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> > > Amaravathi


Cathedral Road    & IN 5 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 28116416, 28110305
  • No.1, Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai
  • Andhra, Keralan, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 300

9 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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Amaravathi Reviews

Poor Food and Service, Avoid

Extremely disappointing food as well as service. Did not have couple of items on the menu which we ordered, forcing us to change the order twice. And the food that came was well below par, the gravy and raita tasting stale. Poor service by the staff as well. What takes the cake though was the Manager's attitude. We decided to have a pollte word with him on the way out apprising him of the food quality and service experience. He seemed proud to essentially say "this's the way we operate, take it or leave it. For the evening service, we serve old food cooked in the afternoon".






Expensive but good

The price of the dishes have increased but the quality of the food at the place is always constant. The biryani is good even though it may not be authentic Andhra style. The special meals is worth the price and the mutton side dishes are also very good. The service is prompt and there is mostly no delay any time. The parking is also very adequate and hence the place is definitely worth the visit


Family Outing

The place has changed a lot, and its becoming better with time . It is a treat for the people from Andhra . The quality of food is just awesome and the specials they provide is also very good . The service is also pretty good. They didn't make me wait . Valet parking available . Non vegetarians would love this place .


good biryani!

This is one of the traditional andhra cuisine restaurants in chennai. Good place. Nice ambience. Good service.

Was in the mood for the biryani and decided to just try it out without having other accompaniments to mess up the flavour palate.

The biryani was really tasty. The meat was well cooked and tender. The spices and the flavours were really nice.

Those who like biryanis would like it. No clue on how authentically Andhra it was as i have never had andhra biryani before.

But as a standalone biryani, was really yummy.



Perfect meals!!!

This is one place i could swear by when it comes to traditional Andhra thali meals... anyone who loves south india thali or Andhra food will simply fall in love with the place... forget the ambience or the place, both are really old but what is never old is the food... the paruppu podi... avakaya pickle... gongura... their awesome sambar and rasam... think i need to pay a visit to them now :)
What they really need to do is to renovate the place and keep it clean... other than that its worth every rupee spent!!!


waste of money

Total waste of money .... meals 160rs for nothing .... we order mango prawn fry...... !!!! i was waiting with fulll of water in my mouth.... he brought me same old prawn fry masala.....!!!! in menu card it has different name ... ! if u order one dish , he will bring another dish ...!!!..!!!!
WASTE -----



Table allotment: Uncorruptible
Toilets: common for the building??????????
Other Customer girls: Keka
Condiment Container: Needs changing
Food:Chappa (Bland)
Note: Keka = Super
I suggest that you somehow attract more super customer girls so that they can be seen.
Point: left side - wash basin, right side - Kitchen???


Andhra Foodies

If ur an Andhra foodie and love to have spicy non-veg foods, then this is the place for you .It's crowded on the afternoon's and in the evening during the weekends .

don't miss out Chilly Chicken and the Chicken Briyani


Where is the spicy sir?

Why havent anyone reviewed this place yet? This has been an age old place in Chennai, i remember gettin into once, seeing the menu that has no veggie items, i walked out, m guessin this was some 4 5 yrs bak. This place is quite popular but somehow these fine dining Andhra restaurants don work out in Chennai. The best is to have them in a proper local Andhra Mess!

I went in today again, and i was surprised to see a veg meal, and that was the only veg option available during lunch, There is a lot of tiffun items (andhra specials like pesarattu) that we Chennaites (where there are many pure veggies and eggetarians) wud love to try out. But y be stingy and have it only for dinner? i dont understand such restaurants i say :)

Anyways i saw the pappu podi , gongra chutney and the mandatory on the table, so went in for a meal and some egg poriyal. The service was very bad, the waiter was restless for us to get out i dono y, this is a fine dining kinda place not a sarvana bhavan! The food was less than average, sambar and rasam tasted alike, pappu podi was nothin unique than the ones we make at home, the side dishes were ok, there was an okra gravy, kovakai curry, dal with spinach and some ginger chutney. The best part was the vadam and appalam with the podi they filled my tummy! Otherwise there was a sweet (badusha?) served with the banana and pan after the lunch was done, which had a quality that of a road-side stall.

The funny part is the guy brought us an omelete wen we had ordered a poriyal. He strictly warned us that it will be spicy, like we dono andhra food shud b spicy, but he did his job to ensure us bout eating authentic andhra egg poriyal. But hell no, it was less spicier than any egg podimas/burji i ve ever had, in fact it was close to a continental egg scrabble without any salt or spice! Oh yea, they think they serve spicy food, and they don serve anything to drink except coke and sprite in bottles that look like they were manufactured a decade ago! That really took me by surprise!