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> > > > Cilantro, Le Royal Meridien Hotel

Cilantro, Le Royal Meridien Hotel

St. Thomos Mount HOChennai  

  • 22314343
  • Le Royal Meridien, Le Royal Meridien Hotel, 1 GST Road, St. Thomos Mount HO, Chennai
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 3000

3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Cilantro, Le Royal Meridien Hotel Reviews

Out of words.

My wife n I had visited this place for the Sunday Brunch this afternoon. I was shocked to read the previous 2 reviews. Probably, Cilantro has improved over the years. Honestly, Cilantro was one of the best lunch buffets we've been to. They charge 1100 for a non- alcoholic buffet and it's completely worth it.The staff were really really hospitable. The chinese guy at the live station was the best.! He was so lively and kept us all entertained with his witty ideas. The spread was brilliant and the atmosphere was lively.
You would need more than 2 hours to enjoy this buffet thoroughly. The soup was mildly spiced and gave a rather pleasant start to the buffet. The starters were yummy, Bread was freshly baked and the main course covered all cuisines. Cilantro is sure a multi cuisine restaurant. The only let down was the paneer sabji and the onion rings. My wife is vegetarian and i'm non-vegetarian. Cilantro is probably one of the very few places which offers an equal share of both veg and non-veg. The ambience is also very bright. We picked a table overlooking the pool and we could spot a million pigeons flying around. The dessert spread was the best of all. Starting from freshly made nutty chocolates, fruits coated with chocolate, rasamalai, carrot halwa and a wide ranges of pastries and ice creams to choose from. Cilantro is undoubtedly a place to try . My wife n I , being big foodies will surely suggest cilantro as the top option for a lazy sunday brunch.! Make sure that your stomachs are empty cuz there's a LOT to eat.!!
We're planning to start a food blog soon and we require all your support in doing so. Hoping to see you all there. Happy eating!



A 5 star hotel's restaurant???? Really?????

Oh Come on! They charge around 1100 per head exclusive of taxes and is it this kind of food???? Terribly disappointed with the food. Starters and soup were cold, pizza was laden only with mushrooms and no other vegetable, paneer was rubbery and I don't even want to mention their channa curry! They took ages to replace the biryani. Not a single item on the menu was to my expectation.
A terrible let down!


Not meeting expectation!

At a 5-star hotel's restaurant (in a metro like Chennai) one would expect if they order some italian it will really close to authentic. But quite contrary to that the italian at Cilantro was very very poorly made. I would rate Pizza Hut's pasta atleast 3 times over Cilantro's!! And we have not even talked about the price!!