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Cake Walk

EgmoreChennai    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS


5 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Cake Walk Reviews





Mosty Old Stock, watch out

watch out for old stock, purchased muffins and realised all had fungus, and they do not write manufacturing date on the boxes, asked the manager where is the date and shelf life, he said they have written inside the box, which they had written some random number which doesn't specify anything.Its just old stock most of the time


good cakes, bad staff

Dropping in to pick up a cake for my mother's birthday I encountered among the rudest service I have ever received. All we asked for was a 1 kg chocolate cake. we had to listen to a tirade of how we should have pre ordered and not turned up now to pick up a cake. This then turned to indifference and he showed no interest in taking our order. This attitude really irritated me and we left. Across the road, we got so much better service at Hot Breads, where they made a lovely mixed fruit cake within 10 minutes and with NO fuss whatsoever. This happened a year ago and I have not been to cake walk since, even though we used to get all cakes from there before. great cakes is no excuse for horrible service.



Birthday cakes! \m/

I once dropped by here along with my dad for my brother's birthday for a cake and guess what? We were so happy with their service and pricing we got another small cake. Their black forest pastry is something not worth missing. And, if you are having a dear one's birthday anytime soon, make sure you get the cake from Cake Walk! :)



Bad staff, bad pastries

The first time I went to this Cake Walk branch, I ended up having a fight with the staff because they had served extremely dry and crumbly (read stale) brownie. Not only did they say that "this is how brownies are supposed to taste" (pish! to that), they were extremely rude and annoying. The second time we stepped into this branch (I never learn), we actually saw a rat running from one end of the shop to another, finally coming to rest under the sofa. To my chagrin, when I mentioned this to the waiter when he came to the table, he just gave a foolish grin and walked away. Now, unless the rat and the waiter were great chums who've known each other since their childhood days, I have no idea what he thought was so amusing. Also, their Oreo Cheesecake takes like it has doodh pedha in it.




This place is easy on the pocket but their pastries are average at its best.Tiramisu sucked so bad.It was kinda bitter.It was no where near the amazing Tiramisus i had at Ecstasy (Satyam cinemas).Fruit trifle was good.Chicken burger was alright.