrp User


15 Reviews

November 21,2012


good food & average ambience

I have dine at A-Reef a few times. The food served is pretty good but the ambience is not up to the mark. Grilled chicken and shawarma are two major attractions in the evening.
This is the place you can go if al you are bothered is about the food.
I would rate it as average on the whole.


Suresh R - Burrp User

Suresh R

1 Reviews

November 18,2012


Bad food (may be cheating) - takeaway

Last week, I dined in the restaurant and ordered for a hyderabadi chicken biriyani.. It was delicious. So I want to have the same once more and today, i ordered for a takeaway for hyderabadi chicken biriyani and chicken 65. But, when I came home and ready to eat, the taste of the food is not a biriyani... It was just a tomato rice (lots of oil) with one chicken piece in it... The food of dine-in and take-away are so different.. Take-away food is worse.. this is kind of a cheating too..


280varun - Burrp User


14 Reviews

November 11,2012


You can give a try to this.

Okay. Either I was so hungry this afternoon that I really couldn't be too discriminating or these guys have really improved over the last two months.
Anyways, the bottom line - I loved the experience.

For a cuisine that I don't take to too much - Mughalai/North Indian - the food was pretty good. Their biriyanis are yum. I mean really yum. I agree that they could definitely work on their gravy quality but it was not too bad. The waiters were very polite and friendly and prices were reasonable too. Most importantly, the ambiance gives you a very cozy, homely feel. Definitely worth a try.



lovely take away

we ordered a take away from here last week and it was delicious, we ordered from the chinese menu. so good we are going to order again tonight.

If you are going to accuse a restaurant of making you ill you should have the decency to tell the restaurant rather than post it on the internet. this kind of accusation can ruin a business.



Bad Food..Bad Sevice

Me & My friends decided to go for lunch to this place it was good not great. we ordered for spl biryani veg fried rice & Dragon chicken after the food was served we are unable to eat the food it was very bad not freshly cooked. The utensils were not clean. We had bad stomach upset for couple of days. The price is reasonable but we will never step into this place again.
Our lunch hang out was complete disaster..