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Cafe Tapas



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Cafe Tapas Reviews

Tasty but a lot to be concerned about.

Recently been there to try out their Macaroni Mania. First locating the place tediuos, make it double the pain, when you are searching for it in the summer afternoon. After 30 minutes of search reached the place. Found the place to very ambient and quiet. Tried their library not many books, but still can be used during the wait. The waiter offered me a glass of water, but never switched ON the A/C or fan(atleast). I have to ask him to turn it on. I ordered the Macaroni Mania and Choco Almond Coffee shake. Macaroni tasted good and shake was pathetic... The shake tasted like it was 'stirred, not shaked'... The worst feeling that prevents me from going there is that the food is 'pre-cooked and re-heated'... I dont prefer food in this way.

Overall, this is an average place, with average or below average food.... This doesn't go into my regulars list...


June 10, 2012response from management at Cafe Tapas:

Dear Phoenix Maddy,

We, at Cafe Tapas, thank you for having searched, located and visited Cafe Tapas and having taken the time out to write a review. We are pleased that your first burrp review is about us

We take all the reviews seriously and so though we were concerned about your review and the rating, we are glad that you have highlighted some of our pluses.You have a very nice word about our quiet ambience and our library of 35 books which most of our guests have enjoyed reading. In fact, some of the books have been donat

June 10, 2012response from management at Cafe Tapas:

Well that was fast response. About the shake, I am sure you got what I mentioned"stirred not shaken", It was not even close to being creamy.... Word about the fan, I took the menu from the counter and placed the order and I waited for quite sometime for fan to be turned ON, finally I have to request for the same.

About the book, I looked only one shelf, I could suggest some books, that involves history, pictorial encyclopedia(for the kids and some adults as well), etc...

Thanks again for the fast response.

Note : Th

June 11, 2012response from management at Cafe Tapas:

Thank you for the clarification. Points Taken and will definitely work on it.

As said earlier, hope this experience does not stop you from visiting us. Looking forward to hosting you and also your review.

Warm reagrds


If u can stomach spoiled food served with a smile!

I was pretty thrilled about finding this quiet, cozy place a coupla months ago and was a frequent visitor. They have comfy seating, a pleasant ambience and passable food; the draw for me being the small but very interesting collection of books in their library. I was enthusiastically recommending this place to friends looking for an inviting place away from the crowds to curl up with a book and some comfort food; left eating my words now! I was served thoroughly curdled milk in my passion fruit tea today; a good part of which I unsuspectingly drank as i was ordering it for the first time n wasn't sure how it was supposed to taste- I thought the huge lump of clabbered milk floating in my tea might be a muffin dunked in it or something(yes, feel stupid now!). When I pointed it out to the waiter and asked him what that was supposed to be, he didn't seem the least bit apologetic, just picked up my cup and vanished. When we went and asked what was wrong, he offered to replace the drink with another one (yeah, like I wanted more sour milk in my system, thank you very much!) , stil no apologies! When we refused, he actually had the gall to hand us a bill! I requested a feedback form and filled it out (to vent my outrage if not anything else!) n even that didn't get a peep out of the still smiling waiter!! I fail to comprehend how someone cannot notice a lump the size of a ping pong ball in a tea cup, thats not supposed to be there and still further, not think of apologizing for serving spoilt food to a customer!! I'm definitely not going back or recommending this place to anyone!! Feelin sick now!:(


April 1, 2012response from management at Cafe Tapas:

Dear Ms Sandya,

Read your review and am very concerned about your experience at Cafe Tapas today. Please accept our apologies for the incident that occurred today.

It is very concerning when any of our guests, let alone a regular and a brand ambassador, has a sub par experience. While we take steps to ensure that we provide our guests a great experience( as you pointed out), we have realised that despite our best efforts, accidents happen.

We will look into the matter and ensure that this never happens in the future.

VJ VJ - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 29,2012


Great place for a queit coffee with books

I love this place spend some time for yourself reading, coffee and tarts


Need to Improve a lot!

We dropped by to grab a quick bite of the Snapdeal voucher which includes unlimited sandwiches, burger, pasta, milk shake and coffee..

- Our bad luck may be, but no wheat based buns, breads were there..
- only one food item can be ordered unlimited but looks like 2 times is 'unlimited' for the staff..
- Pasta i.e; Macaroni was the most pathetic we have ever tasted in this area..pre made macaroni reheated and healthy is it for anyone, dunno..
- Paneer wrap was oily, with barely any filling inside, portion served wasn't good, but thank goodness it was made of whole wheat flour..
- Coffee cups and Milk Shake glasses have marks all over you don't even know where to hold them..presentation needs a loot of improvement..
- Staff is not interested in serving you, even if you may have gone there with a bunch of people, guess having a cordial attitude and listening to customer is the bare minimum we want to see..
- lack of coordination between the Snapdeal customer care and the cafe, so you may wanna call the cafe first about the menu items..
- staff
- All this happens when there is no rush in the afternoon!

Building an ambiance with books, bamboo, fishes, serenity, TV, no music(as many people wrote here), non working AC's is all okay but of what use if your main attraction food and drinks are pathetic..
you should see to it that at least people who have knowledge of food esp. cuisines most importantly look for these at a eating joint..

we hope things change for the better and we get some positive feedback..


September 9, 2011response from management at Cafe Tapas:

Dear dnv23

Let me thank you for having visited our cafe and for having taken time out to send us your feedback. We are concerned that your experience wasn't the usual Cafe Tapas Experience.
We at Cafe Tapas ensure that our guests enjoy and exprience our cafe as you can see from the feedback received. We have received high ratings for our service and ambience and are among the top rated cafes in burrp and timescity.

In the two years that we have been running the cafe, this is the first negative comment that we have receive

Yummy Tapas

It is said that praying and eating should be done in a calm and serene place, which is not the case today. At a time when temples and restaurants are filled with people, Cafe Tapas is the ideal place to munch in a leisurely manner with your family.

The other best thing is the friendly service rendered by Sudarsan and Pradeep.

One small drawback people find is the lack of parking space for four-wheelers.


Great Place!

Cafe Tapas is a great place to go with friend or even go alone and spend time. The ambience is good and the drinks are excellent. The price, very cheap. You can sit there and listen to soothing instrumental music, play a game of chess, test your mind with puzzles or read some books from the collection they've got. I make sure i go there atleast once a week and have my favorite macaroni. Just love everything you get there. And the best is the hospitality that you get there, very good. All the best to you.
Cheers. :)



CT Rocks! :)

The first thing that reminds me of Cafe Tapas is the service they offer with a topping of smile and warmth! :)
Been there twice so far and its a place where one can be with oneself. With a mini library of books to read and a splendid menu to choose from, what more can one ask. Be it in a group or all alone, CT is definitely up there on the list of places to be at.
Its been a great going guys...Brew on! :)


leoprabhu - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 20,2010


Good People

I was there on a Sunday evening with my friend and to my delight the place was not crowed, thanks to the interior location else its a challenge to find free space @ cafe. The best part of Cafe Tapas is the people ... I guess three of them were on the floor and they got this endless smile, down to earth attitude and humble approach. Food is worth the money and nice ambiance with good collection of books. However can work bit more on the interiors and wash room as well. And please serve water in glassware. Overall a great experience... Good going guys, Keep it up !

PS: Please correct the location on the map, it is incorrectly placed on the bypass road. I had bit of trouble to find the place.


shammeer - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 20,2010


Sudharsan,Pradeep,Jai,Promod are the best

There is a lot of connect in cafe tapas that works for me:) below is why cafe tapas work for me..

1.Primarily its the peace you buy.. there is no rush wattsoever..:)
2.People out there.. be it sudh.. pradeep. jai or promod.. you just feel home there:)
3.experimenting food.. there is no straightaway orders..:)
4.We had ranam sugam launch here.. and ranam sugam worked big time:)
5.On a random weekend.. one of us said.. its been long since we had been to cafe tapas:).. cafe tapas.. here we come:)


sush_abc - Burrp User


15 Reviews

October 20,2010


Awesome Place

Its right across the road from where I live : Thats the reason why i initially wanted to go to this place.. The reviews were good as well. I wasnt disappointed, the interiors are cool ..The books, though a bit outdated, are a nice and refreshing change .. they have some custom Handicrafts available for sale ..
Now about the food ..I love their nirvana@99 combo ..Its quite filling and yummy, Its a veggie place so Non Veggies might not enjoy it much ..I loved it though .. have been there twice already in the past week !
Service wise the people are very very courteous and always smiling,patient to our queries along with providing useful menu suggestions
Great place to unwind a book or simply their wifi !


cafe rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

dizz place s truelyyyy awesome...i luv d interrior it's simple nd classyyyy...each dish s unique vry wel flavoured nd i luv d way its been served....mi fav s always choco fantasy..i guess i tried all d dishes here nd i enjoyed it... i always leave d place wit smile on mi face :) :) d place s full of joy i luv it :)


After a tough week @ Work did some Tapas

Our grp of 8 actually planned to go to Brew Crew, but eventually they were closed for maintenance and we finally decided do some bowling and eat up at Cafe Q. Fate played a sweet turn as one of us had leave his car back home early, so ma buddy suggested lezzz just goto Cafe Tapas. Zoom did we go. Located in the interior constraints of a narrow passage tucked away from the traffic ridden Velachery main road, Café Tapas, was a refreshing experience.

And to me it didn’t make any difference but some of ma friends actually digged their face. Yup dis place is pure veggie for connoisseurs like me.

We were all eager to have some chat and eat chats, but eventually it turned out to be an all Italian affair. The waiter or d owner, was so courteous at will, he reminded me of few uncanny faces of Tamil movies. He was so down to earth and pleasant and very welcoming like the café itself. Adorned with bamboos and fans and nice comfy leather seats, the place is a bomb for anyone looking for a nice recluse after a tiresome day or let loose on a weekend, without having to bear the wrath of a costly menu and jarring noise. They don’t have both. The interiors are well done and is very cozy, and are not too hard hitting, and stands apart from pretty much places that say it on your face, this is a high funda place not for u middle class no gooders.

We ordered a couple of starters ranging from fries to potato balls(I hope that is what they called, was too excited with the amount v ordered and was just bothered munching into them). And there were pizzas and sandwiches all which were plenty and filling.

Coming back to chats, they didn’t have them and what made it nice where the admins actually were courteous to repeat that fact several times so that we didn’t have to dig our faces later.

And each item was very well done and tasted heavenly. The soup was more homely and tasted better that most veg restaurants. Though our only crib was one of the pizzas actually got burnt a lil. We didn’t make a fuss abt it but I see here on burrp that the management is quite watchful and is open to comments which in itself is a healthy trend, and that is why I do see myself surely visiting this place in future several times.

Hats off to u guys.

PS I don’t read books, and if u do, u have another reason to visit this place, they have a good collection. And if ur stomach isn’t rock solid and cant digest such tasty food as u ve been always on tachhu mammo don’t worry this place wont do u any harm and even if ur prone their rest rooms are well maintained and damn clean(mgmt can u pls arrange for a hand wash or a sanitizer, it was pretty weird, for such a well maintained place, such tiny details weren’t taken care off).

Overall this place is a must go and repeattttt on my agenda.


May 18, 2010response from management at Cafe Tapas:

Dear Technophile,
Thank you so much for visiting Cafe Tapas and sharing your experience on this forum. It is thrilling for us when our guests enjoy their experience at our cafe and are doubly thrilled when they let others know about it.

Your views encourage us to do better and make Cafe Tapas a great experience.

We do apologize for the pizza( have mentioned it to our team) and absence of the handwash - which was taken to be refilled and is now back in place.:)

We look forward to having the pleasure of hosting you

Excellent place

I have been here a couple of times. All in all its always been a fabulous experience. The decor is soothing, the food is great (this includes their coffees which are far better than the icky ones in barista and their short eats) and their service gives them the added advantage. One always finds smiling courteous help here, which is never intrusive. Once, when I did not like something I ordered, they were only too happy to change it for me. To that, add the small but intelligent book collection, accessories and best of all the free wifi, which for me makes this place perfect to catch up on work or on friends.


May 9, 2010response from management at Cafe Tapas:

Dear Maitreyi,
Thank you so much for visiting Cafe Tapas. We are glad that you enjoyed your experience here and appreciate your writing this review. You have so wonderfully highlighted all our key points.These words of encouragement go a long way :)Please feel free to get in touch with us at

Warm regards

tomchacks - Burrp User


6 Reviews

January 09,2010


A really cool, relaxed and hip atmosphere

The almond coffee milkshake was excellent, it went well with interiors which had a relaxed atmosphere with books and magazines to browse. It gives a feeling of European cafes where people just hang out or spend a day lazing.

The food was really good, mostly continental sandwishes, pastas etc

Would definitely recommend this for cool people.


January 9, 2010response from management at Cafe Tapas:

Dear Tomchacks,

We at Cafe Tapas thank you for visiting us. We are really thrilled that you enjoyed your visit to Cafe Tapas and appreciate you taking time out to let people know how much you liked our place. Its these words of encouragement that really help us. Please do visit again. You can also get in touch with us at
Warm regards


Offers could be better

Read about the unlimited sandwich offer in Burrp and wanted to try out (plus all good reviews). We visited last night daring the rain. Thankfully, it turned out to be a overall good experience.

The offer proclaimed to give unlimited sandwiches + signature side item for Rs.100/- per person. We went for it and found out it came with a number of conditions:
1) Only 3 types of sandwiches to choose from
2) You have to choose one and stick to it throughout. Then on, that particular type (cole slaw sandwich, in my case) ONLY will be served in unlimited quantities
3) Signature side item turned out to be regular french fries (not sure what's signature about french fries)
4) Side item will be given only with the 1st sandwich. Nothing from the 2nd.

Though these conditions were very difficult even to the point of being ridiculous, we managed somehow as each one of us ordered a different type (cole slaw & chaat). Despite these issues, I just loved those sandwiches. Tasted great. We also tried out caramel coffee and a lychee smoothie. Both were tasting great too and came for a very reasonable price. Very good value for money. Ambience is simple but superb and the staff was very polite and helpful.

Overall, I would like to go back and try out their other items but I request the management to structure the upcoming offers in a better way than this one.


December 17, 2009response from management at Cafe Tapas:

Dear Loguprakash,

First of all, we thank you for visiting Cafe Tapas and trying out our Sandwich offer.We really appreciate your feedback and are thrilled that you decided to share it will all.Thanks so much.

Though the title and first half of your review had us a little concerned, we were really happy to know that you enjoyed the sandwiches,drinks,service and the place. We were reassured when you said you will come back and try the other items. We will definitely work your feedback into our future offers.Its the feedback from

Sunil Inasu - Burrp User

Sunil Inasu

6 Reviews

December 07,2009


Great food and service

Ambience - ok. would prefer more comfy armchairs and bigger tables. Also a few regular tables and chairs would be good.

Food - Very good.

Service - Very good.

Nice place to unwind, prices are moderate and the food (and coffee) are very good.


December 7, 2009response from management at Cafe Tapas:

hi Sunilinasu,

Thank you so much for visiting Cafe Tapas and letting the others know about it. Glad that you like the food and service.Your review does go a long way in encouraging us.

Your feedback about the furniture is noted. :)The furniture that we have is in keeping with our concept of relaxation.

Please do pass the word around and also feel free to share your feedback with us.You can contact us at

Warm regards

soravjain - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 12,2009


Peaceful and Amazing Food

Cafe Tapas is a everyday hub for me to hog and spend some peaceful time from stressful busy hours. Here is my feedback & honest review on the cafetaria located peacefully amongst the busy surrounding..

Ambience: 3/5

Pros: Peaceful place, nice bamboo interiors, astounding statues and antiques, good collection of Diwali diyas & chocolates, CDs and books are really interesting feature - what more a book lover want, coffee with books? wow amazing combo! This place is almost as peaceful and beautiful as Oxford book store (& by the way thats my favorite destination)
Cons: sofa could have been better and comfortable, tables are small and makes the eating experience too clumsy, music is a turnoff, bamboo dust makes the experience unpleasant (at times). But, I feel thats the natural feature of a tapas kind of environment.

Food: 5/5

Pros: the only reason i hit this place is for the amazing food, cofee and smoothies. the 99 Nirvana combo (sizzling hot soup + triple layer sandwich & a awesome shake ) is complete value for money and 35 kids nirvana is stomach filling too (you get a chat + mini tasty shake). Well, on a very personal note the Dahi poori here beats Gangotri & Shree Mithai. Cheese Bondis is the unique selling proposition of this place. Wondering on how do I know so much about this place? lol as mentioned I am frequent (addicted) to Cafe Tapas's food.
Cons: I don't have anything to mention here. Its just PERFECT!

Customer Service: 4/5

I always enter in seeing smiling faces of the waiters & chefs. By the way, all of them wear Orange kurtas which suits the tapas ambience that makes one feel ancient. Water, Jaljira Paani with chats and the timely availability of the food on the table is well carried. The manager is always there at your table checking personally if everything is ok with you. Overall its nice service.
Cons: Hospitality & language could be the issue for many. But, if you understand the Cafe Tapas concept then you would appreciate the desi spirit.

Extra Features: 5/5

Pros: Wifi, books, magazines, puzzles, games, live sport on TV and the magic box is again the USP of the place. It keeps you entertained and extend your conversations beyond your usual ones :)
Cons: Fresh flowers need to be changed on daily basis near buddha statues and across the tables.


October 12, 2009response from management at Cafe Tapas:

Dear Souravjain,

Thanks so much for visiting us not once but many times. Your daily visits to Cafe Tapas are the best feedback that we can get. We really appreciate you sharing it on this forum-this is great encouragement for us and also helps in spreading the word around.We will do our best to remove all the 'cons' that you have mentioned and increase the 'pros'.

best regards

nikhil123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 12,2009


value for money

i have visited the cafe couple of times couple of things which are characterise the cafe is a lot of space/comfort. Seating is extremely confortable but the tables are really small and your order will never fit in.
The place looks attractive from the outside but interiors are rather dull.
Variety of food on offer is limited but good. Chat items are good...try out french fries aloo chat..really unique and tasty.
Overall it is as good as CCD much reasonable though....a must try if you are in velachery.


October 12, 2009response from management at Cafe Tapas:

Dear Nikhil123,

Thanks for visiting us and for your feedback- these go a long way in encouraging us. We will do our best to make this your favorite cafe ! Really appreciate the 'must try' rating:)

Warm Regards,


Good....better...can be best

So yeah i dropped into this newly opened eat out in velachery...err..hold on. This is getting very frequent now, velachery has atleast 5 outlets opening every month and tapas has opened a month[or was it two] ago.Did not have too many expectations while walked in,probably that helped me to walk out satisfied.

Firstly, Cafe Tapas has nothing to do with spanish cuisine. Probably the owners meant thapas, as in the sanskrit/hindi word for meditation.So don't expect spanish short eats and appetizers like in zara tapas..

So far i personally have felt coffee central to be the best coffee shop i had been to in chennai ..this competes with my personal choice, the reasons...

Pretty good. They have leathers sofas which are very comfy, unlike some coffee shops which have wooden chairs where we sit straight.Also the arrangements are like spaced out,not too cramped,so we can have our little chat without being heard. The tables are in perfect height.Great A.C and some cool bamboo decorations with artistic statues.
Cons - Wish the bamboo decoration was more encompassing,than in patches.Also it is evident they had redesigned a house,cud have done away with the lofts.The chat counter with steel table was an eye sore for the posh interiors.

Service. - Very warm and friendly. I was the only customer there, should try going in some peak hour to check it :-). Turnaround time was quick too.

Costs - They had a host of chaats, sandwiches and the normal coffee shop menu.I went for their nirvana combo which costed Rs.99.Ithas a soup/salad + sandwich/burger + milkshake. Was a real value for money. The chaats were in Rs.35-50 range and the pastries in Rs.30-50.

Food - Food was yummy and the corn-cheese sandwich i had ordered was really filling.The tomato soup was a bit bland though not the indian spicy one nor the chinese kinds.

Th palce has wi-fi connectivity too and some cool books and puzzles to spend time leisurely. The only thing they cud do is some more publicity.Never knew of this place so far adn their notice board kinds in the velachery main road either confuses the visitor of the route or is too unnoticebale.

On the whole a welcome new addition to ever growing eating out scene of velachery.


October 12, 2009response from management at Cafe Tapas:

Dear Nautankey,

Thank you for your visit and for your feedback. We are glad that you enjoyed Cafe Tapas.Personally have read your reviews and now to have you review Cafe Tapas is really exciting and encouraging. We will do our best to be the "best:)Am sure your review will help us getting known to more people.


jai  verma - Burrp User

jai verma

1 Reviews

October 10,2009


Good cafe

A cafe with a concept/theme - nirvana. Good ambiance, food, coffee and a friendly crew. One can come here to hang out, in search of some peaceful place to relax or work.
The phrase "a lot can happen over coffee" actually comes true here.
Kudos to the guys.


October 12, 2009response from management at Cafe Tapas:

Dear Jnaut,

Thank you so much for visiting us and for your feedback. It is really encouraging and we are thrilled that you enjoyed the place. We will do our best to make this your favorite cafe.