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> > > > Balaji Sandwich Stall

Balaji Sandwich Stall


  • 9677978770
  • 149, Montieth Road, Egmore, Chennai
  • Western, Indian, Thai
  • Meal for 2 - 80

19 Reviews / 19 Ratings

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Balaji Sandwich Stall Reviews

Simple And Tasty Sandwiches :)

If you love sandwiches just for their taste, you must head to Balaji sandwich stall at Egmore.
Just the size of a PCO booth, but they dish out some absolutely delicious sandwiches.
My all time favorites are:
1. Masala (cheese) sandwich. The potato mixture/filling is totally yummy.
2. Chilli cheese sandwich. Perfect mixture of chilli and cheese.
3. Omelette sandwich. Another tasty sandwich for all egg sandwich lovers.
4. Their green chutney is totally spicy and creates a fantastic combination with their sandwiches.
Food - 4.5/5
Service - You just expect your sandwich to come on time in sandwich stalls. That happens right.
VFM - 5/5 100 odd Rs for 4 sandwiches. What more can you ask for!!!
Ambiance - Well you don't expect an ambiance at road side stalls. But it gives the right ambiance of a road side stall. Also Mall behind, filled with college kids everywhere, good on the go shop.


Must Visit

Bang in front of Alsa Mall, Balaji Sandwich Stall has got to be the mother of roadside stalls.

With a crowd in front of it after dusk falls, I guess this stall has got to be the reason for the traffic Montieth road faces every evening. A hundred meters away from Cake Walk, this stall serves the most hygienic roadside food. As good as the Royal Sandwich Stall in Alwarpet, the sandwiches here have that aroma that Royal doesn't. Do pay this guy a visit :)


best veggie sandwich

till now i ever had sandwich like this
with best taste all the time
with good taste & reasonable price



No trip to Montieth Road is complete without a stop at the sandwich stall. Barely a five minute wait, and you will be biting into the most delicious bread omelette, chilli cheese toast, vegetable sandwich... You name it. Pocket friendly and made to order, with a dash of ketchup on the side, this place is worth it :)



Awesome sandwiches

The line of sandwich stores in Montieth road , in Egmore is a huge saving grace to the road side eateries in chennai , given other places are not so heard of or unhygienic
The sandwiches made here are really awesome and priced at around 20-30 a piece
It's really piping hot and absolutely delicious to eat
They even got a menu card , ranging from veg sandwich to chilly cheese toast to egg and toast sandwiches
A perfect place to grab a sandwich , eat inside the car itself and head out for a spin



Best in Town

I never miss an opportunity to pick up a bread Omlette whenever i pass that road, very good bread omlette and some interesting sandwich they have. They are not too heavy on your pocket either. But the only problem being there are too many traffic cops swarming around to tow your bike or car, need to be very careful. Or pay some parking charge and put it in one of the nearby shopping complex. Few shops have come around this one, and they are not too bad either! MUST TRY!


Just Awesome!!

Whenever i pass from the egmore area, this is one of my must visit places. Ahh, the sandwich are just so spicy and awesome. And on top of that, if you see the prices you will be surprised. They serve awesome hot sandwiches like double egg double chicken cheese and chocolate sandwiches, which are so mouth watering. Although they should invest a little in paper plates but all in all its a must visit stall.



Value for money!

You can never get a better roadside sandwich anywhere else than here in Chennai. Go for their tasty chutney! :) A good 20 minutes of munching and yapping with your friend assured :)


ganesh123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 27,2012


Worth visiting

My Personal opinion would be to try it once.Economical.



Awesome sandwich I have ever had in chennai

I went to this place may be a month back. They serve awesome sandwiches. As I am a vegetarian I had limited myself to veg sandwich. Its a pretty crowded place outside alsa mall. I especially loved the flavor of mint in the mont chutney. The price of each sandwich is way to low. A must try place for all sandwich lovers. Even their plain sandwich as well as jam toast tastes Great..!!


A very good place for all those who hate bread! :D

the chutney cheese here is really good!
the best sandwich yu can get here is the double cheese onion chilli chutney toast!
really good!
a sandwich to try!
also a really cheap price menu!



This is the Best Sandwich Place in the City..!
they are Awesome..! The Bread Omlet...Chutney Cheese YUMMMM...whenever i pass from there..i make it a point dat i drop by there..! :D
I wuld recommend you to got there if u r a real FOODIE..!


Sandwich ka baap !!

This place has been around since my school days and even before. Now that many sandwich stalls have propped up near alsamall, i would still go to this stall as the mint chutney they use has a tinge of lemon which tastes great and well about the rest. my pick double omlette double cheese sandwich!!



The goodness of bread!

Any person whose been to school or college in chennai would know this place. At any random hour of the day one of us would go "Lets go have alsa mall sandwich"!!! The funny part is Alsa mall has nothing to do with the sandwiches except that this small box like restaurant is right at their doorstep. They puts CCd to shame. CCd should stop selling their over rated coffees and fancy sandwiches when Balaji sandwiches are right there. They have variety that would confuse you and in the end you would end up ordering more than 3 types of sandwiches. The ambience of course is road side. You can get yourself a comfortable corner and belt these yummy sandwiches. The prices range from 15-30 Rs.

These guys really know how to create magic with bread. On the whole, This is totally worth every penny!


rachele - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 11,2009


Sandwich Haven

I ensure I am there at least once a fortnight for dinner of sandwiches. Had been passing this stall all the years until a year back when my husband and I finally decided to give the place a go and we were glad we did cos we still keep going there.

Among the myriad sandwiches they offer, what make it to our menu are definitely the chutney toast and the chilli cheese toast. Apart from this their masala, chicken and egg toasts are what have tickled our tastebuds..
Comfortable in our car parked on the road it is a dinner that I look forward to.
Hygiene is something I look at when it comes to serving food fo my lil child and I was hesitant about the way the toasts were prepared. But one fine day the child was insistent that she want a toast loaded with cheese and that is what she got and we haven't regretted that as yet!

Cheap, and comfort at its best is what sums up the place!


foodiemirza - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 16,2009


sandwich paradise..

These mini stalls are so compact that they could pack up and take the stall home ;)
The omlette sandwich center adj to Alsa Mall attracts people from all strata of society, more like a walk in/ drive in restaurant where you could grab a quick bite or finish a full meal.
They've got variety too ...yeah u heard dat right varietty!
From veg , egg , cheese, masala , sweet/tangy/chilly ..
you name it and they make it for you...and serve it right at the doorstep of your car.
yummy for sure especially the cheese bread omlettes.
and best part doesn't cost you more than a few pennies.
INR12-20 per bread omlette.
If your here during office/school peak'd b be amazed by the queue. Perfect Enterpreneurs.
Pity the empty CCD in Alsa Mall.



Yummy Sandwiches

There are about four sandwich stalls near Alsa Mall.All of them almost taste the same.Sandwiches cost so less but they are so tasty.And they serve real fast and real hot.Stop by for a quick much and u wont be disappointed.


dennie - Burrp User


5 Reviews

March 30,2009


Super sandwiches

Veg sandwich..!! Now dont get me wrong... i'm a carnivore but this veg sandwich is truly from heaven. At Rs.7, i dont think you could get anything better in chennai. And their cheese toast sandwich variety... wowie.. filled with melted cheese..!! There are some chicken sandwiches too but i'm yet to experiment. The costliest toasted sandwich is prolly 25 bucks i think. They serve you in your car too..

ps: there are 3 or 4 other sandwich stalls on this road.. they're all pretty much the same.

Warning: Its a no parking area... the police frequently lock parked 2 wheelers.


egg n cheese go good together

well if u did ur schooling or college in chennai, m sure u kno this place that sells the best sandwich in the city. I would go to the extent of saying that alsa mall gains crowd jus cos ppl come to to this road side stall that now has a big menu with increased prices.. hmm who doesnt fall for fame.. n yea y not? CCD inside alsa mall shud stop sellin those namesake sandwiches atleast in this outlet.

The ambiance is ofcourse roadside, maybe in your bike/car. So make urself comfortable. The price is obviously cheap, though its increased now still its the saviour of college kids and teenagers. There is complementary cucumber with chaat masala which is sooo yummy u wud long to get somemore. The sandwiches are the tastiest in town, literally makes ur mouth water and the green chutney is the culprit i think. My fav is the egg and cheese with the chutney, but also like masala sandwich, veg and cheese, boiled egg sandwich, egg and cheese again without the chutney.

Oh did i mention the egg and cheese? oh man egg and cheese sandwich it is.. alrite m off to alsa mall now...