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Beanstock Cafe



4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Beanstock Cafe Reviews


Went there yesterday. Never found the place. Even the phone number has been assigned to somebody else!!! My bet, the damn place is Closed..


Excellent food, bad vibes

Located near the british high comission. Shares the same plot with the Ambrosia boutique.

Went in with my family yesterday. The place was just too small with four tables. We were directed to the open air eatery, which I came later to realise was the smoking section. The furniture was hard wood and bamboo the kind you expect in roadside taverns.

One table was shared by 3 girls smoking (pretty shocking), another by guys again smoking. One of the girls with crops had her knees on the tables literally. That made us pretty uneasy and spoiled the idea of a formal family dinner. To top it all the guys started making obscene useless comments at us. Perhaps there were inebriated but I did not see any drinks served. There was hardly anyone to complain to. When the troop left, we felt at peace. But again to complain with mosquitoes.

The waiter rescued us on time and gave us the non smoking section, which was far better.

The food was great:
Apple salad: great
Veggie and cheese sandwiches; great but not filling
Farfel: Wonderful
Honey and figs Icecream; Good.

Pricing moderate. Etiquette Ok but the waiters dont understand much English.

By the end of the dinner the incident was brought to the waiter's notice. He apologised and assured us that nothing untoward is likely to happen in their presence. That was a bit reassuring.

Smoking sections should be marked clearly. Unnecessarily spending a whole of three hours over a iced tea should be curbed by restaurant. Hanging out is fine but should not be a nuisance to others.

The above incident can be attributed to the uncouthliness of the younger generation without any moral and social responsibilities whatsoever purebred sociopaths. Secondly as I point out in all my posts the morose Indian mentality.


Great food and nice place to relax!

I am big fan of such open-air cafes and this one din really gimme much expectations from the way it looks and the location it is in. Wonder how many ppl will find a cafe hidden somewhere in the small lanes of greams road, but surprising i did see a little crowd here on a sunday. The service is good and fast unlike many other cafes.. The pricing is ok for a cafe of this type, not too expensive when compared to places like amethyst and anokhi.

Coming to the food, thats where they stand out. The sandwiches are yummy and filling. Try the chilli cheese and the egg mayo, perfect i shud say. But the best dish i ve had here is the Dynabites, so yummy u can never have enuff, u sure will order another plate! There is no iced tea on the menu surprisingly, but they do make it on request and its quite good. The milk shakes, fresh juices and the ice-cream adds on to the merriment. But the menu does seem a lil small, yet to try out their pastas and salads. Will def keep going back!


anees677 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 22,2009


Woww. Nostalgic

Beanstock is the place to be if you want loads of privacy. Its so tranquil and peaceful. Very rarely a place will have everything so good, i mean the place as well as the food.If you havent been to beanstock, guys u surely are missing something.

Its surely a place where I like to belong!!! something nice about it grows on you.