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Coffee World

AlwarpetChennai    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS


20 Reviews / 21 Ratings

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Coffee World Reviews





Coffee, waffles and good conversations

I have had many meetings at Coffee world, but what i distinctly remember is my 1st ever visit to a Coffee world. It was in bangalore, in Mota Royal Arcade in Brigade road. The place was in the basement, swanky and chic. And then when they came to chennai my joy knew no bounds..

I began frequenting this place for meetings with clients, with friends or generally to hang out between work. Infact I love this place so much that I have taken my family here as well. Plus this was also where i fell in love with waffles. They serve waffles with either strawberry preserve or maple sauce. I always chose strawberry and there have been days when I have enjoyed a good book and waffle on my own. Their sandwiches, brownies and coffee is also good. I recall enjoying their chai, that is served in a pot and is good enough for 2 ppl.

They have internet, give you a card and you pay a certain amount to get it activated. I remember using it but it was not so fast.It has been a while, time to revisit.


Decent Place

This is one of the places that offer us great coffees with whipped creams . They also offer us great sandwiches and they are a treat to our taste buds . The ambiance is great out there and the service is astounding too . I had been there only once but the quality and service made a good impact on me . Looking forward to hanging out in that place . It is a great place for meet ups and farewells . The prices are moderate too and they also provide us with parking space .



Hog The Shakes

The place has a decent ambiance and good food. The service is slow but a nice place to catch up with your friends. I personally didn't like the hot beverages. The cold coffees and the shakes are the best.

The place has WiFi too.

On the whole, for 150 bucks one can have a decent meal and an awesome time!


Regular Spot

This has been one of our favorite meeting spots. Just love their waffles which come with Ice cream. The Sandwiches are average but I would just keep going back for their waffles and also not forgetting for their Frappes.



A favourite meeting place

Coffee world is a really nicely done coffee/dessert place in Alwarpet
its located in a nice central location and got some decent space for parking
Menu is strictly limited to some chats, coffees, burgers and desserts, fruit juices
Service level is decent and non intrusive
Its got a big seating area for large groups and definitely a fantastic place to catch up friends over a weekend
its always a favourite of mine and frequent it quite often
Hope they retain their service, food quality as always..


Liked it

Have been there loads of times and have been fiarly satisfied.
Located in pizza corner complex, it's a gppd coffee shop.
As it's C P Ramaswamy Road, parking only for max 3 cars.
Items to note: CAPPUCINO
HOT CHOCOLATE and sandwiches.
The comfortable ambiance is a plus but they can improve on service.
Their well designed menu offers a good selection of eats like waffeles and sandwiches.



Average pricing

The prices are decent and the ambience is sexy!

The quality of the coffee is really good and the variety offered is splendid. Free wifi is an added bonus in this place and the coffee desserts are must tries.

The Strawberry crush is my personal favourite!



Slow Service, great Coffee

This is a coffee shop to be, if you wanna just relax and not be bogged by the waiters at all. The cappucino here is to die for, probabaly one of the best i've had in any other coffee shops. Also, a must try is the Hot Choclate, really creamy and fills you up. The coleslaw sandwich is yummy too. You will love this place if you dont mind the slow service. Free wifi and a good ambience does the trick for me. Overall a 3/5, go there when you have all the time in the world




Despite asking them for what their best coffees are and ordering the same, I found their coffee to be terrible. A nice relaxing ambience spoilt by some terrible coffee. Disappointing, really, considering how I was pretty excited going there after reading so many good reviews of the place. Never order the cold cappucino or the hazelnut cold coffee! Even the Cafe latte was horrible.Only the filter kaapi was bearable. But I'd rather pick that up from Kaapi Cheenu a few blocks away, in front of Nilgiris.



Nice Hangout !

Good place for coffee !


Un-Coffee for me

This is one place I have frequented much more than any other Coffee house in the city, partially because of the proximity to where I live, and partially because of their sandwiches and waffles. I've seen Coffee World grow as a hangout spot, and having gone there umpteen number of times myself, I never understood why this place became so popular.

For one, the service is the worst I can imagine. It's all good if you aren't ordering anything, but when you DO want to order, nobody comes to even give you the menu! When you actually manage to get the server's attention and place the order, they take 20 minutes to bring in a coffee and a sandwich even if you are the only people in there.

Secondly, I have resolved never to have any sort of coffee at Coffee world. I'd rather they change the name to Sandwich world, because honestly, that is what they are good at making. Their coffees are either watery and loaded with ice, or watery and topped with the same boring whipped cream. Most of their cold coffees taste exactly the same and are either too sweet or utterly bitter.

The layout and furniture isn't too good either. Their straight back sofas and no cushion rule may be good for my vertebrae, but it doesn't give that Sink-in-to-the-couch-and-relax feel. The tables are placed too close to each other, and in the vening on any day it's almost next ot impossible to get a decent seat in there.

What makes me go back there, again and again then, you ask? The Sandwiches and Waffles. The sandwiches-and believe me I've tried every one of them- are freshly made, with good veggies/meat and healthy crunchy flavour. Grilled to perfection in the choice of your bread, these club sandwiches, served with crisps and ketchup make for a good meal even. The waffles, I love. I'm not an expert on waffles, but I love the strawberry preserve they serve with the waffles, and thoroughly enjoy them every single time.

Yes, as you may have guessed by now, this place is overpriced and off the average student budget but, there is something about coffee world that each person finds amidst the crappy service and terrible food that draws a humongous crowd there over and over again.

Or is it just a lack of good coffee places in this city?



very nice ambience

I visited the place on 24th oct sunday around 11.30am. Though i had seen this place many times whenever i passed by this was my first visit. I was pleasantly surprised by the seating arrangements and ambiance. It had an international feel. I waited for my friend to join me and i sat for almost 45mins without any nagging by the staff. It was the 1st time no one kept breathing down your neck to order something. Full 10marks to the management and staff to give the customers total freedom in relaxing at such a nice place. I had ordered a coffee without milk and i wanted it to be changed which they readily agreed (another big surprise).

If the staff can reduce the noise while they handle the cutlery it will be more pleasant.I have given 4 out of 5 cos of that noise

Overall i would recommend this place to anyone who wants to meet and talk over a cup of coffee for hourssssss.



nice place . ok food

i like the kind of setting of the store . it gives u intenational feel.
whenever i pass ttk road i am tempted to drop by at the store
the food and drinks are not bad but nothing great or different .


Refreshingly Different

Seeing some good reviews and a friend suggesting this was a great place, I visited this place and I must agree the menu was extensive.

From Hot coffees to floats and ice blends everything seemed delicious.

I tried the Belgian Cold Coffee and was great.
The waffles with ice cream and the sandwiches fill ur stmoach for a light evening snack.




Super place

Bit surprised that i haven't posted a review for this Super cool Coffee place...

Fell in love the moment i stepped in... a nice place tucked into the heart of the city.. Be it catching up with friends or for some good old conversations or even a meeting, this is the place.

Lovely Coffee and the sandwiches are Yummy! :p

The waiters are also a bunch of goody goody fellas... Fast and always maintaining eye contact with the customers and very friendly.

Best thing, you can even sit there doing nothing without having to worry about being kicked out ;)

5/5 for sure :)


Tulip - Burrp User


8 Reviews

September 21,2009


Super coffee joint

Very good place to hang-out with you pals, meet up with colleagues over a snack or like we do, catch-up on conversation with your spouse !

They have a good selection of eats (waffeles, sandwiches, pastries) and drinks (hot,cold,shakes,floats,).

I like that they offer a selection of bread -white and brown for the sandwiches . Their portions are also generous.

My husband , a coffee addict swears by their Cafe Au Lait and I tried the Choco Frappe - sinfully delightful !

And to top it, quick service, friendly staff and reasonable prices.

Its become a regular hang-out for us.



My Second home!

Coffee World definitely is my second home!!!

The ambience does it all...

This place is not only the best for hanging out with a group of friends to have some good time, but the peaceful ambience definitely allows you to settle there alone with a favourite book of yours..

I love thier healthy summer veggie sandwich when complemented with a 'madras filter kappi' or an 'iced latte'.

The waiters there are a young energetic group of guys who are extremely warm and capable enough to manage large crowds with thier smile not fading away anytime.

Food is reasonably priced and definitely not a pinch to the pocket..

Definitely one of the best hangout spots in Chennai!!!


Good ol' place

A very peaceful joint serving yummy HUGE sized grilled sandwiches in an extensive menu serving a great variety of beverages too. The earl ice tea and hazelnut tea is a must-try here.

The ambiance is simple and friendly, so are the waiters. The turn around time is almost perfect for such a cafe. You' ll definitely need to keep going back to the place to try out their varieties... well the place is more than just a cafe, for people with a moderate appetite it can b a lunch per se.


Wait for coffee!

I had gone there to meet a friend and we had asked for latte and cold coffee, though the stuff was good esp the sandwich they made us wait for a very long time. Everyone seemed to get their orders ina delayed fashion. Go there if you have all the time in the world!


Good one

Coffee World is a decent place, if you are going with a Gang then this will be one good option.
Nice food, nice service.

Compared to CCD its pretty cheap