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> > > > Cafe Chokolade

Cafe Chokolade

T.NagarChennai    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS


7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Cafe Chokolade Reviews

Good joint!

I immediately noticed things about this place.
Seating arrangement was passable.
the place is air conditioned and pretty comfortable.
I loved the cold coffee shake here!
It is slowly drawing in the crowds to visit.
My friend had oreo shake and loved it.
Ambience - 2/5
Taste - 4/5
Options - 3/5



Pretty good

its a pretty small place , but the milkshakes are really good and really chocolaty and totally worth it !


Only for Chocolate lovers

When you have the word "Chocolate" in your name, that has got to be your USP and you have got to be pretty good at preparing chocolate based delicacies. 'Cafe Chokolade' (CC) doesn't disappoint in the chocolate department. Being an adventurous food lover, I wanted to try their offbeat products and chose to go with 'tender coconut ice cream'. I was a little bit thrown off, when I took the first bite, since it seemed like a half sorbet-half ice cream of unsweetened tender coconut. I was also quite surprised that they didn't have choice of toppings on offer. Next up was 'cheese chocolate sandwich', which was more homey. I could picture myself making and eating something like that at home, perhaps with Nutella and minus the cheese. No, I am not nitpicking. When people go to a shop to eat, they have the rights to fully expect a wow-dish that they cannot make at home and I certainly didn't feel that way about this one. I expected the cheese to be hot and molten, and salty that plays with the sweetness of the chocolate, however what I got was hot chocolate filled toast with cheese bits sprinkled on it. I also couldn't taste the cheese (bits, if you will). Next up was lacklustre 'chilli garlic potato pops', again with absolutely no garlic flavour, served with tomato ketchup.
I wasn't overly enthused by their other-than-chokolade offerings (Hey, if you have it on your menu, you've got to make good!) neither did I become a big yay-I-will-come-back-again fan of their chokolade dishes.

But, I think the place has a lot of potential to be become a pocket friendly, chocolate lovers' hangout. As for the other dishes, I think there is still a lot of room for improvement.

That brings us to the most important component of the experience of eating out - Service. I wish it was a little more professional. Please ask if your guests want tissues, extra spoons etc. These are the little things that will make someone want to come back again to your shop.

I may be going to this place again to try some of their other dishes like chocolate shots and peanut chokolade, but that would be more because of my curiosity and not the overall experience I had.



Chocolate Lovers' Paradise

Their thick shakes are a delicacy.. my personal favourite is the white chocolate shake. They have everything from Kitkat, Oreo, brownie shakes to dark chocolate and peanut chocolate shakes.

The ice creams - though they boast of unique flavours, they are grainy and not good so they can be skipped.

The cheese french fries, burgers are also surprisingly good. Moreover, this place is pretty light on the pocket, aside from being bang in the centre of all the action at T Nagar.. :)


Light on pocket

Been to this place couple of times..Good choice of Icecreams and milkshakes any yummy chokolades. It's light on your pocket.


Not happy with service and quality

Tried this place after hearing about it online, was a let down! Was greeted by the most unfriendly person at the counter! Ordered a white chocolate. Tasted like the milk was spoilt! Not sure I'd go back in a hurry!


N.Sanghvi - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 28,2011



Ever heard of something called as "Toooo Chocolaty"? No?? Then this is the place for you to go!!

Cafe Chokolade, is a delight for every Chocolate Lover :)) They have a wide variety of Yummilicious Thick Chocolate Shakes which ranges from White Chokolade to Brownie Chokolade and many others.

Mint Chokolade was the bestest amongst all and it felt like ur drinking the After 8 Chocolate :) Even the White Chokolade was nice but it felt like a mix of Vanilla Ice cream & White Chocolate. Brownie Chokolade had more of brownie pieces in the shake but it was nice :)) Also, they serve the Shakes with the Spoon, so by now i guess you have an idea about how their Thick Shakes are ;)

Their other varieties include shakes like Anjeer , Mango, Rose and so on. They also have Chocolate Shots (Yum!!!), Chocolate, Cheese Chocolate, Dryfruit & Hazelnut Sandwich's. Apart from this, they have a wide spread of Ice Creams with flavors like Malai, Tender Coconut, Gulkand, Kala Jamoon, Papaya Pineapple and others. Thought not tried these yet, sounds & looks delicious.

The rates are very moderate and looks like they are gonna have all ages of people walking it to try out their various menu.

They have opened up in TNagar, and are soon opening up in Egmore. :)

Worth many many more visits. :))