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  • Express Avenue Mall, Express Avenue Mall, No. 49/50 L, Whites Road, Royapettah, Chennai
  • Chocolates, Juice

9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Emo Reviews

good hangout place

i have been plenty of times to this unique place 'nonalchoholic pub'. i must say they make one of the best sizzlers. the mocktails r not great and sheesha is also ordinary but the service and ambience is very good. this is a perfect place for friends to meet up. The Music is also great.


Sneha   - Burrp User


5 Reviews

February 10,2011



Went there a few days back for a couple of drinks! I must say that they have tried to create a very new generation ambience - the inside seating was good but the outside was very uncomfortable and extremely dusty and noisy from cars getting down to the basement parking and outside parking ( this area is in the parking lot) .
The shakes that we ordered were very ordinary and nothing to chirp about. The very plus point about the place is the service - very attentive and friendly cheerful staff!

Service charge is applied like in most of the restaurants today and i have no big complaints on that as i understand it takes care a of a lot of issues.



Live band .... fresh mocktails

EMO is just not another hangout to the endless list´s of hangouts in Chennai... It gives a pub feel and a cozy look..... Food is quite decent ..mock tails are pretty good.... Music is loud for a lounge atmosphere but one can always sit out.... Its my friends place so have to be really neutral ... But I have a strong feeling this place will really rock and give us a different experience in near future ..

I would like to see live music in weekend ( Just a Irish pub feel)
Some happy hours .... and theme days where people can really look forward ... would help

news that they are trying to rope as many live bands as possible for the weekend and this weekend they have one ... Its on Saturday @6Pm.....

Best wishes to EMO ......



Bands @emo!

@aish: for emo's opening night they had a group called molotov cocktails, wish i had an invite! :( So i'm expecting bands like that to perform on weekends. There are rumours that they plan to host college bands. Just have to wait and see!



Emo-tional! 2

Yeah id heard thr were gonna b bands performing as well.. any idea whn dey r gonna perform.. wat kinda musik etc??



New concept.

i liked the place.. good music & good service.. i had the chicken burger and a mojito.. good combination.. get alcohol soon guys.. cant wait.. manager said there will be weekend bands etc.. will come back to chek it out..




Sexy place!! food was simply amaze-emo! :D
i think its started by a couple of young engineers & they totally GET and are WITH wat we really need! the price range is so broad anyone can hit this place.. i went there after a BIG disappointment from elementz(do not go there!) and we actually had a little trouble locating this place.. easiest directions.. backside of emo .. walk past the rado showroom(ithink).. and once u get to the back side let the music guide you!! you'd think it'd be loud in there but its surprisingly just right! i had the burger(big and tasty!) and coke! yeah dint have the mocktail just yet.. and of course the sheesha! great flavour! Im going back tonight with my friend.. the manager tipped us that cricketers will be hitting the place tonight! cya at EMO folks!

@vinod_b: emo-ed? whatever it means nice catchphrase..
im emo-ed as well! :D



My first review!

EMO! super place! gr8 musik! gud food! I went with my gal pals and v hd a gr8 time! Perfect plac 2 go after hrs @ the mall! Gotta chk it out ppl! ITS AMAZING!! My parents wont let us go 2 a pub just yet, but dis dey just dont mind! Luuvvvvd the Peach iced tea & pesto!
Good Luck 2 d EMO boys!
IM EMO-ED as well! :)


vinod_b - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 28,2011


Suprise surprise!

I had my curiosities about what exactly a non-alcholic pub would be. I was half expecting old world english style interiors with plenty of mocktails and I wasn't entirely wrong. There were plenty of mocktails on offer, but the interiors were pure urbania.
There's are two areas, an outdoor lounge and an indoor resto bar. The indoor has garage band-meets-the bar setup. Graffiti on the walls, rusted deliberately unfinished metallic plates for walls & a full size drum-set that IS the WASH! Now who wouldve thought of that! If the Dj pumping loud doesnt do it for you, the wash certainly will! And speaking of the DJ, ask him for a "Special" and he will play a quite loud collection which actually smokes the speakers! Literally! Trust me just ask for it! The outdoor area is an alter ego of whats inside. You are well insulated from the music inside and a pleasant place to be (Oh the lovely cool breeze). Decor here is more garage band-meets-lounge! you have to see it for yourself! the place totally works!

Now, the food.

The food was excellent! We ordered the 2 mocktails(one was a mojito.. dont remember what the other was, but it was red & tasted a little wierd) quesadillas(chicken), roma chicken pasta and a Filet Champgnon. My friend loved the pasta & I the filet. Perfectly cooked, well seasoned.

We went around 8-ish after some shopping & the place was actually very relaxing! But from what I heard from the manager, weekends going to be quite the opposite!

So I give the place two thumbs up! Wouldve given four if i had em!

New different place~ dont ask what a non-alcholic pub exactly is~ whatever it is, i like their interpretation of it!

excellent food, cant wait to go on a weekend and try something else on the menu!

ive been emo-ed!