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> > > > Cakes 'N' Bakes

Cakes 'N' Bakes


  • 04428277075, 04428205554
  • No. 70, Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
  • Cakes, Confectionery

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Cakes 'N' Bakes Reviews


horrible place

i have been to this place and it's a shit place to dog died the next day after i gave their black forest cake



A pioneer of sorts gone downhill

I remember eating burgers for the fist time in my life at Cakes 'n' Bakes, Nungambakkam, back in the 1980s.

I THINK Cakes 'n' Bakes was the first eatery other than the 5-star hotels, to serve western fast food in Chennai, though bakeries like McRennet have been around much longer.

While the place USED to be good, it has deteriorated over the years. Service has gone downhill, and further, a unique, pungent mustard sauce that I liked a lot seems to be no longer available.

And lest I forget, the OWNERS, ESPECIALLY the woman, is a BIG SNOB, though her husband is friendlier.



Typical local bakery, dirty, unkempt, careless mindless service, and overpriced for all this offerings. A 20 bux ice tea wud b bigger even in a place like 'sathyam' , the panneer cutlet is nothing great, the veg roll is exactly what you get in every other bakery you can find on the road. Only extra thing is they prepare eggs and some more items on request which i didnt want to try sitting inside a mess. I was just waiting to get out.

Dont get fooled by the pictures and the popularity of the place.. expect cold attitude from the staff, like they are running a place for charity and ur eating for free, but pay double of wat u wud in other places.

PS: There is McRennet down the road.



Ice tea

Ice tea is too good..But it tastes like mint drink..But we like it very much!!!


Paneer Cutlet

Paneer cutlet is one of the delicious item u can get from here. Too ice tea will be advisable for health conscious persons.