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  • 43084708, 9566167736
  • 9-B, 1st Floor, Kakani Towers, 34(15), Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
  • Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 650

15 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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Equinox Reviews

Sue James - Burrp User

Sue James

7 Reviews

January 25,2012


That's a 5 on 5!!!

You can't go to equinox and not fall in love with the place. It's simply falling-in-love-able (if thats a word). I've been there twice and as if the food weren't enough reason to go there (don't worry I'm getting to the food part soon) they gave us a discount coupon the last time we went there. So hell yea I'm going back very very soon.

Please allow me to describe the food. I am a foodie through n through n through. So when I begin to explain the crunchy spring rolls, the spicy but oh so delicious crispy cauliflower (yes they have a fabulous veg menu as well) and the spicy chicken lollipops (wait am i drooling here?) you have just got to believe me and take me for my word. And that's only the starters. The sides (veg manchurian and szechwan chicken) teamed with hakka noodles (suggested by the waiter, who was incredibly helpful) were just a dream. (Wonder who the chef is...Would be worth getting to know the guy :D)

The ambience is perfect, the food is out of this world and the location is spot on. This place is amazing!!! i cant appreciate it enough!! It's on the first floor so don't miss it in the maze of signboards on that building. It's an absolute vice waiting to b found, experienced and repeated over and over and over.


Shweta86 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 19,2011


Awsomenessssssss !!!

Equinox.... A place to visit... had been there on a Saturday with couple of my friends and we enjoyed every moment..... of course the highlight was sharing our own personal stories.LOL....ok here is my review..... Ambience... It was lovely unlike the usual Chinese tradition... choice of colours was nice...(brown & orange) good theme with soft music...... & good lighting.... food.. was EXCELLENT..... in fact I would say this is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Chennai city..... we had seafood spinach soup -- good, cereal prawns ---- excellent, there was some rice served with gravy (orange in color ---- yummm), mix veg with cashew nuts --- was good, last but not least chilly beef.... wow.... this was the best of all... beef was so tender & well cooked... completed our meal with hot plate brownie served with ice cream and yea like someone said... they do serve Hershey's choc sauce... keep it up guys.... price was very reasonable...service was good.....Overall had a gala time .... We are coming there soon !!!

To the owner of this place... You guys are doin a gr8 job... but hardly people know about Equinox... Get your restaurant advertised and you will make a fortune...


ajuhi101 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

December 06,2011


great quality

i have been to this place twice and can't get enuf of it... its beter than most chinese restaurants i have been 2 in chennai... even cascade... chicken n prawns r so soft n tender...
whatever i have ordered, i have liked it.. here are my suggestions for yr dining experience...
1. soup- manchow is great
2. prawn lovers shd have golden fried prawns.
3. spring rolls r ok ok...
4. veggies shd try veg balls in cashew nuts... my vegeterian frnds said that main course dishes r also a lot better than other places...
5. among noodles i like hor fun n sea food fried fried is nice
6. kung pao chicken, hunan chicken n prawn manchurian is my fav...
7. do not have roast chicken, quanity is small...
its a great place guys, do try it once if u r a chinese lover like me...


average experience!

good food, good service

3 days back, I was there with my fiance. we aren't early diners, but that day, we walked into the restaurant at 7! and yes, we were the first there that evening.

we were warmly welcomed and were seated in a nice corner. interiors decently done. once we were given the menu, we didn't know what to go for.... obviously.... when u have too many choices, its hard to choose one! so I decided to go by the previous burrpers reviews....

we were damn hungry that evening! so, we hogged! (never mind!)
so for starters.... we ordered
clear wanton soup - good (very normal)
popcorn chicken - ok! (bite sized yes! but didnt get the taste of chicken at all... guess it was battered too much!)
cereal prawns - good (thought it would be crisp, but came as masala prawns with an Indo-Chinese flavor) wasn't wow as i was expecting)
cordon bleu - good! (i loved it... its a mushroom and minced chicken starter!)
main course:
deep fried baby corn - ok! (very normal)
chicken hakka noodles - ok! (normal again)
pepper chicken gravy - ok! (normal, yet again)
last, but definetely not the least... the dessert....! we were suggested hot chocolate brownie...!
god! it was yummmmmmmm! damn good!

so overall, the bill came upto rs.950/- (after 2 discount vouchers used. original bil was rs.1350/-.. well i said we decided to hog as we were damn hungry!l)
food - 3.5 / 5
service - 3 / 5
ambience - 3 / 5
price - 3 / 5
quantity - 4.5/5



Real Good Chinese! Must Try

Equinox!!! Name doesn't sound chinese, but they do serve pretty good chinese food. On to ambience..its cool! Service..Good!
This is wat we ordered:
Seafood spinach soup, Lajiao mixed veg, Lo han chai (hope the name is rite), some rice stuff..not sure of the name. It was topped with gravy and was too good. And chicken (don rember the name)..really good. I wud rate the food 4.5/5. Overall we had a nice evening and wud certainly visit again. Ooh...the plate brownie...yummoooo.
Hope they maintain their quality as they grow.
Good Luck to the team!!!



Value for Money

My wife and I heard great things about Equinox from a friend and being the foodies that we are, we decided to give it a try along with two other friends. A whole lot of people have posted good reviews about the place on and some other sites and as a result our expectations were set quite high right at the start. Probably because of that, we weren't floored by the overall dining experience. We had made a reservation in advance but when we walked in at 8.40PM, we found that only one table was occupied. We didn't even end up mentioning our reservation and straightaway just asked for a table. The ambiance was in the okay to good range...wasn't anything that really made us think 'Wow...This place is so thoughtfully/tastefully done up'.

Some reviews that we had read mentioned the seafood soup and cordon bleu from the starters section. We decided that we wouldn't gamble too much in the first visit and hence decided that we would begin with the seafood soup, cordon bleu and veg steamed wontons. The service staff seemed a little over eager to get us to place our order quickly and over the course of the evening, on several occasions they hovered around our table, butting into our conversations and I found that a little annoying. The soup was just about okay, nothing to write home about. The Cordon Bleu failed to deliver - it was dry and not really tasty and certainly didn't match up to the sort of reviews that we had read. The biggest disappointment however was the wontons. I would expect any place that calls itself a Chinese restaurant to get the basic wontons right but in Equinox that was not to be. Each wonton had too much wrapper that was stretched out and a bit too soggy. This coupled with the miniscule amount of filling in each wonton made it quite unpleasant to eat. Overall, the soup and the starters were quite disappointing.

In the main course, we decided that we would experiment even less and hence stuck with the standard Veg Hakka Noodles, Schezwan Fried Rice, Chicken Manchurian and Veg Manchurian. Fortunately, these turned out to be fairly good. The Schezwan Fried Rice in particular stood out and helped us get over the poor start to the meal, which the soup and appetizer had provided, to some extent. Another plus is the value for money - the entire meal cost us about Rs.300 per head which we felt was quite economical. However, that definitely did not do enough to get us to want to visit again or recommend it to friends. Going wrong with something as basic as wontons and waiters not giving you space and interrupting conversations - these are huge turnoffs!

Considering our experience at Equinox, we would probably score the place as follows.
Ambiance - 3/5 (Nothing great, but nothing wrong with it either)
Service - 2/5 (Waiters seemed inadequately trained and a touch nervous)
Food - 3/5 (Starters were a letdown but the main course made up for it to some extent)
Value for Money - 4/5 (Definitely worth the fare)

Overall - 3/5



Very good experience

Based on the reviews that I read on Burrp, yesterday I took my family to Equinox. It was a very good experience. The interiors, lighting, colour combination, welcome, seating arrangement, music (quality & volume), air conditioning etc has been very clearly thought off.

We ordered for a veg clear soup, fried baby corn, steamed veg wontons & haka noodles. I must say, everything was very well cooked & served with a lot of warmth.

What needs to be improved is the parking. Valet parking is not provided & one needs to find a parking slot on KNK road & then walk to the restaurant.

Great job guys.....keep it up !!!

Look forward to coming again next time.



October 18, 2011response from management at Equinox:

Hi Manoj,

Thanks for putting a smile on our face & certainly appreciate your review. We are working on the parking to make it more convenient to all our guests.

Keep coming & feel at home.

Shirly KV


IMO, Best Chinese Food Evaa..!

A lover of Vegetarian Chinese food, this place made my taste buds happy and ask for more. Been to this place more than five times.. (yes more than five) and I still haven't lost the appetite to go there. For starters, I love the ambience, the nice chinese flavored peanut bites they give at first and their fried okras. For main course (which has now become the standard order)- love the schewan rice (the best I have ever had) with veg balls. More desserts need to be on the menu but by the time I think of one..I'm already more than tummy full. Thanks Equinox for the lovely experiences we have had and hope many people get to experience theirs. 5 Stars


October 17, 2011response from management at Equinox:

Hi Preethika... Thanks a ton for the valuable feedback... and before we forget... you are one of our esteemed guests... We are bringing in more options and currently working on it. Please keep coming and hope to see you, your friends & family more often.

Equinox Team

October 17, 2011response from management at Equinox:

Dear Preethika,

It was nice to read your review. Such inspiring lines is what keeps us wanting to do more. We will thrive to be one of the best dining place in Chennai & I'm confident that its not going to be long with esteemed guest like yourself.

Many Thnx
Shirly KV


Good Food

I had an issue earlier with this restaurant regarding their promotional vouchers which I couldn't use but the owner of this place was nice enough to call me all the way from singapore to get the problem resolved.

Now coming to the actual dining experience, I was greeted very warmly by the management there and found the setting to be pleasant and comfortable.

This is what i ordered

Spinach sea food soup - It was really good, filled with crab meat, prawns and fish, 5/5

Cereal Prawns - I felt this was good but not "out of this world" like the way reviewer chikku expressed it to be, 4/5

Prawn Noodles - I forgot the exact name of this dish but it was nice, 4/5

Chinese Tea - It's complimentary but SO GOOD. I would rate it 7 stars if I could. The only other time i've ever had such authentic chinese tea was when I visited Singapore.

Quality - 5 stars for food quality

all in all, I had an enjoyable meal here and will visit again.


September 23, 2011response from management at Equinox:

Dear Murali!

It was a pleasure talking to you & I'm glad that we could resolve the matter. This is Equinox, we take our business seriously & guest relation always tops the list.

Thanks a ton for the valuable feedback & welcome to Equinox. :)

Shirly KV

Great Going Guys....

It's my 2nd time to Equinox & we just love their food. This time we tried their Cereal Prawns, it was just out of the world. Juicy prawns tossed in cereals for that unique taste... I would rate this 6/5...Guys this is something not to be missed.

Three of us had gone for dinner & used only 1 voucher bought from deals&u. Our total bill was Rs.700 but with the promotion we just spent Rs.450 for a tummy filling, sumptuous meal...

Equinox is now in my list of favourite restaurants.... Will come again for another new treat...


September 16, 2011response from management at Equinox:

Hi Chikku

Good Day!! Thank you for your valuable feedback and your liking towards Equinox. We specialize in cereal prawns and it s for health watchers which is originally from Singapore.

We currently have promotions going on with Snap Deals - you may want to check them out.

Thanks once again Chikku for the positive feedback and please keep coming.

Equinox Team

eatalot - Burrp User


7 Reviews

September 13,2011


Average food. Poor Service.

Having read the reviews on burrp, went here with my friend couple of weeks back on a friday night. Had few issues to spot a parking and also the restaurant. The interiors of the restaurant was good. Nice theme n all. Wanted to order their speciality which none of the 3 order takers knew nothing about. Finally a guy from the management (cud be Owner or manager) suggested us their speciality. Steamed dumplings and a noodle n a gravy. The food arrived to our table in decent time. But the food was just kept instead of being served. There was absolutely nobody other than us two in the restaurant and yet they didnt serve the food which is unacceptable. The dumpling was bad. There was hardly any stuffing and it felt a bit raw. Undercooked. The noodles and gravy was okay. All through our time there the service guys were immersed watching television instead of attending to us and also I think this place is completely understaffed. if only this place gets busy it will be completely messed up coz the order takers have no knowledge about the food they serve an trying to push for expensive dishes. Overall an average show. I would like to suggest the owner to change the order takers and look into setting standards in serving area. Also the place needs signage.


September 14, 2011response from management at Equinox:

Hi Eatalot

Firstly thank you for your feedback & certainly appreciate your views. Let me take this opportunity to address your concerns.

1. Parking - As you are aware that we are located in one of the prime areas in Chennai, customers either park their car in KNK road or Wallace Garden Road. We also have basement car park facility which can be utilized in the evenings.

2. Signage - To locate us better we are coming up with 2 additional sign boards.

3. Waiters - We have alerted our waiters on this matter. Ne

mrithun - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 03,2011


Great Place!

Amazing Food,wonderful Ambience,Great Service, Friendly Staff.All in One Perfect combination.Truly was an Excellent Experience dining here. Highly Recommend this place for a good, hassle free meal.


September 3, 2011response from management at Equinox:

Thanks Mrithun for rating us execellent, it was indeed a pleasure in serving you and we are pleased to hear that you have truly enjoyed dining at Equinox.

Look forward to see you again

Equinox Team

Fantastic Chinese food!

It was a long time since I had Chinese food so after reading the reviews here I decided to go for Equinox last Sunday. The ambiance and the interiors are really well done and classy. Not being in any mood to experiment we had the usual Chinese - a bowl of sweet corn veg soup, veg fried rice, noodles and veg and chicken manchurian. The food was tasty and not too oily or pungent with vinegar and spices. The portions on all the dishes was also quite generous. I had the dream waffle for dessert which was the only disappointment as the waffle was tough. But the staff promised me they would fix that the next time. Speaking of the staff and waiters, they were very friendly and courteous. We also met the owner's daughter Shirley who came to our table more than once to make sure we didn't have any complaints. The prices of the dishes were also very reasonable. All in all a very good experience and I hope to come back here next I get a craving for some Chinese! I hope they keep up their high quality service as the restaurant becomes more popular.


September 1, 2011response from management at Equinox:

Dear Sanscoob,
Thank you for your valuable feedback & certainly appreciate your views. Apart from the quality of food that we serve in Equinox, customer satification is also our utmost priority. We ensure that every diner has a plesant experience when he/she leaves the premises.

Our waffles are freshly made everyday. We value your comments & I am personally looking into the matter. As a token of appreciation, on your next visit the dessert will be on the house.

Equinox team

Chennai's new synonym for Chinese

Hi All !!went to equinox last friday fr dinner wid ma frens my surprise the restaurants ambience and interiors were so subtle and lighting was perfect....the hospitality was great...and now the food ...let me tell u what we ate and will rate it accordingly..
1. Cordon Blue (6/5) simply super delicious must try !!
2.Chiili Beef(5/5) the softest beef in the entire city ...i can bet 1000 bucks if any one can get me better beef!! r u ready
3.XO fried rice(4.5/5) crab meat fried rice..theres also one more rice forgot the name really excellent it has rice with some sauce..
4.Lung Fung Soup(5/5) this soup is available in every restaurant in chennai and nothin tasted better than this lung fung ..may be not the best soup but the best lung fung.
5.Chicken drums of heaven( 3/5) very normal just like any other restaurant...
6.Sizzler brownie was really good (4/5) they used original hershey sauce ..saw them pouring in fron of us....but unfortunately they had very little variety in the desserts seeme to be a negative......
so Equinox makes a fine dining experience
to rate the restaurant
Price -----5/5 very economical ...we were 6 frens.. had so much the bill was just Rs1900.....
in case u arent happy wid my review pls feel free to screw me...!!!!


August 29, 2011response from management at Equinox:

Hi Madan,

Firstly thank you very much for taking time to give us a detailed feedback. We strongly believe that getting feedback from our customers, is certainly, one of the best ways to get our business moving ahead and also improvise to attain a great level of customer satisfaction.

All the more, during our early stages, we are glad upon having received remarkable comments for some of our dishes like “Cordon Bleu”, “Chilli Beef” ,”XO fried rice”, our chef’s speciality sauce, Lung fung soup etc.,.,Adding on the rice w


The ambience is simply superb & the food is fantastic. Prices are very reasonable & affordable. To start with I tried the Cordon Blue, it was something new so wanted to give a try. It was a combination of minced chicken with creamy cheese filling that was great. For health conscious people like me the freshly made Apple Carrot juice is a must to try. Every dish is a thumbs-up. I will definitely come back Equinox :)


August 22, 2011response from management at Equinox:

Thanks a ton Chikku for your review... it was of great help.... alot of customers turned up after reading ur review.... and so far we have recieved only positive comments... on food and ambience... we have recieved good reviews on facebook too.. Please do visit us again as you are one of our pioneer customers. Thanks.. Equinox Team