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> > > > Emilio's Gelateria

Emilio's Gelateria

Besant NagarChennai  

  • On Elliots Beach , 6th Avenue, Sea front, Besant Nagar, Chennai
  • Ice-cream

7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Emilio's Gelateria Reviews

Real Italian

Gelato shakes are the must try here at the Emilios's Galateria.

was lil bit crowded on the sunday afternoon. Worth the wait.

This place is heaven for the couple.



Too Bad

Over Hyped place and nothing so special.
Most of the ice cream flavors are pretty ordinary.


What Ice cream?

So I just tasted what should compete for the worst ice creams ever.

I'm a big fan of Gelato and subscribe to the subtle variations in flavor this branch of dessert caters to. And we've set high bench marks post introduction to Subway's Fresco.

Emilio's served up Ice cream that reeked of strong cheap essence. I did not gravitate to any of the fancy variations and stuck to 'Chocolate'. Now, I don't know what Choco gelato is made of but I could feel the bland flavor of choc powder that probably went into making this. For a change of taste I tucked into my friends Orange flavour and stopped shot of spitting it out. For those of you who have grown up in Madras in the 80's and recollect the taste of Goli mithai; well, the 'taste' was close. And tasted as 'cheap'.

Stay away.


A Must Try!

I went on a Sunday Evening to this small place. There weren't much flavors to back on. There were the common flavors vanilla , strawberry etc. There was a flavor called Grapefruit which instantly took my attention and I ordered the same with the Cone. And I never regretted for ordering the Flavor! It was awesome !! The best part was when I ate the ice cream and the cone together.... the whole taste changed ..... I still get a tingling feeling when I think about it !!! Rupee worth spent!! A must try for all the Gelatino Lovers!!!!!! Would like to try all the flavors available in the Outlet!!!


Emilio's Gelateria!

After my experience at Planet Yumm on Besant Nagar beach, I walked past Barrista and in the corner found a board, Emilio's Gelateria, Authentic Italian Gelato.

It is a very small place with just a display unit showing all the flavours available.

They do not allow you to tase flavours here. Company policy , I was told. You can tase at their outlets at ECR and Mylapore I was told.

Ambience: Just a small ice cream / gelato dispensing area. Air conditioned.

Product: I tried their hazel nut flavour in a cone. Excellent!

The guys there say gelato is 94% fat free, waffle cone vegetarian and all natural etc...

Price: Definitely more than ordinary ice cream. But once you taste it, you will get hooked.

Would I go there again? Yes. At least to taste their other flavours.

Service: Its a small place and there is one guy there who has a permanent grin on his face!



Yummy indeed.

A small place with great yummy gelatos. As said by the previous reviewer this place can't hold more than 2 people but then we have a beautiful beach out there to slurp on the gelatos. Previously the space was used as an ATM,so you can get an idea about the length and breadth.

The gelatos are vegetarian and even better they are 94% fat free,a boon for all those who avoid ice creams to beat the fat problem.

They have 6-7 flavors and I had gone with a group of 7 so was lucky to taste almost all the flavors. Mango was the best for my taste buds. The next place goes to hazelnut.

The cost is around 50 for two scoops which is pretty normal when compared to the other outlets selling gelatos.

Don't miss Emilios it just rounds off a trip to the elliot's beach.


Gelato, that would eat up any ice cream!

I'm quite a regular at the Besant Nagar beach. I'm a pure vegetarian as well (that includes no eggs, gelatin and any other animal product).

Gelato are gelatin free food. Its more thicker and richer in taste compared to the ice cream. Gelato are not ice ream.

Emilios was a dream come true when i saw them set the shop one night (they were due to open for business the next morning).
The first thing that caught my eye was the 100% vegetarian label. Emilios is an amazing place. They have around 8 -10 flavors everyday. And i should say, they have some really nice flavors, like the peach mango, hazelnut, caramel and vanilla, coffee and and a lot more. They have a couple of flavor of the day as well.
You can get your scoops on a cup or a waffle cone (an egg less one of course! ) and there a couple of other things like shakes available.

Now for the cost. People who are happy with their softys and candy bar ice creams and other cheaper alternatives, would probably think twice to try this place. A scoop of gelato almost costs 50 bucks. And trust me on this one, its worth it! Its a must visit for people who might want to try out something different on the beach stretch.
The quantity is very satisfying as well. 2 scoops of ice cream is really filling.

Emilios its very tiny, not more than 3 people can stand inside. (we can take turns right?!) Nothing much for the interiors, a nice cool green and they have a very inviting green board outside. The staff are well informed about the product and are very friendly (i had to ask them a couple of questions before trying it). I really don't have any negative thoughts about the place.

Conclusion: Must try... and you will be back for more!