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> > > > Dublin, Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park

Dublin, Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park


  • 04424994101
  • Lobby Level,Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park,132 TTK Road,Alwarpet, Chennai
  • South Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 3000

17 Reviews / 23 Ratings

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Dublin, Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park Reviews

meril_jacob - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 09,2013







Pure Noise

I've been to Dublin a few times and the experience was good but last Saturday was pure noise, no idea if the reason was the DJ or the promotion event or just a bad day. The music was pure noise because of which we (2 couples) left the place in less than hour. I could go on cribbing, but not worth it... Dublin I'm seriously disappointed.


Time To Paaaaaarty

Dublin is one of the best and one of the oldest Clubs of Chennai . Dublin has very strict policies about its Dress Code about not allowing Stags which makes the place more safe for Women .There is extremely polished crowd and this is one place where I have seen the maximum Expats or may be the only club where I have seen Expats.
This is the best night life spot in Chennai, the crowd is too good, the ambiance is wonderful, the DJ, lighting, floor arrangements are the best in city, the drinks selection is good, though priced high it is worth visiting this place. Saturday night is the best time to visit.


Biggest Discotheque but low on Services offered

Some positives first.. This place has got the biggest dance floor and it's one of the biggest discotheques in town and with that we come to the end of positives. Music is ummm decent enough nothing great or bad about it. Waiters- Well they are the problem here, they seem to be a frustrated lot, so please do not expect courtesy. Cover charge- YES. We paid a cover charge of 1500.. where 1000 was redeemable against the food/drinks. Food- the food was pathetic. so nothing apart from the dance floor interested me there. so inshort apart from the pricing nothing else is to a 5* standard. we had fun because we enjoyed each other's company but shedding 7k with 5 large's isnt very promising.
Ps. take care of your plates... once you get back from the dance floor you may find someone else hogging on it.


Chennai's best

Two or even three levels of seating. Two levels of dancing. There is no better place to dance and have a good time than on a Saturday night at Dublin. The party doesn't stop till 4 in the morning. Friday's Ladies night is also equally fun. The music is good ( depending on the DJ ). The place is pretty crowded and is sometimes jam packed, so if you need a seat to go along with dancing its always advised to go early. The entry fee, cover charge and drinks are over priced as expected ( coming from the Sheraton group). But this is by far the best night club in Chennai by a long distance. Doesn't get any better.


hkmurali - Burrp User


161 Reviews

December 20,2012


Dublin - 5/5

Easily one of the best Discs/night clubs in chennai
Attracts the best and most happening people in the city and their Saturday nights are never ending. Entry,cover charges and drinks are very expensive, but if u know ur way thru in, u can have a memorable and best weekend ever in Dublin.
Interestingly its also one of the largest clubs with 2levels of dance floor...
Dont miss it for anything


seethaks - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 15,2012



I have always being to Dublin.very lively and amazing music.Lovely people and great starters.Also customized according to ones taste.. Loved the baby corn and pepper fry


It's OK!

I liked the place but found it a bit too overpriced for nothing.
You could probably go once or twice.



AMazing place on sat nights

went there on this sat night with friends...we walked in at 8:30(yeah we were early) and the entre fee is 1k per couple. which has 750 cover. so the music picked up around 9:30....i must say very nice music and one of the most posh crounds i have seen around Chennai...well dressed girls and peppy music..though i found 270rs beer pint very expensive, i guess its reserved for special occasions and for treats:):):):)... so when u got moolah and in search of good times, head to dublin.....



harrow on the hill

Dublin is a great pub. which is a great pity, but still a great atmosphere and it is energetive with enormous crowd i enjoyed a lot with my friends !!! dublin rocks!!!



Pinches your pocket a little!

Well.. good things first.. I was there on Christmas eve.. It started slowly but then there was hardly any space even to place ur feet on the floor. The DJ were gud but they did not play any of our Bollywood requests.. Anyways they kept the guests on their feet.. Quite a lot of space with Ambience as good as 5 stars!
Now the bad things! U have to pay as you go.. That might start gettin on to your nerves when u r 2-3 drinks down.. Oh and when its fully packed, they wont serve your drinks on the table! U will have to go to the BAR, struggle with fellow guests, some of whom might end up stepping onto your shoes and wont even mind saying sorry!
Food is another area where i found Dublin losing the edge! My wifes first order was not even available. I am talking about the Criss Cross Potatoes. The waiter said that he will hv to check if its available or not. She had to settle with potato wedges. My chicken was great!. One of the best Chilli Chicken that i had for quite a while here in chennai.
All in all i might go there again as the crowd was really nice.. But if you have a high budget only then i would recommend going in there with a thirsty tongue. Otherwise, a little Pre-drinking might help.. :)


Mark  - Burrp User


4 Reviews

July 24,2011


My review

Dublin has always been my fav place to hand out. Entry is strict but i guess it has to be that way if you want a good crowd. Dublin has some of the best crowd and is easily one of the best . Of course everything comes with its drawbacks . like bar service can be better.


Not my favourite

I always heard good things about Dublin and I have to admit my crib is not against their drinks (not the worst in town, not the best either) or their prices, I mean we know this place is supposed to be pricy considering the hotel they are in! They have some of the best crowd here too.
What is awkward is their music and service - their bouncers first refused entry to a guy friend because he was using his crutches to walk around (pardon us sir, but we have dress code)! No, really! No crutches allowed even if he is obviously not going to be on the dance floor.
The minute we start remonstrating, they actually start lecturing him on how immoral it is for a physically challenged person to drink!
And then insist on charging him for a stag entry inspite of four women being with him...and their management insists that they have the right of admission. Yes, we know that, but surely that right does not include the right to discriminate against physically challenged people!
Needless to say, our evening was ruined there and we will never be going there again.


Shan B - Burrp User

Shan B

8 Reviews

January 13,2011


Hmm....more control at the bar needed

well i went there for the first time this new year ... and boy was it rockin ... great crowd, good music and well for 7000 a couple it was unlimited drinks ... so no worries on that day ..

So then i made the mistake of goin there last saturday .. the entry fee for a couple in ok at 1000, u redeem 750 at the bar anywayz. At 9:30 pm on a saturday nite we were the first ... and well i ordered a scewdriver which was rs.450/ and then moved on to a whiskey sour (whyte & mackay) which was Rs.900 (WOW) ...

But anywayz i was ok with this ... but what i was not ok with was that i had to pay the bartender everytime for the drinks they kept no tabs unless u had a credit card .. and they just wrote down the charge in a blank paper ... sheeesh ... and the thing that really pissed me of was at around 11 pm when the crowd was good .... the screwdriver price had suddenly jumpped to Rs.600/ sheeeesh .... and still the blank paper with a pencil scribble for a bill ....

So if the bar's account is more controlled with a proper reciept and more bartenders i think this will be a great place.



DUBLIN has Character!

Against my better Judgement of not going anywhere on a weekend (because of the crowd and the stag issue) I chose to go to Dublin.
Instinctive (and right all the way).
Now if only I can do the same thing @ work , Id have a lot less explaining to do and a lot more time :)

The Goods:
1) The security guy outside was terrific : and they DO actually check everything : including phones and keys by putting them thro the screener. Very reassuring : if I were an intl. traveller (security at most other places is more like an extended formality. Wouldnt be surprised to see it on the tab for "touch and feel services" )
2) Well maintained and well lit place. Not Glaring but well lit. Door knobs polished to perfection.Clean glass fronts (no finger prints). Have been to their "other Dublin" @ Bangalore's Windsor Manor. By contrast to the green there : this one is all mahogany and brown. Bar Stools a whole row @ the bar (leather bar : take notes). Pretty spacious and relaxed seating for those who prefer couches. (There was another group on people),the lone gentleman and myself being the only other people .But the bar stools were spacious enough to accomodate all 58kgs of me and the bigger lone gentleman ,not the contemporary kinds where you fear falling off while you try and remove your mobile.
3) The barman! It is so true that if you have the "perfect barman" then everything else pales in comparison and IMRAN and his team were amazing @ that. In everyplace you see nowadays :BIG and LOUD seems to be the name of the game. Some places often employ a bartender who should actually be a bouncer and they are loud to the point that people actually think there is a show going on . Imran and D(someone) were wonderful. Polite and conversational , when asked , and silent when they were putting stuff away.Like they say : the four Bs in a mans life: the Bartender, the Barista, the Butler and the (im going to leave the last one to your imagination! ), in your order of preference too.
4) Was served my Jameson in a libertini (which i switched back to old fashioned): the cubes were bite size and limited to the bottom half (most places do it bad with chipped ice or those big Popsicle ones) which is how they should be.Imran explained that most people prefer the libertini (I guess they are opening up to the younger gen. and this can be a perfect cocktail glass as well) but did switch. Had a very interesting conversation as well : w.r.t the spirits and he was very knowledgeable.He was under the impression that the Royal Salute 21 was not from the Chivas stables and I was under the impression that Tanquery was a cognac . See how much you learn when you share information! Complimentary snacks in two trays (and none of those stupid chips either). I'm not much of a freeloader anyways but atleast it was better.
5) What was again impressive was the "consistency" in service.
The main bartenders are dressed in beige and the stewards are in white. When I asked for a repeat in a fresh one, the steward (Manjunath) went for the Libertini again. That is good , in that , these guys atleast know to be consistent.
6) Their Bar Menu is as well stocked as is the display. They have neat sections and a great variety from all around. Equally impressive (on the attention to detail scale) is that all bottles are labelled with their "welcome group" logo. Guess that implies they buy in bulk and that all their chains should be well stocked and they are aware of what their clientele appreciates. Very reassuring for someone like me ! as were the cloth napkins (not serviettes) they laid.
7) The Bar! It is not big : but it is well stocked. They have their Whiskeys section, the Scotch section, their Vodka section, The Gin section and the Cognac section.(the chilled drinks and Wine sections are @ knee level) . Thankfully they did not fill the space with repeat bottles of the same stuff. They have a wide variety and it shows. What is most interesting is that most places (especially with the Vodka and the Rum sections) will have the same bottle in different Hues (obviously for different flavours). That being said : I was surprised to see a Belvedere 1x sitting there (and no regular belvedere). I presume if they wanted repeats @ the bar it would only be a bottle away ,although why they would not keep a Stolichnaya or the more popular grey goose / skyy in their vodka ranks beats me!
8) The highlight of their bar is a 1975 vin.Glenfiddich and a
beautiful Remy Martin Chiller dispenser (one of the first I have seen around here). Not a cognac person but was tempted :)
9) The loo: neat and unlike the I/leather-bar : right outside the door. Thank god! they also have an automatic shoe polisher and an antique coat stand (if you happen to be having one when you take a dump! ). very neat . I used the loo when I got in and again when I got out. Spilt some water the first time around the sink and it was cleaned out when I was there again. shows that they get to it at regular intervals.
So 2 hours later : with two jamesons, a shot of Signature, a corona and a shot of baileys : I was three grand lighter ,a generous tip later I was back home.I know of places that serve the same for a lot more money and a lot less service.

Improvements :
I believe those were animal prints on the seats @ the bar which makes me wonder whether the theme was "old world" or "the days of the raj on a tiger trail" considering the name of the place, Dublin, but we wont get into that now! suffice to say they were all matching pieces as were other bits of furniture across the place.

No Bads and Uglies on this one!
Back again soon ? No. I dont want to Ruin my memory of a great place so will be there on some other occasion in the not so near future.
Recommend this place? : F YEAH!! IT IS AS CLOSE TO PERFECTION THIS CITY WILL SEE. If you are a loner and love your drink for what it is and love all that goes with it : this place should be on your list.
I cant talk about this place being a party paradise or the music being great because I dont prefer moving with that set of people.But as prev. reviews (and doubtlessly ones that follow) should prove it well!
I am sad that there are only 5 stars to rate this place.



The Best!!!

Itz over 10yrs old(I guess), plays the best music & has the best dance floor!!! But sadly closes early... come on a saturday night should go on till at least 2:30am lol


cnnamazi - Burrp User


18 Reviews

February 20,2010



I've been visiting Dublin for quite a few yrs now and jus Love it!!

If its partying.. then its gotta be Dublin!




Best night out

Best time to be there is between by 9:45pm -11:45pm, oh place to rock :-)