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Gold Juice Parlor



3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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Gold Juice Parlor Reviews


bad service

Ambiance is okay. pineapple sandwich is quite impressive.

Dry fruit juice is something I like.

But really a horrible service.


Ok for a quick bite

In Apex plaza just below my office.

Small dim lit place with four tables.
Pure veg.
Pricing ok
I make it a point to take home some kind of a sandwich which is the only dish they have apart from pizzas.
I have it delivered to my office.
The service is quick and friendly.
Ok for a snack, definitely not for dinners or luncheons or for those with a big appetite


Better best forgotten

This place is a small juice parlor which used to be an ice cream shop earlier i think.. but wen i entered it looked more professional than I thought with cleanly laid silverware and napkins.. and a variety of sauces displayed on the table to help ourselves.. wow! i thought why is noone in here if this place looks so nice and has a cute lil menu that has everything tht you can snack on while you come to landmark to pick up a book or gift..

This place must be crowded! But hell no..the open kitchen did look fancy pancy but i didnt wanna c the cook dig his ears while makin my sandwich.. n worse to find a hair in it wen it came to me.. eeeeeeeeeeeeeks i jus had a juice .. and walked out b4 i cud puke..

boo.. nice ambiance nice food.. HORRIBLE service.. maybe it was just my exp.. u can try it for a quick bite if u still have the appetite after reading this..