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> > > > Bike and Barrel, The Residency Towers

Bike and Barrel, The Residency Towers


  • 04428156363
  • Upper Lobby Level, The Residency Towers, 115, Sir Thyagaraya Road, T.Nagar, Chennai

28 Reviews / 28 Ratings

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Bike and Barrel, The Residency Towers Reviews

vimprash - Burrp User


18 Reviews

October 02,2013


Once Favourite, Not Anymore

I was a fan of this place for quite some years, however recently during my visits I started hating it because of too many changes which are not pleasing to the visitors/customers. I felt greatly disappointment about their way of service, crowd, ambiance, cost etc.







Better second time around

My first experience with a group of guys was pretty poor. Their service was very bad. However my second visit was way better. We were seated on the lower level right next to the DJ. The lower level is far more happening. The drinks are decently priced and the best thing about the place is that they have Pitchers for both beers and Cocktail. The music was pretty bad with a remix of old and new hindi songs. But that actually turned out to be Desi night which personally I have never liked. The food we ordered was good and the sides with the drinks were adequate. The ambience of this place is always good and definitely worth a visit.


Does not stick to the hype

The place is given the hype it doesn't deserve. Just went there on a Friday afternoon with a friend for a couple of beers. The ambiance is great which i will not deny. The place looks slick with the 1946 Norton Classic bike suspended from the ceiling. But i tell you we were drinking beer with cockroaches around. Not one or two but dozens. we complained once . They swatted one and apologized. There were more and when we got their attention again, they were good enough to change our table. But the other table too was the same. We just did not want to make a big issue out of it because the service was good. But the executive lunch was not good. The chicken was underfried. The pitcher of beer which we ordered twice was the only reason why we were there. It was good. I would say this place could improve a lot more considering the look it has got. i would not mind coming back for a drink but i hope the food improves and they take care of the cockroach menace. Definitely a good place to hangout even though there are a few problems here.



Interesting first time

My evening at Bike n Barrel was a barrel of fun, and that's not a pun. Ladies night saw me get a free drink and another free round of shots for my gang of girls. The music was good at times, not-so-good at other times, but we ended up dancing in the narrow corridor next to our booth anyway. The service was quite good and the servers were very sweet too. We ordered some snacks which were brown, fried, spicy and exactly what we needed to wash down our drinks.

We might just go there again :)



A Bit Apprehensive

I am new here and a couple of my friends from the US have come to visit me in Chennai. I am planning to take my friends to Bikes and Barrels this weekend. Reading many of the reviews about the rudeness of the staff, I am considering other options- not all of us are coming in as a couple. Please let me know if it is still the same.


Not a very pleasing arrangement!

Overall doesn't seem bad but the Top and lower deck seems to be a bit weird to separate the stag and the couples. But still i find some whites squandering around single down in the lower deck whereas the citizens (not a couple) are sent or i could say not allowed to the lower deck even for a look around . Now that's not gonna ruin your bar or your barrels!


September 6, 2012response from management at Bike and Barrel, The Residency Towers:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your feedback. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the lower deck is only open to couples and In house guests, the foreigners that you would have noticed are people staying in the hotel. We ensure that we, at no point of time, follow double standards for our guests. Unlike other pubs that don't have stag entry at all, we try to ensure that stags also get to enjoy our pub and music, through this arrangement.
Thank you for your valued patronage



Double Standards

I am a regular to the place for the past 5 years and one thing that really upsets me is the double standards followed when dealing with stag men. Stag men of Indian origin are asked to go up to the first floor whereas stag men who are not of Indian origin are allowed to the regular lower deck. Though this can be termed as a security / safety measure with women around, does this mean that
Non Indian stag men are more decent compared to Indian stag men when moving with women
Are non Indian men more preferred to patronize the place compared to citizens of this country
Are non Indian men a step above the Indians

I have seen the ogling, drooling by these non Indian men who take liberty and privilege of their skin and country of origin to talk and do as they want and think

I have traveled abroad and within the country a lot and nothing of this sort happens anywhere. They have actual bouncers who keep an eye on mischief makers and ensure they are dealt with appropriately. None of the other pubs in Chennai have this kind of setup. Either they dont allow stags or if they do there is no such double standards.

This kind of environment and standard always makes me to take my clients, business partners and colleagues to a different place for all our social gatherings or relaxation


September 6, 2012response from management at Bike and Barrel, The Residency Towers:

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your feedback. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that the lower deck is only open to couples and In house guests, the foreigners that you would have noticed are people staying in the hotel. We ensure that we, at no point of time, follow double standards for our guests. Unlike other pubs that don't have stag entry at all, we try to ensure that stags also get to enjoy our pub and music, through this arrangement. Thank you for your valued patronage.



Pathetic treatment

I came with my boss from Delhi, who wanted to go to a pub in Chennai. I cam here few times with my friends but when it came to stags ( me and my boss) it was the worst treatment meted to us. The person at the gate pushed us to the staircase ( my boss wanted to have a lookaround). I think its the only pub among others who discriminates like this..I suggest you should take a cover charge to reduce indecent people coming in. And yes.. if its a rule for stags not to enter the ground floor.. please stick to the same.. do not give a preferential treatment to old customers(mostly stags). I guess we pay the same money as them


Amena   - Burrp User


1 Reviews

June 17,2012


Awesome music, decent crowd, brilliant night :)

It was my first time going to a bar/club in Chennai and as I went with low expectations, I was highly impressed with the place. The DJ was brilliant, as he played a very good variety of club songs that were great to dance to. He played chart music, house music and also played requests too! I went on a Saturday night and it was really good, but I'm not too sure what it would be like on a weekday. I would definitely always make a visit every time I come to Chennai! I'm from London, so it was a lot different to the clubbing scene there, but I would highly recommend all my friends to come here when they come to India :) Service was fast considering how busy the bar was, and there was a decent crowd and decent amount of people for a Saturday night. Overall, I had an awesome night but I was just upset the the music and club closed at 11 :( I just wish it would close around 2 am, as we were all having such a blast!



Highly Discriminatory....

I recently moved in here from mumbai and ventured to this place. i really cant comment on the food and service as i walked out after the discrimination meted out at the entrance itself..firstly i should say the guy at the door was extremely rude..i had heard of people being rude in chennai but this guy would win hands down..secondly he literally pushed me towards the staircase as the ground level was meant only for couples and room guests...since it was the first time i entered that place i was just having a look at the ambience...will have to ask the hotel management do they think all stags who come create nuisance?? or are the couples in chennai so insecure that they cant have a guy near them?? really in these matters no place like mumbai...


May 8, 2012response from management at Bike and Barrel, The Residency Towers:

Dear Mr.Sriram,

Thank you for your feedback and our apologies for the inconvenienced caused.
The management has taken note of your feedback and taken necessary measures to ensure that such a behaviour is not repeated.



Love it...only when it's not busy!

I'm a sucker for any pub that delivers an English theme! And I'd have to say that Bike and Barrel does a decent job of it. I love how the place is done with all the memorabilia and of course, the 1946 Norton Classic! The drinks are fairly priced and the finger food is good too. It's a good place to catch up with a bunch of friends or just take your better half for a drink or two.
What I don't like is that all of the above is applicable only when the place is not crowded. I wouldn't want to be there on a Saturday night because that's when the service gets very bad. It takes almost 40mins for someone to take your order on a busy night and by the time the food gets to you, you're ready to pay your bill! I think they need to work on handling larger crowds better. It's a shame that a good place like this should lose customers for a ridiculous reason like this.
Otherwise, I really like Bike and Barrel! :)


April 7, 2012response from management at Bike and Barrel, The Residency Towers:

Dear Ms Shilpa,

Thank you for your feedback. While its obvious that you really liked the place, I understand that the service has scope for improvement. I have conveyed your concerns to the team and we will ensure better service henceforth.
We look forward to your continuous patronage.

Warm Regards

poor service from 4 star hotel pub

I just invited my friends to bikes & barrel pub for ease out. That was my terrible experience which i ever had in my life.There was only two bartender was serving the upper deck, they were totally biased in serving customers. They took excellent care to the old customers but not to the new customer.They said to me go to the cash counter and pay urself and serve urself. This was quit embarrassing to me.For complimentary refills i asked for at least 20 times, then only they attempted to serve one plate,but we were 6 members.We really had a awful experience with bikes & barrels...Even local bars serves better than them..


March 21, 2012response from management at Bike and Barrel, The Residency Towers:

Dear Sir,

At the onset, I would like to personally apologize for the experience you had with us. I have briefed my team on the same, we shall ensure that incidents like this do not happen in the future.

At the same time I would like to directly get in touch with you, to understand how we can keep such incidents to the minimum. We value your patronage.Do share your email id or mobile number & we would appreciate a detailed feedback from you.

Warm Regards

avwolv88 - Burrp User


21 Reviews

February 27,2012


Culture Shock - Staring below

Food: Very good and quite tasty. Excellent stuff served for drinking.

Drinks: Good selection and large pitchers are great.

Ambiance: :-O I know Chennai isn't famed for nightlife or being very liberal, but seriously fix this stag entry/couple entry issue. I totally understand that stags must be separated from couples. But instead, why don't you move the stags to the level below and the couples to the ground above. For those new to the place, you will notice this shocking thing where a bunch of guys will stand in the level above and stare at the girls in the level below. Why on earth would anyone allow this?


February 28, 2012response from management at Bike and Barrel, The Residency Towers:

Dear Avwolv88,

Thanks for your valuable feedback, we look forward forward for your continued Patronage. Thanks for the suggestion, we will see what best we can do.


A little above average!

Well the only thing thats striking about this place is that u can carry ur drinks to the smoking room and enjoy ur drink while faging.. Rest everything is quite mediokre! With Classic Norton hanging from the ceiling, u just tend to wonder that this place might hv more to offer but thats just about it.. Nothing else is special. I dont understand why this place has been so much hyped in local circle! Maybe coz it allows stags (of course on a level different than couples) where from the guys can watch couples dancing from a level higher to the couples.! I hope u guys understand wot m trying to say.. :)
My verdict: Not so cool..!


prem0023 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 15,2011



Not to forget they literally chase you out of the pub if its 11.10 pm.....its a shame they don't even bother if you have atleast finished ur top it all last week 11.15pm they actually switched off the lights inside the pub when we were actually inside....we literally had to rush out....and we had nt even finished our this the kinda hospitality we should expect....veryyyy poor.... #disgrace


December 16, 2011response from management at Bike and Barrel, The Residency Towers:

Dear Valued Guest,

I have Just Seen your review on your visit to The Bike & Barrel & I am truly sorry to learn that our services were not up to the expected level.
As a Bar Manager, I am personally Looking into your feedback & implementing corrective Measures. I am Confident that on your next visit, you will see a marked improvement in our services.

Plz do accept my apologies for the inconvenience experienced.
Plz feel free to contact me for further assistance

Warm Regards
Manager Bike & Barrel

prem0023 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 11,2011


pathetic service.....

I ve been a regular to bnb for the past 5 years...but its sad to see that the quality has dipping all the way through and has hit rock bottom now....the service is pathetic if u r a stag...i ve been to the ground floor with a lot of my girlfrnds I found that to be okish....BUT the first floor place has become very un-inviting and its like almost the waiters look down on u... even simple requests like switching tv channels were responded with a *no reaction poker face*... why would anyone wanna watch an old bangladesh vs pakistan match when live epl football is going on...the beer which was almost room temperature was exchanged after 3 rounds of explaining and argument... totally screws up ur mood....the platters are always good and is the one thing to look fwd to....but after the dismal service we have decided not to visit this place ever again....i hope fellow stags would follow the same....


ajuhi101 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

December 06,2011


good place 2 chill with a mug of beer

1. i have been thrice here... if u r fond of beer, then using the happy hrs offer is pretty useful...
2.hard drinks r a lil pricey for my taste as i m a student.
3. some waiters aren't very cordial.
4. the ambience is very nice... and masala peanuts r 2 good...
5. i wud appreciate if they wud have happy hrs on cocktails atleast on some days, as cocktails like long island iced tea(my fav cocktails) are like 450 bucks...
6. lastly, to have more offers for ladies night...


December 6, 2011response from management at Bike and Barrel, The Residency Towers:

Dear Ajuhai101,

Thanks for your valuable feedback, we look forward forward for your continued Patronage. I have into account your suggestions & will definitively work on them.

Warm Regards


Nice place

Very nice place to hang out. The bouncers are friendly and don't bother you. If there were just another person to handle the floor, it would have been awesome! The bartender is one of the best I've come across at Chennai!!
One suggestion that I would like to make to the Management is to have more themed nights! There is only one that shows up on burrp! Kindly give us patrons more choice!!


October 18, 2011response from management at Bike and Barrel, The Residency Towers:

Dear sir,

On the onset, I would like to thank you for your continued patronage.I have taken note of your valuable feedback & will work on them. Looking forward to welcoming you & your friends back @ Bike & Barrel, The Residency Towers.

Warm Regards

prakaram - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 06,2011


Nice place for stags to hang out

I have been to this place for the past few years regularly......very nice food and nominal priced drinks.......good place to hang out with friends especially on saturday nights...!!!!

One of the good things abt BnB is stags are allowed , though its bit hard to ask the stags to move to first floor, its better when compared to other pubs in chennai where bouncers will bounce back at the door itself......!!!!!


August 9, 2011response from management at Bike and Barrel, The Residency Towers:

Dear Prakaram,

Thank you very much for choosing to be at B&B; I am glad that you enjoyed the ambience, music and the food spread & the drinks.

We really appreciate this gesture and look forward to Welcoming you and your friends back at The Bike & Barrel, The Residency Towers.
Best Regards,


WOW experience

This place is real good choice for chillout your tiresome work schedule. All is good except that you need to chase the bartenders when it becomes thickly populated. But other than that the interiors look great and platters they serve are awesome.

My suggestion - try atleast once :)



Best in Chennai

Good place. This has two separate floors for stags (1st floor) and couples and special guests (ground floor). Take my advice, go to the 1st floor. The service is way better here. On the ground floor as the crowd increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to spot the waiter.

Music is good. Not too loud and has a very decent collection.

They have a very good bar, and the bartender knows how to mix a drink. They have a good collection of snacks too, but recommend just stick to the peanut masala. You dont need anything else.

One of the best pubs in Chennai.



Nice place spoilt by pathetic service

Last saturday, after a rejection at 10 Downing, because we were 2 stags and a couple, we ended up at Bikes and Barrels. Bikes and Barrels had no restrictions and the usher was very courteous to give us a big table in the ground floor. Apparently, only couples are allowed in the ground floor, but we could see lot of stags around. However, the crowd was good and classy.

Initially the crowd was just about fine, and our orders were on the table well on time. But, as the crowd increased, we had to do a treasure hunt to spot our waiter. He was nowhere near our table and every order needed repeated reminders. We could only see one waiter handling the entire ground floor and the situation was frustrating for the thirsty folks among us.

The music was just average, as the young DJ was playing the club hits of last year, and his collection was not the latest. Moreover the DJ did not seem too happy to take up requests. I don't blame him, maybe the number of requests would have been high.

The prices were economical and the drink options were good. We did not experiment much on the food, except for the non-veg platter. And the platter was juicy and yum!!!. The bar snacks were just salads and it helped me cut down on the unnecessary calories from the chips, which are served in most bars. :)

The person outside was very friendly and did not raise an alarm because we had extra stags in our group.

The smoking zone in B&B is one of the best among the bars in Chennai. Unlike other bars, the zone is indoor and it is well air conditioned with well placed chairs and tables.

One of the better bars in chennai. Wish they had more people to handle the orders and a better DJ.



decent enough.

It's generally crowded for a good reason, but that means you have to wait it out, before you get in.

Variety of drinks/liquor: Good

Ambiance: Good

Service: OK

Prices: OK


Machans day out

"You got a job - lets party". "You broke up" Come to the watering hole and you get over" "I am jobless this weekend"

Whatever be the reason Bike n Barrels has been our gang's quintessential hangout. Yes they send stags to different floor, yes its way costlier than a TASMAC a/c bar but then this place simply rocks I say!!.

Anyone new to chennai we take them here bfore taking to mahabalipuram and our folklore of the bike being closed with a net because me and my friend RK ordered for it once when drunk does have takers.

The place brings back such nostalgice memories. Especially one-when I was spotted there by my then prospective brother-in-law, had to go thru that evening drinking mocktails.

Coming to the ambiance,when did a boys time out need an ambiant place? We need some space, lots of music and good drinks.Still there was one fine day when I went there with few colleagues,as there were women folk with us we were allowed in groundfloor. Thats the day I did notice the place was has tastefully done [western ranch kind] decors and interiors. Shud say this place does suit the corporate crowd too. They have a good dance floor ,but its a bit smallish.

The drinks - I'd die for their chilled beer.I wonder if they keep a thermometer and get it perfectly chilled.Their cocktails are wonderful too I am addict to their cosmopolitan n shooters.
Their food oreders are out of the world[especially when ur drunk] their chicken n mutton kebabs are a must try even if you are a non-drinker.They also provide complimentary peas masala,another irresistable stuff,our peas masala needs a refill once in 10mins.

The best part of BnB is its price,compared to other high end pubs this can be said as dead cheap! beer comes for 150 and the food costs start from 200.

The service is quick,especially on weekdays.In weekends it does get a littled bogged down. But yeah if you are a regular and have a good rapport with the waiter the turnaround time reduces drastically :-).

True that the stags only floor is a bit irksome but when pubs like speed and 10D treat stags like vermin this is far better.Afterall this is still namma chennai, mind it!

A friend is blessed with baby boy,so we know where the party is this weekend -by default.


Lovely place

I've been to this pub the most and keep coming back for one simple reason. The ambience appeals to me (obviously becoz i am a biker), the music is good, the service is excellent and most importantly the food is super delicious!!! Bikes 'n barrels, or BNB as we fondly call it has been my regular hangout for "oh so stressful" days and "caman da partying" nights!! The food deserves a special mention esp. the tandoori chicken, perfectly marinated and cooked!! This is the only pub that i have seen that has an extensive menu without making the veggies feel miserable!! I would recommend this pub to anyone who would love to just chill out on a nice cold one and loosen out!!


Miss it if you can

I heard so much about this place that I went here the first night I relocated to Chennai from Mumbai to meet a gang of friends.
Unfortunately, while they do live up to their reputation of letting in stags, they have the concept of two floors here - the lower one for those with partners and the upper one for the stags.
So, if you are a woman with more than two men, you are automatically sent up to the first floor, which is an issue since most men seem to end up at this pub.
Imagine fighting your way through inebiriated men most of the time every time you want to move somewhere, pathetic, yes.
Dancing on the ground floor is not that great a deal either when you look up above and see all the men oggling hanging onto the bannisters and throwing leers. It would be better if they just let everyone mingle instead, maybe then there would be a reduction in the number of desperate men who try to pour down their drinks on the dancers (yes, they do that too) who are on the ground floor below them.
I would rather just go to Zaras or Distil instead.


Just Chill-chill-just chill

Bike and Barrel is one of the few places in Chennai that give you everything right for a perfect chill out.

The Crowd is good; music is good, beer chilled to perfection, even the peanut masala is just right.

After sometime you may ask yourself if you are really in Chennai or in some other city. Only disappointment is they close so early!!!

Score: TEN on TEN


A Britishesque Pub

This is one great place to catch up with some old friends and a chilled glass of beer!!!
The whole place resembles a british pub of the 80's, what with lotsa bikers memorabilia and a Norton bike hung from the ceiling.
Its got two floors, one level is for the couples and special guests and the second is for Stags. The food is a mix of italian, mexican and tandoor.
It serves almost all kinds of drinks. inculdes a dart board a pool table too.
There are wide varieties of cocktails and mocktails.
A great place to be on a saturday night!!!