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> > > > Anchor Restaurant

Anchor Restaurant


  • 42655699, 26563339, 26564713, 26562875
  • Plot No. 1A, Spartan Nagar, Mogappair East, Mogappair, Chennai
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 250

3 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Anchor Restaurant Reviews

The best in the area

I used to stay in Collector nagar during my college days in Chennai, was frequent visitor to Anchor. The name seems weird for a family restaurant, but one inside sitting on the table eating the food,everything is forgotten. It exceeds your intial expectation and once done with your order, you will want to go back once more. Their service,quality,quantiy and cost make it a worthwhile visit everytime. Any North Indian dish or Andra style dish has the same quality in it.


Nothing else better @ Mogappair

Hey this is not that bad actually, otherwise it would'nt have survived 6-7 years. Stick on to the traditional north indian dishes and evrything will be fine. 99% i dont dine in but.... use the door delivery option for the obvious reason. Biriyani, sorta ready made so..... it aint that good. Overall its okie.. and i eat here almost once in a week. Remember that you cant go anywhere else in mogappair...for this price... karaikudi and madurai appu are far worse....


1deepa - Burrp User


8 Reviews

March 12,2009


it was just a f****ng place .....

we actually dont know why the hell we went there for a dinner
when we entered inside waiter came and asked how many members madam i said 2 he asked us to sit on a chair which is near the rest room that is only 2seater available thare rest all sofa type
i said no i cant sit there since its next to the rest room he said he dont have any option since its a weakend we r expecting heavy rush but actually there is not......
only 5 members including me were there totally and i said iam not going to be here for allalong for 6hrs so i denied sitting there and i went to the sofa and we had prawn biriyani which din taste like biriyani it was yuk aand i ordered muttom keema paratha that was like a shit and prawn machuriyan smelled raw
this is one of my horrible experience
that was my bad fucking sunday dinner i ever had in my life