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> > > Fresca Pizza

Fresca Pizza

Khader Nawaz Khan Road  

  • 42068484, 8939933039
  • New No. 32, Platinum Building, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
  • Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 1200

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Fresca Pizza Reviews

Something missing

The location is awesome. The decor is equally awesome. But the food I thought missed something. For one, the menu is too small. I liked the Pepperoni pizza. I also enjoyed the Ravioli. But other than that I cannot think of anything else interesting. Also the prices are too steep for the limited variety on display. I Have not tried their desserts but will do some day. The place is good but it could be great if some improvements are made.



Amazing food!!

Was there for a private dinner night. The food is simply amazing. Had the Ajo Blanco for the soup. Right from the first sip it you simply forget everything around you. Really goodvstuff. This soup is a must try. For the pastas we had the Three Cheese Ravioli, another brilliant dish. You have to try this if you love pasta and cheese. The pizzas are really good. Try the Margherita pizza with Basil topping. SImple and very delicious. Also the Artechoke and pesto and the three cheese pizza. And finally coming to the dessert had the Thiramisu. Wow!!! Great place to have good food. Nice ambience.


Good Food, Very Overpriced, Small Portions

A cozy gourmet pizzeria like Fresca Pizza is a welcome addition to Chennai's dining scene. Yes, the food tastes very good, but our experience was a mixed bag at the end of the day, as we didn't feel we quite got the right value for the money we spent.

I ordered one of the specials of the day, Pepperoni Pizza Napoli. The meat was obviously imported and the pizza simply exploded with delightful flavour. Perfectly baked, but at a steep price of Rs. 600, I do expect a slightly larger slice, despite acknowledging that the pepperoni and cheeses would have been sourced at a high cost.

My wife ordered the 3 Cheese Ravioli. Again, a winner of a dish with a pitch perfect balance of flavours. The sauce was a little too thin and watery for my liking, but the overall taste of the dish allowed me to look past it. What I felt was unforgivable however was the ridiculously small size of the serving, which at Rs. 300+ did not even come close to a size of a sumptuous dinner portion.

Before the main course, we ordered the Caprese Salad. It's a simple enough salad comprising of tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil leaves, olive oil, and in this case, a nice touch of pesto. While presented well, my complaint again was with the pricing of the salad at Rs. 400 which seemed unfair, considering the ingredients. At least for the Pizza Napoli, one can make a case for the steep pricing citing the imported meat and flour, but I'd love to know what ingredient(s) in that Insalata Caprese warrant(s) such a ridiculous price.

One of the signatures of any Italian restaurant globally is a generous quantity of serving. Real lovers of Italian cuisine almost always take this for granted when seeking out new restaurants. Unfortunately, despite serving great tasting food, Fresca Pizza fell very short of providing an experience for me to cherish. As we finished our main course, we didn't feel like we had finished dinner. We paid the bill, went elsewhere for a late-night snack and heavy dessert.

Did I enjoy the food? Yes. Would I dine at Fresca again? Only if I'm in the mood to splurge my hard-earned money on sampling food, not if I want to be fed well.




As a staunch non-vegetarian, I was totally surprised by the fact that I liked the vegetarian pizzas about as much, if not more than the non-veg ones.

The veg pizza with fresh peppers and the pepperoni pizza were my favourites. The dark chocolate hot pot was the best desert I've had in this city for a while.

Definitely check them out!


Not the kind of pizza i was looking for

Me and my friend visited fresca pizzeria on a weekend.We were so hungry and both of us decided to have pizza that night.We ordered a pesto artichoke(heard that its a very popular pizza over here) and a three cheese ravioli.The pizza was not the kind i was looking for,the ingredients were very unique(though i liked it) but the base was very chewy.It was so chewy that it was difficult for me to swallow it.The ravioli was easily the best dish but the quantity was way too small for two.We decided not to try any desert that day.we left the place hungry and we headed straight to gangotree.The service was pretty good.This place has potential but they need to get the base of the pizza right and need to ensure that customers are served atleast decent quantity for the price they charge.The two dishes cost us about Rs1000.