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> > > > Ashvita Bistro

Ashvita Bistro


  • 42109990, 42031982
  • No. 11, Bawa Road, Alwarpet, Chennai
  • Cakes, Thai
  • Meal for 2 - 750

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Ashvita Bistro Reviews






Overall Amazing

This place is so worth the food, the ambience and the pricing. The outdoor seating is beautiful and is one of those places where you can enjoy your meal in peace. Great place to hang out with friends and the food is absolutely great. Dessert options are great too. Would appreciate faster service. But I still give this place a 9.5/10.


March 26, 2014response from management at Ashvita Bistro:

Thank You! Do visit again!

same pettai cafe

Checked this out for a Sunday Break Fast.
We were there at 09.30 to be told by the sous chef that it was not open yet but then he told us to take our seat.
We ordered eggs for the 3 of us, a plate of potato wedges, pan cakes with maple syrup and Hot Milk . All loved our omlettes but were disappointed when the guy serving us said there was no Bread! YEAH NO BREAD "Sir we buy our bread from wonton but they are not yet open so no Bread!" but still we enjoyed our bfast.
They had a package so an egg to order + potato+ pan cake + one drink was 375Rs. (not bad!) and charged us for two other eggs at 110 a piece.

Fantastic ambience and if was not drizzling would have been a lovely experience in the morning.

Overall loved it to have a nice cafe in my own neighbourhood (pettai)


November 1, 2011response from management at Ashvita Bistro:

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. We have informed the staff about the opening times. It is our internal issue and apologies for the confusion.

Hope you visit us again soon. A new menu is being launched this week.



The first thing that struck us as we entered the new Ashvita Bistro is the fancy door way and the ambiance. Ashvita Bistro has a relaxing outdoor seating and also a very cozy air conditioned seating. My friend and i chose the outdoor seating. the waterfall, plants, sounds of birds and the good weather made us forget that we were actually in the heart of chennai city!
I had the tomato and basil soup. Very tasty and very different from the usual tomato soups that I have had before. loved the olives added in the soup....very Mediterranean.My friend had the buttermilk soup, first out of curiosity and later she actually ordered one more cos she loved it so much! The pasta and Thai curry too was tasty with the right quantity.
When it came to dessert we had a variety to choose from. Unfortunately my friend and I were too full after the lovely lunch that we decided to share the bananna and toffee pastry! it was heavenly!!!
Im surely going to keep coming to this place!!!


July 9, 2011response from management at Ashvita Bistro:

Thank you! Please do visit again.


Modern bread and an tomato

Thats what the veg sandwich was. I would have got a gorgeous actual sandwich for 10 bucks outside alsa mall instead of spending 150 plus tax for Stale Modern Bread!!!




Went in for dinner last night....had high hopes because it is said to be a branch of Ashvita Mylapore......had the worst experience ever..The place is pretty and well done but thats where the good things end.
We ordered pastas and the thai rice and noodles....thats when the trauma started.
the thai fired noodles was passable and so was the momos but the thai yellow curry that was served had a very indianised curry flavour. Then came in the pastas...probably the worst ever...the tomato basil spagetti was bland with not a drop of salt at all and the pesto was sour like a lime a had been squeezed into it and when we asked for the chef he said that they have to add only a little salt and no more and that the pesto was made with a bottled sauce....(which was never mentioned in the first place) never seen a restaurant where they use bottled sauce for pastas....and a horrible one at that....he didn't know either how to make it we cancelled the entire order and left the place disappointed....the only saving grace was the oreo milkshake which was decent...
A horrid experience.......