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Donut House

EgmoreChennai    & IN 6 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 42656426,
  • Wellingdon Estate, Ethiraj Salai, Egmore, Chennai
  • Confectionery
  • Meal for 2 - 200

28 Reviews / 29 Ratings

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Donut House Reviews







Sinful Donuts in Chennai

Visited this place twice with my fiance when I was in Chennai. The one thing that comes to my mind when I think of Donut House is sinful, lip-smacking donuts. There is nothing great in the ambiance as its a very small place. The combo offers are really reasonable, it gives you an opportunity to indulge in a wide range of donuts at a reasonable rate. The service is good as they are quick and friendly. My favorite of the donuts being Alien, Kappi Club, Cream full, Vanilla dark chocolate donuts. I would suggest everyone who visits this place must at-least try one of the above donuts. They also have delicious desserts. If you are a fan of donuts then make sure you visit this place.






Little rings of heaven

What is round, and sweet, or
What is round and has cheese on top
What is round and has a gooey sweet filling with a simple icing?

There can only be one answer.. Donuts from Donut House!! The outlet i visited was the one in Egmore and it was World Donut Day- June1st and they had an offer " Buy 1 get 1 free".. How cool is that? So, on the way back from a meeting, i hopped into the place and brought home 2 boxes of 6 donuts in all..

This was not my 1st visit to the Donut house, but it was the 1st time i was there alone.. The very 1st visit was to catch up with a friend, when we split a sandwich and had a cool drink.. The 2nd time was a meeting with my partner & a PR agency... So, this was a special visit of sorts!! I have had donuts in many many many places, and also know how to make them at home [ i did attend a bakery class thanks to a friend wanting to learn cooking/baking before she tied the knot] Since then, i had made donuts at home plenty of times, but they were all the usual boring donuts with chocolate icing.

Alas, the oven died a not so pleasant death and since then no baking, unless it can be cooked in a micro wave oven. This brought an end to my Donut making days...!!

So, anyways, i digress. There i was at Donut house, and instantly eyes went towards the display counter, making sure there were some of different flavours still sitting pretty in their trays. I picked out the savory Donut- with grated cheese and Italian herbs to eat, and went on to order some for take away. It was the 1st time i was having a savory donut, the common ones are with chocolate icing [sold in bakeries across the country and very few are yummy, most are dry, dense or just weird tasting]

Special mention: All donuts at Donut House are eggless!!

Spotted Bhuvanesh in the kitchen, who graciously came to say hello and we ended up chatting quite a bit!! Recently, he has opened the 2nd outlet [not counting the stand in Express Avenue Food court], which he said was faring quite nicely.

I noticed an image of what looked like Donuts with Olives, and instantly Bhuvanesh jumped in saying "sorry, we dont have it today" :)

The donuts look so inviting, with shimmering sauces and toppings, all sitting neatly in the trays as if they were waiting for marching orders. I brought home a few chocolate donuts, 1 that was lemon tea with a beautiful lemon filling, 1 that had blueberry filling and an Irish coffee donut.... not only did these donuts look good, they tasted divine as well... Friends & Family who had them couldnt stop raving about them!!

Food: 9/10
Service: 8/10 [ i picked up my order from the counter]
Price: 8/10 [Rs50 per donut]
Varieties: 9.5/10 [waiting for them to surprise me some more ;)]


Donut The Chennai Way

Bringing donuts to Chennai. Thanks to Bhuvanesh of Donut house. The best part of the egmore outlet is that it has an see through kitchen. One can actually see the way donuts are being made and decorated using simple things like chocolate sauce, sprinkles , chocochips, jams, squash etc. Very innovative in the way the decide on the flavourings and toppings. By getting their outlets across the city, now donuts are accessible to everyone in town.



THE place for donuts in the city. Great service at all outlets. Best ones would be Alien (chocolate filled and chocolate covered), blueberry glaze. pretty much anything on the menu is good, even the savoury donuts. The shakes are refreshing as is the iced tea. the seating and interiors at this branch are comfortable. A nice place to hang out with friends or family. Or just pick up a box of six at the price of 5 to share at home :)



Made me go donuts

A friend and I came here for dinner full fledged :D

We bought a box of 6 that comes at the price of 5 donuts. The best donut here is definitely the vanilla with dark chocolate. The vanilla filling just lifts your senses and the quality of chocolate is sure to leave you craving for more! The butterscotch donut is amazing too. Try their dark chocolate marble for the classic chocolate donut! :D



Delicious & Divine donuts

The donuts here are really one of the best in the city .
Small , yet really tasty and melts in the mouth .
Priced at 50-60 / donut , it may be a tad high given the size yet ,their donuts are really a must try. Esp the mango and the alien donut which can really make u gobble up the entire thing in one bit
They also have a wednesday or thursday only offer , so check out that as well


Donut Lovers' Paradise!

A really fun place to chill out. They have live bands playing on Tuesdays. Even if you're not a donut fan, Donut House is an amazing place to go. The sandwiches and drinks will make up for your dislike of donuts. It is vegetarian however the taste makes up for the lack of meat! But if you are a donut fan, the alien is a must have! Dark chocolate with a lot more chocolate in the mix! And if you really have a sweet tooth, turn it into an almighty which is a donut of your choice, with a scoop of ice cream and some whipped cream on top! It is to die for! The ambience is very classy, food is definitely tasty, and service is decent and the food is decently priced.



DH is sweet

Donut House, run by Dinesh and Bhuvanesh, is a great place to try some delicious donuts. The egmore outlet is done all in white and features trendy seating and music. They have a huge glass area which showcases multiple donut options. The staff are friendly and the place is pristine. I feel the pricing is right and the donuts, delicious. I specially recommend the mango-filled one , the butterscotch donut and the white chocolate donut. Great place for some donuts and coffee! Cheers !



too expensive

too expensive to be eaten in large or frequent quantity. A krispy kreme donut costs only 80 cents, donut here is a under the class of 'haute cuisine'.



Came back unsatisfied

Just been to Donut House in Egmore. It was good but came out feeling quite empty. I am huge lover of Donuts/Sandwiches... but somehow after 1 sandwich and 1 donut each, we came out with an empty feeling. Not quite satisfied for reason i cannot put my finger on... maybe its the excess sugary stuff on the donut or the sandwich, whose filling fell everywhere except inside the bread slices. Will i visit again? not sure... Once i visit Donut Factory in EA Mall, i might be able to make a choice.


QoS has gone bad

Hi there.
For last 6 months or so I am a regular at Donut House. Great food, great service, great ambience are the 3 things I primarily look for. Annalakshmi, Fruitshop on greams road, HSB , Sathyam , Sigri, Barbeque nation,Tuscana, are a few places I could vouch for. Though I've almost dined in every place in town For last 6 months I've been mostly in to Haji Ali and your Donut house. Met you, the owner, couple of times there. I loveeee your donuts. Now, the problem. During my last visit to your place on last saturday(May 19) as usual I've been served some delicious donuts(Alien, Rasperry). But the service was pathetic. The tv-watching service crew really shocked me. I dont think the Donut House lovers will need a TV running cricket matches. But apparently from the one who took orders to the men at kitchen everyone were so busy at watching some IPL matches that they hardly found time to serve their customers well. I adore Donut House. I've introduced this wonderful place to no less than 10 of my friends. Needless to say everyone of them loved it. So, i dont want this to be a tale of also-ran place. Be stringent with your crew. Advice them to show better attitude towards your customers. Above all, remove that damn TV. Its not good for business I feel. Good luck.

Apologies if I've been not so courteous. I prefer to utter what I feel.




We went nuts having the Donuts

If you want warm,fluffy and cream filled Donuts, the best place to have them in Chennai is Donot House. My daughter is a big fan of Donut and she just loved all of them. They were definitely better than Dunkin Donuts. We did try the sandwich and they were also good. All the ingredients were fresh and its evident that they use the best ingredients and give a lot of importance to quality. The best part is all the Donuts are eggless and a delight for vegetarians.

As earlier reviewers mentioned the ambience is cool and well maintained. There is no doubt that going forward Donut House will be our first stop when we crave for some donuts. I saw an article in The Hindu and decided to try this place and boy it did turn out to be a good hit with the family. Keep it going Donut House


April 10, 2012response from management at Donut House:

Hello Samlovesfood,
your short review in burrp has given us energy equivalent to having 5 redbulls in one shot. We are very happy for you and your family for having good time in Donut house. You have very rightly mentioned that we use the best ingredients, just FYI we go out of the way to source ingredients and make sure we delivery a high quality product at an affordable price. We hope to see you and your family very often in Donut House. Have a fantastic summer!


Can be Much Much Better!

I was extremely excited about the opening of a dedicated place for Donuts in Chennai. Being a fanatic of donuts, I badly wanted to escape the sub standard McRennet Donuts we have been putting up with here for years.
I did not want to get judgemental about a place with one visit and hence my review is coming after 3 visits to this place.
First off, the ambience is pretty chic and bubbly. The glass walls of the kitchen(from where the donuts are actually made) makes it possible to actually get a visual impact of the donuts yo are yearning for.
But other than looking good, there is nothing spectacular about these donuts.
The thing which is making the place such a hit is the fact that it is the first such place in Chennai. I have personally come back two more times only because it is relatively better than the other bakeries.
I dont wish to be critical just for the sake of it and I understand all other reviews here seem to love this place. But the quality of the donuts could be made much much better.
I seriously want this place to improve because I will keep coming back here. I totally love the concept and I want you guys to grow. Maybe you should take a leaf out of Cafe Peterdonuts at Aundh, Pune. They have mindblowing donuts, possibly better than the Dunkins or Mad over donuts. Though theirs are priced at around 75Rs per donut, its is more than worth the taste. (I visited Pune for a week and I had donuts for lunch for atleast 5 days.)
Also the beverages and sandwiches can also be made better,even if it is only a donut place.
The success may last only till some competitor comes and gives way better donuts like the ones at Peterdonuts.
Am looking forward to some REAL better DONUT affair.


December 8, 2011response from management at Donut House:

Hello Hestia,
We understand that you are disappointed with us not just once but repeatedly.Which is not fair from our side. we always try hard to make sure each one of our customer is satisfied with our products and service and in your case we were not par. We apologise for this situation. We are hopeful the next visit of yours will better then the previous one. Do come back and feel free to leave your feedback as we take these feedback very seriously and work on it. Thanks for your time. Thanks and Sorry.


Delicious, Lovely and Tasty

This place is for people who want to try out something different. Donut House has a great ambiance, very good service, and most importantly, great donuts. Tasted the Chocolate Inside Out, White Chocolate, and the Strawberry donut and all of them were outstanding (esp the strawberry donut). They also serve some other cuisines such as sandwiches and beverages. The place also has a simple and well-designed kiosk.


Kiss me... close ur eyes lick me....

Supperlicious donuts...Black n white and strwberry heavenly.....cant stop lickin and messing urself...;)


best of the best

Amazing parcels of love. There are lots of fillings and there are line ups at these places. so yummy!! the best place to start off ur day and a relationship ;-)


August 23, 2011response from management at Donut House:

Hello Shanchez7,
Thanks for that lovely complement. Do keep visiting us for more flavors and products. my best wishes for that relationship which you intend to develop...


Deliciously Donuts !!

Me and a bunch of my friends got to a nearby restaurant for dinner. Unsatisfied with the food that we had in the restaurant, we came to Donut-House.

We were at once attracted with the ambience.. Very neat. and the bright colors suit well..

With the look on this place, i was definitely expecting it to be expensive. Rather amazingly we had around 12 donuts and the bill was ONLY 412.. !! how does the owner even run this place with such a low price !

Donuts were Reallyyyyyy Soft... the Italian spices, custard, strawberry, irish coffee.. almost all the donuts that i tasted simply rocked...

Its definitely a LIKE LIKE !! would recommend this to everyone.


August 23, 2011response from management at Donut House:

Hello Sujeethkv,
Apologies from Donut House for such delayed response. I am delighted to know that you and your friends had good time in Donut House. Our donuts are priced very competitively so that it is affordable to all, but you can be assured of the fact that since becoz it is affordable we don't and will never intent to degrade the quality of our products. We are constantly improving the quality of our products and will do that for ever. Looking forward to host you guys in the future as well.


What variety..too good...good service, lovely name it and you have it...right place to go to try something new and then get hooked on to it..Chennai needs more places like this..please open one in Velachery also...!!!


July 29, 2011response from management at Donut House:

Hi Pashminadindal,
Thanks for your review. Very happy to hear to enjoyed ur time at DonutHouse. Do drop in regularly to try our variety of products, and please feel free to leave us ur feedback. We are expanding,and Velachery is very well in our radar so you can expect us there soon.
Have a great weekend, cheers!

Go Nuts for these Donuts

When i first heard of an all-donut shop in Chennai, I was surprised. Eager to check it out, we ventured one afternoon and got a take away. The take-away was an instant hit at my house and everyone loved it. The donuts are very well-made and the ingredients are top notch. They have a lot of chocolate variants, but do try the strawberry one. It oozes with such a delicious strawberry concoction. Definitely worth a try. Check out the 'Alien' and the 'Strawberry' donuts.


July 26, 2011response from management at Donut House:

Hello Arwindh,
i am delighted to know that your family enjoyed our products.As you have rightly mentioned we only use the best available products (Ingredients) to produce donuts. We don't cut cost in our production range. Apart from the usual sweet donuts we have developed couple of savory ones, do check them out the next time you drop by. We are gonna serve week end breakfast soon, stop by for that as well. Cheers! have a great week ahead.

Eggless Heaven!!

After having read the reviews here i decided to take some time off my work today and visit the place, and am i delighted!!.

The donuts are attractive, and delicious, frankly i have not tasted anything better even for much more cost anywhere(and i have lived in delhi and mumbai).

The rates are very reasonable considering what i normally pay for egg less pastries and ilk, and the pay for 9 and get 12 is really attractive!!

Service did not take as much time as i thought it would and the donuts are delicious, especially the alien one...

they deliver to some 2 km range, but i request the managers to extend it to the city...please oh please!! ....i live in selaiyur , east tambaram and taking the donuts home is a headache if i dont have a car can charge delivery for orders less than 400 or whatever...

all in all, every donut lover should visit..veg or not, and those who dont like donuts should give it one try.


July 12, 2011response from management at Donut House:

Hello Kartrak,
I am very happy to know you enjoyed your time in Donut House. To be very frank to you, reviews like your's are motivating us to work even better to get you the best products. Coming to the delivery issues, we are just setting up our delivery systems and procedures. I regret to say that it will take some more time for us to deliver all over Chennai, just for the simple reasons that we don't have a better idea of the those area, but we hope to get it done soon.
Do keep visiting us, and have a great week ahead. Cheers!!!

Great place for your sugar fix

For more reviews and some mouthwatering pictures, visit my blog!!

This week I decided to venture a little out of the comfort zone. We trekked all the way to Egmore to visit the recently opened Donut House. Bright yellow dominates the decor and gives a warm, chirpy feel to the whole place. The live kitchen is a nice touch.

Quickly we got down to business and ordered a bunch of donuts. The donuts have an obvious chocolate bias. The Coffee Roasted Almonds was a hit. The donut was sophisticated with a hint of coffee, a sprinkling of almonds and a nice dose of dark chocolate.

The Alien is all about the chocolate. Liberal layers of dark chocolate topped with white chocolate dusting. I took a gluttonous bite and the chocolate stuffing came oozing out. Yumm! That said, I do wish the dark chocolate had been richer. Would have made it perfect.

The Oreo was a bit of a letdown. It was good but it didn't knock my socks off, the way I expected it to.

My favourite donut was the Italian Spices. This savoury donut was incredibly good. Lots of cheese topped with some not-too-spicy spices and herbs complemented the inherently sweet dough perfectly. I preferred this to all the chocolate donuts and given my incorrigible sweet tooth, that's saying something. I highly recommend that you try this.

The donuts were all warm and soft. The dough was not oversweet and tasted good. Thankfully, it wasn't all about the toppings.

They also serve sandwiches, coffee and some drinks (of the non-alcoholic variety).

They also have a kiosk at EA. Deciding to see if this one was as good, I hopped over to the stall later that day. The Peanut Dark Chocolate had a lovely flavour and strong peanut butter overtones.
However, the variety at the EA kiosk is limited and the donuts not as fresh. If you can manage the time, I recommend that you hop across to the main branch.

Donut House brings some much needed variety to the quick eats scene in Chennai. I see myself visiting this place soon and am fervently hoping that they produce some delicious Bavarian custard filled donuts.

Donut House delivers to select localities.

Pricing: Glazed donuts cost Rs.42 and others cost Rs. 46.



Best Donuts

Best donuts i have ever tasted. It was so fresh & rich. When they say its filled with chocolate or strawberry jelly, they mean it. Fillings flow in your mouth giving rich flavor...But the price can be reviewed...Seems a bit expensive...


June 23, 2011response from management at Donut House:

Hello mac_25

First i would like to apologize to you for the delay in responding to your review, we were just very recently approved by burrp to respond to reviews.

I am very glad to know that you enjoyed our products very much. i would like to bring to your attention that most of the ingredients which use are all imported, and in order to make your donuts taste great, it is a must that we use these high quality products, so obviously our production costs go up and hence the cost of your donuts. Be assured of the fact that we


Im high on Donuts

Im still high on Donuts after my visit to Donut House this evening .. Four of us.. 18 donuts and we had still not finished tasting everything in the menu .. making us only want to visit the place yet again ..

Nice place .. neat ambience .. good service .. very yummy donuts .. !!

The donuts are made fresh, which adds flavour to the yummy toppings they come with .. Great place to catch up with friends on a lazy evening or to just drop by for some dessert (I mean donuts) after a good meal ..

They are very light on the tummy , the only reason you may want to stop eating them is cause of the overdose of sweetness of the chocolate topping.

Way to go Donut house !


June 24, 2011response from management at Donut House:

Hello Shals88,
First i would like to apologize to you for the delay in responding to your review, we were just very recently approved by burrp to respond to reviews.
I remember you and your group, and trust me there are a lot of people talking about you guys after seeing your victory photo in facebook. We are waiting to see what you guys can accomplish next. Hope to see you soon.

The best in Donuts!

Sick of eating those hard, wont fit in a bite Donuts from the 'bakers' untill now! Donut house comes as a whiff of fresh air! Very soft, doughy, eggless with a wonderful variety. taste is tops, though would love to see them get more experimental with donuts than to just use differrent toppings and icings! coffee wtih the standard cinnamon will never lose flavor, but sadly the waiter could not differenciate between glazed and sprinkled! Hope they start off on those mini donuts soon. check em out for coffee and donuts.


June 24, 2011response from management at Donut House:

Hello Rajesh Goel,
First i would like to apologize to you for the delay in responding to your review, we were just very recently approved by burrp to respond to reviews.
I understand you had a great time in Donut House. We would like to inform you that we are working on developing flavoured donuts, like a strawberry flavoured donut, caramel flavoured donut and so on.... I apologize for the waiter's misunderstanding. We are doing mini donuts for bulk orders and parties. Hope to see you again soon @ Donut House.


Blissfull. Yummmm!

Not been to Donut House yet??! What are you waiting for?!!! Just go. Now.!!!

Went to the place the first week, n was impressed by the way we were treated once we entered the place till we finished. Awesome Donutsssss, Chic Ambiance, Amazing service and Courteous Staff :) they have a wide range of donuts and if ur a chocolate lover like me, the place is 4 u. Alien is by far the bestest donut i ever had, nice chocolaty and chocolate oozing out from everywhere. Divine!! Other few were fav's were the Oreo donuts, Mint Chocolate and the Irish Coffee(Not recommended for people who dont like coffee :P) Even the Strawberry filled donuts and Chocolate filled with blueberry was nice.

Apart from that they have very good smooties of which blackcurrent is awesome :D Also try their coffee's. Nice!

Visited this place for about 3 times in 2 weeks and def become one of my favorite hangout s ;)


June 24, 2011response from management at Donut House:

Hello N.Sanghvi,
First i would like to apologize to you for the delay in responding to your review, we were just very recently approved by burrp to respond to reviews.
I am very happy to understand that you are enjoying your time with us. Our thinking caps are never off as we have to deliver the best of everything, right from the time you step in to step out.Please feel free to suggest us so that we can serve you even better.
Thanks and Wishes

Must Visit

After reading a good review of this place on "THE HINDU" i wanted to check out this place! It definitely lived up to my expectation! Place was pretty happening for a Friday evening, the interiors were chic.. The service was amazing ( Run by young people) and more importantly the DONUTSsss, aaahhh it was bliss. They have a variety of flavours for everyone's taste bud. My personal fav was The Alien Triple Chocolate.. It was chocolate inside, outside and everywhere! I luvd it! They have a lot more things like cofee, shakes, sandwiches!

Pricing is not like the hot breads donuts, but hey you get quality donuts and they are just yummm! So you really can't complain.

Final verdict : Big Thumbs UP


Go-Nuts at Donut House

Donut house has THE best donuts in the city currently. The donuts are fresh, The chocolate is smooth and rich and every bite seems to just melt in your mouth. The look and presentation of the donuts are very inviting and appealing.

Now getting to the rest of the details.

Pricing :
Glazed Donut : Rs 39 - A donut glazed on top with sugar sprinkled with cinnamon etc. The one I tried was very fresh and soft ( as are all their donuts ) but i personally found it too 'sugary' . Other people have no issues gobbling these down.

Assorted : Rs 45 - Donuts covered / filled with diff types of chocolate, and looks absolutely mouth watering. The oreo donuts seems to be a hit. My personal favourite is the milk chocolate. Its so good it should be illegal. Half way through the donut, I feel like I've done something quite adulterous ;)

So far there are around 10 different varieties to choose from and they cater to fans of milk, dark and white chocolate.

On the issue of pricing - 2 donuts and a coffee will set you back by Rs.150. Now im not saying thats 'cheap' my any means, but hey!, a pastry or baked portion for one cost just the same or if not much more.

Ambience :
The decor is neat, The donuts are displayed well and the air-conditioning works great!. Area-wise it isnt lavish space, but its sufficient for about 25 people. Thats enough i guess. The entire making-process of the donut can be see through a glass partition and from what i can see its quite hygienic.

Service :
The people were courteous and pleasant. It does take a little while for a fresh batch of donuts to be made but thats the process and theres no speeding it up. Nevertheless there are quite of few choices of hot and cold teas/coffees to help you pass the time.

Verdict :
Its a place i have visited about 3-4 times in the past 2 weeks or so, and its worth many more visits


June 24, 2011response from management at Donut House:

Hello "6packflabs"!!!
First i would like to apologize to you for the delay in responding to your review, we were just very recently approved by burrp to respond to reviews.
Your review is my favorite, and thank you for spending time to do such a great review, i am goonna post this in facebook. Thanks a million, and hope to see you soon and often...

June 24, 2011response from management at Donut House:

Your most welcome!


Pretty expensive

had been here en route for a movie to grab some donuts and although its pretty new in town the place was buzzing with activity.

Guess a bunch of young entrpreneurs are running the show and its pretty obvious..

we tried a chocolate donut and one with a cream and a strawberry jelly one..

The chocolate one was normal.. what you would get anywhere else.. but the strawberry jelly with cream was simply awesome.. it was just melting in the mouth and a very rich experience indeed.

The pricing part has to be considered a little if you have to see consistent business ..two donuts came around 90 Rs ..

Nice crowd, lots of people doing a take away of donuts and its freshly prepared...

Verdict : Good snacking option, a little high on pricing.


June 24, 2011response from management at Donut House:

Hello Aishrulez,
First i would like to apologize to you for the delay in responding to your review, we were just very recently approved by burrp to respond to reviews.

I am very glad to know that you enjoyed our products very much(especially the strawberry filled donut). i would like to bring to your attention that most of the ingredients which use are all imported, and in order to make your donuts taste great, it is a must that we use these high quality products, so obviously our production costs go up and hence the cost of