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Ecstasy Reviews





Die For Desserts

This restaurant is one of the best places in Chennai for desserts. So you are at Satyam catching up for a movie this is a must must place to go. Even if you are not going for a movie you will have to go to here because they have some yummlicious desserts.

Why you should go here?
• Yummy desserts, perfect taste, perfect plating.
• Very peaceful and calm ambience
• Authentic deserts
• Their tiramisu and Flak is to die for
Why you should not go here?
• Parking issues
• Quite expensive
If you are in Chennai and looking for some places to have REAL desserts this is the one you should go to. I have not tasted better desserts in any other place, really hatts off to them.


The Name says it all

They do not change their menu very often but their Chocolate Flak is just awesome. Their milkshakes are equally awesome. One of the better dessert places in the city.


Great for experimenting

The desserts at Ecstasy are unlike anything I've ever seen. A creation of Mikael Besse, a French chef, they are very different from your usual brownie, tart or cheesecake. We had the Le Chocolatier, something with raspberry and licorice and Mikata. The chocolatier was VERY heavy but tasty, the licorice was tangy to taste and only licorice lovers will like it! The Mikata was probably the most unique thing we tried there - figs in pistachio mousseline with rose extracts! It's not sweet at all so the concept of it being a dessert was SLIGHTLY baffling but like I said, great for people who love to experiment with desserts. They have a good variety of desserts that you can go back to try time and again because the chef keeps revamping the menu. Love the ambience but I think it should be a little more cosy to look like a dessert place. Not very heavy on the pocket either.


Declining !

It is a desert place inside the sathyam cinemas complex.
once it was fabulous and was successful due to the novelty value.

Over time I fell it has lost its charm
The crepes and cheesecake are still quite good.
My friend swears by the tiramisu,
No doubt, it is expensive, my last visit pastries were overrated . The interiors are great.
Sathyam parking (at Rs 30) takes care of your vehicle.




Too pricey and for the money you pay you don't the qualit you want. Probably they are too westernized and my taste buds are not friendly to these flavours, but I personally would not want to go back to Ecstasy again. The pastries are definitely overrated and the rolls are badly made! Terrifying exp.



Not great anymore

Ecstacy used to be great before but it is slowly losing its charm.Me and my friend ordered a chocolate flake and a tiramisu.The chocolate flake was good but not great.The first time when had this,it was a melt in the mouth kind of dish.The tiramisu was a total disappointment.The mascaporne was not was in a semi liquid form.These guys must learn to make tiramisu from tuscana.Service was good.Prices are on the higher side.




Went to this place after watching a movie at Satyam. Ordered Blueberry Cheese Cake, Le Chocolatier and Coffee Tiramisu. Loved all three. Blueberry Cheese cake was one of the best I've had in Chennai. Le Chocolatier was a full on chocolate dessert and every chocolate lover would love it. Cofee Tiramisu was light and perfect. Overall nice desserts but a a bit expensive.


mdevina - Burrp User


10 Reviews

November 28,2011


Quite impressed..

I am a dessert junkie and hunt for the best dessert places in every town I travel to, especially in Italy or France. I was quite impressed with the desserts at Ecstasy - the menu is clearly experimental (with flavours and shapes) and one should not look for the perfect example of a cheesecake or a madeleine cake here. The flavours are quite unique and subtle and thus likely to be shunned by customers who expect regular fare, strong flavours and big portions.

I tried the crepes stuffed with hazelnut cream and found the taste to be very innovative. Europeans usually go heavy on the Nutella, but the hazelnut cream at Ecstasy was subtlely flavoured and truly homespun. I was also impressed with the coffees and teas, and the way they were served. The ambience is average, and is more cafe-like than you would expect of a high-end dessert place. Other than that, a must-try place for dessert connoisseurs.




After a movie at Satyam, we decided to try some dessert as it was late afternoon.

Blueberry Cheese cake was okay. But not much cheese in it.

Red fruit had more added ingredients or flavors.

Looked sooo artificial.

Ganache not having much Chocolate flavor. Too much of cream which is not the real Ganache we had overseas.

Very expensive for an avearge food and worst service.

Walk-ins are very less for a dessert outlet in such a busy complex.


Aptly named

The place is calm, quiet and a welcome break from the madness that is Sathyam Cinemas. The minimalist, white decor puts the focus of the entire place on the dessert bar which is exactly where we want it to be.

Ecstasy ascribes to the designer food philosophy and the desserts are all dressed up. Vibrant colours, cute designs and edible accessories: if nothing else, the food looks fabulous. I'm always wary of things that look too good and approached the desserts with caution. The good news is that most of them taste as nice as they look.

The Duja is a basil, lemon and chocolate concoction on a hard dark chocolate base. It was surprisingly good. The texture was mousse-y and the flavours light. It's a tricky dessert and could go terribly wrong but I think Ecstasy's version managed to walk on the right side of the line.

Le Chocolatier was a chocolate rose served with chocolate ice cream. The dish was very very rich with a dark chocolate layer at the very bottom. Sure to satisfy all you chocoholics.

The Hazelnut was a huge disappointment. Aside from the tiny layer of hazelnut in the centre, the dessert didn't stay true to it's name. Despite all the sugar, it didn't really taste of anything. Bleh! Even the texture was a little jarring. I recommend that you stay away from this one.

I am a huge fan of the Liquorice-Raspberry tart. There is a just an undertone of Liquorice in the sour-sweet tart and the two unusual companions blend well together.

The blueberry cheesecake here is a winner. The tiny cheesecake is a served in massive bowl with a jelly stick sort of thing. It has a lovely cracker crust and delectable cream cheese filling. Definitely my favourite cheesecake in Chennai.
The Flak, a rich caramel-chocolate mousse on a Ferrero Rocher crust, is decadent. Every bite tastes rich caramel goodness. It's a little too rich though and is the sort of dessert that will have you bursting out of your pants.

The service at Ecstasy is good. They don't bother you and let you stay on for as long as you want. The place is largely empty (much to my surprise) and is a great place to unwind and relax. It could also be a great date place.

If you are in the city, feeling a little decadent and want to indulge your sweet tooth, this place is a must visit.

Pricing: Rs.100-150 (per person)
Location: Inside the Sathyam Cinemas compound. Just outside the theatre itself.
Phone: 43920444

For mouthwatering pictures and more reviews, visit my blog!


blahblah3 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 06,2010


great tiramisu....exotic desserts .....

visited chennai over the weekend...(my sis and kids (big time foodies) strongly recommended Escape....especially the "FLAK"...
Have to admit, the Flak (chocolate with a hint of caramel and a crispy crust with a side serving of vanilla icecream)was a bit too rich for my liking (having said that, sis , nephew and niece feed on it)....but i did love the crunchy crust guess -it's made out of finely powdered ferrero rocher...
the tiramisu was tiramisu not as good as the plain tiramisu....
for those who love to experiment with food...this place is definitley worth a visit ...plan to sample some of their exotic creations on my next visit.....especially the green tea eclair and the pralica....most of the desserts come with a side serving of vanilla ice cream (made from scratch)...lovely smooth consistency....with a distinct vanilla bean flavour...prices are a bit high (Flak was prices at Rs.147)....but I'm quite sure they use the best ingredients and this isn't run of the mill dessert....they're works of art...beautifully crafted masterpieces! ...also ordered a chocolate something (can't remember the name..think it was called '67' or '76' or something close) was a dense dark chocolate dessert with a splattering of gold spray paint...looked beautiful...the Chocolate tartlet, another dessert was just ok....(nop! i'm not a glutton- i didn't order all of these desserts...we were a group of 4...)
Sampled their desserts at the Escape restaurant at the express avenue mall as well as their outlet located in satyam theatre...choices were limited...and apart from the Tiramisu nothing really tickled my taste for now i give them a 3.75 star rating...(I'm hard to please)
Hope to up this rating on my next visit.



No ways!

What's the hype about? Not nice flavors nor exotic concoctions. Parking was hopeless. Had to pay for the lil 30 min we were there. Felt like they were making back the bucks they spent on the interiors. Other local restaurant desserts are much better!


Sugar high!!

I'm new to Chennai & although I've tried a number of places here, Ecstasy was one place which impressed me.

I like the decor..simple & minimalist. Like the ambience too. The place has a very classy feel to it.

The tiramisu over here is highly recommended. Its smooth, flavours are distinct & tastes amazing. I've also tried 'Walu' which in lay man's terms is apple pie with a scoop pf ice cream...tastes pretty good but nothing extra ordinary. Coffee here is good. Portions are pretty small & prices are a little on the higher side but Ecstasy is definitely worth a visit.


'Little' ecstasy

I blindly decided to venture this place based on two facts, 1. its inside sathyam cinemas and 2. the review below! Maybe I expected a lot too much but the place didnt stay up to a 5 star rating on burrp! The ambiance is elegant and chic definitely, but the place is too small and so is the items on the menu and so is the quantity served.

The waiters/waitresses are too sweet, much sweeter than the apricot icecream that almost tasted sour! She asked me to try the ginger or vinegar(balsamic) ice cream, wondering how it wouldve been if apricot was so. All in the name of 'exotic'! The milk icecream is awesome, a bite of ecstasy finally. The complimentary chocolates were a nice try, it got me in the beginning. But the banana crepe tasted half cooked, and the orange juice was so bitter.

Now, there was no blueberry cheesecake or olive icecream???? as described in the other review, big disppointment and one more following it was that there was neither ice tea nor cold coffee.. twas all 'hot hot'! Anyways, in contrast to what is said before, i think the only positive thing about this place is 'Sathyam'! Its nice to get a cozy place to chill out inside sathyam for a change when you are waiting or out of a movie with a bunch of friends or your date. That explains the cost, they can afford to charge us! The word is Exorbitant! The Darjeeling white tea costs just 220 bucks.. wondering if its a pack of tea? YES me too!

PS: There is a bunch of papers hanging from the lamp where you can post WHATEVER u want.. so we DID!


shwe27 - Burrp User


18 Reviews

January 15,2008


C'est extrordinaire!

While my knowledge of french is admittedly limited, I'd like to believe I am something of a dessert connoisseur. So when I heard about the relatively new "Ecstacy" I had to try it out.

Having grown up in Chennai (when it was still Madras!), I must point out that desserts were never this city's best offerring (not counting the excellent Grand Sweets Badam Halwa ofcourse!). Yes we had the ever popular Snowfield (now a dessert "PUB" I hear? No comment!) and the ice cream sundaes at AVM Dasa and Eden were considered quite the delicacy, but somehow dessert as I knew it (atleast when I lived here) barely looked beyond Ice Cream or cake/pastry.

So to be hit with something like Ecstacy is....well...ecstacy! While its location leaves much to be desired (why why would you choose a place inside the so crowded sathyam cinema complex?), you completely forget location once you enter. Hip, minimalist decor, uber elegant warm napkins offerred as soon as you sit down and a fairly exotic menu all create the necessary ambience for what you are about to experience.

The menu is not very extensive, but each dessert is beautifully presented and even the more common offerrings like Creme Brulee and Tiramisu are superb. For chocolate lovers the Tout Chocalat is honestly to die for, as is the Blueberry cheesecake. The strawberries in mulled wine served with olive ice cream is definitely among the more innovative items on offer but I found it a tad dissapointing. There are a host of other desserts but there is sadly enough only so much one can consume at one go!

Prices are roughly between Rs150 - 250 a dessert, with portions being fairly small but so rich that it feels large enough.Ecstacy also sells chocolates (at 2800 rupees a kilo) which I am yet to try.

Service is decent though we did have an all too earnest waiter who felt the need to translate espresso as "its a very strong coffee ma'am". I guess he was doing his job but my self esteem took a beating - did I look like someone who was ordering espresso/cappucino with no idea as to what it was!HMPH...heard of profiling my friend?! :)

So to cut what I realize has become a loooong story short (sorry people!), Ecstacy is highly highly recommended. A bit pricey but well well worth every amazing bite. Tres Tres Bien!