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> > > > BR Mathsya

BR Mathsya


  • 42127557, 42127007, 9791006234
  • 29/31, Thanikachalam Road, T.Nagar, Chennai
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 600

26 Reviews / 32 Ratings

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BR Mathsya Reviews






Outrageously Exorbitant joint

I am criticising this hangout mainly,as I go there regularly and not once in a blue moon,when you won't be able to Compare the Quality of Food,that was served a year back or earlier,since the joint was started.
On the whole only the Menu Cards look has changed, the Prices Increased and the Quality Decreased pathetically,beyond which they seem to have Employed some Useless guys as Managers,who keep Justifying the Food that's being Served.
Just Imagine what is Served as Sambar Rice in their Eat Street,is Served as BisibeleBath in their Air-conditioned environs,obviously with a Bloated Price Tag! for which the Worthless Manager,who otherwise keeps sitting in EAT STREET,reading a Big Fat Novel!,defending the Quality and the Price Rise of the Spices,which obviously don't match the Rise of Prices of the Dishes that are Dished out there,where this particular Manager has only been employed since,4 to 6 months back,who is very fond of Altercating with the Customers in a pointless manner,as if he's only right.Just imagine,this worthless manager,blatantly telling the Customer that a Cook has been brought specially from Bangalore to make BisibeleBath,which makes one wonder,if this nincompoop has ever tasted BisibeleBath!
Last JUNE/19/2014,I happened to try out their Buffet Dinner with THEIR(B R MATHSYA) OWN INVENTION "AMERICAN COLESLAW",in the "so called Healthy Environment" of their Air-conditioned Dining Hall,A Musca Domestica(House Fly)came and sat on that Salad,got stuck,thus Killed,by the Customer(me).
Similarly,on the 25/06/2014 in EAT STREET,as the name goes,ANOTHER HOUSE FLY CAME, sat on the MENU CARD,WAITING for FOOD,again got Killed,as it's common knowledge that they carry more than 100 Pathogens,Infecting Human Beings and can't be explained away that EAT STREET is by the ROAD SIDE,thus Infestation of HOUSE FLIES will be common.
The Restaurant Management should look into the Origin of these Insects,the GARBAGE BIN close to EAT STREET,at the Entrance of Arcot Street from Thanikachlam Road should be Removed,to a different location and also they should ask the concerned authorities to Employ Speed Breakers on Either Side of the Restaurant,can't keep telling/waiting for Accidents to take place or keep saying it's not my dad's property like that nincompoop.


Lunch @ Mathsya T Nagar

Mom had a a very long and busy weekend, and said that she required some retail therapy to relax along with a holiday to the kitchen. This is a very rare request from my mom who always prefers to stay at home during holidays and unwind at her own pace. So dad, mom and me, set on the retail therapy spree in T Nagar and Pondy Bazaar. Hunger pangs struck at 12 30 pm sharp. Our initial plan was to go home drop all the stuff and then drive out to KNK road. But all the three were tired, we just wanted to eat lunch and head back home and crash.

I suggested Mathsya on Thanikachalam Road. I was rather little hesitant, as this place is known to be full especially on Sundays. We reached around 1 pm and found a table just perfect for us.

On the outset, I wanted to try their Lunch Buffet but felt very lazy to go and pick up food every now and then. We settled for Veg Meals - South Indian Thali which is priced at Rs. 125/-. The menu offered Special South Indian Thali priced at Rs 145/-. The difference between the two is a soup and an ice cream.
The South Indian Thali was tasty and just about enough for anyone with a good appetite or hunger. The Thali had the following items

Kara Kuzhambu
Masala Rice
Greens Poriyal
Cabbage Poriyal
Chow Chow Kootu
All these items were unlimited and rice was served hot on the plate.

The taste of all the items was very homely, with no additional or extra spices or flavor. It was just rightly made. The food did not make us feel full but was just right. Most important rice was cooked to the correct consistency and did not have the soda that is usually used in other hotels.

It was a very good experience of dining in Mathsya T Nagar, would definitely go back


Absolute Delight

Every person has to do a lot of homework before deciding on the perfect restaurant to take his family to. Fortunately, BR Mathsya, located in the busy locality of T.Nagar, manages to tick almost all the boxes that a person has in mind. From the foodie to the weight-conscious one, from the 60 year olds to the 6 year olds, from a birthday party to a lunch meeting, this place has everything to offer.

Mathsya, a pure vegetarian restaurant, is located on a side road of the infamous Pondy Bazaar. Reaching this place can prove to be quite a behemothic task though. The traffic rules keep changing often in this area and thus, driving can prove to be an arduous task for those not familiar with how this area works. But this place offers everything you would require in order to erase your bad memories. A big relief to all the drivers is that valet parking is available. Those familiar with the problems of parking in T.Nagar will appreciate this system. Plenty of place is available for two wheeler parking.

Due to the heavy rush, I would suggest you to take the precaution of booking a table in advance by contacting the restaurant. Since it is popular, it is very difficult to obtain a table during peak hours. The smaller the number of people, the harder it becomes.

If you manage to overcome all this, the food just beguiles us. It is an absolute delight.

We have two options, the buffet or the à la carte meal for all meals. I would suggest everyone to go for the buffet. This is one of the very few restaurants which offers a buffet for breakfast. The buffet starts with a soup and a welcome drink. The soup is very filling. So, plan your meal in such a way that you have space in your stomach for the superb variety that Mathsya offers.

The contents of the buffet differ everyday but generally consists of a couple of starters, different salads, North Indian cuisine and a typical South Indian cuisine. The buffet ends with sweet, dessert and chat. And the best part is, you get this unlimited buffet for Rs.300 per person. The breakfast buffet costs slightly less than Rs 200. The prices represent excellent value for money.

I haven’t tried the breakfast buffet which was introduced recently but I have heard reviews from people that this buffet too is of superb standard.

Please do not miss the carrot halwa if you visit Mathsya. This is one of the best I have tasted in Chennai. But beware. This is not available on all days. If you are lucky, you might end up with carrot halwa as one of the items on your buffet and spend the rest of your life having that awesome taste in your mouth. Believe me, it just melts in your mouth. I also enjoy the welcome drink which is usually, watermelon juice. But every time I have visited this place, there seems to be a problem with their vending machine.

The service is excellent. The most important thing in a buffet system is how fast the dishes get replenished. The speed with which this happens is quite impressive. The ambience is decent for a place as crowded as this. However, you might want to book the birthday hall or one of the get together halls beforehand in case you are accompanied by a big number. This is to ensure that you have a bit more privacy.

Mathsya also offers traditional buffets on certain days and before festivals. For example, I had a Kerala styled buffet once during the time of Onam. They also provide similar buffets based on the food culture of different states in India. Make sure you check their everyday menu before deciding to visit. Mathsya also has a kid’s play area in the front. It is well covered and quite safe. They are bound to enjoy their time here.

The only problem I have with this restaurant is its crowd management. The crowd is excessive especially on Saturdays and Sundays. There is not enough place for those people waiting outside. It can prove to be a challenge for senior citizens as they cannot find a place to sit while waiting. Also, the reservation system which they have in place is not quite fool proof as I have been made to wait for more than 15 minutes even when I have reserved beforehand.

But you just forget all that after ingesting the food.

If you can manage all the traffic and the wait it takes to enter the restaurant, you are in for an ABSOLUTE DELIGHT.







Best Buffet!

This is one hell of an awesome place to dine in with your family. The food is here absolutely worth every penny. I personally loved their Gobi and the Mango juice they had though they keep changing the juice menu daily.
The place had a great ambiance and their service was impeccable.
The place also a kids play area outside.


excellent hospitality

This place promises a decent ambiance and good food. The price though alarming is worth the food they provide. The fresh juices they offer is also good. The place is always crowded. Getting a table is difficult but once you grab the table, the night is fun filled with delicious food. Though there aren't much varieties on the starters, the ones they provide are good enough especially the cheese balls and Manchurian. The service is a bit slow which is a big turn off.


great hospitality

this place promises a decent ambiance and good food. The price though alarming is worth the food they provide. The fresh juices they offer is also good. The place is always crowded. Getting a table is difficult but once you grab the table, the night is fun filled with delicious food. Though there aren't much varieties on the starters, the ones they provide are good enough especially the cheese balls and Manchurian. The service is a bit slow which is a big turn off.


Great experience

Went with a large group of friends. One of the few places in Chennai where a group of 10-15 can go without having to wait a long time for a table. Food was excellent and the service and ambiance was very good as well.



Poor Service

Service provided by the staff is very very poor.. Took my family for dinner.. Had horrible experience

* Plates are not clean. Food stains..
* Manager doesn't know how to treat the Customers.. They were not ready to take back the unused/sealed Mineral water bottle saying once ordered cannot be returned..
* Desserts had look of old stock...




Good food

This place has got wonderful food and even their banquet hall is lovely. Although their airconditioning can improve I cant really complain about the food they serve. Delicious to say the least! Go here if you love Indian food!




On sunday I was in BRMathsya at T.Nagar, It was a wonderful experience- what a ambiance and court icy from staff. The buffet was really tasty and variety. It is worth for what I have paid , even my guests from Delhi appreciated me for my right choice at brmathsya. Especially the baby corn Manchurian was the crown for the entire food. I strongly re command everybody Pl try and experience the best in the city



we felt like we have been cheated

looks like someone from the restaurant has updated this as it is one of the worst ever restaurant we have been.... very delayed service and the food food was not at worth the wait and tasted like shit... too much oli and the tandoor foods were were soggy . we felt like we have been cheated for the money we have paid .all togethr worst experience at this hotel. Caution: do not go here by way of the looks of the hotel and get cheated


excellent veg restaurant

The restaurant was very nice and the staff was extremely courteous. Nothing was missing and they took a personal interest in my likes and dislikes. Everything was organized well and the restaurants are very nice.i like pastas and sizzlers very much.
i grandma had rajaraja cholan dosai delicious.



One of the very worst in chennai

One of the worst restaurants in chennai. Food quality is poor, and I noticed that staff hygiene is extremely filthy. Noticed nose picking by staff right in front of the buffet counter, and touching the food. Had to walk out watching that. The manager by name Chidambaram is very rude to the customers. I noticed that atleast 3 or 4 different customers having heated arguments with him. Overall, this restaurant does not deserve any star. It is overpriced, unclean with arrogant manager. Total thumbs down.....



A decent buffet

Go for the buffet! It has a decent spread and is sensibly priced at 225 bucks. The starters are very very good. The cauliflower pakoda and the vadai especially worth mentioning. The peanut salad is just so yumm! The main course is good too, although I got carried away more by the starters and hence barely did justice to the main course. The halwa in the dessert section was absolutely perfect. A good family dining experience!


sphema - Burrp User


5 Reviews

October 12,2012


Customer Service

Yesterday, I went to this hotel just to witness one of the worst Customer service. I have been to this restaurant several times. The waiter lacked patience in toto. Butter Naan was served first and 10 minutes later the side dish came. Normally, both come together. By then, the Naan becomes elastic and hard to eat. The second round of side dish order took 20 minutes to arrive.

It used to be one of the best restaurants!. Looks, I might have to give a second thought to dining @ this hotel.



went here with my entire family (about 16 of us) for a get together..pleasant ambiance and lovely food! the service can be slow at times but its generally good!



Good food

visited 1st week of june for a evening buffet.. food was awesome but slow service.. it took 15 mins to serve the soup.. items were emptied in mins and had to wait for refill.. but overall a satisfying experience...


asahi - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 16,2012


About Banquet Hall service

My comment is restricted to the Banquet hall. Last evening we went to this place for a family function. I was told that the host had informed the Banquet hall manager about number of guests likely to come and have been asked to be prepared. It started with tomato soup, within few minutes the soap got over. No standby refill. They took so much time to bring a new vessel of soup. Similarly for other items. Everything for finished in no time and they bring the items only after asking for so many times.They could even water glasses. They put only 2 boys who looked like trainees. I don't recommend this place for any function. Don't get carried away by the brand name Matsya. Their service is very poor. Money seems to be the only objective of this place.



Poor Experience

Been to Mathsya recently 7th August with my Family & Friends (8 people) on the occasion of Friendship day.

We are frequent visitors to this place since long. But the experience this time was pretty ordinary. I have no issues on their Service at all. But the quality of food was a big let down.

Mathsya needs to pull up their socks pretty fast else it will start losing its charm.



Good food

BR Mathsya is much like the chain of Udupi Restaurants in Bangalore that serve the full fare. The place is usually crowded (I was there on a weekend which made things worse). There are two options: buffet & a la carte.

We tried a mixture of south and north indian food. The taste was good. The amritsari kulcha especialy was yummy :)

The ambience isn't great. Thanks to the crowd and unassuming interiors, you get a marriage hall type feel.

Overall, definitely worth the money.


shrirambr - Burrp User


16 Reviews

November 01,2010


Attention to Detail - Lacking

decided to visit br mathsya after a long time (over 2 years). had recently been to mathsya in egmore and was amazed by the food there. so we thought this must be worth a visit again.

the food was good to begin with. hot steaming masala dosas followed by crisp onion rava dosas. nice tasty sambhar and chutneys as well. then ordered the bisi bele bhath.

first of all, need to point out to the staff there, that bisi bele bhath and sambar rice are two different items when made correctly. even that can be overlooked but when the dish was served, we were amazed to find out that it was spoilt.

the staff took their time to apologize eventually after trying to defend it for the umpteenth time but a speedy exit was in the offering and so we left.

Disappointing indeed.


Udipi Food Festival

Great authentic Udipi fare. Probably for the first time ever we can taste what these Udipi guys have in the privacy of their homes.A must try is the Biscuit Roti and mango payasam.


A sure No-No for breakfast

I've been to this pace for dinner a couple of times (and yeah it was pretty good)...My friend suggested i tried out the breakfast... I decided to give it a go and walked on Sunday morning...

The ambiance of course is pretty good ... No change in that... The waiter suggested i go in for the buffet breakfast, and he also claimed it was "continental"

The spread wasn't anything great... aloo paratha, oothapam, pongal ... and to make it "continental" bread and cornflakes....

The pongal an oothapam were OK.. nothing gr8.. The aloo paratha was pretty good...

It was after this that i struck rock bottom... I went over to grab some bread ... My brother pointed out that it had fungus just as reached my seat... So I called the waiter and asked for some different bread...He came with bread...and again it had fungus...

This left me really annoyed... The head waiter apologised and tried to explain his predicament "today morning came"... I nodded along and decided to skip bread and have bowl of cornflakes...

They serve milk to ur place... so I asked for a glass of cold milk... Apparently they serve only hot milk... This really put me off... I jus got my self a cup of coffee and the waiter turned up with bread (luckily no fungus this time) but i decided to skip it...

The only good thing bout the breakfast is that its reasonably priced...

Overall a sad experience :(

I may come to this restaurant again... but NEVER for breakfast...



Good food...reasonable price

The food is good...prices are not exorbitant. The place didn't make me go WOW....but neither is it too bad. If the ambience were just a bit more inviting I would probably go back more often. The buffet is a good buy.....lots of variety....and absolutely worth the 200 bucks you pay for it. Other than that I liked the mangalore bonda. The restaurant does tend to get crowded and a little noisy at peak hours.


Party house

This place is good for treats and parties with big groups. You can enjoy the lunch buffet and spend hours together chatting and having fun. Lotsa families come here and the place is always busy and bustling with action. Its a cheerful place and it can add cheer to any special occasion of yours. The food is gr8 too no complaints and its really not expensive!


CK  - Burrp User


22 Reviews

December 28,2007


hidden treats

Good place. Been there twice. My fav is the karra-uppu-pulli dosa. Check out their buffet at dinner time too.

snips from my blog ...
They had wide variety of choices. The most tempting as is usual when it is available, was the dinner buffet. "its only 199 sir", said the host, as he tried to lure us towards this option. If it werent for a heavy lunch, it would have been a no brainer. But the spirits decided otherwise, as were to taste the choice of offerings on the menu, 'a la carte'.....