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> > > > Cake Walk

Cake Walk

Besant NagarChennai    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS


6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Cake Walk Reviews

Worst place in the wqorld

This is in regard to the nungambakkam store:
The worst staff I've ever met. I went in to get a couple of cakes for a couple of birthdays.
At first no one even came to attend to me, then finally one fat guy with glasses came over. I asked him why no one has bothered attending to me and he smiles and ignored my question.
Choosing to ignore this I went on to explain that I wanted a sugarfree cake. He said that it wasn't possible. So I asked hi what the least sweet cake he had was.
He looks at me up and down and tell me "madam, you can't understand? All cakes have equal sugar. No cake has less sugar"
Is he saying that all the cake recipes have the same amount of sugar? Or that a vanilla or strawberry cake are the same sweetness as a dark chocolate cake?
Then I explain that I didn't care about quantity of sugar and he repeats the same thing to me in a ruder and louder manner.
Never buy from here if you want to maintain your self respect. I walked out and went to french loaf where I got excellent service.


Amazing cheescakes

I went in because I loved the name :) The USP of Cake Walk is their desserts but I like the fact that they also stock garlic breads, chicken puffs etc. I've tasted their pastries and they are good - especially because they're dry at the bottom and not soaking like the ones in other bakeries. Their chocolate mousse is good but what takes the cake away (sorry for the pun, I really am) is their cheesecakes. DECADENT. Their blueberry cheescakes are good but the chocolate cheesecake is better. Quite rich too. As all good places are, this one's expensive too but I don't mind spending money on a good dessert once in a while. Their desserts are over by 7 so make sure you get in before that. All in all, a good place for cheesecakes and pastries.



black forest

tried d black forest here.! was tasty..but could hav made better.
btw triable..! dont go if you are with friends and want to hang out for some time. dont have too much place to sit. the employees gets restless there.


I like! :)

I absolutely love this place! Not only is the food good (if you're a pastry-lover, you'll have a tough time picking just one!), the interiors are done up well too. Surprisingly, the prices are reasonable and portions are satisfying. However, one thing that definitely hasn't changed over the years is the evident disinterest and lethargy of the staff.
But hey, a few long-faced counter staff can't overshadow mouthwatering gateaux right?


anunomics - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 26,2010



As you can make out from the header, I am not really too happy about this place, rather I feel let down. Like you feel when you dress up for a date, taking extra care to set your hair right & ensure that the make up is invisible but there, and your phone rings & its your date calling in to say.."Um..Im down with constipation, so we'll do this some other time!"
So there I was, at their doorstep, with an expectation of fulfillment, a vision of bliss and a general feeling of happiness all attributed to the Oreo cookie gateaux picture that I saw in the Cakewalk ad in the morning. I know I might sound a little theatric, but I do love my food, and when they have even a sniff of Oreo cookies, I go GA those were exactly my thoughts when I entered the anvils of Cake walk. I walked dreamily to the counter, undettered by the musty smell,the shabby counters, and the really bored looking staff. I had eyes for my OREO, and having spotted them, I barked my order, plonked on the chair and waited. The slice of cake arrived sitting desolately on a plastic plate. I broke myself on my reverie & stared hard at the piece..hmm this looked like a grainy shadow of the picture that was what?, I rationalised..the bite must be I dug my plastic spoon into it, and scooped a piece right into my mouth & instantly regretted..I regretted my gullibility, my innocence, my immaturity & my blind belief in the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)principle! The cake was putrid-like: the taste was absolutely hog wash- artificial, the consistency was like a badly set buttery mousse cake and the experience was entirely forgettable!
So I stepped out of Cake Walk, wisened & humbled. I sneaked a peak bck at the shop, looked up at the sky, and cosoled myself- All eez well Anu, All eez well!..
So until next time..


Dessert heaven!

My friends & I headed to Cake Walk for dessert after lunch at Tasty Jones.

Everything here looked tempting! We had the chocolate mousse, the mocha choco delight, the strawberry delight & banana muffins. The chocolate mousse was good but a little too sweet. The mocha choco delight was great, the cream was nice & light. The strawberry delight tasted very ordinary. The banana muffin served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream was heavenly! The warm banana muffin tasted so good, I'm def''lly going there again for it :)

I like Cake Walk. There is variety, I'd like to taste the sandwiches & burgers here someday. Ambience is nice & laid back & everything is reasonably priced too. What more could you ask for?