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Hajeeras Kitchen

Velachery Road  


58 Reviews / 77 Ratings

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Hajeeras Kitchen Reviews

bala - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 13,2015





Awesome Biriyani ever among the Chennai restaurants

Great taste of biryani ever had. Bit costlier but so good to taste. Worth going for non-veg biryanis. Started hating other restaurant biryanis after having it from Hajeeraaz

Love it!

Try once at least!!


March 14, 2015response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Happy to see these kind of feed backs from some genuine foodies who really mean what they have in their plates.
Bala ji! Hats off to you for the best complements which will boost our enthusiasm and we will never ever give up the quality, quantity or the taste with friendly service at any cost.
We make chicken 65 with some home made masala's (CONFIDENTIAL) which will make one feel light even its deep fried.
Also if your starters are deep fried in SUNDROP REFINED SUNFLOWER OIL, it adds much taste and healthy enough for a f

worst veg. briyani... to much of cost... worthless for money

I ordered 2kg of veg. biryani from Hajeera's kitchen for a function. There is no taste, no flavor. It is too spice, so children were not able to have it. I do not recommend it to anyone.


March 14, 2015response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Special thanks to Mr. Janakiraman for your valuable feedback posted about Hajeeras Kitchen VEG DUM biryani !!!!
We are almost 15 and we just wanna exist in this SACRED food service industry by stealing some good hearts by serving yummier, always FRESH and healthy DUM Biryani's ever.

In the past 1.5 Decade or so, we have not made huge profits to open up luxury restaurants.

We are still growing with very marginal profit and with no loss at all.
We would like to grow very gradually and our only investmen






Consistency In Taste Quality and Great Service

One of the best biriyani we ever had.

Muslim or the Hyderabadi style dum biryani's, both tastes yummy ever and ever.....

We've been tasting Hajeeras biriyani for years and can feel the great consistency in taste, quality, quantity and no to leave their excellent on time home delivery service.

Be it our home or office, the food is packed neatly and sent on time.

Just raitha, the egg plant bartha and the dessert speak about their quality.

Delicious as ever.

Never miss out on Hajeeras kitchen biryani if you are in Chennai.


March 14, 2015response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thanks Ashu naik Ji for the valuable feedback. We will still grow with you for ever. Thanks!!!

nitin1323 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 04,2014






Good Food -

Wow totally worth it! Just visited last week , totally amused by its biryani.








Many thanks to the reviewers here. With the help of your reviews I tasted the best biryani in Chennai. Veg or non-veg, both are equally yummy. I reside in Chennai and have been here for the past 10 years but this is the first time I tasted original Hyderabad biryani in Chennai. Thanks to Hajeeras Kitchen for giving me the best.


December 16, 2013response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thanks sir for the valuable feedback. But u would have given a 4 or 5 stars for an awesome delicious hygenic biryani of our standards. Thanks once again.

December 16, 2013response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Not just the muslim or hyderabadi biryani, one shud not miss the taste and standards of our accompaniments they get with our biryanis or our international standard takeaway and delivery packings.

ishavinodh - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 07,2013






Truely The Best Briyani....

A Google Search For "Best Briyani In Velachery"Brought This Place Up. After Having Tasted Their Mutton Briyani Which Comes Along With Gulab Jammuns, Brinjal Curry And Raita All I Can Say Is - Its A Must Try! Don't Miss It.
Hyderabadi Chicken Gravy Tasted GOOD.My Only Complaint Was That The Chicken Was Tough And Over Cooked. Sure They Will rectify It Next Time..


Excellent Service, Delicious Food

My colleagues and I had been wanting to order from Hajeera's Kitchen from a long time, having heard rave reviews. We finally called them on Tuesday to order biryani. Unfortunately, they said they were loaded with pre-orders and were unable to take our orders for that day. We were quite disappointed. But, to our surprise, the following day, we got a call from Hajeera's in the morning, apologizing for the previous day and asking if we wanted biryani for lunch that day. We said our office was in Alwarpet and the minimum order value of Rs. 1000 would not be reached as today only 3 of us were there to order. They said that the delivery boy was anyway going to Teynampet and would deliver to our office at around 12.30-1 pm. So, we placed our order of 1 pm. Ordered for a Mutton dum biyani and one chicken dum biryani.
When the food finally arrived, complete with their complementary gulab jamun and dates, we could not help but pounce on the food as we were super hungry. And boy! was it worth the wait. The chicken biryani was heavenly, with soft pieces of chicken, rice thoroughly cooked with the flavoursome masala and the baingan saalan to die for. The end with the soft gulab jamuns made sure we could not move from our seats as we were stuffed with the delicious food.
It was an awesome culinary experience and I would love to try it out again. It was the best dum biryani i have had till now. Just wish Hajeera's had a sit out area so that we could go and enjoy our meals there.
Keep up the good work guys!



Best in taste and hospitality

Firstly thanks to all reviews posted here to choose the best caterer for my son's 2nd birthday party. Starting from placing the order, I was welcomed with great hospitality. Initially I thought of just placing the order on phone but since the person insisted me on tasting a sample before placing the order, I went to the kitchen and was very much delighted with the sample. I placed my order for 14th april for mutton briyani & veg briyani , chicken 65 & Gobi Manchurian for about 35 people. On Sunday the food was delivered perfectly on time as promised and everyone really enjoyed the food be it a mutton or veg briyani or chicken 65. Indeed the quantity was way above than ordered and at last we managed to finish it by packing and giving to people who came for the party.

Please do maintain this same quality and hospitality; you will reach heights. Thanks for the excellent food and hospitality.


April 18, 2013response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thank You Hemanth Sir for the wonderful feedback.

With your valuable blessings and support we will defenetely reach all hearts that are longing for the finest biryani's in Chennai.

We always aim to satisfy each and every customer of us, rather than making more revenue from them just for one time.

We promise you that we will always maintain the quality and hospitality with your valuable love and support.

Thanks once again sir for finding time to write your feedback here on burrp.


Tasty briyani as ever

This is the 2nd time i'm posting my feedback here. Excellent mutton biryani. Wonderful service. On the dot delivery. Will make you try again and again.


April 17, 2013response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thanks Anitha madame!

We are always here to serve you the best hygenic, tastier foods ever with great care and affection.

This time its Easter treat

5 stars again for hajeeras. Last time when I write a review it was the Christmas feast. This time it was the Easter feast @ Hajeeras.

I ordered both muslim mutton briyani and hyd mutton briyani this time from hajeeras.

Both the styles were awesome with differnet flavors and great aroma.

we can say their onion raitha as curd icecream. one can eat as much as he can. That fresh and with no water.

this time the brinjal has gone lil watery.

on-time prompt delivery with polite, neat and clean, well dressed delivery staffs.

For the best biryani in chennai, never go for any other place other than Hajeeras.


April 17, 2013response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Hello John Sir! How are you? Thanks for the wonderful feedback.
Thanks for all the reco's.
Your PASTOR has ordered for 20 kilos of muslim mutton dum biryani and chicken 65 boneless for a payer meting to be held at the Santhome Church this Sunday.

Thanks once again for the reference.


First time Experience

I placed an order on Saturday around 9.30pm for Mutton Biryani & Chicken 65 for 6 ppl on Easter sunday. I was skeptical about this place and the taste of food. I was happy when I spoke to them over phone that they didnt mind it was too late to take the order. Next day I went to their place around 1 pm to get my order and had it in my place @ my home. It was delicious and nicely cooked. Mutton Biryani was very much tasty with less spice,no oil glitter @ rice(unlike in other hotels I can see Oil remains at the rice and on my plate) Chicken 65 was nicely prepared. Both quality and quantity was good, had a good feast on Easter. Thanks to the chef and his team. My only request, please keep up this good work, no matter how high or low you go, you will always have your regular customers coming in. Value for money and worth to give a try.


April 2, 2013response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Really happy to read such real feedbacks from valuable clients like you Vivek Sir!!!

Thanks for all the appreciations and good hopes.

We will never let a client down. No matter he buy 1 pack of biryani from us or order in bulk. We treat all our valuable clients as our family members.

The taste, quality and quantity will always remains with us. Will never compromise for any such reasons.

Thanks for taking your valuable time and posting your real experience here on burrp.

Looking forward to serve


Easter Briyani

Appreciate the efficient and proffessional order booking, prompt confirmation.
Piping hot biriyani was delivered ln a casserole exactly at 1pm as promised.
Good aroma, taste n quantity.
Brinjal chutney was a bit watery! Raita was as good as any.
Gulab jamun was excellent


April 1, 2013response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Dear Navin Kumar Sir!
Thanks for the valuable feedback. We know that you would have tasted the mutton biryani across the globe. Thanks for loving Hajeeras Kitchen Biryani as well.

Its true. Baingan Bartha sent yesterday was little watery and in the late night meeting with our chef's we have planned to slightly change the formula.

We promise you that on your next order you will get a better baingan bartha.

Looking forward for more orders from you sir.


very funny ! you guys will deliver something that is not of standard and you cant even take a feedback from us .... in the first place why should I take the pain of complaining and writing a review if I had a fantastic biriyani ? at least it is this much that I shall never again go with such rosy reviews in burrp or with its ratings !


March 31, 2013response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Dear madame! Wonder whats funny about our response to your feedback.

we always accept that we have let you down and will try to satisfy you when we find a different innovative formula of dum biryani preparations.

Now its clear that our rating of 4 stars on burrp will defenetely come down to 3, 2 or even 1 whenever you respond to our comments as a new reviewer and not replying directly to your 1st review which was already with a single star for us.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused ONLY for you and

A big Let down!

I think all the reviews are a fake . It was one big let down , just a some rice that was overly cooked and sticky ... a lot of well cooked meat without any flavour. And the flavour in the rice had raw ginger garlic in it. It was also cold .I request you to think ten times before ordering in Hajeera's . When asked about their poor quality the guy is arguing that they gave us the best ... disgusting And the side dishes they gave were so horrible as if it was made out of water ..


March 31, 2013response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Dear Maggiepoppy123 Madame!

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Today we had more than 2000 satisfied customers who tasted our Biryani that you tasted. But unfortunately, you are the only unsatisfied customer of the day and we are really sorry to let you down by all means.

Soon we will try our best to satisfy the clients of your calibre too.

Thanks for your valuable time.

NOTE : Our business is 100% not dependent on burrp or any other food related websites. We are in the industry for more than a decade. The world

A Big let down...

I think all the reviews are a fake . It was one big let down , just some rice that was overly cooked and sticky ... a lot of well cooked meat without any flavour. And the flavour in the rice had raw ginger garlic . It was also not hot .I request you to think ten times before ordering in Hajeera's .



simply the best biryani

"I cannot imagine a party at my house without Hajeeras Kitchen's famous mutton dum Biryani. We always over order relishing the delight of eating both Lamb and chicken Biriyani for a few days after too! It is quite simply the best Biryani I have ever tasted."

"One of the reasons I used to order from Hajeeras Kitchen was to enjoy the great halal experience of foods cooked by its chef's.

It's as good today as it's always been. I hope more people get to enjoy hajeeras biriyani.. and order again and again, like me."


Never Miss their mutton briyani

If you are a true biryani lover, you shud never miss hajeeras mutton briyani. Let it b the muslim or hyderabadi, both tastes the best.

Dum briyani with tender mutton pieces you never find anywhere in a decent restaurant in India.

Seafoods are awesome and always fresh so as their appetizers, tandoori and arabian bbq dishes.

I am regularly ordering with hajeeras since 2008 and I feel better and better after my every order.

Packings and prompt delivery will impress one and all.

Desserts like bread halwa, jamoons, bengali sandwich sweet and firni are super hits.

Way to go.. Hajeeras Kitchen


Delicious Authentic biriyani

This was for a 30 member, party we ordered from Hajeeras once again.

We had a wonderful meal from Hajeeras kitchen today. This was our 5th party order in less than a year. Each time we have ordered biriyani, we have been impressed by the standard of food. The butter chicken is the best I have ever had and the naan is perfectly cooked. Their hyderabadi lamb biriyani - their signiture dish was delicious and that is of world class.

My brother who ever wants extra hot food was very impressed with the chicken hyderabadi gravy but a warning this is HOT!!

The lamb, the chicken, the vegetarian dishes... everything, even the veg biriyani rice was delicious! Sometimes we tend to find some kinds of indian food a bit too heavy for our taste but this time it was just perfect! Easily digested too!!!

I can not recommend this place enough, everything from the helpful staff, to the wonderful food. The prices are also very reasonable for the large portions. Serving up quality dishes.

As per previous posts, the biryani is exceptional. But don't over look the other dishes too...all worth their weight in gold.


Its a latenight treat - Thanks

An unplanned late night dinner for 14 served by Hajeeras Kitchen. Actually, We had planned to have dinner at a different restaurant, but it doesnt hold much dishes on the menu after 10.30pm, so took a chance and tried calling hajeeras by 10.45pm.

What makes it great is that each dish is cooked to order. Especially their trademark hyderabad mutton briyani. it was so fresh and hot when delivered even after 12.30pm.

We ordered the mutton hyderabad briyani with the lamb pepper roasted, mutton keema fry( really the best), lollypop chicken and chilly chicken as starters and chettinad chicken and punjabi mutton for gravy, loved every bite. Did I say we "loved our supper?"

The service was superb. No complaints.

We got their fresh raitha, baingan and the bread halwa dessert. Again we miss thoese guddy bags. But still we bet that no other restaurant would have had these lot mutton dishes and a freshly prepared mutton briyani after midnight.

Thats the reason we love hajeeras and our all time favourite food service provider.

Thanks hajeeras for the great job done.



Nothing beats hajeeras kitchen biriyani

I'm a Non -Indian who love Hajeeras Kitchen biriyani

The mutton biriyani is hands-down the best one I have ever eaten outside India!

A true hole in a wall gem! I definitely know good biryani, Ive had all kinds of biryani -- Paki, Bangladesh, Hyderabadi .. in all parts of the states, from cali to Texas to new york, and this place without a doubt has the BEST biryani in Chennai! Mutton biryani to be specific, whichis the signature dish runs out quick, so make sure you call ahead and reserve!

Aside from the biryani, everything here is good! Their chicken and lamb sheesh kabobs which I prefer over the chicken, the fluffy soft naan, and the mutton Shahi and rogan josh are delicious. You cant go wrong here.

even their vegetarian dishes are too good for a non-indian. easily digested.

am back in India after 6 months and can't stop eating hajeeras biriyani.

the quantity of biryani is good for 2 . Great food !

If you're looking for fine dining - this ain't the place. But, if you're looking for great food for takeout, a quick bite, or for catering this is definitely the place!



simply the best biriyani

On the newyear day, for lunch few of my friends ordered the lamb biriyani from this place.

On a scale of 1-10 --it's actually a 10!Even though I did that , I did enjoy the way the spices blended with each other and the rice was made just right..separate grains and nicely flavoured.If you are looking for an amazing biryani-- would certainly recommend you go for it.

Although I do recommend just the regular spice level.

The butter chicken is the best I have ever had and the naan is perfectly cooked.

They have good options for takeways as in sizes for biriyanis and one thing worth mentioning is the packing for takeway. The way they pack it in a box makes it very easy to carry in the car .

I being a Korean Love Indian foods. Hajeeras is the one which caused no damage to my stomach.



Christmas Feast @ Hajeeras

No stopping me in rating hajeeras the 5 stars. It was a wonderful biriyani meal from hajeeras kitchen yesterday for our christmas family party.

Just to start off with their quality muslim mutton biriyani. it tastes really great and no wonder the quality and quantity, the best.

although i'm new to burrp, i was reading few comments about the other most talked restaurants of the town every now and then, have drove down to taste them too. but no such restaurant have tempted me to write a positive feedback.

this time its entirely different mind set after having hajeeras biriyani.

not to miss their bread halwa which was 100(0)% traditional. have tried it in one of my muslim friends home in TVM, kerala.

brinjal was bit watery. but taste good. Raitha, purity at its best. no water added and its out of fresh yogurt.

the mutton pieces were soooo tender and i can't digest that negative feedback written abt the uncooked mutton by a fellow burrper few days back.

not just one dessert, they also sent us 35 jamoons along with that bread halwa. these experiences seems to be something new or of great surprise to me.

last surprise was a sample of turkey biriyani sent along with my order of 4 measures of muslim mutton biriyani.

great new experience with awesome foods.

will come back to you soon, hajeeras kitchen.


IITSarang - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 24,2012


can complain only abt the overcooked tender mutton

i completely disagree with what foodmaniak have written here. we've been trying hajeeras biryani for the last couple of years , atleast twice a week.

we used to order both chicken and mutton biriyani's. mughlai and hyderabadi. mutton and chicken pieces will always be tender and not even once we faced the problem of undercooked meat.

at times we have given the feedback of overcooked mutton pieces.

no friends of mine inside and outside IIT campus have complained abt the mutton pieces.

i also wonder why food maniak have written a review abt hajeeras after a months time of tasting their biriyani.

even last saturday we ordered from hajeeras and everything was perfect.


foodmaniak - Burrp User


7 Reviews

December 24,2012


What's with the hype?

Ordered from Hajeera's a month back. Got a chance to write this review now.

I expected something out of the world after reading a review where you have claimed that you are the best Biryani makers in the world! Sadly, the mutton pieces were quite hard, not juicy enough and the Biryani was overall dry!

Nothing close to what is raved about!


best muslim mutton biriyani we ever had

Yet an other encounter at Hajeeras Kitchen

This time we ordered muslim mutton biriyani for 40 people for a family get to gether today. No complaints and everyone are completely satisfied with the good taste and quality of the biriyani and the sides. Especially their raitha and gulab jamoon's.

Last time I gave 3 stars for their no restaurant service. But this time I cant do that b'caz its for a huge number and they have done their job in a great way as we expected.

Thumbs up.. Hajeeras


way beyond our expectations - good dum biriyany

Our office team's dinner for 32+30 last friday ordered frm Hajeeras Kitchen was simply superb and was way beyond few of our expectations.

We ordered both the styles(Hyderabad and Muslim) of biriyani, mutton chicken, fish and prawns. We found the formula and the taste of both the styles to be completely different. The vegetarians loved their veg biriyany as well. the accompaniments - the best. we were served both jamuns and double ka meeta.

we want the food to be delivered only by 11pm and it was done around 11.10. they have their classy packings. the biriyani's were sent in hot caseroles where we returned it the next day.(4k deposit for 5 hot cases is quite unacceptable.

the management shud reconsider this) We were really pleased with the service too with ontime delivery. Everyone of us enjoyed the dinner with great fun.

We really loved their typical muslim mutton biriyany than the Hyderabadi style. Keep up the good work Hajeras.


yet an other good meal frm hajeeras

we usually order with hajeeras for rs.3000 and above.

but dis tym we are only 4 and planned to visit their kitchen near velachery check post.

we are quite new to that place and were searching for the xact location.

the guy on the phone never hesitated to answer our calls even we disturbed him quite a few times to locate this place.

we took 3 mutton mughalai biriyaani and 1 chicken biryani along with their newly added starter, chicken gold coins and 1 hyderabadi chicken gravy.

the chicken gold coin was spmething new to us and it tastes really yummy.

as usual everyone knows the taste and quality of hajeeras kitchen biryani's. it was simply superb.

the size of the portions are quite large for a single person.

but each one of us had 1 full box of biriyaani.

will keep ordering from them.


thanks to chennai food guide

it was my 31st birthday on 12th spetember and we confirmed hajeeras only on the 10th after a friend referred them through chennai food guide on facebook.

great biriyaani and service was superb.

hyderabadi biriyaani was really top. had much masala and taste.

we also ordered the muslim dum biriyani. it was good as well.

but we loved the hyderabadi mutton biriyani the most.

good sizeable portions with quality foods in well packed containers.


September 22, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Dear Madame!!!
Thanks for posting a positive feedback after 10 days .

We are really happy that you enjoyed our Hyderabadi Biryani Than The Muslim Dum Biryani.

Hajeeras Kitchen's Hyderabadi Dum Mutton Biryani Is Like Talk Of The Town.

Thanks once again madame for the wonderful review. Looking forward to get more orders from you and your friends.

NOTE : We take orders from 7am till 7pm all days for home

lavywon - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 12,2012


Simply Superb hyderabad biriyanii

excellent hyderabad mutton biryani by hajeeras kitchen. thanks for sending the biriyani with less spice as requested.

my hubby felt that it should be done with little more spice.

never mind every guest of us liked the taste and the quality.

mutton pieces were really soft and my kids normally dont eat mutton. fortunately they tried the soft mutton pieces in your biryani

we ordered for 35 and it almost served 40 members. apart frm the size, it has the best flavors, quality and the biiyani was crystal clear with no wastages.

this is my 8th time ordering with hajeeras kitchen and honestly speaking, one cannot compare your biriyaani with anyone else we have tried so far.

the lollypop was really yummy so as the complementary jamoons.

kids loved both.

pls let me know when you guys have this double ka meetha?

i really die for double ka meetha. we really dont get this dessert anywhere in chennai.


August 12, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thank You So Much Lavanya Madame for your positive feedback.

Double Ka Meetha can be prepared anytime. But for a minimum of 2 kgs and above.

We have few bulk orders coming up for the Iftar party where they have ordered for double ka meetha. Will let you know any of these days where you can confirm your order for the same.

As you want the Hyderabadi Biryani with less spice we made it the same way exclusively for you.

Anyways will add more spice next time madame.

Venkat Sir called us yesterday a

biriyani at its best

i've been regular with hajeeras and this is because of their best quality and yummy biriyani.

no fellow burrper will go with what muthukumaran has posted abt hajeeras kitchen biriyani.

seems to be something fishy. not to analyse in detail abt the fake reviews, my xperience with hajeeras till today is superb.

yesterday we ordered 2 measures of mughlai mutton biriyani and 1 measure of hyderabadi mutton biriyani from hajeeras for lunch.

both the biriyani's were awesome and nothing to match with muthukumaran's review.

i'm a globe trotter and a biriyani freek, have tasted biriyani from street shops to the 7 star hotels. infact i can say the best biriyani we had across the globe is hajeeras.

they kept their timing everytime we've ordered after the 1st time delay and the service is par excellence.

loved the way the foods are packed . really something innovative.

keep up the good work - hajeeras kitchen


July 26, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thanks Mr. Arjun for your valuable feedback.

Well said that "no fellow burrper will go with what muthukumaran has posted abt hajeeras kitchen biriyani".

We are least bothered about those reviews posted just online.

We will always be happy to serve our valuable clients with top quality, hygenic, tasty foods ever.

Thanks once again Mr. Arjun for being our regular client.

Also try our Hyderabadi Mutton Haleem and other Iftar dishes staright from the homes of Hyderabadi Nizams.


Authentic Hyderabadi Biryani

Ordered a few days back from this place to check out their Biryani. Being a avid foodie, i had eaten the Authentic Biryani in almost all the recommended places in Hyderabad(even shady ones). After I returned to Chennai, I was frantically looking for the same kind of food here and thanks to one of my friends, I got to know about Hajeeras. The Biryani was very was the typical authentic style and well cooked but it wasn't as spicy as it is in Hyderabad which is why I gave a 4 rating. am still trying out all the best Biryani joints in the city and once I am done, will be able to judge the relative taste of Hajeeras. But overall, it is definitely worth a try


July 24, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thanks Maggyneo for the true experience with Hajeeras Kitchen.

You are correct sir. The spice is less compared to the standards of A.P. This is due to the humble request of our other valuable clients who enjoy our Authentic Original Hyderabadi Dum Biryani for years together.

Next time when you place an order from us, please mention that you want more spicy. To increase the spicy in the biryani we used to add double masala for the more spicy lovers.

We are happy to read such reviews which are real with some fake r

Who is Fake here?

Ms. Hajeera, nice to see you respond to my review. But labeling customers as fake whenever you get a negative review, which you do time and again, is not going to help your business. I was the one who RECOMMENDED your biryani in first place after reading lots of positive reviews. I didn't organize it though. Infact i even talked about the joint in various other friends circles too suggesting "we havn't tried this Hajeera's kitchen biryani yet which apparently is the best in town". So when it turned out to be a damp squib I was outraged and had to write a review immediately. You want my 13 colleagues who dined with me to come here and write a negative review? If you want it I can do that to prove I am not some random fake here to hurt your business. Better respect your customer and take their reviews in the right sense. I worship good food and if yours was upto the hype surely I would have reviewed and recommended it to others. Someday I am going to try the Hyderabadi biryani too and then will let you know how good that was. Good luck.


July 19, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thanks for your valuable comment again Mr. Muthukumaran. We always have all the respect in this world with any kind of clients. If our biryani turned out to be a damp squib, even after posting a review you should call us to fire atleast. Till this second we have not received any calls from you or any of our 13 colleagues who dined with you and felt the same. Or atleast you should have attended our call to explain about our food.

We want you to call us and explain clearly what the fact is. We will meet you

Let down.

After reading all the rave reviews on all social n/wing sites my colleagues ordered 1.5 Kg Mugalai Mutton briyani for today's lunch. Delivered in time at DLF. But taste? I must admit this is nowhere in the league of Thalappakatti, Madurai Amsavalli, Arcot Star. Its like eating tomato rice with mutton pieces. For that premium price and the hype created by these sites I was expecting a feast and this is a total let down. Almost everyone echoed my opinion. We tried biryani from almost every famous shop in town and across the state. I wonder what makes people rave abt this one. Its a decent bet for tier-2 biryani at a premium cost. Never again.


July 13, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thanks for your wonderful negative review Mr. MuthuKumaran of Zoho Corp, DLf IT Park. You are absolutely right sir. We are nowwhere in the league of Thalappakatti, Madurai Amsavalli, Arcot Star and may be the list prolongs as long as you promote other vendors too...Hajeeras Kitchen Biryani is like tomato rice with mutton pieces (Please make this as your secrete quote)! B'caz we delivered to Syntel and IBM which is inside the DLF, the same biryani you had and each and every person appreciated the taste, quality and quantity of our Mughlai Mutton


Search Ends for good biryani in Velachery end here

I have been scouting for good biryani in velachery for years and somehow this place did not come to my attention. I used to go to Virudhunagar in T.Nagar or Adayar Buhari to get Mugal Biryani.

After reading good reviews I ordered Mutton Mugal Biryani from here and Chicken Lolypop.
Prem who attended my call was very informative and pleasing person. Order arrived as promised. The biryani was very good and normally I used to get heart burns after eating biryani but this one did not and its clearly due to quality of ingredients.

Like I said this quality came with a price of 200 bucks for a mutton biryani and I would to have an option of more meat for extra price in the same biryani.

Overall good experience, can be with little less oil and economically portioned.

Suggestion: there was too much of raw spices (patta, elachi, lavangam) in the biryani and it hampers when you are enjoying the Biryani. may be there should be a way to minimize them!!


July 13, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Dear Sir! Thanks for your valuable feedback.

Actually we use the exact proportion of gold winner sunflower oils for biryani and other preparations. May be in your portion, the oil content would have been more and next time we will see that you get very less oil in your biryani.

Our biryani will have 4 pieces. Either mutton or Chicken. each piece will be not less than 50 to 60gms. So the total weight will be app. 200 to 240 gms( You can weigh them as well. Since the rice quantity is more in each 1000ml container, you migh

Jujal - Burrp User


9 Reviews

July 06,2012


This is what is called as AUTHENTIC!!

Bought Chicken Hydrabadi biryani and Mutton mughal biryani. Both were lip smacking. The meat pieces were very tender :) We didn't know that we have to order food at least 2 hrs b4. So we couldn't taste any of their side dish. Overall, highly satisfied :)


July 6, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thanks Jujal (Mrs. Karthik)
We are so pleased to view your own experience with Hajeeras Kitchen. You might have well find the difference between Mughlai and Authentic Hyderabadi Dum Biryani's. Please text us email id for our updated veg and non veg menu along with our 12th Anniversary celebrations offers and Special Iftar meal combos starting from July 22, 2012.. Also try our Authentic Hyderabadi Mutton Haleem which is a super hit since 2005..

Madame! You should have also noticed that our


perfect hyderabadi biriyaani

HAJEERAS KITCHEN Hyderabadi dum mutton biriyani has the best taste and quality and that was way beyond our expectations.

i wonder how this kind of tender mutton pieces they get from the chennai market.

also hajeeras hyderabadi biryani is crystal clear with no kachras, much more flavorable and of great aroma.

their yummy thai style lollypop suggested by the order taker was outstanding.

vanjaram fish fry is on the higher side. but still tastes the best.

very good service with perfect packings.
like other fellow burrpers, i too would like to put forth a question for hajeeras kitchen management.

why no restaurant still?

looking forward to it soon.


June 16, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thanks Ms. Ashika for the positive feedback.

To start with the quality of our mutton, we buy white goats which are not more than 6 kilos. Thats the reason the mutton pieces are tender always with Hajeeras Kitchen. Also its an advantage for us that it took less time for the mutton to get cooked. Where we can save the time and cooking gas.

Most of our clients are much more concerned about the price of our Vanjaram Fish Slices. For the past 2 months or so, we are getting fresh Vanjaram Fishes directly from the seashore and the co


I have been very impressed with the quality of the food served and level of service that I have received from Hajeeras Kitchen, from the initial consultation right through to the execution of the event.

Colleagues were very impressed and they have requested your details, which I have been happy to pass on and recommend you to future events.

‘HAJEERAS KITCHEN' Hyderabadi Mutton Dum Biryani helped make an important occasion very special for me. The quality and presentation of their food is of the highest standard and their service and administration was extremely professional. I am happy to recommend them’.

Felt Bit Expensive. But still the quality and quantity of the foods they served makes me forget about the final bill.


June 2, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thanks Mr. Saai Ganapathy for having the best quality foods and service from Hajeeras Kitchen on your daughters 10th birthday celebrations.

We are bit expensive.

You made a visit with your family 2 weeks before to have the sample food and confirm the party order.

You know very well about the products we use to prepare your hygenic foods. If one needs to have the 100% hygenic foods with best quantity as well, defenetely you should pay for it.

We heard that most of your guests were very happy with the veg

June 3, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

very long explanation. didnt expect this.

anyways every customer of you surely understand the quality and quantity of the foods you serve.

i never complain it.

if you really come down with the price by atleast 10 to 20%, even the middle class people can enjoy your foods and you may get more revenue out of it.

think over it.

why no restaurant?

the hyderabadi dum mutton biryani is excellent .

it has the best flavors, aroma and really hot.

home delivery service and packings are really of great standards.

3 star rated b'caz they dont have a dine in place.

one cannot order food for rs.1000 and above all time for a couple.

food is of high quality and best taste.

hope hajeeras will maintain the same standard ever.


May 19, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Dear Mr. Imanuel,
Thanks for your comment about our quality food.
To answer your question about a dine-in place.....
We are 1 of the best caterers in Chennai serving valuable clients since 2000.
Our mode of service is basically the party caterers. But for the last 4 or 5 years, we take minimum orders like the restaurants do.

Since we are Industrial caterers we take orders from Rs. 1000 and above.

Yes. We know that one cannot order food for Rs. 1000 for a

May 20, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

interesting response.

hope you can deliver us the same quality foods and service even from a small restaurant with limited seats.

your biriyaani is awesome. so people may visit your restaurant from any corner of the city.

distance doesnt matter.

open a restaurant soon.

Must try dum biryani's.

Mutton Dum Biriyani is awesome.

We tried both Muslim Dum Biryani and hyderabadi dum biriyani from Hajeeras.

The taste is superb so as the quality and quantity of the food.

Our whole family enjoyed all the dishes.

The service and food packings are neat and outstanding.

Must try biriyani's!



Best Biryani. But Keep Up The Delivery Timing

Burrp doesn't have the 3.5 star option and thats the reason I gave 4 stars for this place.

Yesterday was my birthday and I being a model and model co-ordinator, planned for a mini party at my office in Adyar.

The gathering was just around 30 and majority wanted a good biryani and then few of my co-models suggested hajeeras biryani.

We called them to place the home delivery order around 11 ish.

Everyone were so delighted with the taste and real flavours of mughlai dum mutton biriyani. The mutton pieces were really so tender and were neat and clean.

We ordered few appetizers and veg and non veg gravy along with Vanjaram Fish Fry( Really Awesome).

But the only worry is that the food was delivered late and thats the reason I was searching for a 3.5 star to rate this place.

No complaint about the foods we had. everything we ordered were perfect and really traditional as well.

All foods were neatly packed in stainless steel hot cases. They were really sizzling hot, fresh and ready to eat.

The management should consider about the clients lunch timing too. Normally the lunch is taken anytime between 12 noon and 1pm.

Please keep this in mind and try to send the foods early or on time so that we can enjoy it without any mental disturbances.


April 5, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Dear Mr. Arjun, thanks for your review. We apologise for the delay in delivery time.

FYKI, we take home delivery orders from 7am till 8pm on all days and as your order was placed only by 11.40am, we delivered your lunch late around 2.15pm.

As far as biryani is concerned, the 1st dum will be ready around 11.30am and it will be packed for home delivery according to the timing of the orders placed.

Yesterday being a weekday we have prepared the biryani only for the early orders and your biryani was prepared only aft

April 21, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

I'm really happy for keeping up the time today. i ordered for 20 hyderabadi mutton dum biriyaani today from your place. infact i confirmed my order yesterday evening itself.

that must be the reason behind the food delivered on time today.

really loved the taste of traditional hyderabadi style mutton biriyaani. the mutton pieces were also so tender .

Please make sure that not to add more bone pieces in one container.

service was excellent. the packing was also perfect.

April 22, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thanks Mr. Arjun for the positive feedback.

Mistakes are made only once.

We at Hajeeras Kitchen always learn to correct our mistakes as quick as possible.

Thanks once again.


Best Biryani'z Of All Styles

Perfect Blend Of authentic Hyderabadi dum mutton biryani.

This afternoon we thought of trying Hajeeras Kitchen's Hyderabadi Biryani.

The taste was perfect so as the quantity and quality of the biryani.

We from AP need more spice. But it was hot compared to the tamilnadu standards.

Last week we had the mughlai biryani which was really awesome as well.

Best Try!


April 3, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thanks Anitha for finding time to write about our biryani.

Next time you order Hyderabadi biryani please make a note to add more spice or say double masala, so that the person who takes the order will make a note of it and send the exact proportions.

You also had our Vanjaram Fish Fry. Was the taste differ from other restaurants?

Thanks again and we are looking forward to serve you the best hygenic foods ever.


What a disappointment!

I tried this place simply out of curiosity, having read the heated exchanges between customers and management. We (myself and some colleagues) ordered two dum chicken biryanis and two dum mutton biryanis, for delivery from the Baby Nagar outlet. The food was delivered more or less within the expected time in sealed containers, along with plates and spoons. The first impression itself was rather negative because there was hardly any aroma that's expected from a biryani. The mutton/chicken biryanis appeared exactly the same except for the difference in meat. It looked as if the rice was prepared separately and meat was added later. Taste-wise also there was no difference at all. The number of chicken/mutton pieces was quite less compared to other biryani places in the city. To call what we had 'dum biryani' will be stretching it too far. In summary, the biryanis left a rather bad taste in our mouths. In fact, I felt embarrassed at having asked my colleagues to try out this place.


March 16, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Dear Mr. Nadeem
We dont understand what kind of aroma you expected from a Mughlai Dum Biryani. You are most welcome to our Kitchen's and if time permits, please watch lively how our biryani's are prepared. We dont comment anything anything about your expected aroma.

We sell the authentic Mughlai Muslim Dum Biryani and both the Mutton and Chicken Biryani's are prepared in two different DUM's.

Each portion of Mutton or Chicken Biryani will have 3 pieces(Each weighing not less

March 16, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thanks for the detailed response to my review. I just want to say two things:
1. Whenever one tries a new restaurant, there's always an element of risk. So, just because the food didn't meet my expectations, does not mean that I want to be refunded.
2. I don't need to know what others feel about your food. My expectations and benchmarks may be different from others. So, any comparison will be pointless. My review is based on my personal experience and I stand by whatever I wrote.

March 16, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Dear Mr. Nadeem
Thanks for writing back to us. We are really sorry that we dont meet your expectations.

But every food vendor has their own formula. We have been using the same formulae for more than a decade.

We assure you that we serve the Authentic Mughlai and Hyderabadi Dum Biryani's.

May be if more number of our clients like you insist us to change the formula we may reconsider it and act accordingly.

Please try all other food

IITSarang - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 06,2012


Tasty Hyderabadi Biryani

real taste of hyderabadi dum chicken biryani we had from hajeeras kitchen away from home.

we are from a.p. and we would like the biryani to be ever more spicier.

food was damn hot and fresh from the dum. they delivered to our hostel in hot box.

should try to keep up their timing.

anyways we enjoyed the food.


VJ VJ - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 28,2012


My first shot at this place was just alright

I order hyderabadi dum biryani and lollipop chicken, delivery was delayed.

I had better Hyderabadi biryani din't quiet near the price, however Lollipop chicken was excellent.

Management was courteous, called back to take feedback, so could be a great place to dine in rather than take out.


January 28, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Dear Mr. Velandi,
1. We really feel sorry to say that your food was delivered 20 to 30 mins late from the time we commited to you.
2. Your calls been answered frequently and yes for sure you might have left with 2 or 3 unanswered calls. This is b'caz one of our delivery guy met with a small accident near Vadapalani signal and we were busy bringing him to our Kitchen safe after some first aid done to him.
3. As far as the portions are concerned, we packed your biryani and lollypop in 1

January 28, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

OIL for preparing all the dishes. We bet you that no biryani vendor or even a 3 star cadre restaurant uses this high quality products for any of their preparations. We serve all our clients with great care and affection and also prepare the foods in a highly hygenic conditions. FYKI, we have tie up with FRESH HERITAGE and we buy the vegetables only from them and not from a local vegetable shop or even from the

January 28, 2012response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

KOYAMBEDU MARKET. Hope you must be a foodie and would have tried foods from various restaurants and also from different states and countries. So, you must be well aware of the tastes of Hyderabadi biryani. The formula we have is our own for Hyderabadi biryani and its 100% from the roots of Hyderabadi Nizams. This response is just to make you convince and understand what exactly we deliver to our clients. To be honest, we have more than 500 clients in Chennai who are from Hyderabad or say A.P who feels that our Hyderabadi biryani is the best com

sv_rajie - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 27,2012


Worth it

For this new year, we ordered for 8 portion of mutton biriyani from hajeera's. We enjoyed a good dinner that night. Delivered on time, quantity and quality is good.. Worth trying.


Radhikaa - Burrp User


6 Reviews

January 21,2012


Authentic Hyderabadi Biryani

Real taste of Authentic Hyderabadi Dum Mutton Biryani.

Good Try.

Worth It.



This is just a heads-up! Not a review!

*DISCLAIMER: I have not ordered from this place and have no intentions of either*

Just wanted other people to be aware of the excellent job these guys( they may or may not be related to the restaurant mgmt) have done at "generating" reviews - not just on this site but everywhere on the net. Also please note that they would all be posted by people who came into online-existence just a few months back and hardly have any other reviews..

My advice - read between the lines and be smart..


November 7, 2011response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Dear Mr. AyenDe

*DISCLAIMER: I have not ordered from this place and have no intentions of either*

A visit to our Kitchen or just a taste of our foods will never make you to post such comments anywhere online.

We can prove ourself to be the best food service providers not only in Chennai, but also anywhere in the world.

Our client number increases everyday and we can produce the clients reference with their real contact details. In fact we di

November 7, 2011response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

You may have the best food in the world for all I care, but I dont really like people screwing with the review system and messing up the whole basis of trust that they generate. I'd never visit your restaurant for that very reason.
Your restaurant has a lot of suspicious reviews and all of them are highly positive. Also, you can simply read those suspicious reviews and then this comment of yours.. Just see how similar they read. Look at the repetition of keywords. Anyways, as I said above - its about the trust that you break .. 'Nuf said!

November 9, 2011response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Trust is generated only when a vendor serves the best product for a customer.

We are almost 12 years old and we are into online existance only from 2007. And even today we gain more clients only through word of mouth and not by any other media.

For a best mughlai and hyderabadi biryani vendor those are the words often used in a review or a feedback.

Clients say that Hajeeras Kitchen serves the best biryani. Yes, ofcourse thats the keyword for our business as well. Only those words will be repeated everywhere. Not


Dont be fooled by these FAKE REVIEWS .............

Dear burrpers,
Please note that all the positive reviews posted here are FAKE reviews posted by Hajeera itself. Burrp had many a times removed these reviews but these guys kept coming back with all these fake reviews and fake IDs again and again. These guys must be joking by comparing themselves with PARADISE & BAWARCHI BIRYANI. Order from this place and a horrible experience is assured............. Read the reviews very carefully. You will figure it out yourself.


July 12, 2011response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Dear Foodholic789!!
Please taste our foods to write the real reviews about us.
Yeah. You are right. Our original Hyderabadi Biryani cannot be compared with leading biryani vendors of Hyderabad.
Our Hyderabadi Biryani is far better than Bawarchi or Paradise biryani's.
We can prove that if you can provide your email id or phone numbers.
We can ask our Hyderabadi valuable clients living and working in Chennai to call you and clear your doubts about our original Hyderabadi Biryani or any other dishes.


What is all that Hype about!!!!

I ordered from this place to celebrate a special occasion. Reading all the reviews here, I felt it is the best place to order great food from.

We ordered for Hyderabadi Biryani (Egg, Mutton), Dum aloo, Kadai veg and aloo parathas.

I have tasted the original Hyderabadi biryani from the best restaurants in Hyderabad and the ones they delivered here were nowhere near that taste and quality. It was a very average biryani. Please don't insult biryani from restaurants like Paradise and many others in Hyderabad, they are world renowned. Plus my friend doesn't eat meat that's why we ordered an egg biryani. Although they assured us that no meat will be in the egg biryani, we found so many chicken pieces in that and my friend couldn't eat it.

Another point, it seems they have added a new dish called original Hyderabadi Biryani!!!!!!!!!!! When we ordered Hyderabadi biryani from Hajeera we were craving for one but it seems now they have original Hyderabadi Biryani and not so original Hyderabadi biryani. What more cheating do you want....

Both the gravies we ordered were drenched in oil. The taste was very normal. Nothing extraordinary for the prices they charge.

Aloo parathas were ok but you can get better ones for much less price in so many other places.

They delivered 2 hours late in spite of ordering in the previous day. Also they delivered the gravies in casseroles and oil from the gravies was all over the casseroles. Wonder how much oil they used.......!!!

The whole meal cost about thousand rupees, and if you ask it is not at all worth it. You don't have to pay this much money for very average food.

I don't think I will order from there again.... And I really think it is a very much overrated place for what it really is.....


July 12, 2011response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Dear Mr. Foodie Libanais!!

Can you provide the exact date of your order with us?
If you can prove yourself that the food we delivered was un satisfactory, we will refund the money you paid for or we can serve whatever food you want from us this time(Especially our original Hyderabadi Biryani) again to your doorsteps.

July 23, 2011response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

The order was placed on 2nd of April 2011. I don't need the refund. Thanks for your reply however.

July 23, 2011response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Sorry the order was delivered on April 2nd. It was placed on April 1st.......

Kamali - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 21,2011


Best Hyderabadi Biryani

We had the best Hyderabadi Biryani from Hajeeras Kitchen yesterday afternoon.

Real taste of Paradise Biryani in Hyderabad.

Great Chinese and Tandoori dishes too.

We liked evrything we ordered from Hajeeras.


July 12, 2011response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thanks Kamali!!
Hope you enjoyed our Hyderabadi Biryani even last Sunday.

Hajeeras Kitchen


Best Chinese and Tandoori Dishes From Hajeeras

I'm again posting this review as I've now verified my mobile number and to prove the fellow burrper's that my review is real.

I'm a great fan of Hajeeras Kitchen foods.

Love Hajeeras Kitchen Biryani.

These people are the real specialists in tandoori and Chinese dishes as well.

I've been ordering variety of foods from Hajeeras Kitchen since 2008.

Its really hard for me to find fault with their foods or service.

I assure you you will not find such wonderful, neat and clean packings of foods in hot cases anywhere in Chennai city.

Hajeeras Kitchen leads its way!!


July 12, 2011response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thanks Cuteguy for your valuable review.
Thankyou once agin for being regular with us.

Hajeeras Kitchen


Best In Town

Hajeeras Kitchen food is excellent and the service is really superb.

I have ordered lamb biryani, vanjaram fish fry, chicken lollypop, chicken fried rice(Real Chinese), mutton Hyderabadi, chicken tikka masala and other tandoori dishes from Hajeeras Kitchen menu many times now; it has always been delicious.

If you fancy something different to the usual Tikka/Jalfrezi/Korma they are more than happy to suggest some lovely more authentic dishes.

Hajeeras Kitchen is my favourite Indian food service provider in Chennai area. The menu is huge, the quality of the food is excellent and the owners are as helpful as they are friendly.

They offer the best home delivery service in Chennai. My only negative comment is that if they are busy the home delivery service can be really slow (this has happened once or twice out of around ten orders) - my suggestion is to order your food early!

The advantage is that Hajeeras Kitchen accept home delivery orders from 07:00 am till 08:30 pm and they pack any size of foods in stainless steel HOT CASES which keep the food really warm till it reach us. Would Recommend!!!


July 12, 2011response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Thanks Nandini for your wonderful comments.
Looking forward to serve you the best foods ever.

Hajeeras Kitchen


Very Good Traditional Indian

Very good Traditional Indian - we let the home delivery order taker to recommend any 5 speciality dishes of Hajeeras Kitchen for us to share (which was too much for 5 of us).

He suggested us Mutton Biryani, Chicken Lollypop, Mutton Hyderabadi, Prawns masale and in veg gobi manchurian dry.

Home Delivery Service was attentive and we are much more pleased with their food packings.

I'd easily recommend Hajeeras Kitchen for either a romantic dinner at home or for stylish business dinner at your work place.



frauds.... Never ever orde from this place

When we ordered for veg and egg biryani, we found chicken pieces in our order. This happened ever after he assuring me that there is not going to be such thing. nd when we got back to them regarding the same issue, we received very rude and unacceptable response. Never ever order from these people.


July 12, 2011response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Dear Mr. Chirutha!!
Even though you are a student, we responded to your calls using the word "SIR".
The food you ordered for is plain biryani, egg biryani and also chicken biryani.
We never take orders for Veg biryani's in the evening, unless and until its for a minimum of 20 to 30 members.
While taking the order we clearly said that the plain biryani or egg biryani will be taken from one dum in which the chicken is added.
You said no probs for that. But you need the plain bi

July 14, 2011response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Dear Mrs Begam,
First of all, when I placed the order I specifically asked Mr Devanand whether there will be any non vegetarian in egg biryani, he assured me there will not be any chicken pieces and secondly why would I want you to remove chicken pieces from biryani when there is already chicken present in DUM. So clearly you are lying or you are misinformed by your employees. Not some pieces the biryani was full of chicken pieces and you should understand that some or few doesnt matter when there is meat in the food you served me. Now sp

July 14, 2011response from management at Hajeeras Kitchen:

Dear Mr. Chirutha
I really appreciate your kind response. But I completely don't understand why you gave 1 star for us.
Anyhow, we appologize for any mistakes done by us to you.
The reply posted by us was not removed b'caz of the abuse words used by us.
We still have our reply saved with us which we posted against your review .
If we have sent Chicken biryani instead of plain biryani, obviously we are the losers.