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> > > Bee Vee's Hot Kitchen

Bee Vee's Hot Kitchen

Velachery Road  

  • 43036731, 43036732
  • 334, Velachery Main Road, Velachery Road, Velachery, Chennai
  • Multi-cuisine

2 Reviews / 2 Ratings

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Bee Vee's Hot Kitchen Reviews

Quantity Vs Quality - You decide

I had ordered from this place only once and that was enough to make me think about going there once again.

I wanted to order chicken biriyani and since they sell by weight, I ordered half a kilogram. When I looked at the package, I got the feeling that it was a good deal. I got home, opened it and my opinion changed. If all you care in a biriyani is the quantity of rice then its a good deal. The rice was mediocre, very dry and not enough spices for a biriyani. As for the chicken, all I got was a small piece of chicken along with the rice so that people won't get confused between a chicken biriyani and a vegetable biriyani. Had this site allowed me to upload a picture along with this review I would have done so. That would have explained it a lot better.

I haven't tried vegetarian from here, so maybe its worth a try. For me, probably a not-so-worth-visiting place.


Good food to take away...

Bee Vee's Hot kitchen... It is not a dine-in restaurant... step in and carry away some home cooked type of food...

They sell food by weight... 1/2 kg rice + 100 g saambar + 100 g vathal kolambu + 100 g poriyal...

Their menu has both veg and non-veg food... Rice might get over soon in the evening... saambar and vathal kolambu are delicious... Biriyani and non-veg gravey are tasty... Their kitchen is neat... The staff is very nice to accept your orders and pack your food... Price is very reasonable and very much value for money...

You can also do a bulk order, as I did for my post marriage party... Few things to be considered while bulk ordering are:
1) they DON'T deliver at your home...
2) You DON'T provide container...

My final point is... If need some home cooked type of food and no time to cook, just step in and carry your food...