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> > > > BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken


  • 43150707
  • No. 13/33, Shafee Mohammed Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
  • Continental, Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 500

10 Reviews / 10 Ratings

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BBQ Chicken Reviews

Peri Peri Bad

BBQ Chicken, Nungambakkam:

This is what happens when you stumble into a place. Over the last few months, there has been lots of positive reviews about this place and when entering this place, I was positive that I am gonna have a good time. This is my first full fledged dinner out with friends after 3 long months and I want to have fun and catch up. The place is very neatly decorated and well lit. The glass for water on the table was sparkling. We looked at the menu and decided to order some of the cream of chicken soup and buffalo wings to start with but we were told wings based dishes are not available today. Other than that they had NOT AVAILABLE sticker stuck on the menu for quite a few dishes. Our options narrowed down quickly. Other starters din’t appeal to us so we ordered the main course straight away after the soup.

Soup had flavours but was lukewarm and was ordinary.

Ganjeong Chicken and Hot Hot Drums. There was no description for these 2 dishes on the menu but it was mentioned that its spicy. And the waiter pushed us to order Peri Peri chicken as they have introduced it new and its very good according to him. So we ordered half of peri peri chicken and was told its only medium spicy and they don’t have the option to make it very spice or extra spicy.

While we were waiting, we asked for some water to be served and they asked if we want bottled or ….(they did not say anything after OR) and after a couple of second agreement within ourselves, we asked for their regular water for which they said, they don’t have have regular water because of the water can shortage and the only option is to buy bottled water. Now we were sitting wondering why the waiter asked WHAT KIND OF WATER WE WANT in the first place! We were given some fried wontons with mustard sauce to munch on while we wait.

The dishes arrived real quick and it looked good and inviting. Peri Peri Chicken was served with the sauce on the side. That’s right. They served grilled chicken with Peri Peri Sauce on the side. We dug into it and had to let go of the sauce as it was mediocre at best. I would have been happy with Maggie chilly ketchup but I had to be content with the ketchup served with French fries. Half way through, we noticed blood oozing out of it. We took some pictures and showed it to the waiter and after consulting with the kitchen he replaced it. This time the grilled chicken looked darker and the sauce which earlier came on the side is now applied on top of the chicken and nothing on the side. It was a decent grilled chicken!

There were two leg pieces in the Drum Drum chicken and it came with refried beans, coleslaw, French fries and ketchup. It was spicy as mentioned and it was batter fried in olive oil. Friends weren’t impressed but I liked it, it was crispy and the chicken tasted very fresh.

Ganjeong chicken is 5 pieces of chicken (with bone) batter fried in oil. There was a red chilly image next to this dish on the menu but it came on a bed of sweet sauce and had little pieces of green chilly on top. It was sweet most and lightly spicy. Everyone seemed to like this one but there were complaints about this being sweet.

Fresh Chicken
Sides are good for main course(French fries, Coleslaw and Refried Beans)
Great ambiance
Quick service( only 3-4 tables were full at 9:30pm)
Valet Parking.
Decent Air-Conditioning
Spicy fried wontons to munch on.

Under cooked chicken
Misadvertising about peri peri chicken while they actually only serve peri peri(supposedly) sauce on the side or smeared on top with the grilled chicken(Yes I am sure its plain grilled chicken)
No filtered water( 40 Bucks for a bottle of aquafina)
Many items on the menu not being available (No wings or seafood dishes)

Verdict: I would go here again if they had buffalo wings and beer!


Cant Get Any Better

This place provides us some high quality stuff and my favorite among them is the Jamaican chicken and the soups. Especially loved them . The service is astounding and ambiance too was overwhelming Parking available . This would be a perfect place to hangout with friends and family.



Went here sometime in February. They had this introductory offer of buy one get one free. The starters were average. We had the Buffalo wings. Better off going for the Main Course straight away. We tried to the Jamaican BBQ grilled and the Olive Luxury Chicken. The Jamaican BBQ chicken was awesome and had a bit of spice and sweetness. The Olive Luxury chicken was similar to the Fried chicken at KFC and was Okayish. It is not that expensive as well. Worth a try


Best quality !

This outlet is along Shafee Mohammed Road and is accessible.
It is a large expansive outlet
I would go for the Jamaican Chicken Platter anyday !
I like the simple decor present here
My friend had The Chicken Sweet Corn soup and baked potatoes
I felt the well grilled chicken with olives was great.
The pricing is just right.
Some other offerings include spanish omlette, pancakes and sausages for breakfast.
Overall, I enjoyed the food here and pluses include courteous staff with comfy sofa seats.
Go for it !


V P - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 03,2013



We have been to BBQ chicken twice. Lunch time on Xmas day and then late evening on NYE. We love the ambience. On both occasions, the service was great (very friendly, courteous staff) and the food was tasty and definitely value for money. We will recommend this place to anyone and everyone! Will be back for more....


Fabulous Breakfast

The breakfast menu looked simple with Spanish Omelets, Frittatas, Scrambled, Fried Eggs, Pancakes, French toasts and waffles to choose from. I ordered Spanish omelet with fresh watermelon juice, while my sister ordered Frittata with Pineapple juice. My piping hot Spanish omelet had veggies and melted cheese oozing out of it. I relished my omelet to the hilt while my sister devoured her Frittata of which I also took few bites. Both items turned out to be an absolute smasher, and we decided to order one plate of waffles also. Biting into warm waffles drizzled with maple syrup was just the perfect finish.
The items were reasonably priced with each dish within range of Rs.150-200. Upon chatting with the staff, I gathered that at BBQ (which I did not know stood for ‘Best of the Best quality’) Chicken; everything was cooked in 100% extra virgin olive oil.
It was a refreshing break from the typical regular breakfast. And the fact that it is right there in Nungambakkam makes it very accessible and all the more tempting!
I think I will be back here sooner than later for trying out their signature chicken dishes.


Ganesh Sha - Burrp User

Ganesh Sha

1 Reviews

September 07,2012


A taste of its own kind !!!!

I was here with my family yesterday 6th sep 2012, the food was great , quantity was good for the price and service was awesome ... only thing disappointing was the Dessert's not upto the mark ....Good ambiance , Will be back again



My wife and I were here yesterday Aug 19 2012. For those of you who are familiar with Nungambakkam eateries, this place used to be the Movenpick ice cream parlour. The ambience was bright and airy with lots of tables and decor in earth tones. We entered at around 7.30PM when the place wasn't crowded and were seated on the sofa with out backs to the large windows. The staff were numerous and friendly with prompt service. But no two ways about it - we were disappointed with the food.

Golden Honey Strips - Like the KFC boneless chicken strips except these did not have the distinctive KFC flavour and were bland.
Buffalo wings - Not "Buffalo" by far, these were small wings and were too spicy - we think that they had just lopped on a lot of that spicy sauce.

Fish n Chips - This was OK, a bit bland and oily, served with tartar sauce and french fries. Not your traditional fisn n chips; more of a "fritters" kind of batter was used here.
Lamb burger - Utterly disappointing. I was expecting a large burger for the price but what I was served was not large at all. The buns were oddly shaped with the base being cylindrical in form about 3/4 inch in height and the top like a small cone - very odd size difference between the base and the top. And the bun was hard! I could not eat the base and had to just have the small lamb patty. There were only a few veggies on it as well; all in all not upto the mark by far.

Waffle with ice cream - This was presented well on the plate with maple syrup and a wafer stick. However the waffle was disastrous; it was hard and not fresh. I had to cut it with a knife! We just abandoned the waffle after a few bites and ate the chocolate ice cream.

Mojito (mocktail) - This was good, with fresh lime and cucumber.
Iced Mocha - Bitter was the first taste I got. After mixing a little the taste improved but everytime I tried to suck with the straw it would get blocked by ice chips. Ultimately I let the ice melt and then could not drink it anymore as it tasted watery, so I just left it.

BBQ needs to improve the food. Everything else - location, ambience, decor and service are good but the food is below par and needs to be improved a lot.

KOT NO :S001K01121302103,S001K0T121
Slip :000000P003000001466
Table :11
Date :08/19/12
PAX No :2



Value for money

Excellent Thai chicken curry, lamb chops and chicken satay. Lots of choices at the menu, clean and nice restaurant, healthy and affordable food, helpful staff.
They serve also American breakfast and do home deliveries. The food choices are American, Thai , Korean, Italian.



The first of its kind in Chennai

I went her eon the first day of opening This place is amazing -the food is better than what is served in most restaurants in star hotels here, but the price is so low!!

Only olive oil is used in the kitchen . It has a varied menu but what I absolutely relished was the charbroiled chicken(I forget the exact name) with the peri-peri sauce. Never tasted this in Chennai before . The waiters were a little slow-may take time to get over teething problems.but this place is absolutely worth trying!