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> > > > Dakshin Spice

Dakshin Spice


  • 04424312511, 04424312611
  • No 21/45, K B Dasan Road, Alwarpet, Chennai
  • Andhra
  • Meal for 2 - 500

4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Dakshin Spice Reviews


Good Enough!!!!

Did u know, this place was opened by Mr Venkaiah Naidu some time back which I distinctly remember seeing in the newspaper. It appears like a house which is converted into a restaurant. It has homely interiors and the seating is also good. But it sure has some parking issues which seems a bit crowded. As it was a weekend, by the time we arrived, the restaurant was so full and the in-charge in there didn't actually care whether we stayed or not, but since it was already 2 pm and our second option was a long 20 mins drive we couldn't afford to be offended, so we decided to wait it off here . When we repeatedly pushed him for the seats he sent us upstairs which also has seating arrangements and a vast waiting area. Unlike the other waiter, the one on top was so approachable and patient with us till the end. When we were the last persons to leave the hotel he sweetly asked us to make reservations next time :)

As we had ample time to goof around we decided on our menu prior to sitting at the table. They had good creative headings for the food items in their menu. We ordered the regular soups and the regular starters of manchuria and paneer. And since its an Andhra restaurant, our own thalis and biryanis.
The boys digged into their respective biryani's and never looked up until it was all over. Must be that good or they were that hungry :)
We girls like always shared our order between us and started comparing the taste, wondered about the ingredients and asked opinions around and ranked our food.
So here's that part of the conversation that's stimulating and insightful :) . The veg biryani was good even though it can be a little more spicy and raita was even better. The thali is not that big as in sangeeta and sarvana-bhavan standards but since we mixed it with biryani it was sufficient for us. We andharites always spot gongura first thing in the thali and it tasted different than our home made ones, so we mused about the ingredients a bit and came to a conclusion that they must have mixed dhaniya powder in our regular pickle. The dal was also good but we didn't find any special andhra curry. Sambar was also tasty and curd was simply amazing.




I have been there lots of times. Feel sort of addicted to their Dakshin Spice Special Briyani and Chappu Veepudu (Fish Fry).. Butter milk is a must try, nice and thick.. The food is Just awesome. I have been to ample Andhra Restaurants.. This one is the best..


Veg Thali

Being in Chennai makes you expect a lot from South Indian restaurants. Dakshin Spice is largely Andhra Food. However, they also have other south indian and some chinese items on the menu. I have been there twice and had there veg thali both times. Must say, i was not disappointed both times. There are umpteen items on the plate and most of them are good to taste and very different in flavors. You may still want to question whether even that is worth its 170 bux but that aside the food was definitely a thumbs up. The staff is decent and the place is clean. It has no rocking ambiance or anything but is a normal family eating joint. Since it was new at the time i visited, they even offered a complimentary dessert.
Both times the company is went with ordered other things and weren't as happy with their food as i was with my thali so treat this review mostly for their veg thali which is a must try if u visit



Spicy but nothing special

Nestled on the main road, opp the SIET campus is this latest addition to Chennai's spicy scene. Even as you enter, you see the Chillie logo as part of the banner and logo. You get the Andhra feel even as you enter the door.

The restaurant may be is a tad small and will definitely seem cramped when you visit on a busy day. A positive of course is the good air conditioning, a must for the Chennai summer.

Its a traditional menu-generic and not exotic. Go here if you want to try out the usual stuff but cooked well. You may want to try out the Mamsam Bone Soup (portion is good) and Mamsam Vepudu (spicy and excellent). The briyani portions are filling-mutton being really tender and cooked well. The Chicken briyani in Hyderabadi style is also good. The Mirapa Chepa is a good add on to the briyani.

For the rice averse, they also offer various combos-e.g. Dosa and chicken curry etc.

To round off, you have the usual quota of desserts-my fav being the qurbani ka meetha.

The pricing is average-a decent lunch for a group of 3 costs about Rs 1,100 including taxes.