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> > > > Hajiali Juice Center

Hajiali Juice Center

Greams RoadChennai  

  • Murugesa Naikar Complex, Thousand Lights, Greams Road, Chennai
  • Fastfood, Juice, Snacks
  • Meal for 2 - 100

23 Reviews / 23 Ratings

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Hajiali Juice Center Reviews





Falooda Fantasy

For quite sometime I've been drooling about falooda in my dreams. Found Hajji Alli falooda the most satisfying to quench my desires. I wanted to have the delicious mango falooda. But was out of luck as it is not available in all seasons and went for strawberry. It was equally yummy and filling. Other friends ordered chiku cream and fruit cream. Great place for fruity desserts.


Desserts That Will Have You Sighing With Happiness

It was 28th January 2013. How do I remember the date so well? It was the day I got the Tata Indica Vista D90 for review :D

That evening piled the family into the car, and we did a drive around the city, the marina beach, a quick bite at Vrindavan, New Woodlands and finally for desserts headed to Haji Ali on Greams Road. This place had a lot of memories for all of us. The most recent being of friends landing here after dinner while I had to head back home. And they kept sharing pictures of stuff they ordered and dug into.. grrr..
We walked in, found a table empty near the counter and started browsing through the menu card, wondering what to order. I wanted to try something different.
While we were pondering over what to order, I spotted an entire order of Falooda waiting to be served to another table. Requested the guys behind the counter to allow me to take a photograph :D
And finally, we placed our order and waited. Here is Gramma's Strawberries and ice cream[ she had actually wanted cream but ordered ice cream]
I chose the Fresh Anjeer shake.
And finally Mom's Dry fruits Falooda,
What a fun evening it turned out to be as always.

Service: Quite prompt- 8/10
Ambiance- Cosy and comfortable -9/0
Cost- Reasonable - these costed Rs 268 [approx]


My Fav

I go to Haji Ali for the Fruit and Cream, every time a different fruit and all of it tastes YUMMY, chiku and cream is the best. They also have great Faloodas which is a little difficult to find in restaurants. A sandwich and a dessert will fill all your senses and your tummy.


Falooda Kings

The master of Faloodas !
Theambience is decent with sofas to rest on and its alright.
But the place itself is a bit out of the way and tough to locate.
As the full name suggests, it is famous for faloodas.
They also serve fresh juices,creams and milk shakes here.
My friend went in for the anjeer dry fruit shake and loved it.
Ut is a great place and I recommend it.



Pocket Friendly Desserts

its one of the most favourite amongst most dessert lovers , esp around Tnagar and mountroad (This and their tnagar branch)
They have a wide selection of fruit juices, shakes , faloodas and ice creams
Ample ,comfortable seating and at moderate prices makes it a definite visit ,esp after a nice dinner somewhere else.
This can be the perfect after meal and consistently good. The service, quality of food is also at high standards and no complaints whatsover. A great choice indeed


piperer - Burrp User


16 Reviews

November 15,2012


Sitaphal fruit cream a dream

This place has fresh juices and sandwiches but what you must really try out are its fruit creams. Absolutely fantastic. I had the sitaphal (custard apple) fruit cream and it was one of the best things i ve ever had in chennai. There are a few interesting juices like ganga jamuna etc that are worth a sip too. The only drawback to this place is that its a vegetarian and all the snacks are vegetarian. The place unlike a lot of other juice bars is airy and roomy and the service is pretty good. Their grilled sandwiches too are pretty tasty and so is their veg pizza.
This is a place you must visit, probably the best juice bar around.



Divine fruit cream!

After coming to chennai from mumbai, i was pleasantly surprised and relieed to find a haji ali juice center here. In fact i was not very sure its the same so i actually confirmed from the guys here wether its the same as the one in mumbai. And indeed it was! stupid question maybe..

Anyways, the first thing you notice on entering is the awesome airconditioned interiors which is spacious too, something the mumbai outlet lacked. so, already i was happy!

I decided that the best thing to have will be the fruit cream as i'd been craving it ever since i left mumbai!

And boy was i happy when it arrived. By the way, had ordered for a sitaphal (custard apple) fruit cream. from the first spoonful that entered my mouth, till the last spoon, i was in food heaven! this is by far one of the best things to have, EVER!

i dunno if i really will have anything else here, but i will most definitely be back for the fruit cream.

Also an advice, always take the fruit cream which is in season and you wont be disappointed.

The service is good. no complaints at all. 4/5

The interiors, another 4/5

The food, though ive had only the fruit cream, is easily a 4/5

Love it!


Megro18 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

November 14,2012


Don't miss it

This is one ace no one should miss , it's got perfect decor , perfect cutlery and and a perfect variety of wonderful eats ! They have some great smoothies , really chilled and mouth watering milkshakes something that will take all heat if your head , and great Knick knacks . They have some really delicious sandwiches and great desserts . It's a must to visit place .


Ved Vyas - Burrp User

Ved Vyas

6 Reviews

October 14,2012



Very nice place with good, tasty food at an unbeatable price...their mango cream is a must have...also their faloodas and grill sandwich



I have been here many number of times and it is one of my favorite place to hang out with my friends.We had a grape juice,mango fruit cram and mushroom mozzarella sandwich.The grape juice was thick and tasted great,while the mango cream has been my all time favorite here and it remains so.The sandwhich was big and tasted good too.The service was quick and it was light on the pocket.


udooz - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 21,2011


Nice and in good order

Thankfully as a juice shop, has quite big space with decent ambiance. Apart from their core theme item "falooda", we had potato wedges and Hajiali special pizza. Both are simply super than the expected. This pizza was embossed with special cheese and seems like a different bread. I love this.

And of course, the service is good.



After a few friends constantly asking me to try out this place, I finally found the time to do it over last weekend and our first impression was "Good"

The ambience was neat and chic although there was a small cockroach near our table :P and a lot of youngsters were occupying the couches..

We ordered a Kesar falooda, my fiance being a falooda fanatic and he thoroughly enjoyed it..

I ordered a mango fruit cream and it was good, although the quantity is very less for the money you pay..

Impressed, we packed a falooda, two fruit creams a lychee milk shake home with a total bill of 700 + for a juice shop!

the lychee milk shake wasnt great.Overall a good experience.

Ambience- 5/5

Food/juice varieites- 5/5

taste- 4/5
pricing -3/5


sagheero - Burrp User


93 Reviews

December 27,2010


One star less...

I fail to understand why some reviewers go over the top when they write a review. As a true foodie, all aspects should be considered and we have to be unemotional while writing. Anyways....Haji Ali's...been here 2-3 times because I was missing the original Haji Ali's in Mumbai. Let us not compare the ambiance because HajiAli's at the intersection has little space to operate, hence it comes alive only at late nite when traffic has thinned. The service there is super quick and very very efficient. Portions are also larger. Here it is the opposite, portions r small and service uber slow! However, the taste matches, and those 3 stars are entirely for that, not for the noisy claustrophobic seating and pathetic service...


burper007 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

September 19,2010



haji ali here is better than the one in many ways.
first the ambience here is totally different , ib mumbai its drive in or take away . here its a nice cosy cafe .
the service is good here.
The main USP the food is as good as mumbai if not better,
Must try,
The fruits with fresh cream
esp . custard apple cream , lichee cream
All falodas are great.
sanwiches fabulous .(mumbai type) TRy haji ali spl sandwich.

pizzas the desi kind good loaded with lot of cheese.

its in a bylane next to IDBI bank very near to mount road almost


fooody - Burrp User


6 Reviews

August 18,2010


great VFM

the setting of hajiali in chennai is quite different from the setting in mumbai. IN mumbai haji ali juice is a institution by itself.
They serve the best juices ,faloodas ,fruit creams and bombay sandwiches in town.
The stuff in chennai is equally good and in a different modern setting . the prices are quite reasonable and the quantity quite good.
.Try the haji ali spl sandwich ,its great ,but a little spicy..
the faloodas are verry good.


great sandwiches

even though i am hard core carnivore i found their sandwiches to be really great and very filling . the place is pure veggie



i have been here a couple of times . the place is neat .contemporary . their sandwiches and faloodas are just . only place for real faloodas in chennai i guess.




i ve been to haji ali in greams road many times and i have tried almost everything in the menu . And i find every thing to be nice nothing to complain . the haji ali spl sandwich or pizza a tad spicy but still nice(not recomended for kids) .

the creams are just mind blowing .
mango ,strawberry , kiwi , and of course sithaphal (custard apple).

the cafe is in a lane ,while going from MRF towards mount road ,take the lane near IDBI bank it in in the end of the lane,
on the HCL building .
tel 2829220/ 28292227


Everything rite!

Right from the ambience to the neatly maintained place ,good service, they are on the right track! We went there on a Sunday and my family enjoyed their outing very much. Prices are pocket friendly! We had the Veg. paneer roll,which came in a bun, yep you got that right! It had a non spicy potato filling , fresh paneer,and a hint of green chutney ! Chocolate milkshake to wash it down was creamy, yummy, to say the least!
Im sure at any given chance would love to go there again!



Mumbai in chennai

Really nice juice center.Tracing the place was tough.Sandwiches,Juices,Rolls,Fruit cream all at its best.Nice and clean Black and white interior.Taste resembles Mumbai outlet.Altogether you will find an mumbai in chennai


Glurp Slurp Juice Quench your thirst

Summertime folks. What more than a chilling cup of juice. Then look no where, proceed to Haji Ali Juice Centre. Located amidst the busy bustling area of nungambakkam anna salai vicinity, this shop offers a refreshing ambience and is very neat and clean unlike other juice shops that are normally sticky slimy and infested with flies. Furthermore its airconditioned. And thats not an excuse to serve food at an exorbitant price, glad they dont. Prices are very lenient and fair and this makes it well accessible to the college goer and youngsters and office goer et all.

What a variety. Anything from fresh juices to milk shakes to quick bites name it you ve it. Even seasonal fruits are available here throughout the year. Taste is a steal. And hey they are fully vegetarian. Thats awesome for me. Loved their pizzas and sandwiches. The real steal is their mango cream. Man what a taste.

I would blindly recommend this shop to anyone wanting to quench their taste and fearing to burn a hole in their pocket.

All you get is the tastiest food cøolest juices and smiling and welcoming service.

Lets meet at haji ali someday.


Raviiyer.r - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 26,2010


Must visit at least once

Went to haji ali very good ambience good food n decently priced. As I went in the afternoon ter wasn't much crowd.
The food verity which they offer is good. The sandwiches r pizzas r too good n filling.
Comin to the juices n fresh cream, they r the best. the juices r fresh n conentrated.
Finally I would say it's a place to go for a late evenin snack.


ahmed1114 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 14,2009


great ambience and value for money

i ve been a fan of haji ali mumbai for decades. the chennai one is as good as mumbai s if not better.
the juices are real concentrated and thick with right amount of ice and sugar. they have the best faloodas in town. and also the pizza s are the desi kind with loads of cheese .it was real yummy.

also the fruitcreams were real yummy.