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Anna Nagar East    & IN 1 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 26221010, 26223031
  • No. 7 Ground Floor, Asha Manor Complex, 3rd Avenue, Anna Nagar East, Anna Nagar, Chennai
  • Continental, Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 700

17 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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Eden Reviews


home delivery - late and irrelevant charges

I am writing this on the heels of receiving home delivery from eden in anna nagar.

1. Order placed at 8 pm. Delivered at 9.30 pm. I had to call them 5 times and push the staff to no avail.

2. The bill contained a) Sales Tax b) Service Taxes c) Home Delivery Charges. This is unfair and downright incorrect. Where is the question of service tax when it is home delivered and when they have charged for home delivery. I am not using their facility (AC or not) in any way. When asked, the staff who took the order said "this is what we charge". That's it.

3. The cost is significantly high and the quantity has been reduced along the same lines. Now this is subjective and the management may respond saying that they serve the same quantity. I've eaten and home ordered several times over the past years. The reduction in quantity is true. But with no standard specified/enforced by the government, what say does the customer have in any way ?

4. The only silver lining is the taste of food. But that does not just anything written above.


4quality - Burrp User


8 Reviews

November 17,2012


Very Poor Food

Tried this place twice and its been horrible. Customer Service is good but the food is no way upto quality, tried the corn toast but the bread was burnt, then tried some tandoori dishes but they are too spicy and oily. Not a good place to eat with children around.


dhanyas - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 24,2012


Awesome food

The food @ Eden, Anna Nagar is mouth watering. The customer service is too good. Totally enjoyed. Have been there more than 10 times and will continue to go.


sganesh.7 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 25,2011


watch out; it can get personal :)

well we've been patrons of eden for a few years and even hosted a couple of birthday parties for my kid out there - but the last one was not as good as the previous one more so because we didnt tip them what they expected !!! for a bill of 22k i was not keen tipping more than 400 and the guys got offended - and then we visit them last night, the gentlemen who take orders are automatically curt and there goes the immediate decline on the service !!! it is sad that i wont be visiting them again but it is crazy to think that a 400 INR tip can still put off people who were below average in attending to a 50 member crowd that night !!


September 26, 2011response from management at Eden:

Hi! this is totally uncalled for. the staff who come for outdoors n the restaurant staff are totally different. they don't even come in contact with each other. so your claim that seeing you the service declined is not right. secondly, our staff never behave the way you say they did just because the tip was low. please contact me on 98410 34060, i'll only be too happy to talk to you. - venky

October 1, 2011response from management at Eden:

Mr venky - good to see a response from the management but before you that you should ask whether the party was hosted in your basement or outside - and it was very much in your basement - and it was your very own staff that came down one floor; and i even know the gentleman who handles these party requests. I dont wish to name people here but this is a TRUE and GENUINE response to the people out there on the internet that the staff were genuinely UPSET at the tip and it showed when we returned there last weekend.
I dont wish to post my num


decent place

want a quiet place just to enjoy food and may be talk a little, then head to this place... quality of food is very good.. price is decent... only thing is that quality of service is poor... its quite crowded on week-ends.. so go early or avoid it ....


Cheesy and not Greasy!!!

If you love cheese and hate stuff greasy.... Like some non chinese place serve noodles (Saravana Bhavan), this isnt like that. They really take care of OIL and keep it away. Chef's baked bowl is too cheesy. Avoid the french fries.... the Oil is always bad.... As i said... they usually dont use oil and dont know how to use it as well. NO WEEKENDS... If on Weekends... definately not after 8:30 PM... Bon Apetite,.,,


Suseela MJ  - Burrp User

Suseela MJ

25 Reviews

February 21,2010


A different kinda veg!

A well decorated quaint little place nestled Anna Nagar. Well-lit with good ambiance.The food menu was pretty decent with a good selection of Indian, Italian, Chinese etc dishes. The drink and soup sections of the menu were especially mind boggling with the different and unique options-must try! The food arrived at a perfect temperature! I tried the Eggplant Parmesan which was excellent. Some of the continental dishes can be a too cheesy... The staff and service were a bit of a let down. Not so friendly but the food and drinks make up for that! Overall a nice place to grab some unique and different grub!




Should we pay the staff to smile a little? totally avoidable.The food was just about...alright.I think we were mostly bugged by the REALLY REALLY loud bunch of girls dining and whining away.Really,is it a must to talk loud at lunch?
so getting back to the place,its a negative from me.And when its a negative,there's really nothing to say,is there? :) I'd go to Cream Centre any day.



vegetarians rejoice !

Unique and diverse menu. (indian, italian, chinese...)
I highly recommend the veg tandoori platter and pumpkin peanut soup !
Great ambiance, friendly service, great food.

(I have only been to the anna nagar outlet but have heard great things about the others as well)



Vegetarian food is not boring!!!

Can vegetarian food be exciting? Being a non-veggie, I never believed so till I visited Eden. Whenever we visited this place, we had to wait for at least 30 min, which proves the above point.
My all time favorite here is the Tandoori Mushroom. Juicy, tender, tangy and out of the world.
Service here is not up to the mark, but can be forgiven provided you check for correctness of the bill.



Good dining location for vegetarians

I have been here thrice over the past 18 months with my wife and two kids. The following are my observations, summarized from all the three visits:


1. A wide variety of vegetarian dishes (including south indian, north indian, continental (mainly italian))
2. Moderately spiced, easy on the stomach preparation
3. Served food is set to the right temperature
4. Soup items are particularly good

My fav here is the continental eggplant parmigiana, but the serving is small, and that is a let down

Ambience and location

1. Located in a nice spot at Anna Nagar (right opp to K4 P.S.) -- not much traffic
2. Tastefully decorated interiors, no eye-jarring colors or decor

Customer Service:

1. Very crowded during weekend evenings, expect to wait for at least 30 minutes
2. Waiters and workers are probably over-worked, and hence not as cheerful and prompt as you would expect, particularly for the price you pay
3. Quite often, very long wait at the table for even drinking water, leave alone your order

Impact on your wallet/purse:

1. Pricey (particularly in the background of crowd, service quality and the casual attitude of waiters/staff)
2. Food quantity is not in proportion to the price paid. More so because the food tastes good. At the end of it, you are left longing for more (a typical soup+one dish combo for 2 adults and 2 children -- both below 7 yrs of age -- would be around Rs. 1000, incl. 10% tips).



Poor service

I have been to Eden twice and on both occassions have sufferred from apathy.
One of the basic rules in the restaurtant business would be to ensure that all the members of a party get their food at the same time- you dont want you friends to wait for their meal while you either eat or allow your meal to get cold!
They did not even have the courtesy to serve us water until we had ordered. Something so simple as "steamed rice" took 15 minutes to get to the table.
In short- The food's alright but the service leaves a lot to be desired.
If you prefer to be really waited upon, then this is not the place for you, especially on a weekend!


Excellent Eden

Today evening we had a big family get-together (16 people) and I was handed over the responsibility of choosing a good restaurant for the occasion. Panicking I tuned into Burrp for some recommendations. As Anna Nagar was my choice for locality, EDEN caught my attention. As the reviews were good, I was curious. And also strangely I was somehow confident that this would be a good place.

BINGO! My instincts were true! Eden had a pleasant ambiance, peaceful and calm atmosphere, good air conditioning, tasty food and some good service. Relatives were very satisfied and thanked me for choosing the restaurant!! They were surprised that they never knew of this good restaurant before. Now I'm sure that they would visit often and also spread the word.

Thanks to Burrp for the help.


Good place for Veggies

Been to Eden Anna Nagar... The food was quite good. I feel if you are lucky enough to go when the restaurant is not fully packed you get good service as well.

Understand since they have opened this Anna nagar branch recently these teething problems are bound to happen. They should organise themselves to manage the place when it is fully packed.


tapas05 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

September 29,2008


Keeping up the Standards

I am regular visitor to Besant Nagar's Branch. I visited the Anna Nagar place once. They kept their high standards. Congratulations.


pdilip - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 30,2008


Veggie delight

I've heard about Eden and the long queues in order to have great vegetarian food at Besant Nagar. I haven't been able to check out their Besant Nagar outlet but managed to go to the Anna Nagar one and to sum it up I can say its simply superb.

It was a good break from the regular non-veg diet of mine and they did have a lot of choices in their completely veg menu. It ranges from pumpkin soups to Dum biriyani. I tried out Baby corn fry, chef's baked bowl and penne pasta today and they were great !

It was crowded but they were really swift in serving the customers thereby avoiding queues that I have got used to on Saturday Nights


The same great food, without the crowds

Eden Anna Nagar came as a pleasant surprise. I had always believed that the incredibly popular Besant Nagar version was a one-off miracle, a lucky combination of a great chef/kitchen staff and killer location. I would never imagined that Eden, the ever crowded, no-reservations, miniature cubby-hole could successfully pull of a branch effort, especially with their long-time "Only at Besant Nagar" status.

But hey, they have done it. The Anna Nagar avatar is larger, serves the same great veggie food and importantly does not force you to wait 45 minutes for a seat on any day after 7 pm like the Besant Nagar one.