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> > > > Cafe Pascucci

Cafe Pascucci


  • 9840922895
  • 49, Whites Road., Royapettah, Chennai
  • Snacks

20 Reviews / 20 Ratings

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Cafe Pascucci Reviews

Good Place To Drop By For Peaceful Dining

We visited this cafe while at EA and we really liked the ambience and privacy.
The food was good and I specially liked the Barbeque Chicken (don't remember the exact name in the menu). The smoothies and pizza's were also great. Overall a nice place to dine in.



Visited this place a couple of years back after reserving four seats. Poor quality of food. The desserts were the worst. My 10 year old son could clearly identify that they were serving sunfeast pasta. The bill was a cool Rs 1500. I called up the owner and gave him a piece of my mind. He was apologetic and that is about it. I thought he might discount the bill for its poor food and service, no avail. Sometimes I am left wondering if these so called good reviews are really authentic. The ambience was dark with heavy music and a cricket match on a large screen. There was no peace or the experience of a family dining.



This new entrant in EA mall is worth a visit, but is mostly just average.
The place offers good comfortable seating options. The ambience is quite nice and colorful.
I personally feel, the Cafe is underrated and not many people know of it.
The major drawback is the prices, compared to a CCD, its quite expensive.
Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Like I said the cafe is tucked away, so you have some deserved privacy.
My recommendation? Go and try the chocolate drink, its heavenly !



A haven inside the busy mall

After a tiring day of walking around and shopping, I don't feel like going to the packed cafe thingies in the atrium of Express Avenue mall. So, often, I walk into this cute place tucked away in the corner. Out of sight and away from the madding crowd, I then happily tuck into one of their lovely hot or cold coffees, chomp on a pizza if I'm with a friend, have a tomato and chicken pasta if I don't feel like sharing. By the time I'm ready to leave, my feet are rested, my palate refreshed and my tummy full. My wallet is not that much lighter either.


Ila  - Burrp User


16 Reviews

January 01,2013


Love the place!

We stumbled upon this place in our quest to find some peaceful corner on a crowded weekend in Express Avenue. I get a feeling that frequent visitors of EA do not know of this place as it is tucked up suggly in a corner.

On our first visit ( first of many many more) all that we were looking for a quite cup of coffee. But what a coffee it turned out to be. The true kick of a coffee and not coffee flavoured milk that is often served in even the well known cafes.

I would go to the extent that their signature coffee is one of the best coffee i have had till now.

You would find lot of options in cold and hot coffee. What was surpriing to know that they do not put sugar in their coffees.

The place offers good comfortable seating options. the ambience is nice and colorful. This place is frequented by a lot of foreigners ( my observation).

The place offers you food options like pasta pizza, saladas soups and meal combos. The food is good but the quantity is not that great.

In terms of the price it is at par with cafes like Barista and CCD but the ambience and very comforatble and quite seating arrangement definitely makes it a value for the buck spent.


mbohidar9 - Burrp User


14 Reviews

November 15,2012


Nowhere as good as the one in B'lore..

I've been to Cafe Pascucci a couple of times and my experience has been really sad both times. The first time they didn't have the coffee I ordered, so instead of informing me about the same and asking me for an alternate, they just bought a random variety that I did not want. At first, they also insisted that was exactly what I had ordered for and only when I made them open the menu and check the ingredients did they agree that it wasn't the same. The food is absolutely overpriced and it's not even the tastiest fare in town. Wouldn't go back there again!


hkmurali - Burrp User


161 Reviews

November 10,2012


A definite place to avoid

I have written reviews before and tried again to see if anything has improved
and realized they dont take reviews or feedback seriously
They have lousy expensive and even lousier service .. and dont forget to take ur calculators when you go there
cos they usually bill you 3 times of what you ate.. unless u spot it, u will be taken for a ride..



Extremely bad service

Do not venture into this place.. A place where you'll be swindled of your money , with incorrect and deliberate wrong billing


Perfect place

Perfect place to spend time with your beloved after a stroll. Great service nice ambiance with great Italian food.


Thumbs Up to the Place

Well been there a few times now and not been disappointed so far. The beverages are really good. Also a nice comforting place to sit and relax. Some addons like wifi add to the likebility of the place


anoobhooti - Burrp User


7 Reviews

February 04,2012


good food

One day we went to Express Avenue mall.I think this is the the so far best mall in Chennai, with enough space and all brands and with pleasant interior.
Here while strolling we found this italian cafe..its on the back side of entrance.
We ordered tomato Bruchetta, one cappuccino and one was something fruits and cream, but tasted like icecream.
and all three items were delicious and very well served.And my son who is very fond of italian food and has eaten in best of Italian restaurants, said that they are good and ambiance is also nice and since it is in the back, its quiet, one doest have to sit in the noise and eat

Prices are moderate and ambiance is good. I liked the place and it is certainly worth a visit.I enjoyed both the things bruchetta and my dessert...I have never tasted something so good, like this, its cream but tastes like ice cream.



Keep up the good work

I regularly visit this place. I tried grilled chicken with mashed potatoes. It was bit expensive but the taste was awesome. Service is very good.and ambience is elegant.


rkarthik - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 26,2011


A place to relax...

Too a while to finally locate the place, away from the hustle and bustle of the mad crowd in the mall.. A neat and nice place to relax.. Combo offers worth the money... Muffins are really good.. the only disappointment - was served canned juice... when hoping for a glass of fresh juice...


A quality Italian joint!

We went there on a saturday evening to EA mall and had some trouble finding it tucked behind near the back entrance. The place was quite deserted as it was already 9.20 p.m. It has a very neat and classy feel inside. I had a veg cannelloni and my parents had meatball spaghetti. The price is very reasonable but the portions were very small. I had an ice cream for dessert which was quite good. Their dessert menu is quite extensive so next time prolly I should pop in just for that or maybe a pizza!



Very Italian ....good place to go !!!

Everything about this place is good....the location within the mall (its not part of the crowded food court), the menu, the ambiance, the food, the pricing and above all the overall experience.

Must go for anyone who appreciates Italian cuisine and is willing to pay a price for ambiance and high quality.


burper007 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

November 28,2010


very good

the thin crust wood fired pizzas are pretty good . they have combos for 180 , 250 and so on,
the combos are a steal . their sandwiches are also very good.
GO here to avoid the crazy crowd in the food court. The decor is also very good.
food 8/10
decor 8/10
service 7/10
VFM 8/10


sethufood - Burrp User


6 Reviews

November 19,2010



Cafe Frappe and Iced Chocolate were excellent. Great ambiance and good service. Bit expensive though.


roobaroo - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 15,2010


Highly recommend it!

Discovered this place actually in Bangalore one frantic night when I was looking for a place to grab a bite before catching my train.. The place looked frightfully expensive, but reluctantly landed there since I was in a hurry.. It turned out that I had a bruchetta, pasta and dessert(for which I had no space thanks to their generous helpings) for 150 Rs!! The outlet at Express avenue is equally good! Decent service, awesome food.. We had a caffe al latte and mocacino along with gnocchi, mushroom tops for abt 450.. the cold coffee was a tad too was very good..




2 Reviews

September 29,2010



we went there last weekend with family . my wife and kids.

we ordered a greek salad . a chicken bruscheta , a couple of pizzas chichen ham and qurtro stagioni . and spagetti bolognese.
the greek salad was good . the vegggies were fresh and nice ,the feta cheese used was good. the bruscheta was good also.
the pizzas here are thin crust wood fired pizzas. the base was nice , and so were the toppings.
my son ordered for a dessert i dont remember the name it had esspreso in it . it was so so.
all in all nice , nice decor nice food and good price


Ah la Italia!

My husband and I went to the newly opened Cafe Pascucci at Express Avenue yesterday and we were not disappointed. The ambience was inviting with plenty of space. One glance at the menu and my tastebuds were tingling! There are a variety of authentic Italian desserts, most of them having coffee or chocolate or both as the main ingredient. Main dishes include an array of pastas, pizzas and sandwiches. We went for the Seafood Pizza (topped with cheese,squids and prawns). Our request for an only prawn pizza was heeded to at once. The thin crust pizza was delicious and had eight large sizes, making us feel sated. The Confuso Scuro (dessert comprising of gold expresso, chocolate sauce, crunchers and dark confuso cream) was a bit too bitter for my liking, because of the overdose of expresso. All in all, it was a yummy experience without burning a hole in the pocket (as they charge only minimal VAT and no service tax). An ideal place to go to when hunger pangs strike!