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Cedars Reviews

yajul - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 30,2011


Please update

We were really looking forward to having brunch there after the positive reviews but unfortunately never found it! Both 29 Gandhi Mandapam and Wallace Gardens 2nd street addresses are inexistent.
Please update!!!


Suseela MJ  - Burrp User

Suseela MJ

25 Reviews

February 21,2010


Go with an empty stomach & your eating pants!!!

The Sunday brunch buffet at Cedars is from 10am to 3pm. I highly recommend going with an empty stomach and room to spare as there is a lot to try! The wait staff were very helpful in recommending how to go about the meal, explaining the menu and giving suggestions on how to start your dining experience. There is a serve-yourself buffet area, as well as a selection of hot items that are served to you at the table.

The Buffet Menu consists of-
1. Juice of the day (today-grape)
2. Iced Tea

Cold Items:
1. Mezze - various types of spreads for the pita bread which was served hot and fresh at the table.
2. Salad

Continental Items:
1. Croissants
2. Muffins
3. Toast
4. Honey, Strawberry Jam & Butter

1. Spanish Roast Potatoes
2. Fusilli Pasta
3. Sliced Potato and Onion Lasagna
4. Herb Rice
5. Calamari Fritters
6. Chicken
7. Beef Stroganoff

1. Carrot Cake
2. Tart
3. Orange and Cognac Souffle
4. Mixed Fruit Salad
5. Ice Cream of the Day + toppings

Hot Items Served at the Table:
1. Pancake
2. French Toast
3. Waffle
4. Chicken Shawarma
5. Veg. Falafel
6. Pizza (Choose your own toppings from the menu)
7. Eggs (Fried, Scrambled or Omelet - choose from menu)
8. Coffee or Tea

For Adults it is Rs. 450 + tax and Kids under Rs.300 + tax.
A meal for 2 comes to about Rs. 1000.

It is defiantly a filling meal and I suggest sample a little of each. As all bread, pasta and rice based foods, it tends to be very heavy! A decent selection of both veg and non-veg options. Overall the food was excellent, but with the amount of food there is to try, the hot items that were brought to the table came a bit too quickly for us to eat so a few items might have gotten cooled down by the time we got around to eating them. There were a few items I wasn't too fond of such as the veg. falafel-it had too much mint and radish for my taste. The Eggs were also not very out of the ordinary so that can be given a miss. The Calamari Fritters were also not very fresh tasting and were a bit rubbery. The Croissants were a bit hard. On the flip side, the sliced potato & onion lasagna; chicken shawarma; mezze items & pita; pancake & waffle were quite excellent! Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to the desserts... Overall dining experience was great, the staff was friendly, the ambiance was nice, the music not to loud as to disturb conversation and not too soft to be missed altogether, and the cooling was perfect. A definite must try place for the Sunday brunch buffet as well as a la carte on any other day!



A Very Merry Christmas Eve Dinner!

I went to Cedars without knowing anything about it really, except for hearing that it has an excellent Sunday brunch! I have yet to make it there for said brunch, but in the meantime... ...'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!!!... Eek! We were the only ones there!!! They had a beautifully decorated tree in the main entrance. Inside there are rustic yellow walls with brightly colored decorations and vintage black and white photographs of Lebanese people and life adorning the walls. The tables and chairs were a nice complement and gave a very homely effect. The staff were exceptionally pleasant and friendly (especially considering it was after 9pm on Christmas eve and they were still working!!!). All my bad feelings about being the only ones there quickly disappeared when we got our appetizers which consisted of a sample platter of 8 or so different dips along with Lebanese bread, which was served hot and fresh right out of the oven!! Our waiter (Gabriel--ask for him!) promptly explained what each dip is, what it is made out of, and gave tips on how to eat them! We also had a lovely fattoush (salad) and 3 different main courses: a pomfret, a chicken kebab with bread and veggies, as well as a pizza with spinach, chicken and feta cheese--all absolutely delicious! Even though the portions look small, don't be fooled--it packs a big punch! Sadly we couldn't make it to dessert--too time for sure, as well as the brunch! Overall, the ambiance was nice, the music lovely, the staff were exceptional, the food even more! A MUST TRY!!! ...He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle, and away they all flew like the down of a thistle. But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight, "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night." :)


Good taste of Mediterranean food

I had visited this cedars for the 1st time after they moved to nungambakkam along witha few friends from Bangalore. I did not go with very high expectations but i was surprised by cedars. Read on.

The new cedars is a house in wallace garden, the ambiance of the place in neither great nor bad. They have kept it simple maybe too simple. It has 2 halls and seating capacity of 40-50 people. I liked the ambiance better in their kottupuram branch. Now on to the Goo Food part

We were served with toasted pita bread with hot sauce which was just so so. For starters we had Beef hummus with pita bread which was good. Our main course was Chicken shawarma, chicken shousk and Mediterranean beef steak.

All 3 dishes were good, the steak could have been better but Chicken shousk and shawarma was really tasty. The good part about their food is that it is not oily or fried. You dont feel heavy after having food @ cedars as most of their dishes are grilled or roasted.

The service of cedars was outstanding. The Steward was a really good person and made good recommendations for our main course. Even though the place is expensive i would say its worth the money as you get to have food which tasty and spend good time with your companions.

Next should try their Sunday brunch


Authentic middle east cuisine HUH!!!!

Went in yesterday based on the reviews given below.
House converted to a restaurant. The ambience is old and withering, not enough lightening or AC. The door to the toilet neither had a push nor pull sign and most people ended up doing the opposite, creating a ruckus.

Readers I dont remember much of the fancy names, nor do I care to, so pls excuse me.
Average; The pita bread was complementary, just plain hard. Perhaps to do with the middle east bedouin's diet where things come by pretty hard, food was scarce, reflecting the poverty of those times. It has come to be a fancy dish now.

Bad: The salad was nothing more than what can be made at home except for a middleeast name to it. Costing 100 something. Nor were the veggies exotic.

Worse: The appetizer of cottage cheese with dryfruits which I thought would be filling was exactly five pieces, each piece the size of my index finger costing 100 something.

Worst of all; The main course of Italian risotto. Ordered a rice dish thinking it might be a huge bowlful as in Wangs kitchen or the Flower drum, can be shared between a group and there is enough leftover to be packed home. What I got was a little bit of tomato chutney, a small cup of rice and a couple of soup sticks. I had been there with my wife and kid.

Forget satiating my hunger, it couldnt satiate a toddler;s hunger. When asked as to why the potions were so niggardly, i was told that it was for just one person. Fine even by a one person standard it was just a morsel and costing 250. Ridiculous. Even fivestars dont do this kind of a joke.

I decided not order any desserts nor tip these morons.

Had to go onto the Burger man near the Pizza corner and ordered two veg burgers and two milkshakes nearby.

Fancy dining is a combination of ambience, portions and reasonable costs.

The biggest joke is that they have a whole lot of customers waitlisted in the lounge to taste their "AUTHENTIC MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE" and a whole lot of muslims to have a taste of their persian nativity twice removed!!!!.

Add to it a few paintings of the mideast villages; looked more like from the Gaza and Ramleh with mideast music playing behind.

The waiters dont care to clear the plate once a dish is over, just like in a local cheapside restaurant you have to eat in the same plate dish after dish. They dont serve you unless you tell them to do so.

Remembered with fond nostalgia the food at JC cafe, Sparkys, Wangs, Galloping gooseberries. Sparkys was where you just cannot order a three course dinner even on a sharing basis, the portions are so huge. We had to order the pasta boxed home.

Here a three course meal aint enough to satiate a newborn let alone grown ups

Their fifedom has made a saint out of the Don Pepe's which I rate as the worst.


A nice way to start your Sunday

After being recommended by quite a few people, we visited this place for their very famous Sunday brunch (open from 10 to 3). We went around 11.30 in the morning. The place was absolutely empty although people had started to come in by the time we left. Would only be able to review the vegetarian menu as that's what we tried.

We ordered the brunch (nothing else is allowed on a Sunday). It consisted of around 7-8 appetizers served on the table, viz.,
1. Pancakes - not great but not bad either. Soft and freshly made, thou the syrup wasn’t too thick
2. French toast - It was just how French toast should be. Fresh again
3. Waffles - I liked these. Right amount of softness and crisp. Although the flavor of eggs was too noticeable, but it was yummy.
4. Pita bread - was having it for the first time in my life so can’t really comment but it was good.
5. Pizza - Sore part in the appetizers. It looked good but sadly tasted very bad. There was no salt or any spices that I could taste
6. Falafel - Again very authentic. Although the patty inside could have been softer, the whole thing tasted very good
7. Choice of eggs - My husband ordered a regular omlette without cheese, which tasted "ok" as per him
8. There was choice for Watermelon juice and Ice tea for the drinks. I took the iced tea which was practically tasteless and in a very small glass.

The variety in salads was healthy, esp. in veg. There was a mix veg salad (fresh, crunchy and tasty), a potato salad in a cheesy tangy cream sauce, cold gravy of beans in tomato sauce - very interesting and yum. There was one non veg salad also. There was hummus and another very tasty and interesting dip of hung curd, cucumber and mint. Definitely recommended to taste. Bread, croissants (soft and aromatic) and Danish pastry were also available

The main course consisted of 8 dishes - 5 veg and 3 non veg. There was
1. Sambousik Jabne - lots of cheese and fried but not bad to taste at all
2. Penne arabiatta - very regular
3. Veg au Gratin - was looking too fatty to even try
4. Khoddar bil Laban - it was veggies in a curd and cheese sauce. Different and authentic, it was a very interesting taste, although was not visually appealing at all.
5. Herb rice - was looking like the regular steamed rice with small leaves here and there, but I was too full to try rice.

The desserts had 2 choices of ice cream, fresh cut fruits and blueberry cheese cake. The Lebanese dessert was Puddin de Aroz, which was more or less like our Indian kheer frozen, only without the taste. The blueberry cheese cake was soft and melting, the icing though was a little grainy and buttery. They serve tea/coffee in the end (do try the coffee). The food overall was good and definitely tasty. There was a lot written about Lebanese food being bland which I don’t seem to agree with. Except the pizza and the pudding, everything had a definite definable taste, and most dishes were actually tasty. Also there’s quite a choice for the calorie conscious, although then it would not feel worth the price

The waiters were efficient and polite. They replaced our pita bread as we hadn’t had it a while and thought they’ll bring us fresh ones. Nothing to complain about the service.

The ambience is also mentionable. It’s a bungalow turned into a restaurant and has that old world charm to it. With a continental feel, it’s clean and bright with large windows. They could put more lights in the buffet area, which is in a lobby with a staircase that enhances the homely feeling of the place.

Now the price. It’s a little towards the expensive side. It cost 420/- inclusive of taxes per person. The same thing used to cost 275/- per person less than 2 yrs ago. So the rise has been quite steep. At that price, it would have been so much worth it. At this price, it crosses the line a bit.

Overall, definitely recommended for the Sunday Brunch...


Mediterranean food at its best!

The best place for all Lebanese food lovers. On a personal note, the names might be a little weird but they are all worth trying. Always ask the waiters to give suggestions the first time. Their Spanish potatoes served with sour cream are out of the world. The platter is something that u have to try. The dips are jus amazing and you get the world's softest peta bread there. The portions are very small though. Their pizzas are just amazing with a very innovative variety of toppings and the pizza bread is very fresh. Their risotto is something that you will kill for and their ratatouille is made to perfection with the right amount of parmesan reggiano. The chicken shawarma is top notch. They have a number of interesting mocktails. The place is a little expensive but totally worth it. They are very popular for their wide spread Sunday brunch. Its a mix of continental, American and Lebanese food. Its a must try. The deserts are a great so don't miss the biscotti covered with chocolate sauce served with strawberry syrup.


A Connoisseur's Treat

A sunday brunch buffet.. sounds interesting for we dont get to hear the word 'brunch' in most chennai restaurants. Supposedly the place is meant for mediterranean food, I should say it was a mix of continental, Italian, american breakfast, pizza and mediterranean varieties ofcourse.

The ambiance is like a cozy fine dining breakfast house. The food for a change was nothin Indianised. Man, whata relief from all the places who tag 'international' cuisine but Indianise it. I was almost hoping to see panneer falafel, but this chef seems to know what he's doing.

The food tastes how it should, thats bland. The made-to-order egg is great, i was suggested the Ejjah Bil Jebn omelette which is filled with feta cheese and was perfectly made as in any American restaurant. The mushroom fritters were amazing, i ate it tho i hate mushroom. The pasta was so soft and creamy. The wheat bread with apricot jam was a good start. There was pita with hummus and a white chutney, which was the best. The nuts rice was ok, so was the Russian salad.

When you go back to your table, you've got a surprise there already, french toasts and the waffles - not bad, the pancakes - yummy maple-syrup dripping and falafel stuffed wrap - authentic. I didnt try the other salads, chocolate doughnut, croissant, etc. Too many choices though it doesnt look so at first sight. I guess you can even order pizza choosing your own toppings.

Now for the desserts, the tart, its the best i've ever had. There is chocolate mousse, icecream of the day and fruit salad. Not much of choice here. To drink there is ice tea and fruit juice. I have two complaints, one the juice glass is too small and two is the price of the buffet being 420 including tax. I guess the pricing helps attract the right crowd. Service is good too, considering its a buffet.