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> > > > Havana - The Club, The Raintree Hotel

Havana - The Club, The Raintree Hotel


  • 42252525, 24304050, 9176990415, 9884088474
  • Basement, The Raintree Hotel, No. 120, St. Mary's Road, Alwarpet, Chennai
  • Multi-cuisine

7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Havana - The Club, The Raintree Hotel Reviews

Just right for a perfect night out

The new one looks changed, bright logo, quality music with balanced volume, drinks averagely priced or rather lesser than some other places. Did not go there on the reopening day but the saturday was just right. Couples all around and an inviting larger dance floor than the earlier one. Not over crowded. Overall they have done a good work.



break the monotony

well to break the monotony of pasha,dublin & 10d monoply, went to havanna yesterday which was a saturday......and well frankly iam very impressed ... first of all the staff was way too friendly ... asked a guy in the lobby where havanna was .. and he came along with me to havanna saying all the things about the hotels ... then the bartender was cool and so was even the bouncer ... darn nice ppl ... especially compared to dublin (though the bartenders there r the best) ..... and second ...WOW WHAT MUSIC ... i don't know who that DJ was but he was rocking the place ... superb remix all thru the night with video remixes too .. kinda was a different experience ....... and the drinks where usual actually little cheaper than dublin or pasha i think ... and food was not bad ...... and well lastly yah .. not much of a crowd even on a saturday, too many stags, and the smokin lounge sucks, not too many ppl on the dancing floor either .... i kinda think there is something wrong with how the dance floor is designed ... it seems more like a stage .. so that ever one can see ... kinda stops ppl from having a good time ... would be a great idea if they come up with some poles and metallic cage of some sort for that area .. must make wonders to it ....... will i visit again?? definitily if not for the crowd ... for the dj


Miss It

It is a hyped destination and you wonder who is spreading the hype because there just is not enough of a crowd in here unless it is a Saturday night.
The staff are boorish and snobbish; the prices are atrocious when you consider the quality of their drinks and the food is passable to put it quite politely.
The dance floor is all yours if you go any night other than a Saturday night, but the music is so bad you anyway do not want to dance.
Let's see - Poor service, High prices, Poor drinks, Bad music - not exactly a winning combination, is it?


hunkydory - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 24,2010


Pass it

Havana is definitely not the place to try and waste your time. The club misleads people by brazenly claiming not to allow stags, but all the scumbags without a job "rock" the place. We could find 6 guys for every gal out there...




good place to hangout with your friends-nice set of about 10-12 tables and a not so small dance floor. DJs are good-keep getting guest DJs as well-depending on your choice and the day, music moves from average to good to excellent.

If you are a wine connoisseur, you will be disappointed-only Indian wines (Sula and Grover) and not the complete range. Otherwise the range is good-nice shooters, cocktails etc. Again, only Indian liquor-waiters keep saying they have applied for some import license to get foreign liquour (dont know why it takes them over 1 year to get such a license).

in terms of side eats, spicy fish is pretty good and the chilly chicken as well.

Sometime back they also introduced flavored hookas as well-may be expensive if you are not a regular.

Ambiance is good and the place is safe for girls as well. You could probably bump into a few kollywood actors as well-Dhanush, Vishal, Simbu, Ramya Krishnan, ManiRatnam etc have come now and then

For some time, they closed before midnight, but of late have gone back to closing at about 1:30 or 2 in the morning. If you wanna sit and relax, go in about 9 or so and grab a seat and if you are the standing/dancing type go in about 11 and rock!


Go with the right crowd

The ambiance is great but the dance floor is too small and there's hardly anyone there unless you go on a saturday night. So if you want to dance, the floor is all urs. The food and drinks are pretty expensive. Can try once! Tough to be a regular.


motiveet - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 01,2008


Not so Special New Years 07/08

I went to Havana for New Years 07/08. I paid 2000 Rs. as a cover charge. I was supposed to get drink coupons worth half the ticked price but they were conveniently out of them when I reached the entrance. With the high ticket price one would assume the bar would be amazing and not just a bar and small dance floor. The drinks were good and fast but expensive. The manager was arrogant and rude to me and other customers. I would recommend Havana if your staying in the hotel and don't want to go out but it is not worth any cover price. Do not go with high expectations.