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  • 42109990, 9840094412
  • No.11, 2nd Street, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 850

77 Reviews / 78 Ratings

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Ashvita Reviews


My Party Was A Disaster.......

Recently we had a party at this restaurant,the service was very poor.The food was not served on time.The guests had to wait for such a long time for the next course to be served that they really got annoyed.While booking for the party,they promise you whatever they can,but everything is a humbug,you will realize on the day when you have the party. I would definitely not recommend this place for any party. If you really want to have a party appeal,better go for a good one in chennai.They charge the same as any restaurant in chennai. We were totally disappointed about the party we had on top of spending more than 5 digits.They would say they can accommodate more than 60 - 70 people. Please don't trust that. Its their house being modified into a restaurant. Its in some small street inside. And the worst thing is they start cooking only after the guests are been seated....Definitely my rating is ZEROOOOOOO.... do not go for it and regret later....Its all show.....waste of money........!


June 5, 2013response from management at Ashvita:

Please let me know the date of your visit. We haven't taken bookings over 30 people in several months.


Great ambience, terrible service, average food

I went here today. The ambiance was gorgeous. It's a lovely little place but the food was terrible. And the service was non-existent. The waiters completely ignored us. They were never around. I had to ask twice for the menu card. When I asked if they served any hot drinks, the waiter said no. But I saw him serving tea to someone. In fact, he even refused to clear the table when we asked him to. Also, the food was too oily and not particularly good.


April 9, 2013response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks for the feedback. Please let us know what time you visited today.

April 9, 2013response from management at Ashvita:

I was there from 7 pm to 9 pm yesterday. We sat outside.

smii21 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 23,2012


Get environment very average food

You can recommed Ashvita if you are looking for a diffent kinda place to dine, but the cleanliness is not up to the mark though. sad thing :( and food is also strictly ok. pricing is decent. The soup they served me was cold, literally cold !! who ever is reading this from the resturant's side, your service seriously needs an uplift just good ambience wont work.


December 23, 2012response from management at Ashvita:

Please give us details of when you visited. And more specifically what you thought was not clean at the restaurant. We will take note of your feedback.

expensive, but good service

have been here a couple of times. once for dinner and once just for a cup of coffee. The dinner was with a group of 9 ppl and when we saw the prices on the menu, it didnt seem worth it. they had very limited options and we wanted to leave but the waiter offered us a deal. he said that we could order just 5 platters and he would serve unlimited starters and main course, though the soup and dessert would be limited. it sounded like a good deal and we took it. the starters were well cooked and i dunno if everything on the list was served but we had quite a good tasty meal.
the ambience is not great, mainly because of the insects and the sultry feel.
the second time was the turn off, when i went for a cuppa. they charge over a 100 bucks for a cup of coffee that had more foam in it than the coffee itself, and it tasted really bad! haven visited this place after that!


November 10, 2012response from management at Ashvita:

Please provide me with the exact date of your visit. We have spoken to all waiters and captains as to who offered this discount.

Also there is no other restaurant that offers the same quality, quantity and variety for unlimited starter and buffet for Rs525 Nett in Chennai. All of them are much more than this price.

For a good cup of coffee please visit Ashvita Bistro at Alwarpet.

November 17, 2012response from management at Ashvita:

it was sometime in october 2011. i dont remember the exact date...and yeah, for your info, there are lots of places offering much more variety for 550 bucks in chennai. to give an example,movies, the spring hotel. there is a lot more variety there. have you been to jeevan cafe in nungambakkam? Lots of variety and the buffet is just 250 bucks. its genuine and tasty!
and if you can serve "good coffee" in your bristo, why not do the same in your restaurant?


Colleger hang out

The perfect place to hang out with friends and share some good mocktails and finger eats. The ambience is good and they also regularly have events and shows happening. Vibrant place to meet!



Wonderful Experience in a Lovely Environment

Ashvita is on Dr.Radhakrishnan Road, nestled in a quiet corner of an alley off main road, enveloped in the lush greenery within an elegantly appointed bunglow. It has several sections: jewellery, gallery, books, kitsch stuff and ofcourse the restaurant in two setting: indoor and the outdoor in the midst of greens.
We had a reservation that is well recognized and proactively attended by the service staff.
We have ordered Hot n Sour Soup and Veg Momos: truly delectable fare, simple, yet very well made delicacies only to entreat us to order some more veg momos: that are hot, fresh, succulent and palatable.
Overall experience is truly captivating and ofcourse would be on my itinerary many a times to happy to discover this joint on Poshvine.



Yuck! 2 stars for the ambience! Over priced and the food sucks!


July 7, 2012response from management at Ashvita:

Seriously. Please write a constructive review. Be it good or bad we will take feedback the right way. However your review is absalutely for no point.

July 8, 2012response from management at Ashvita:

I do not feel the need to abide by your "rules and regulations" of how to or how not to write a comment. I prefer reviews to the point rather than long, boring paragraph after paragraph, where towards quarter of the way one tends to yawn and fall asleep! I prefer being direct and to the point. So that people don't zone out and know exactly what I'm reviewing about. Please do not waste your time or mine just because you aren't happy with what I wrote.

Feel Good factors around

Yes. There are many feel good factors - as you enter this place. Just in the middle of city, but still hidden in the small lane. Those nice flowers and glass partitions and good-old trees, make you feel - modernisation does not mean destruction of old things.
The food, ambience, service is all good. Quality / Quantity & Pricing is perfect.

Few things - may be considered for review:

1. Cleanliness. Surprised to see the table we got & the one nearby does not seem to be very clean (we actually asked the person to wipe once). Also, happen to see the spill overs on the legs of next table - does not look nice. Understand it was a sunday evening & may be it is not due for complete cleaning. But suggest to have a quick check on major stains etc
2. Platter Sharing Not allowed. Bit strange !. Can understand the no-sharing note for buffet / meals etc, but for ala carte menu ?!?. Sad - i could not taste the platter - because they insisted me ordering 2 (for me & wife) or none !.
3. Availability time in Menu. May be it helps. Spent sometime choosing the order - just to get an answer - sorry sir, they are not available after 10.00 p.m. Again understand, there is a logic behind this - but will help if this timing is mentioned in the menu card !.

It was definetly a nice sunday evening spent here & would love to visit again sometime.


May 22, 2012response from management at Ashvita:

Thank you for your valuable feedback. I am personally looking into this. We will make the changes you have mentioned.


plan to have a birthday party for my son

This is Balaji from dubai i plan to have a birthday party for my son coming Nov 24 falling on sat so its is possible for u arrange a party hall around 70 person.

More over know me very well as a personnel.U might forget because we meet when the opening of ashvita. I am the friend of Afroz Nawaz . Can i have a best deal from your side


May 13, 2012response from management at Ashvita:

Hi. Please email us your requirements to ashvita @ hotmail . Com and we will be able to help you with your event.

Used to love it

I've been wanting to write a review of this place for ages. finally got to it. I used to love the old ashvita. Used to travel from Anna nagar almost 3-4 times a week just to be here. Now I've travelled just once after the renovations and sure to say i won't come again. it is no longer the place TO BE. it is now a place to go with your family (aunies, uncles and the lot) I'm very unhappy about having lost one of the best places to hang out.


February 25, 2012response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks for taking time to write this review. At Ashvita we take pleasure in delighting our customers. While we have renovated our property at Radhakrishnan Salai into a fine dining restaurant two years ago, we have also opened Ashvita Bistro at Bawa Road, Alwarpet. You will find that Ashvita Bistro retains the same old charm as what you remembered us to be. It is a great place to hang out with friends. Do visit Ashvita Bostro and we hope you could share your experience about the place with us.

February 25, 2012response from management at Ashvita:

ah. didn't know about ashvita bistro. thanks a lot for letting me know. will drop in sometime soon.


Would recommend - fantastic place to be

Have been there for treating my office mates : Ambience is too good and well maintained , Awesome service and fantastic and delicious starters

Would recommend Ashvita to any of my friends



January 20, 2012response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks so much. Do visit again.


nasty cups and below average food

if its the same ashvita which is adjoinnng the same road to city centre...then i must say that it is a place which will leave u completely heart broken.we visited yesterday and as a first time visitor all we expected a good coffee and good time spent.seeing to the humid climate of chennai these days , the sitting arrangement was very untidy and hot. It seems as if u have a big mansion and somehow arranged few chairs and tables outside a verrandah, deprived of any proper air circulation.
They lack people who can serve properly give to the right information regarding any menu asked and worse than that is they are clumsy to serve.
All we ordered is south indian coffee which we repeatedly asked him to make it strong...but was of no use.Then the cups in which they served specially the handles u can actually see the old stains protruding...which gives a yuck!! feeling altogether.
The worst was just one order we placed"CHEESE CHILLI TOAST'...cant believe it....u might not see this kind of a preparation any where in the world.Its just a slice of toasted bread with a slice of cheese which we get in the market and with ONE chilli slice(JUST ONE)...and thats it!!! CAN U BEAT THAT....

Do u think u can try the rest of the menu...where u don,t get even a proper clean cup of coffee or a simple cheese chilli toast???????????????
HORRIBLE...and really wonder how people can stand this kind of a quality from a cafe


June 21, 2011response from management at Ashvita:

We are very sorry about this. We will look into this right away. Our cafe is open air and therefore it goes without saying that this time of the year the outdoor seating will be warm.

Regarding the service, we are briefing the staff who attended to you.

If you wish to enjoy a good cup of coffee, teas, sandwiches, pastas and pastries, please try our new Bistro on Bawa Road, Alwarpet.

June 21, 2011response from management at Ashvita:

well...thanks for the reply...but to compensate this kind of weather one have to find an alternative too, rather than blaming on it....i suggest sir, u can get those big fans which are called SPRINKLERS(showers of water) to arrange at the me it will give a more cozy and cool feeling to ur customers..

June 21, 2011response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks for the suggestion. We will look into it.


Again...when will these guys learn?

I wrote a review the first time I visited this joint. The management said they would look into certain aspects. These aspects have been consistently highlighted by many patrons and they get the same answer..."we will look into it".
The point of the matter is good, starters excellent, all spoiled by clueless waiters and lackluster service. This has become the hallmark of many dining joints in Chennai. Last time I am visiting this place, price not worth the service I am getting. Barbeque Nation and even Kebab Factory score over this place.


June 14, 2011response from management at Ashvita:

Please let us know the date of your last visit. Were you here for lunch or dinner?

June 14, 2011response from management at Ashvita:

Was here for Lunch on Friday 10th June 2011


Over hyped, food disappointing

This place was highly recommended by someone, so we checked it out on a friend's b'day. Lets me talk about the positives first - ambience is different, more like a house than a restaurant. The way the menu is designed is also interesting. Guess thats where the buck stops.

The place is too loud to make for a peaceful dinner, i could barely converse with my friends. Service is prompt only the first time the waiter comes around, later on it becomes a pain to catch their attention. Also, waiter does a poor job of describing/recommending food.

And to talk about the actual food, that was the most disappointing aspect. I had the mughlai set and my friend had a continental thing, both were poor. 4 starters of which only 1 was good, kebabs were under-cooked, soups were tastesless and rotis/naans were a horror! Since moving to chennai, I tend to judge restaurants who call themselves "North India" by the quality of their Roti/Naan, and Ashvita fails here miserably. Desserts were just passable.

When I pay close to 500 bucks per person, I expect a much better quality food and better service. I really dont recommend it to anyone. Or if u do end up going there, avoid one of those Thali type options. You might hv better luck with other stuff.


As serene as it can get!

Well, I'm happy to start "burrping" with a review for a deserved restaurant like Ashvita.

Let me put all that I have to say objectively, this can serve as a quick reference I hope!

What I like about this place:

- Though it lies just a few feet away from a busy road like RKSalai, it boasts a very pleasant ambience and serene dining experience, a welcome respite from the noisy city life.
- It is one of the few restaurants that has an option of Indoor and outdoor (Candle light) dining.
- Unlike many other good restaurants, it is not crowded and you can always have your private space.
- The food is fairly delicious. (not the tastiest ever though!)

What I didn't like:

- No prizes for guessing.. Yes, looking at the cost, it is one of those restaurants on the higher side. A modest Veg dinner for two would cost you around 800 bucks.(400 per head is ofcourse costly when I'm speaking about a not-star-hotel place)
- The quantity of some items like starters is miserable, considering the cost they charge for these.
- Not the widest range of Vegetarian food I've seen. (Being a pure veggie I have absolutely no idea about the 'Red Dots' in the Menu)
- Last but not least as people say, their Menu card was least appealing !! Though it had all possible artistic girly pink designs on it, I couldnt make out what items were offered! C'mon bold the items or color code them or whatever.. but plz do something!!!

What I had there:

- Some Veg Starters: Taste good but a 5 Year old kid would be satisfied with that quantity. (Or may be a 60 Yr old!)
- Veg Fried Rice and Biryani: Good
- Veg Side Dishes : Good (Costly)

Ideal for: Couples, small not-so-loud families

My recommendation: Do visit on cool evening with some time at your disposal ('with a full vallet' is implied)

Bottomline: For those who are willing to shell out some extra bucks for a different dining experience


Taste: 3.5/5
Quantity: 3/5
Choice of food: 3/5
Ambience: 4.5/5
Cost factor: 2.5/5

Overall: 3.5/5


April 17, 2011response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks for this well thought out feedback. We will work on your suggestions.

April 18, 2011response from management at Ashvita:

Nice to see a quick response..!.. WILL visit again..!! :)

the best restaurant ever

awesome place with the right mood and ambience. secondly great food and to top it all the brilliant staff. i would rate this place with a million stars. i've never had such great food ever. kudos to ashvita !


March 8, 2011response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks! Please do tell all your friends and family about us.


Could have been better !!

I had been to Ashvita last sunday. The ambience was very calm and soothing. I expected the food to be too, but it was very disappointing.
We went in for a Mugalai and Kebab platter. The soup which came first was cold, rather than hot. Then when the starters came in, we were even more, let down to know that they were no seafood and only chicken and mutton were avlbl. the mutton was not fresh and we had to manage with it. the welcome drink came in much later. the biryani did not taste like a dum biriyani and it was jus ok. the dessert, gulab jamun and ice cream was gud, but Wat was worse is they served it in plate, which i guess, used to serve non-veg, so it was literally stinking. We spent around 950 for 2, and it was just total waste of money


Place that matches your Mood was last night.....26th Dec., 2010......and it was my B' I just got through the reviews of the restaurants in Burrp......and felt to try was a treat that I got to give to my closest friends (seat for 6) it needs to be perfect...afterall it is my B'Day (that comes once in a year, and who knows what happens tomorrow) I just booked the garden waterfall table......with Chicken and Kababs unlimited platter.....and a Chocolate was all so perfect.....even the one called Shiva greeted all us after reaching there.....and then a sweet lime juice.....after that my cake-cut....cake was so delicious and such a wonderful design.....loved it.....even for the cake-cut.....they managed to off the order to have the perfect candle-light view.......though the whole place was ambient-friendly and candlelight attire.........and the best part was not like a buffet....but unlimited....and comes course by course....once one platter is finished....the other reaches on table with serve.......even other than gardening.......there were tables for other moods too.......say classy and artistic (for instance).......interior and lighting was superb.......just loved the varied food items and the tastes.......and no need to mention the service.......I think each and every dishes of the platter has been tested accordingly........the only thing that bothered us at last was the halwa and gulb-jamun that was to be provided at last....but there was insufficiency of the same....and that made us feel unfulfilled (atleast my friends made me feel so)......but I think that won't be for each and every party........and one more would be great if there would have been a smooth violin muzic going side by side in the garden area....that will surely add to the beauty.......Rates are reasonable (in accordance to the quantity, taste, varieties,services and the places)......'what's there to count on the rates when your special day can be made so perfect with the special persons'.........perfect place for Dating, Friendly Treat, Family Outing, Business Meetings, and add your own category........will try it again and again......until it keeps this level parallel or make it a bit uplifted.


December 27, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback.

December 27, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

It was my pleasure......((^_^))

tkalr - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 09,2010



I had a bad experience once before but i decided to give it a try again. I was bringing one of our senior colleagues from office this time. However, both the staff and the food was awful. The staff recommended the worst chinese dishes (or atleast they were cooked that way) on the menu and took 40 mins to just reach them on our table. At the end, took 3 different orders of dessert only to come back and say that the Carrot halwa was spoilt in the kitchen. It is not only overpriced for its food quality, the waiting staff is very slow and unempathising. Except ambience, i see no reason why anyone should come to this place!


December 9, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks for the feedback. We will look into this immediatly


Starters Ok, Main Course is very average

The ambience of the restaurant is very good and located in a no noice zone. As far as the food is concerned I would rate the starters as Average and the main course is very poor. I ordered the Kabab and grill platter and I would like to say that the biriyani served with that platter was one of the worst one I have ever had in my life time. if you people want to know how biriyani will taste just visit arasappar restaurant and try to make it in that quality. I beleive the management will take care of the above said comments and make sure it is improved.

Akbar, Chennai


November 27, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks for the feedback. We will look into the food immediately.

ktickdreams - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 26,2010


Not bad

We are around 12 members of our company visited your restaurant, the ambience is very good but the food is not upto the mark. I ordered Kabab and grills Platter. I don't like main course chicken Biriyani, which needs to be improved a lot in terms of taste and also Naan is very hard to eat. But starters are ok. Please take care in the future.


November 27, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Apologies about the Biryani. Will look into it immediately.

ggprasad - Burrp User


9 Reviews

November 12,2010


Unforgetable dinner

We, me and my husband, generally try new places. I suggested Ashvita by looking at the review in Burrp. The reviews were correct. The food and the ambiance was good. I love the wantons. Perfect place for good food lovers.

We, me and my husband, visited Ashvita by


November 12, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thank you! Please do visit again.


A Memorable Dinner

I visited Ashvita today(Nov 8 2010) for celebrating my wife's b'day. I came to know about this place when I searched for garden type restaurants in burrp & then read the reviews which were quite positive.

From the time we stepped in to Ashvita, the ambience took over our mind and we were amazed by the lighting in the garden setting of restaurant. As we had booked the table in advance, they had kept the setting ready and we were given a warm welcome by the waiters Kumaravel & Sanjeev.

Food Review :

Welcome Drink was Ice tea which was a great thirst quencher. I ordered for the Kebab course and my wife ordered Crispy Chilly Corn, Tom yum soup, Fried Wantons & Indian bread.

We just loved every course of the food from starters till dessert. Even though the kebab course was unlimited, the waiters brought the right quantity of each portion and kept us in proper apetite to taste all courses.

If I have to give an improvement feedback, it would be to the management to do more marketing of this lovely dining joint. I am sad that not many of my friends who explore different cuisines and restaurants are aware of this place.

Finally I would like to mention that Sanjeev & Kumaravel were truly courteous and customer centric, which made our experience memorable.

I would definetly come again and take the first step of marketing this place to our friends and colleagues.

All the best.



November 12, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thank You!

Platters Away!

When I drove into Ashvita at 3.30 pm on 4th November 2010 almost 2.5 years after my last visit, I got the same feeling with the familiar approach that I did back then. Situated in a small lane tucked in on Radhakrishnan Salai, Ashvita was then a simple cafe in an independent house remodelled to a certain extent. The House is still the same, and when I stepped in, I saw the change from what was a light, bean-bag filled environment to a classic fine-dining restaurant.

I loved the interiors, instantly. Pleasant colors, classic decor and all that. Being my birthday, and wanting to try something different for lunch, I had chosen Ashvita, after a good friend suggested it. Also being Diwali season, I couldn't savour the normal menu, but instead was presented with a choice of Diwali platters- 3 to be precise. Priced at 550 rupees (veg/non.veg.), we could choose between a Kebab platter, Indian Platter and Oriental platter.

The first thing that I really enjoyed was the welcome drink-a small glass of Mango milkshake. Then we placed our order of two Kebab platters, One Indian platter and since I cannot eat without a drink I ordered a can of 7up. The shorba they served was by far one of the best I've ever had.

Then they presented the starters. Disappointment being, we didn't know what we were eating, but the starters were decent to be fair. I enjoyed, what I think was the hariyali paneer very much and that was the only starter I asked a refill for.

Since it was an unlimited platter, I can't really say much about portions, but they served up the main course in perfect quantity. Small, yet all that was necessary at that juncture.

The breads were soft and well-made, and both the Dals and paneer dishes were very enchanting. We especially loved one of the paneer dishes which was extremely creamy and had a lovely cashew flavour to it.

Dessert was served later- Gulab Jamun and Carrot halwa, both very well made and tempting us for a second helping.

We did feel that the platter was a bit overpriced, and that the service was a bit dull. It was almost as if the waiters were in depression. The music was also a little putting-off, and I felt softer music could have been chosen for a better fine dining experience

Of course, when we got the bill, we realised that they had billed us for the 7up, but they never really served it. So I had to take a can home with me instead

On the whole, the experience was pleasant- nothing extra-ordinary I must say, but I cannot judge from this one experience alone. I will definitely try this place again just to see the normal menu and savour the flavours of this place better

Summarizing Positives: Excellent Ambience, Flavorful food, Lots of parking, Located Centrally and great Concept.

Negative: Tardy service, Mildly pricy, Lack of Variety and mildly uncomfortable furniture

Still, I'd say this place is definitely worth a visit once.


November 8, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks! Do visit again and we will work on the service. Regular menu prices are very comfortable on the pocket :-)

November 8, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Will do ! Looking forward to it actually :)

krbwaj - Burrp User


6 Reviews

October 23,2010


choice for vegetarians

i wrote in regards to the choice of vegetarians on oct 18th.Not sure whether you have read it.If you have any plans of increasing the no of items in veg section pls let us know.we would like to visit with the entire family.


October 23, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Hi. Thank you for your suggestion. We are launching an all new a lacarte menu for the festive season. Lots of choices for vegetarians! Do bring your family.


Ambience - #win

Ok, this is slightly an outdated post for a review, since our visit to Ashvita was roughly a month back. But I still carry vivid memory of the peacock-shaped tissue napkins and the beautifully lit floorpath, with lighting over the stones near the exit.. Chose to sit outside... Ambience was brilliant. Spring rolls nice too.

Expand the carnatic CD collection on display a bit please. Could find 2-3 Bombay Jayshree and TMKrishna stuff, but that's that.

Good experience, overall.


October 22, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks for the feedback. Do come again.

krbwaj - Burrp User


6 Reviews

October 18,2010


good ambience - less choice for veggies

ambience was good,tasty soup (hot & sour).. but for veggies very little choice to select from in ala carte'. Quantity was very less in all the veg. items.It could be of use if you accept ticket restaurant or sodexo.



Ashvita- a nice pleasant evening

I have been to Ashvita three times and everytime I feel they are doing something or the other to improve your experience there. First the platter then an unlimited platter and then the new Pan Asian platter.

Their momos and chaat platters have always been top notch and my personal favourite and another not to miss dish is their Dhaal Makhani. Love the atmosphere and the fact that u can choose outdoor or indoor based on your mood and weather.

The constant sound of the water fall is soothing and makes it pleasant and though its on Dr. Radhakrishnan salai it has a certain quietness and peace to it. Definitely worth goign many many times more. One of my favourite restaurants of Chennai


October 6, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks for the Feedback!

Lovemyfood - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 28,2010


Garden delight

Went to Ashvita with 4 friends because of the rave reviews we had heard. Was genuinely delighted to find this hidden gem set in a garden (there's also elegant seating inside). The food was truly exceptional- maybe the desserts need to be ramped up. Will be back for sure- would love to have a 'healthy platter' too because my weight conscious friend said she would have been able to resist temptation with greater ease!


September 28, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thank you! we are re working the sweets and desserts. We are introducing a Chaat platter and Healthy choices platter from October.

Enjoyable evening

Had dinner with colleagues last friday.
Quite impressed with the ambience and quality of food and service.Asian Veg platter was classy.Will visit some time with family as well.


September 28, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thank so much for your feedback!

rajeshgoel - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 27,2010



Good food but really unreasonable to ask for a kid charge of 275/- for my 5 year old. can understand such charges for 10 yr old etc. Mind you i am not ordering a seperate platter just a few bites from mine. How much can a 5yr old eat?


September 27, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Hi. I am looking into this. We do not charge for children below 8 - 10 years. Please accept my apology and next time you visit I shall give you a complimentary platter. Thanks for the feedback.

foodygirl - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 15,2010


trying it out again

I visited Ashvita once with friends and enjoyed the food, but the service was horrible..the waiters could not understand what we wanted and they took a long time to serve us our order...anyway planning to go there for lunch soon and hope the waiters are more trained or rather changed by now...loved the food..will keep this space updated after my visit there soon!


September 15, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thank you. Do come try out our new Asian Festival Platter!

sagheero - Burrp User


93 Reviews

September 01,2010


Great starters, Average main course

Went there last week. I loved the ambience, more like a hidden find. The service also is prompt, though I found a waiter standing right behind us a bit unnerving.
The concept is the same as that of Barbeque Nation i.e. unlimited platter. Only difference is, these guys break it up into Asian, Indian etc...HOWEVER, while the starters match step to step to Barbeque Nation, they falter miserably on the main course. I had the Indian platter, the Biryani was flat, dal was ok, Butter chicken was NOT butter chicken. Also, no dessert options unlike BBQ Nation, where its lovely. Hence deducted 2 stars from an otherwise lovely option to dine.


September 1, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thank you for your feedback. Ours is different in terms that we do not have a buffet. It is entirely a table service. Please do visit us again and try our Asian Food Festival which is on now. Thanks Again.

September 2, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks...will do that.

mayurim - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 01,2010


Surprised of the good feedbacks.....phew..........

This shows how people want to waste their money in this restaurant rather than going elsewhere.....I am really surprised of the good feedbacks....


September 1, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

You can post your comments in the same tread you started earlier. Please let us know what exactly went wrong with your experience at Ashvita.

Jennie - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 18,2010


Excellent ambience, brilliant food

We have dined at Ashvita several times and the food has been exceptional always. The ambience is unique and something that most restaurants in Chennai do not offer. We are surprised at some of the bad reviews. Since it is a fine dining restaurant the prices are comparable to any good restaurant in Chennai. We would recommend this place highly.


August 18, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks for the wonderful feedback. Always a pleasure to serve you.

mayurim - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 11,2010


The Worst Service experienced in my life....

I had a very bad experience with this restaurant.The service is very poor.If you dont want to screw up your lunch or dinner or party,better dont prefer this one.There is hell a lot of good ones in chennai....


August 11, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Hi. Please give us more specific details of your experience as well as when you visited Ashvita.

gnanesmg - Burrp User


3 Reviews

August 02,2010



Was planning to have a quite dinner with friends on my wife's day...with a informal cate cutting...

when enquired with the hotel for reservations...they insisnt, they ridiculously charge RS 250 just to cut cake (though you bring the cake) as it is considered as OUT SIDE FOOD....what heck??..

and the guy who picked up call...was so unfriendly to cut the call, when asked if they would insist on that Rs. 250, considering we were planning to dine there with a group of 5....

Management....i swear....if this is going to be the response....we would never think of this place..HOWEVER, good you guys are..!!!


August 2, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Hi. We do have a cover charge for outside cakes. We provide a wide range of cakes for celebrations which you can order a day in advance.


Very good Starters!!!

We(four of us) went to Ashvita yesterday and was very pleased by the excellent ambience the restaurant offers... They have 4 types of platters and each of us had one type of platter... I had the tibetian platter... The best part of every platter was the starter... It was just yummy!!! Main course was average... (the tibetian platter doesn't have main course in it...).. Desserts was not good... we had gulab jamun & ice cream... gulab jamun was really sad...
Go here for the good ambience (outdoors) and some excellent starters...


July 6, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thank you for visiting. We are glad you enjoyed the meal. We will definitely work on the desserts and main course. Do come again. Thank you again for the feedback.


Good, but very expensive in termes on ROI

Food is amazing. But previously a dinner platter used to cost anywhere between Rs. 250 to Rs. 350 and could be easily shared by two ppl making it very affordable and absolutely worth it. However now they have made it as a buffet and charge it at Rs. 250 - Rs. 350 per person, making it to about Rs. 700 for two which is extremely expensive. You might rather eat in a 3 star hotel (buffet). The food and ambience is good so if you have a party to throw, then you can try it once, otherwise not worth the money or the Return on Investment (ROI).



Decent Food and good service

I visited this place today along with my team a gang of 22. Couldnt believe that there can be such a place just 30 meters from RK Salai. The ambience was good and the food was really good.
The Team liked the Asian Platter as it was spicy.
1. Great Service and nice Staff
2. Fresh and Hot Food.
3. Quick Service
4. The Menu has been nicely designed which worked well for the team.
5. Great outdoor ambience
6. Nice Chinese,Asian, Momo with fresh colored peppers.
7. Food was served enough but smartly to reduce wastage.

1. Since it was almost like 40C so we preffered to sit inside, ambience was just ordinary.
2. Chat Platter was missing.
3. We ordered variety of platters but the desert was just plain ice cream with GulabJamun.
4. Variety for the vegetarians were missing.
5. Drink served was too less in quantity. At this price a regular drink specific to the platter should be a definite yes.
Overall: The team was a mixed crowd of North Indian and South Indian, everyone enjoyed the food and the variety. We had a great lunch at an resonable price. Definately should be included among various eatries in Chennai.
Thumps Up from my Team.


June 1, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thank you so much for your feedback. Do come again. We will immediately look into the menu changes.

Very Average

Visited this place a few months back. Had heard abt this place and made the mistake of taking my frnds along to treat them on my bday... turned out that u got to pay for cutting a cake on the premises... a cake which was bought from outside... and we had to pay 350 just to be able to cut it...! And the waiter kept reiterating the point even after we told him that we wuld pay! He kept reminding us about the 350 rupees that we would have to pay..! Shoddy service i must say. Moving on to the dinner, we were surprised by the lack of choice, but still went ahead and ordered wat little was there. Nothing great to speak about and nothing very interesting too. Average food and horrible service.



OK food... Service needs improvement

Food was just okay... Service was slow and waiters could not speak/understand English... Buffet dishes were kept open and were cold. Lots of flies too...



There's a scope for improvement

Was at Ashvita 2 days back in the evening to have some quick snacks!!!We were the only ones.Before i go about anything,the outdoor ambience is lovely and the outdoor seating was very chic and we loved it.We ordered a cheese fries,cheese n mushroom omlette,chicken burger n a red bull.We were waiting and waiting and waiting.Well they took nearly 30 mins to bring a red bull..huh?The food arrived pretty late after 30 to 40 mins..when we jus ordered snacks!!!The cheese fries were pretty decent, the cheese & mushroom omlette wasn't upto the mark was quite bland and the bread wasn't toasted properly.I give a full on for the ambience.The food has to be improved and so should the service. Looks like a promising place if given stress on the service and food.


May 15, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Hi Thanks for visiting. We have looked into the snacks menu and have made the changes in the kitchen. Do come again and experience ashvita's ambience and food :-) Our 20 Year old Cannon ball tree (Couroupita guianensis) has started to bloom for the first time. Thanks again for the feedback.


Awful service, OK food

Having heard so much about this place, I went with my family for lunch last Saturday. First experience with the wait staff was terrible. What were they,ex-auto drivers who do not know English? It took him a while to explain how the platter system worked, especially for children. If we thought that was a hiccup, the acidic heartburn was coming in the future acts.

1. Asked for meat momos for me and veg momos for my kids. Veg momos did not arrive. Waiter had to be reminded again and again.
2. Second round of momos appeared. Waiter mixed up veg and meat momo boxes. Mixup discovered only when we started eating them.
3. Asked for a fork, never came.
4. Asked for soy sauce. Waited 10 minutes.
5. When explaining dessert, waiter said we could have gulab jamuns OR icecream. We asked for icecream. Some bowls came with gulab jamuns also and some did not. So one of our party who did not get jamuns asked that jamuns be given to him also. Never came.

Oh and I was not the only one suffering poor service. While I was eating there, two other tables were screaming at the waiters. At least I was not screaming.

Finally I thought, let me give some feedback to the manager or the person in charge of this place based on our experience. I asked to talk to him/her. Turns out that the lack of service extends all the way to the top. I waited 10 minutes after signing my credit card receipt. Yet, the manager never came.

Al vida Ashvita. Never shall we meet again.


May 13, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Dear Sathyany,
I am sorry that you had this experience. We have briefed our service staff and have made sure that such problems are never faced again. If you would like to talk to us in person please feel free to call us at 9840094412.

Thank you for your feedback.


Among the few things that move me to poetry is an unlimited platter of kebabs, and the kebab platter at Cafe Ashvita will likely move me to the point where the Burrp database field for the "Review" column is likely to protest, so I will spare you all. But if you are really hungry and want to take no chances, Ashvita is the place. Go for any of the platters and there's enough variety (and unlimited quantity) to fill your heart, mind and of course, the stomach.

I am also a connoisseur of good mint chutney, and Tandoori without mint chutney is like Amsterdam without the Van Gogh museum. The mint chutney at this place is the kind that mint plants around the world aspire to be part of. I wont be surprised if they write entrance exams to make it to this chutney. It was just about perfect.

On the flip side, if you aren't the large platter hogging gourmand (or go visiting with an anorexic girlfriend), the lack of ala carte options can be a bit of a problem.


May 7, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks So much! Do visit again. Tell your friends about us :-)


went for Dinner. enjoyed the food a lot, specially the starters... wish the serving staff could give more details about what to expect for first timers like me. The ambiance was amazing.would certainly love to visit again.


May 6, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thank You. Do visit again. Have asked the service staff to be more communicative. Thanks.

A gr8 place..!!

The ambiance is gr8..!! the idea of havin platters is also nyc..

i alwyz suggest ashvita 2 ma frns..!! :)

A nyc place..te starters wer amazingly gud..2 gud 4 wrdz..

The dishes wer delicious 2...bst of al..i really luvd te place..te seatin arrangmnt..water evrywhr..!!

p.s The waiter tuk his own tym 2 gt te bill..!!! sadly..:(


April 17, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thank you. Do visit again. Sorry about the bill. Our printer hasn't been working properly for the last 3 days. It has been rectified.


Maybe change is not all that bad...

After being denied a cup of coffee i was not very happy about this place. But then again, during the short time i was there, i made a note of the menu items and decided to be there asap to try out the food.

So, off to the same coffeeless joint to try out the food. And it was good. Unlimited food at a cool price especially the tasty kind.

I took the Indian Platter (as the Chaat platter was not available) and my friend took the Asian Platter.

Starters were served in good time and with generous portions. We were asked for more too :p

The main course was also good, with not a lot of items, but few that will put an end to your hunger.

I felt the phulka's were a bit "old" and "rough" but it was compensated well with the Dal Makhani. Paneer Butter Masala had everything except the paneer for some reason and was watery unlike the thick variations i am used to seeing.

The dessert was 2 small chotta size gulab jamuns for the Indian Platter and a lovely looking Ice cream for the Asian Platter.

I am surprised there isnt anything to drink apart from the Iced Tea (?) that was given at the start and the very very small small bottle of water. I am not sure if the customers had to bring in their own water bottles, but the ones that were given are so small that within 2 mins we were out :(.
We also did not know if the Iced tea (or watever that was given) could be ordered as the menu card did not mention it.

And ofcourse no coffee....

I would have loved to give this a 5/5 but because of the watery paneer butter masala and more so for the lack of any drinks, i am going with a 4/5 :)



WTF - No coffee on a sunday afternoon! :(

After a long time i decided to visit this place once again. I was a bit surprised and happy at the way the place has turned into, but my joy was shortlived when i was told there is no coffee till 4pm and only lunch is served till then.

Cmon, on a sunday afternoon, no coffee!!!... :( :(.

Me and my friend offered to wait till 4pm so that we can get the coffees, but we were told we would be charged rs. 250 for just sitting there without ordering. In a nice way, we were told to either get out or order one of the items from the lunch menu :( :(

I was a bit surprised about the policy changes... Its a nice place no doubt, but then wats the point of going if there is no coffee on a sunday afternoon :(

Hope this absurd policy is changed....


February 23, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

HI. Thank you for your feedback. Ashvita re-opened 6 months ago as a fine dining restaurant. We serve lunch and dinner as unlimited platters. The Cafe operates from 4 - 7 pm on all days. Do come back and enjoy our platters.

February 23, 2010response from management at Ashvita:


Appreciate the response. Ashvita is one of my regular joints (or used to be 6 months ago). But i will be back for the platters and yeah, please do add the coffee as an option to the lunch menu ;) I would love to have a cuppa along with my food :)

Have a great day :)


February 23, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Will organize it!



Fantastic Food

Whilst on business in Chennai I happened to stumble across Ashvita. It's setting is simply wonderful - easy to access yet quietly tucked away with an Art gallery.

The food was superb - huge portions fit to feed a king. I highly recommend Ashvita for individuals or groups. Well done.


February 5, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thank you for visiting us & taking time to write this review. Do visit us when you are here next.


Overpriced, ordinary food, terrible service

I'm surprised at all the high ratings given to Ashvita. I went there last week, and came away completely unsatisfied. It looks like the proprietors of the restaurant read these pages, so here goes:

First gripe: Abysmal service.

The waiters seated us at the table right next to the door, despite the restaurant being practically empty. The first thing our waiter told us was "NO SHARING of food!". You've got to be kidding me! You claim to be an upscale restaurant, charge exorbitantly for your food, and then tell us that we are not to share food? We should have walked out of the restaurant right there, but we decided to simmer down and give the place another chance. Which didn't turn out to be a great decision either. More on that later.

Next, our waiter and his colleagues insisted on hovering around our table and staring at us while we ate. Lest we shared our food, I suppose.

Finally, towards the end of our meal, we decided not to eat one particular item in the combo we chose (I think it was biriyani, from the tandoori platter). We asked our waiter to just pack the rice, since otherwise it would get wasted anyway. To our shock, he refused to do this, and informed us that packing food to take home was against restaurant policy! What cheapskates! I paid for the food, and it was completely untouched. Why the hell shouldn't I get to take it home?

Second gripe: Lack of any choice in the menu.

We came to the restaurant at about 2:00 in the afternoon, to be told that we had to choose between one of five combos. Frankly, none of the combos were appealing, but there was ZERO choice, so we went ahead and picked two of the combos anyway.

What kind of a sorry menu contains exactly five choices of food?

Third gripe: Poor variety and average food.

Ok, I chose a chaat combo. If you are going to charge me 250 bucks for 4 chaat items, fine. In that case, I expect something out of the ordinary, in either the types of chaat, or the quality. What we got were four run-of-the-mill choices: bhel puri, pani puri (come on! that's hardly an item!), pav bhaji and something like aloo chaat.

Wait a minute, did I say choices? Scratch that, these four items were thrust upon us.

Neither was the quality of the chaat anything to write home about. The various masalas tasted pretty similar to each other, the pav bun was soaking wet (and ridiculously tiny) and the bhel puri tasted like the one at Saravana Bhavan (and had half the quantity). Just a couple of kilometers down the same road. Gangotree offers killer chaat items for half that price, and can boast of a varied menu.

Next was the "tandoori platter". The starters were ok, but the main course consisted of two thick, hard rotis, a decent dal, and biriyani! Biriyani? In a tandoori platter? The logic was beyond us.

The only item we actually enjoyed was the cold coffee, which was served in a tall glass and had the name of the restaurant creatively inscribed in chocolate syrup inside the glass.


I don't mind paying a premium for good ambience and great food, but I refuse to shell out double the amount for exactly five choices of average food, just so that I can watch a fountain while I eat, under the strict supervision of a horde of waiters.

There are quite a few other city restaurants that offer equally an great ambience, with great food options and quality.


January 21, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Dear Tracerbuller,

I am sorry that you had this experience.
Please call me on 98400 94412 when ever you would like to visit us again and I will personally take care of you. The meal is on me. Do bring your friends and family for lunch or dinner.

All the changes you have suggested have been implemented. Service staff have been instructed not to hover near guests. The Chaat platter will be completely changed from tomorrow.

Regarding the sharing, we do have a unlimited menu and therefor charge per guest. We will mo

January 22, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Dear Mr. Ashvin Sruti,

I appreciate your personal response, and the steps you have taken with regard to the service.

I do however, stand by my review and my comments about sharing of food, packing leftovers, and the menu:
1. No sharing food: This is just plain silly. A restaurant shouldn't place such restrictions on its customers. Especially a restaurant such as yours, which is likely to attract people who enjoy good food, and are therefore likely to want to sample all the dishes on the table.
2. Packing leftovers: In

Very good ambience, Decent food

I had a chance to go to Ashvita with my girlfriend for dinner after a busy day at work. I was pleasantly surprised by the makeover this place has gone through quite recently. Located in a quiet street off the busy RK Salai, this place is ideal for young couples and small families. The place is bifurcated for indoor and outdoor dining. The outdoor dining wins hand down, surprised by the lack of mosquitoes, which is good. The menu has 5 unlimited combos to choose from, we chose the Momos and Asian Platter... The soup was good, the starters need special credit and the main course was equally good. A little variety in the desserts could have been better. A meal for two would not cost more than Rs.800/- which is good. The service & hospitality of the waiters was very impressive. Overall a very pleasant experience and a very satisfied girlfriend.

Food for thought:
Have a feeling that the variety can get very used to in a short while, suggest a rollover in the variety to beat the monotony....
A variety in desserts is also welcome....
A Seafood inclusion will be well appreciated...

Good work guys....


January 20, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Hi. Thank you so much for your feedback. Items on each platter change once in three days. So the next time you come we are sure you will get something different. Thanks Again



I came again with my friends this time: on Jan 9 - we had get-together - ten of us. We enjoyed our time there. thank you folks..


January 18, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks again. Glad you had a good time.

abi_aryan - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 17,2010


Good ambiance but food can be better.

I have been in Chennai for 2 yrs now. Ever since this place has been on our "to be visited" list. The day came yesterday when me decided to take my wife after watching a movie. The place resembles a bungalow with nicely lit open air dining lawn, a water fountain at one corner, pebble laden walk path seems very apt for a dinner. We took a cosy place and just as we seemed to dissolve in the ambiance, we found to our discomfort tiny flying creatures (most of them mosquitoes) inviting attention. We asked the waiter if we could be seated inside and he promptly arranged for a place. Alas the open air dining experience which I find very inviting could not be enjoyed. The inside resembles a mexican/spanish villa interior with white colored and stone walls. It seemed to have compensated for our disappointment a while ago.
Now the time for ordering food (we were dead hungry already). The menu we found had only combos which was ok. I ordered the "Kebabs & Grill" combo while my wife went for the "Momos and Dessert" It took a while for the order to arrive but maybe because we were hungry every minute seemed like a long time. Finally the dinner started with "Ice tea" and "soup". The starters were the kebab platter and momos. The kebab platter was very good with five different chicken and mutton kebabs. I felt my starters were unlimited as the waiter had asked if he could serve more. But the same was not asked in case of momos. After the starters came the main course was only for the "kebabs&grill" combo as the "momos & dessert" combo have just both. The main course is where I felt could have been much better with more variety. They served only 2 naan with dal makhani and a small bowl of chicken biryani. I could count only two tiny pieces of chicken pieces. The rice was anything but biryani it just seemed to have the flavor with hardly any masala. I belong to Hyderabad and am yet to come across a place that serves biryani atleast close to what is served across restaurants in Hyderabad. This one here misses the mark by a huge distance. The dessert was decent with "Vanilla ice cream with chocolate layer" and "carrot halwa". Overall was a good experience in terms of the ambiance but the main course served needs more variety and spice.


January 18, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Hi. Thank you for visiting and giving us your feedback. As for the mosquitoes we spray the restaurant ever day. We have now made it twice a day. As for our platters they are unlimited and guests can ask for how ever much of their platter they would like to eat and enjoy. I will instruct the service staff to convey this message to guests better. However, your feedback has been put forward with all persons concerned. Hope you will visit us again and have a great experience. Thank you again for your feedback.

zenith123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 16,2010



i saw on ur menu tat momos have been mentioned as a 'chinese' dish..its a tibetan dish as a matter of fact..Get ur facts rights and then serve it in ur restaurant!!



Good experience

We had our office get together at ashvita on new year's eve.
Nice place. very good ambiance. very polite and understanding service. Keep it up. ( would like to visit there more frequently)



January 18, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Thank you for visiting. Do come again and recommend Ashvita to your friends and family. Thank You.

muthuram - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 01,2010


very slow service

i came with my family..11 of us..but there was only one person to take care..otherwise the food and ambiance is amazin..if they could improve services and provide a proper menu it would be one of the best restaurants in town..



January 2, 2010response from management at Ashvita:

Hi. Thanks for your feedback. As it was new years day our staff were stretched to the limit. However, we will be adding more waiters to improve our service. Do visit again. Thank you.

csskandan - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 25,2009



Thank you for listening the reviews & replying for the reviews. I should appreciate for that & good luck to you both.


December 25, 2009response from management at Ashvita:

Thank you so much. Every opinion matters and helps us to serve you better. Thanks.

harsha412 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

December 24,2009


Has Potential. Execution requires work

Over-all: Ashvita merited a visit after the numerous reviews (good and bad) that it had received. And though I was slightly disappointed, it wasnt a bad experience at all. But, definitely not something I will recommend as fine-dining.

FOOD: Decent portions for their lunch platters. Incidentally, there is no a la carte menu during lunch. In terms of taste, things were average.
The Oriental platter is more indo-oriental... but then again I cant fault them, they know what most indians would like.
The Kebab platter definitely does not subscribe to subtlety, with liberal layers of all kinds of masalas. The Pulao/Biriyani wasnt much to write home about. but by the time you get through the previous few dishes, you really are desperate for stomach-space.

Anyway, though the classy decor (mostly a guess, considering the day I went it was overflowing with the young college crowd) might mislead you, but Ashvita definitely caters to satisfying the tastebuds of the average Indian restaurant-goer.

AMBIENCE: Outside, the setting is pretty good. However, indoors, tables are squeezed into a relatively smaller space.

In essence, the outdoor setting has potential, especially in the evening/night (given Chennai's general daytime sultry weather). However the classy setting the restaurant provides must be backed by other points as well, such as food, service, presentation, etc.

SERVICE: Hmm...we had a very harried, but hard-working waiter attending to our table. There were a few minor issues that are not worth mentioning...except to say that the devil (and what differentiates one restaurant from another) is in the details.

PRICING: Taking into account the unlimited nature of the platters, if you come in with a large appetite, you can definitely get your money's worth

Bottom line: Ashvita seems to be trying to follow different models at the same time with its classy decor, no frills food, strange (though filling) lunch platters, etc. but, if you arent too much of a food-snob, you could enjoy your meal.


December 24, 2009response from management at Ashvita:

Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly improving to provide the best service possible. Do visit us again.

December 24, 2009response from management at Ashvita:

You are quite welcome. And I do appreciate you taking the trouble to reply to various posts.

Hope things keep looking up for you.


December 24, 2009response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks Harsha, Feedback is worth more to us than anything else. Thanks Again.

Cool place

I'm suprised by the negative comments abt this place. I've been to this place thrice. The food, ambience, cost, servings and service all get 5/5 from me. Different concept and they are good at it.


December 24, 2009response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks so much.

alimaslam - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 13,2009


Its Good. Good to try it once.

The ambiances is good. good place to have a get together. The Quality of the food is good. But quite less to choose from. The Kababs we had were very very salty. had to return them. But for kabas and grills, i would still prefer Barbeque Nation.


December 13, 2009response from management at Ashvita:

Thank you for visiting. We will look into the Kababs. Please do visit again.

csskandan - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 11,2009


Glasses & Water Bottle Not Clean

We three of us visited this place last night. Food preparation was very nice. The naan which they served not hot. The main thing is the glasses are very dirt. Not washed properly.We can able see the finger marks on the glasses & the water bottle. Which we didn't expect from this place. I have mentioned with the manager incharge & he promissed that he will take care of it .


December 24, 2009response from management at Ashvita:

Hi. Thanks for the feedback. Out staff have been instructed to boil all glasses during every wash.

fazeel78 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 09,2009


Not a good experience

Went to ashvita around 6:30 pm. They has only two dishes on the menu which they where serving at the moment and those where the kebab platters, which I didn't feel like having at the moment. I asked for the desserts which where also not available. We where told what we had to wait till 7 pm for that. Needless to say we left without ordering anything. They could atleast keep the desserts and cakes all round they day. In addition to that the staff where clueless.


December 9, 2009response from management at Ashvita:

Hi. We have a cafe menu between 4 - 7pm. Platters are served only between 11:30am - 3pm & 7:30 - 11pm. The staff have been instructed on handling the situation better. Do visit us again.

December 10, 2009response from management at Ashvita:

I think I will, I went in with high expectations of the place after hearing good reviews from my friends. Hopefully I wont be disappointed the second time round.

December 10, 2009response from management at Ashvita:

Please do try out Ashvita. The best time to visit will be for lunch or dinner. Our Platters are unlimited and we are sure you will enjoy the food.

kayaar - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 01,2009


Try it!

There's two things about Ashvita that stand out. When you walk through the glass doors of Ashvita, the first thing that hits you is that this place was created with great thought in the kind of setting you need to enjoy your food. The green outdoor seating area is relaxing and beautiful. In stark contrast is the brighter inside dining room with a less rustic and more modern feel. But that's just the packaging, and while that is important, it is the food that is the true testament to a restaurant.

And Ashvita doesn't fail. I have been to and eaten at many new restaurants in Chennai. The refurbished Ashvita and the new menu are definitely good additions to the Chennai food scene. Like many speciality restaurants, Ashvita offers a few set platters. However, don't let the fact that there are only six offerings on the menu fool you. Each platter serves about two people and have starters, main courses and desert. I have been to the restaurant twice and I have tried both the Kebab platter and the Asian platter. The food is well cooked, the flavours are strong but not overpowering and is most definitely worth it for the price of each platter.

If you haven't been to Ashvita yet, I would definitely recommend a visit. It's a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Chennai, while enjoying good food.


December 24, 2009response from management at Ashvita:

Thanks so much. Do visit again.

foodiemirza - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 16,2009


close to d nature cafe...

Had been to this place a weeek back. Not very easy for a new person to get to it is inside a narrow lane.
* They do provide valet parking which is good.
Ashvita they are basically into promotion of Artwork, jewellery and antiques.
* the cafe is elegantly designed and gives you a very good feel.
* there are three portions one seating is in the outside very cozy in the evening with a nice lil waterfall and all plants around.
The pricing is decent for the beverages and you have a good variety.
The service is slow though.
The inside is also very beautiful with comfortable seating, but its just for people who want to dine and drink.
You got nice platters to fill yourself including cheesy fondue.
All in all, you have less crowd a perfect place to get away and have a decent time.
Ambience : 5/5
Food,Beverages: 4/5
Service: 2/5
Price: 4/5


Below Average

My wife and I went to Ashvita for lunch after having heard a lot about its decor and food. Both of us were starving, which means we were in a state where literally anything edible served to us would have been heaven.

To begin with, we had checked the menu on their website which boasted of sandwiches, pizzas, pastas among several other items. When we saw the menu, we realized that none of these items were on it. When we asked the waiter, he coolly informed us that those items have been taken off the menu. When you go to a restaurant expecting something, and its not available, the downfall of the dining experience begins. It would serve the owner(s) of Ashvita well to update their website for starters.

So we went ahead and ordered the Kabab Platter meal. My wife ordered the vegetarian version while I opted for the meat. My wife didn't really care for much of the veggie kababs which included paneer shashlik and a couple of aloo tikkis which suprisingly had cardamom in them. It baffles me why anyone would ever imagine putting cardamom into an aloo tikki.

My non-veg platter was not bad to be honest. It had 3 kinds of chicken kabab and a lamb sheek. The chicken was tender and the preparation pretty decent. The lamb sheek tasted more like a galouti kabab, but still tasted good so no complaints there. The platter could have used an additional lamb kabab.

The trouble began with the main course which came with a Biryani, dal makhni, and a selection of Indian breads. One fork-full of the chicken biryani and I was sure the chef needed a major lesson in subtlety. Every spice and masala used was simply way over the top.

The vegetarian biryani was even worse, with the masala not mixed properly into the dish. My wife nearly choked on a lump of unmixed masala hidden in her spoonful of biryani. Such ignorance is inexcusable even at the amateur level.

The final blow however was delivered by the dal makhni, which has to be absolutely the WORST dal makhni I have ever had in my life. The recipe for dal makhni is very very simple. It's the slow cooking that it's all about. But the dal here was messed up by numerous extra additions of I dont even want to know what!

After a half a spoon of the dal, the waiter brought the Indian breads, which we sent right back and insisted on the check. He offered to pack the remainder of the food to which our response was an immediate "NOOOOOO"!

I did try to ask for a feedback form, and as expected, the waiter promptly said he didn't have any available.

Every restaurant has its bad day. I hope this was Ashvita's and that its not this bad all the time. But I sure won't risk another meal there even if my life depended on it.


Sharada - Burrp User


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October 24,2009


Great combination of good food and great ambience!

Ashvita provides a new culinary experience for the foodies in chennai. The outdoor seating is something very unique which i have not experienced anywhere else in chennai. Besides the tasty food what struck me was the good value for money. The quantity of food is more than substantial and a very good variety for the vegetarians as well.
We had ordered the kebab and the asian platter. The starters were fantastic especially the stuffed panner.
Contrary to the other reviews we felt that the service was very satisfactory.
Ashvita will surely be in on my lists of favourite restaurants in chennai!!! :)


Nice place but service is slow!

After hearing a lot about this place from friends we decided to try it. Lunch on Sundays is usually a relaxing affair for us. But even we were taken back by the very slow and laid back service of the waiter. Had to ask for plates more than twice!

As for the food. The soup with the momo platter was very good The momos turned out to be surprisingly average though. In fact the veggie momo was lousy. The kabab starter was good and the asian platter starter veg was tasty. But that was it. The chat starter was acceptable but nothing great. Desserts were decent enough. The Ambience of the place is good on the open air part. But my kids insisted that we take the AC room and that turned out to be quite different. They had just painted the place and the room reeked of it. moreover the chairs dont have any rubber on their legs and make a screeching noise whenever someone moved em.

They are heavily understaffed and attitude of the waiters HAS to change if we are to try em again. Not sure if I would go though there again.


October 12, 2009response from management at Ashvita:

Hi. Thank you for your feedback. The Inside was painted on Saturday night and we do apologize for the lingering paint smell. We are working on our Service Staff and assure you that you will get the best service on your next visit. Thank you once again for the feedback.


Don't think they really want you to eat here!

Based on some excellent reviews of the place having been newly launched, I went over to Ashvita last sunday afternoon. Yes, I wasn't expected super efficient service, but I would've appreciated 'any service at all'.

To start off, it's a nice quiet place, fairly easy to find, and a pleasently modern outdoorsy ambience. it's got a nice water body, with a water fall flowing through a gold leaf painted backdrop.

And thats pretty much where it ends. We waited for about ten minutes to even catch a steward's eye. He then strolled across oozing lethargy. I asked for the menu and he pointed to this pathetic black and white times-new-roman printout with shabby edges, that was interted into an acrylic see through stand. Including 'tea/ coffee and soft drinks' the menu had all of 12 to 15 items on it.
I then asked him if this was all-- he said yes, and when I asked in disbelief if they didn't have a 'lunch menu', he casually said "oh, you want a lunch menu??". Why else would I be there at 3:00 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon!!

He got us a fancy glass 'tablet' on which the menu was etched, but apparently the only thing available was a 'momo platter'.

it was obvious they had no intention of serving us!

I think the place was made 'just for fun' like an annexe to the art gallery. So do not make the mistake of going there to 'eat'. They'd be more than happy to have people only 'hang around', cos thats what the wait staff seem to be doing--'hangin' around'!!


August 25, 2009response from management at Ashvita:

Hi. Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly improving our service quality. The restaurant serves lunch from 11am - 3pm and dinner from 7:30pm - 11pm. The restaurant operates as a cafe with a limited menu from 4pm - 7pm on all days.

August 25, 2009response from management at Ashvita:

Hi Ashvin,
I'm glad you've taken it in the right spirit. Just that you've acknowledged the review may bring me back there and definately look forward to improved service.
You definately need someone to supervise your wait staff though!
Cheers!! and Good Luck!! I know it takes a while to stabilize!

bindu - Burrp User


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August 23,2009


Creative addition to the chennai cuisine scene

Fantastic interiors and excellent food, I highly recommend Ashvita for folks on the lookout for an affordable fine dining experience in Chennai. In particular, I highly recommend the Asian platter with its delicious satays. Every detail about the place has been thought through and it provides for a green and calm dining experience. Would be nice to blend the art gallery and the dining area in some way. Maybe postcards or pop-art objects for each table?


For a evening break

this place s good, the ambiance is so pleasant(go 1ly in eve), but the menu doesnt get u wat u need.. they can improve menu list. U can ve ur own private time. The waiters ll come 2 u 1ly when u call.. also d place s neatly surrounded by water and also ve an art gallery.. so enjoy ur evening..


Simply Laid Back Cafe

Quite an obvious impression one might have after a few visits.

If you're thinking of dropping by here for a quick catch-up with a friend, think again. This is surely not the drop-by place you want to head to. Ashvita is a place where you need time, for the "not so hurried up" pace of service, and the ample time you need to park your car inside the environs of this coffee house. Yes, it's a house impressively done up to provide an open air area as well as an air-conditioned ambience, the latter being an imperative during the madras summer.

I go with 3 on 5. Albeit, given an improved menu over time, and a much professional service level, I'd give a 4 on 5.

Bottomline: Give Ashvita some time, make yourself comfortable.


Juz to relax

Its a good place to relax, but don't go wen its too hot. Best time to visit is evening or wen its cloudy. Nothing big to talk about the food. Its ok kind. They can increase the menu list. This place got Art gallary and can go if you love to see some good art work. The service is not upto the mark since we got to call those ppl who work there everytime we need to order something and they stay in a secluded place. Its at times very irritating.


Time pass

The food is ok they can increase their menu options. the place is isolated and peaceful and out door so its relaxing unless its hot! Only frustrating thing about this place is youhave to call out for the waiter or even walk tot he kitchen and bring them out to take ur order or bring ur check. If you have a lot of time and wanna get away, rite place to go!


Best Ambience

Ashvita is a very nice place. The best thing about it is the gallery, it has amazing collections.
Good place to hang out with friends, pretty isolated. Good food as well
No crowd.


Sneha  - Burrp User


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January 22,2008


coffee and peace

right at the heart of the city, a place that makes you forget that you are in a city. While most coffee joints are spaces that rack your nerves with the noise, this is one place, where you will feel totally at peace, literally.

One reason maybe because this is a house converted to a cafe. Their fruit juices are great. Dont miss the orange juice. i also liked their sandwiches.

there are chairs outdoors also with not too bad lighting. i found the service pretty fast. its a place that gives you a homely feel, very much chennai :)

if u r a coffee freak, try the south indian black coffee, u will love it



Highly enjoyable!

A place to go after hectic weekends. A place to go after zillion team meetings. A place to go if you really wanna talk to your boyfriend.

That’s Ashvita for you.

There is an art gallery attached with whopping high prices- I wonder if anyone actually buys that stuff!

You have rooms on the inside and chairs laid out in the serene garden. Mosquito coils will be given on request.

I love the chais out there. The French toast. The potato wedges. The food is good. Mind you, I do not sue the word excellent unlike some other places I have lavished with praise.

But Ashvita is worth the experience and the food’s good, the people courteous and yeah- there is free parking.


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