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> > > > Dhaba Express

Dhaba Express


  • 24328211
  • 9, Cenotaph Road, Teynampet, Chennai
  • North Indian

36 Reviews / 41 Ratings

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Dhaba Express Reviews


Not Worth Eating

Quality of food and service has decreased. The taste for all gravy items were the same. Expected new taste but was disappointed.


Vist : Again And Again

Went for dinner on a Sunday night with a group of 6.

There was a slight rush, and service was bad.

Food was wonderful for the price we paid.
A good ambiance is complimentary.

Vegetarian group had a 3 course meal for Rs 220 per head while non veg had it for Rs. 280

Heard there is a lunch buffet there and a party hall too.

Looking to have a freshers party for juniors there.

Will surely keep visiting again and again.







I had been with a group of friends and we had this mindset to go for the buffet and as decided we chose the same . I would easily say this is one of the very few places in chennai where can you cheap buffet . The food tasted good and quality was equally good . The Lassis are also are very good , do try them .




The buffet here is priced at just 120 bucks and it is brilliant. Unlimited of course.
Though they have only limited dishes, the food is really good. Wish they add more dishes or at least variety.

A lassi after the buffet is enough to make you content. But you have to pay an extra 30 for the Lassi!


Good Bad Ugly

Good - Ambience
Bad - Food
Ugly - Service

Hopped in to this place for the ambience and felt it's just the ambience that makes a mark finally.
The Food they serve is not Punjabi and not Dhaba authentic and wonder what it is :-(
Service is ugly and in total disarray.
The Best Place to be for the Worst ever food.
A must avoid place for anyone and everyone who craves for Dhaba Food.


true punjabi buffet

yes its total punjabi and is worth a shot. and what for only 100 rs :D. now they have raised. :/ but the jalebi is really nice thing which is NOT MADE WITH coconut oil. delicious paranthas. :) and everywhere the names of different cities will be written.




Their USP - The veggie unlimited buffet!! For just 100 odd bucks you get an unlimited buffet with a good spread of parathas and subzis. And what more is exciting than it being unlimited? Do try their kebabs, which are good, but not the best. The service is appreciable and so is the ambience! Btw, did I tell you about jilebis? OH PLEASE GOBBLE EM UP!



Very popular for their all-veg buffet !
The kebabs here are to die for! I love em !
Aloo and Gobi Parathas, Paneer Butter Masala and Kadai Veg are prime dishes.
If you come to a dhaba, please dont order chinese dishes here like manchurian here! they're not authentic!
ample parking for 2 wheelers in the building !
quick service is their forte.
Ensure you wrap up your meal with hot jalebis and lassi!



VFM Buffet

Dhaba express provides some fine dining north indian food and at the other end a 120rs buffet in a plate smaller than a prison plat
The quality of the food is however great
The buffet meal consists of Naan, 2 Sabjis, Pulao and curd rice and a jalebi and its really worth it
However you get far better service in ala carte fine dining and its a definite reco to opt in for the latter. and its definitely large group friendly . I'd rate it a easy 3/5 stars
given its price, ambience and valet parking service



Worst buffet ever, not for asli punjabis

they say its authentic punjabi food...seems they haven't tasted punjabi food ever....specially the buffet (which is for Rs 120 only). Its more of a mess food rather than punjabi food. If you are a real punjabi plz don't even think of trying buffet. A la carte is still ok



Pathetic Service - Disgusted with besant Nagar

I just called the besant Nagar branch (044-24461275) at 7 20 PM. The person who picked the phone (came to know later on that he was the manager) and rather than speaking well, just said.... "Dhaba express...hold on".. (no please as well). After having made me wait for 7 minutes, he comes on the call (you can imagine how irritated I was) and says "just a minute"....and that was enough for me to lose it! I asked what kind of pathetic service is this and that i wanted to speak to the manager....for which i was told that he was the manager !!!! When i pushed him and asked how he could treat a customer like this, his answer to me..." Do you want to order or not!!!" With such horrible service, i am sure that Dhabha express, besant nagar will close down soon...coz, they have for sure lost a customer in me and my extended family!



That's the first word that came to my mind after I visited this place this afternoon. A friend and I went in for lunch and had the a la carte. The person who waited on us was extremely impolite and was half distracted. He kept going away in the middle when we were ordering. When we asked if we could have regular water instead of mineral, he smirked and took a long time in getting the water.

We ordered garlic chicken tikka, rotis and chicken saag. The rotis and tikka were good, but we were served kadai chicken instead of saag. We clarified but were ok with the serving. The kadai chicken was ordinary. We wanted a refill on the rotis and it took around 20 minutes to come!!

The bill took equally long to arrive and he never offered us paan that was given to everyone else.

Go here if you are in for some very lazy service and ordinary food.


dhivss - Burrp User


9 Reviews

November 22,2012


good food..

after all the researching and stuffs i planned my treat here for a group of my office friends.. it was good. i have been here with different crowd.. with family, frieinds etc.. and every experience was good atleast with respect to the tastes.. scope of improvement could be cleanliness..



can u imagine a buffet for 100 bucks? (Itz here!!)

bufftet for 100 bucks is jus awesome even wen u think bout it.... But hows it is the next question that crops up? fair enough..... they provide u with sweet/ lassi, roti with three subjis, noodles with gravy and some rice (often curd rice with achar).
Dont u think its more than wat u can expect for 100 bucks? food tastes decent !
Its a thumbs up !!
apart from the buffet, the main outlet was also good... it worked for me... ambience is okay... service is fine, moderately priced, and food is good :)


amaravind - Burrp User


16 Reviews

November 17,2012



I never realised there was breakfast available at Dhabba Express, until I saw an ad in TOI. The ad promised unlimited Bhaturras, Rotis and two sabzis.

Went there and was greeted with a starter (a Kachori when I went, could be different on different days). Then they served Chole, aaloo-matar sabzi and pyaz (onions). We had to wait for a minute before they serve steaming Bhaturas. During the course of the breakfast, they kept serving aaloo parathas, paneer parathas, plain parathas and even more Bhaturas.
This is a steal for Rs 59.00

They serve hot jalebis and lassi for additional Rs. 20/- each.
Really enjoyed the breakfast overall.


Cheap but yummy!

Wanna treat a team for with sumptuous food your bday or promotion or marriage or any other occasion with less hole in your pocket? Dhaba Express is the place!!
huge spread for a Rs. 100 buffet which apart from Punjabi has even Chinese food!
Love the ambience and the semi-old hindi songs playing in the background.
It's the same place where you get unlimited pani puri for a dead cheap Rs 20 but at the same time they charge a bomb - Rs 40 for 5 jalebis!!! Dhaba Express is the best place for a buffet at the cheapest price ever!


SRahul - Burrp User


15 Reviews

November 11,2012


99 Rs. Buffet!

Following an advertisement in Metroplus, I visited Dhaba Express to try out their buffet. I had a really bad feeling at first, but I was proved wrong. You get 2 starters, 3-4 mains, Roti/Naan, and a desert (Jalebi). And guess what, the food is incredibly good! Sarson Ka Saag alone is priced at Rs.90 in their a la carte menu, and it tasted just the same. We had fried Cauliflower for starter, wasn't a big fan, but my mom loved it. The Naans and Rotis are made fresh and served in front of our eyes. What else do you need for 99 bucks?


highly recommended

hey guys,
i have been to this place and it has really nice and comfy ambiance. its a nice palce to bring in your family. i loved the service and they have really good items on their menu. you would love to try their butter naan with chicken kadhai and kadhai paneer. i recommend it to all the hungry punjaabi food lovers out there who are stuck in Chennai like me. its not expensive and a meal for two will cost you aropund 500-600 which is like value for money.

highly recommended



Good Food but pathetic Service

We actually went to checkout the outdoor catering menu and prices when our tastebuds were being tempted by the smell of the dishes being served. We ordered two naans and two tandoori roti one chicken balti and paneer butter masala. The food was authentic punjabi trust me. But the service was not even close to a punjabi service . I have been my half life in punjab and i knw the kind of service the guys give with love and sincerity. It was like as though we were begging them to serve food. And no one cleaned the table. we three were sitting confused if the glasses kept was used or was it really kept half full. They should consider getting good service guys. Other than that this place is awesome.



Best food in Chennai

So guys, if u r looking for the best North Indian food and real dhaba's ambiance, its here.. I am a North Indian and stuck in Chennai for some work.. Though the service is not all that good, but d food and ambiance are awesome..Best Punjabi Khaana and HINDI speaking people, finally :).. Also, no money hungry people, pollution free environment and descent crowd makes it a perfect place for dining with your family/ friends..all in all, Heaven for North Indians..
So.. enjoy d food n ambiance..
all the best



cocroach in food

It is the worst place to have food.well known restaurant but very worst quality of food.
Today there was one cocroach in my plate.dont suggest this resturant to any one.


sai164 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 08,2012


Dhaba Express at Anna Nagar - Poor Quality

I really had a good experience with Dhaba express at various locations. On seeing Dhaba Express at Anna nagar(Shanti colony), to satisfy my watering mouth, went and ordered for Biryani. It was served in no time, With the first spoon full in mouth I can say it is a stale food. I called the waiter and without a word they took back the food (they knew it). I have given a fresh order for a grave and roti. One imp thing to note. The staff over there are in there own world, very weird. They brought the food kept on the table and went off, didnt even offer to serve nor atleast provided spoons to serve. when requested for the spoon, I got it only after 15 mins. The body language of staff so awful that they are not ready to work. Sure not going back again.


harish_raj - Burrp User


3 Reviews

November 09,2011


visit at your own risk!

we were a group of 20 ppl where the treat giver had zeroed in on this place. right from the ambience to food,everything went wrong. Upon entering, we were shown a table and metal bench which looked like stolen from nearby kindergarten school. once we settled in these benches, every order took a minimum of half hour to reach the table. The waiters dont speak any language except hindi so it is a bit pain for those who don't speak hindi. Also they have a policy of not bringing the dishes as soon as they are ready and waiting for all your orders to get ready. unless you have plenty of time to kill or want to experience how it must be like to eat in jail, you can safely avoid this place.


Authentic Food and Great Lassi

they have some amazing lassi here. like the food a lot. the buffets are a great bet do try them. u shud give it a try!!!


Ankit  - Burrp User


8 Reviews

July 15,2011


Not recommended !

Food and service both were bad.

They have put few tables in the open but don't have anything to avoid mosquitoes. Anyway, after we lost our battle with mosquitoes (within few mintues) we moved to in-door restaurant. We orderd and it took quite a time to get the food. Taste wasn't up to the standard. Butter was almost missing from butter naan.

Heard about its being good place for North Indian food but could not find that.



Bhalle Bhalle......(only few items though)

Being a veggie cant expect somethin better than this. Authenticity at its best. Dont ever try that buffet though. Overall it was a pleasant experience


zehryhan - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 28,2010


Never... Never....Never

We went there to 'enjoy' the buffet lunch. As it is well known, the service was pathetic!!! The items were very less....they were serving noodles...since when is noodles considered as a north Indian dish???? there was a dish called gobi me one will get a lot better gobi manchurian's in any other place in Chennai. The 'pulao' that tasted more like a 'tomato rice' and chenna masala like 'chenna soup'....the gilebi alone was good...we were extremely unhappy with the food that we thought of having some authentic 'kulfi'. then there was an interesting incident....we told the waiter to bring us the item and a strange thing happened...this was the first experience in my life..i.e., a waiter asking you.."there is jilebi then y do you want to have some other dessert"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we were shocked.....enough is enough...we got up to leave...there was no water in the common wash basin. men used the one inside their toilet. I decided against and washed my hands in the fresh water outlet. to my surprise no one concerned asked me y i am doing this......strange!!!! it was raining and when we came out, the passage from the buffet hall to the parking area was filled with rain water and cooking oil from the kitchen...this was the worst experience in my life....i will never go there again and will surely discourage anyone.............


Tulip - Burrp User


8 Reviews

June 14,2010


Vegetarians - Beware

I have been to this place earlier - and like the food and the ambience. But, my experiene last weekend convinced me that I should never visit this place again.

First their order-taker is over-worked - there is only 1 person and he is definitely STRETCHED on weekends. The result, he makes you believe he is doing you a favour by giving you food. Apology of a service.
After our starters we ordered biryani (vegetarian) - we were a strict vegetarian crowd that night. We were served our biriyani after nearly 30 minutes. As I stirred the rice up, I was shocked to find chicken pieces in it ! When the order-taker was called, he dismissed it as our imagination. We had to pick out the pieces and demonstrate it. I guess when it is tight schedule they make one ALL-IN-ONE biryani and depending upon the request, pick out the non-veg pieces out and add vegetable toppings. When we demanded a pure veg-biriyani replacement, we were treated with a scorn. I could not believe the treatment being accorded.

We filed a complaint with the manager incharge, paid our bill and left the place without finishing our dinner. We headed home to some dependable curd-rice and vowed never to dine there again.


foodiemirza - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 16,2009


Punjabi delight..

First of all the restaurant is a little hard to access to a newbie!
It boasts of authentic punjabi food..and has its chain all ova d city named Sachin's Dhaba Express.
The best part of this restaurant is it is light on your pocket and you could have a decent meal for 2 in 250 and you'd be full even if you indulged in gluttony.
The ambience is a lil village type in the outside...trying to bring the look of a roadside dhaba, you do have A/C seating too.
The place is not very well maintained, so you would have to adjust with mosquitoes and pests.
the food for sure is a little punjabi by nature..
and they do have a huge spread of punjabi food.
like sarson da saag, makke di roti and mango lassi are a must try if you do have a liking of punjabi food.
Alkat palkat on the cots..d seating outside..reminds you as if you were sitting on a farm eating it right from the bhatti(fire oven).
any dishes apart from punjabi cuisine is a no no.
hot jalebis and pan..are a must try. The service is pathetically slow during peak hours and sometimes due to attitude of the stewards.
As a whole...its a good deal for the money you spend.


Dil bole hadippa! :P

I'd gone to the Anna nagar branch of Dhaba express & I got what I wanted..yummy, wholesome punjabi food without it affecting my pocket.

The ambience is not really impressive. Its rather dark & perhaps a little depressing..I expected the place to be more vibrant in sync with the whole punjabi mood. The place does look like a rustic dhaba. Do not expect to eat on expensive chinaware..get prepared to eat on weirdly shaped plates & drink from steel tumblers that resemble 'lotas; :P

The menu is very creatively the format of a newspaper complete with sardar jokes :) Food is very reasonably priced. There are side dishes priced at Rs 99 each, starters at Rs 69 each & desserts at Rs 29 value for money. I really wanted to try the jalebis but since they weren't available, had to settle for the gulab jamuns which were really really good too! I liked the food I had..everything was cooked well & full of flavour.

Service could have been better. The servers were rather occupied watching the cricket match on tv & they were probably not used to smiling either.


epicure007 - Burrp User


52 Reviews

September 10,2009


Why the attitude?

I keep visiting Chennai often on my business travel and I happened to go to this place called Dhaba Express who for some absurd reason insists on spelling it wrong as Dhabba Express. Anyway, that is not the only wiered thing about this place. I was told that the food is quite authentic as far as Punjabi. Well, I had lunch there and there was this steward who had this permanent look of disgust on his face. Never smiles for his order, never bothers to answer a question properly and shows how disgusted he is to serve you. All I have to say is - you dont deserve my money. Forget how the food is. I pay for the experience and not just the food, you nuts!


vaishali74 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 04,2009


PUNJABI in capitals

This is the most authentic punjabi food i hav come across,fresh food,great jalebis and pocket friendly,had a great time


Limited Fare, Great Jilebis

The Lunch Buffet is very popular among office goers. It cost Rs.75 for the veg buffet which has a pretty decent variety compared to the cost. I'd prefer the naans and subzi to the rice and noodles. The curd rice is awesome, thick and creamy. Best part is the jilebis which are offered fresh and hot. Finally relish the lassi to finish your meal, costs extra though.


Good Jelabis and Punjabi Food.

I used to go here with my Foodie Friends for lunch buffet....We hog on to food...The price is also Nominal..Just 60 buck a buffet..and we used to make the most of it..lolz...
Good food...P_lease don't forget to have the jelabis awesome...hmm..Mouth watering......


Punjabi at ur disposal

The place looks cheap but the food is authentic punjabi. well thts how a dhaba however expensive it is, is supposed to look i guess. Nothin special about the place otherwise. The lunch buffet is very nominal 60 bucks only and you get a variety to eat! but only if you dont mind the crowd and the crows sitting rite on top waiting to pee anytime and close ur eyes wen u eat cos the plates look like they havent been washed in years or decades mayb. The jelebi is awesome sure do get a lot of those on ur plate, its nice to b fill urself up so much for 60 bucks. But then i dont mind payin double the amount for sucha place if they would only use the remaining for maintanence. Oh yea do not expect service i guess after all said u wudnt anyway!

PS: Please do not use the restrooms unless you wanna throw up everything you had.


The Authentic Dhaba experience

The ambience reminds you of the road side dhabas you would find on the highways... what with wooded stools..wooden khatiya's (wooden long chairs). Could almost make you feel like you have been out on the highway on a long drive,...and behold you found this place.. but bang in the center of the grand city of chennai.
The food is good, just be sure not to order any chinese dishes..they are just not made well.
Just keep it to the tandoori starters and the curries. The kulcha's are real good..made well.
All in all this restaurant does not burn a hole in your pocket, and still get you the authentic punjabi experience.
Go Binge!!!