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> > > > By The Bay

By The Bay

Besant NagarChennai  


21 Reviews / 21 Ratings

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By The Bay Reviews





Improvements needed

With their location and their out door sitting, this place is one of the better places on the stretch of road. However their service is a bit of a let down. The waiter takes forever to arrive, take an order and the food takes forever to arrive. The food is good but the starters are very limited. The main courses including the Grilled chicken are very good but takes a long time to arrive. The place has tried to diversify itself with multiple cuisines but it would be better if they could stick to their best one.


thumbs up!

Although a kind of a new idea, this place is not all that great.I had to leave this place feeling unsatisfied. People might be turned off by the concept of Lebanese food if they go there, which is a pity. And, the fact that the service is not a crowd puller is even sadder. So, the expansion of Lebanese food in Chennai would be dragged.

But, on the brighter side, I liked the food and will recommend it to my friends and family.

Thumbs up for the effort, owners :D


SRahul - Burrp User


15 Reviews

November 09,2012


Decent Food, Poor Service!

I'm giving 3 stars for By The Bay because it's the only restaurant that at least comes close to the authentic stuff. Their Humus and Pita Bread are great, and it's the best I've had in Chennai. Their starters are good with decent portions. The problem is in their main-course, Fatayers especially. I ordered the Labneh Veg Fatayer, and it was disgusting. The 'lebanese' bread that they claim it was, was nothing but 'Indian' naan. The cheese tasted strange and was loaded with huge pieces of vegetables. The Zater cheese Fatayer was okay, nothing impressive! On my second visit, things were slightly better. We didn't order Fatayer this time around. Their mains are priced expensive and the service is dead-slow!




its the only resto which serves hygienic food in tht entire row...nw kfc has come up..but its junk food so frgt it.. ..n gmk1982 u could have tried ur english or tht ws the prob :P


gmk1982 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

August 24,2012


Worst Service

Worst service I've ever experienced. They don't even know how to speak and have no idea what the dish is all about and the worst part is the one hour waiting period for each dish. If you really have time to kill then go for it.



Average food

After seeing the good reviews, I Went to 'By the Bay' yesterday with my collegues. The food was bland and everything tasted more or less the same except for the fish dishes. Service was ok and the waiter was helpful. I am not ruling out the chance that that this is the original 'authentic' cuisine, but if you are an Indian who is just looking to have a good meal, I wouldn't recommend it.

I am giving the one star for the good service.



certain facts about lebanese food

1. sheesh tawook - juicy and not spicy chicken skewer
2. takka mutton - chewy mutton skewer

i feel its very important to know lebanese food before being a critic for it. no offence. i jus love their food as maintain the authenticity and i wish that they don indianise their dishes. way to go "by the bay"



authentic food

excellent Lebanese mom from Lebanon. i lived in qatar for 26 yrs and all the arabic restaurants in cheenai are neither indian or arabic. Finally saw this place while crossing the beach road. Tried the nijomia and hummous and i felt like i was back in qatar after that my husband had a beef shawarma that was an 'A' Grade shawarma. I had fried fish which some kinda green rice, the fish was crispy and nice. the place looks too simple for the quality of the food they are serving. luckily they deliver to my house!!


Poor Quality Food

I went to this place for Dinner (15th July). The service was very slow. We ordered for Mutton Soup and Chicken Ball for starters. The starter was ok, main course we ordered Al Faham Fish and Takka Mutton. The mutton was hard and like rubber, very difficult to chew. Later the dish was replaced with Shish Tawook (chicken tikka type) the chicken was sweet and was not marinated properly.

We got to hear from the boys that the Chief is new and all service assistants replaced with new people.

I recommend not to try mutton or chicken. This place is good for light snack but beverage is expensive.



healthy food

da arabic food here is crazy eh!!! the chickn kabaab melted in my mouth. hommos is faaaantastiq...i have lived in kuwait for 17 years and most of the arabic joints in chennai were colleague suggested this place... brilliant kebabs tasty but not burningly spicy...i have fallen for this absolutely brilliant joint...



one place which excites me all the time

i went to this resto this aftr noon..they havent served fatayers since 4 days and the service ws a bit slow..wen i asked te manager abt it he said some maintenance work is goin on and fatayers will be served from friday or js tried their indian menu fr a change and fell in love with te bread they serve..pudina paratha is js sister still had her fav baba ganoush and tht grilled fish they serve. Their dark chocolate moose is out f te world..



Bad Experience

I have been to this place during end of May and the food was awesome and the person who took the order knew everything and she helped us very well.

Based on such experience I went there again yesterday for dinner:

Service: 1/10 - the guy who took the order has no clue. The so called chef himself came out and took the order
Taste: 2/10 - Chickn shawarma which i tasted 2 months back, i felt that was best in the city and today to my surprise the Pita was soggy, cabbage and French fries inside shawarma and i have to search my chicken pieces.
- the soup was good
- We ordered a Beef Thakka - it was dry and tasteless and it was not served with salad/pita and the garlic sauce which was the case last time. Every condiment was charged separately.

For every question we asked, clueless answers were given and service took ages despite there were only 2 other tables full at that point in time.

Do not go to this place based on previous experience.

They need to fix something and i don’t know if there is a management change or the cook ran away.


Can't go wrong

Have been here many times. The hummus is excellent, the pitas are always fresh, falafel is great too.
Clean place. A/C and open-air seating overlooking the beach.




There couldn't be a name more apt than 'by the bay'.. says it all with its breezy ambiance overlooking the besse beach, with a roof top to fit it all... Been here many times and falafel & fatayers are my favorite.. I don't think u get fatayers anywhere else in Chennai and hence its a must visit / must eat dish ;) to experience the true middle east food.... equally good options for veg & non-veg ensures there isn't much of a diff. of opinion when a bunch of guys decide to eat here... the service is extra-ordinary, with well mannered and pleasing waiters ... In all I wud give this place a 5/5 and recommend that you visit there with ur loved ones -- and you will come back again & again for the food, ambiance and service...



My favourite restaurant of late, By the Bay has an incredible diverse menu with sandwiches, fatayers, starters, main course and dessert. Even though I am a vegetarian, I have a wide range of options to choose from. I never get tired of the food- I eat here almost every week! My favourite items are the Zatar cheese, bbq cottage cheese and vegetables main course, olives and labhneh sandwich and mixed vegetables sandwich. The thoum that they serve on the side is absolutely yummy. All in all, a wonderful restaurant with a very unique cuisine. Good service, nice ambience too. Cheers to good food!


tessy - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 20,2012


Yum food, good service, great location!

Mouth watering lebanese food right by the bay! Lovely location especially on a full moon breezy night! Been here a couple of times, tried out their falafel, spinach fatayer (yum!!), beef shawarma and finally namoorah for dessert. Wish they would serve beer though.



yummy and unique food

finally a classy Lebanese resto fr te 1st time in chennai...loved te food..te falafel ws yummy...they serve it with taheena..n had te zaater cheese fatayer could feel te flavor f te frnd had te sausage pizza and went mad...finally they served this dessert called namoorah with ice cream and my frnd got smethin called mohallabia with nuts, ice cream n honey on top...jus brilliant....te combo is dirt mch to hog fr 350rs...i finish gym n go there all te time...



First and Finest Lebanese restaurant in Chennai.

AUTHENTIC Lebanese Cuisine - Yep, It is that damn good and authentic. By the bay has been creating a lot of buzz, ever since they opened, right at the beach. I've been here several times with family and friends. We've always tried something different everytime from their menu, and it has been nothing short of delicious. Chef is from Lebanon and is one of the most experienced in the business. Prices are right, and quantity is more than sufficient. The shawarmas and the sandwiches are good. Their main course list offers a lot of choices, and to single out one item, is not really justice to whats offered. The Fatayers and pizzas are always a big hit. Hummus and Baba ganouche does taste authentic to the core. And.. Oh Yeah, the Desserts. Just awesome. You gotta have the dessert. They offer signature lebanese items like Namoora, and mahalabia apart from other items. Their honey and cheese Fatayer, is out of this world. Try and it, you'll know, what I'm talking about. Their lunch combo at 350 bucks is an absolute steal. It gives you 3 or 4 options, and you can choose between sandwiches, fatayer or a soup, drink and dessert) and is sufficient for two people. So, go ahead and enjoy the food. I'm a person that values authentic food, and this place lives up to the bill. I won't be surprised one bit, if this restaurant becomes the next big thing in Chennai. Enjoy the food, and the beach!


kozbiz - Burrp User


2 Reviews

March 02,2012


Mediocre, Overpriced

The first thing that bothered me about By the Bay was the way their chairs seemed to be falling apart.
We started dinner with an order of Falafel (Rs.150) that was too salty with a really flavourless dip. Next we ordered the Olive Fatayer (Rs. 250). This was okay-tasting, but a bit one-note in flavour. However, it was not at all substantial and felt like another starter rather than a main course dish. We were left feeling hungry but decided to finish our dinner elsewhere rather than shell out another 200-250 rupees for another mediocre dish.

This place would not be so bad were it cheaper, but for the quality and quantity of food they give, their prices are not at all justified. if you want a view of the beach with good, reasonably priced food, there are plenty of other options in the vicinity.

The waiters could have been more attentive but the service was not bad overall.


mdevina - Burrp User


10 Reviews

February 21,2012


Great view, good food

The newly opened Lebanese restaurant on Besant Nagar beach is unique in a way - they claim their food is "not so authentically Lebanese". If that kind of honesty is impressive, what is even better is the open sea view from the end table. It is the perfect place to have an early light dinner while people-watching from above.

The food is good, but not purely Lebanese. The salads, especially the tabbouleh, are a far cry from the authentic versions. The kebabs and shawarmas are average, and not the best in the city. But the fatayers (a middle eastern version of the pizza), in Chennai for the first time, are truly mouth-watering. The halloumi cheese fatayer is a personal favourite. Avoid the paneer-based dishes and go for the kubus-hummus combo which, made fresh, is one of the best in the city. The beverage and dessert choices are limited, but adequate.

The food, of course, takes a back seat to the sea views and the sea breeze.


sirajahmed - Burrp User


4 Reviews

February 18,2012


Can Give a Try

Been there once but not impressed wit t fud neither it was bad.Can giv a try if u wanna try lebansese[as tey claim bt donno abt authenticty]. A month back their buffets prices were 250 but nw increased 100 rs.tats so bad