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> > > Idli Vilas

Idli Vilas

Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai  

  • 04028110015, 08870701899
  • No. 121, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai
  • South Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 300

15 Reviews / 15 Ratings

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Idli Vilas Reviews





Why Gone to Dogs Now?

I had been to this idly shop many times for its delicious hot vadas and filter coffee. Recently I went there very hungry and ordered a vada. The sambar was spoiled and the smell was so bad, that I informed the counter people. To my surprise the same sambar was being served to many and no body noticed. After my complaint they replaced the sambar with out any apology. Again we all went on the 27th and alas! Now all chutneys tasted sour and the sambar was spoilt. They said Hot vadai but it was chill. The care and hospitality shown is no more. The management should take care.


Horrible Place

I had been to this place based on a friend's suggestion and that was the beginning of the worst nightmare of my dinning experience in Chennai. First of all, there is no proper queue management. We had been asked to provide the name and number of persons and based on the your position on the list, you are called inside, but the staff who manages this is clueless on handling this. Whoever stands in front of the gate at the particular moment gets into the hotel irrespective of his position in the list so it looks like we have to deploy ancient methods of fighting your way for the food.

Staff barely understands Tamil or for that matter Hindi ..Great...One good thing is they just smile irrespective of what you request them to do.... The food is mediocre
I will only head to this place only if I am not getting a place in Saravana Bhavan located very near to this place.




Nothing like waking up early morning just to savour those soft tasty idlies of Idli Vilas. They said the Guntur idly is quite famous here, and trust me it is one of the best idlies I have ever had!! Even the parottas are lovely here. Do go here if you are a lover of idlies. Better than Murugan Idly SHop.


Top !

I loved this resto.
I feel its one of the most underrated places.
A simply wow place for idlis indeed !
They offer terrific taste and quality, still price is maintained at low levels.
It's time for so called authentic messes to make way.
Idli Vilas is worth it !


Worst expirence

Bad food, absolutely no hygiene. Don't go


samendo - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 24,2013


idli kallu vilas

I tried idli vilas just as my friends told me on 24/2/13.. The veechu parotta is stronger than fevi quick and kurma is average The taste is so so. The restaurant's hospitality is very bad. There's no proper sitting area for those who want take away. No space for parking. In general, not a good restaurant at all.



Dont Miss the Kulfis

Idlis are great. They have so many items, which makes us difficult to choose from. Everything is generally better. I would say, best idlis in town. The best way to end the meal is with kulfis available with them.



Must visit.... Regularly................

Ultimate taste, Assured quality, Amazing variety! You will be Royally floored! All these at unbelievable prices. The best tiffin center in Mylapore so far.


Great taste & varieties of food @ reasonable price

Small place and very reasonably priced food. Place is so cramped that if you go there between 1-2 pm for lunch or 8-10 pm for dinner, you definitely will have to wait for 15-20 minutes. If you do not have the patience for it, go 15-20 minutes before the above mentioned timings. Waiting time for some of the food items is a little high. Their meals for lunch is very good for Rs. 70 and for dinner try Guntoor idly (Idly coated with Chilly powder & Oil), Sambhandi Idly (Idly in Curd + Mint chutney), Medhu vada, Paruppu vada, Vazhaipoo vada (Banana flower), and many others such dishes. Definitely thumbs up. People who want excellent service more than the food- This is not the place. People who want to try different food varieties with good taste but not extremely service conscious can definitely give it a try.


good food, bit space crunched

Food no doubt is too good, reasonably priced, accepts only cash -- no credit/debit card friendly, service is decent, space crunched, Car Parking is difficult....


kss8886 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 13,2012


Tasty / Variety / Expensive & Bad Service

Hello Foodies,

Here at "Idli Vilas" you can find variety & tasty food only after 06.00 p.m. Morning & afternoon are normal.

Home made & lovely menu with freshness and taste - No compromise.


1) Do not ask for parcel.
Today (13.10.2012) morning I went & order parcel of "Coconut Podi Dosai". They parceled and when I open the same after reaching my office, it was some other podi dosai were garlic and some ingredients were used. But bill was given for the charge of Coconut Podi Dosai. What a management!!!!!!

2) Do not go for breakfast.
Hey all they serve to their best only to OTHER STATE & IT Company people (Especially Girls). If you do not wear an ID tag of an MNC IT Company, they will not come near you. You need to beg them. This happens in mornings. You can check between 07.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.

3) Do not ask for unique variety food.
There will be boards with unheard varieties which attracts everyone. But check the board carefully, at one corner they would have mentioned the time when the mentioned food being prepared. They would keep this board from morning & most of the customers get confused. If you ask for it then the answer would be NO (it is often told for many dishes). What a hospitality!!!!!!

4) Do not order without checking availability.
I ordered 4 varieties of PUTTU which was introduced when I went with my wife. We both were made to sit for 30 minutes and finally we on our own came to know that the dish was not prepared & the waiter who took the order did not even had the courtesy to inform us that it was not ready or unavailable. We were sitting in the table with dry hands. What an excellent service!!!!!

5) Do not ask for description of food.
Please do not ask that to them. Only the chef knows it. The waiter or the person who manages does not know what & how the items are prepared. They literally blabber. Then they will not speak to you in proper manner. There concentration will be only on payments (money).

There many people who have expressed their concern about it. But it all went into deaf ears. People who do not know the taste are being lured.

Well, for one reason I did not fight with them as my wife insisted not to because of Kanchi Maha Periyava's photo which was placed near the cashier's place (finally Periyava is being used only for MONEY).

Hello all do not interpret the rating... it is only for the TASTE



can't even give it a one star

We waited for more than 10 minutes. Not one waiter came to serve water, clean the table or take our order. My husband even raised his voice and said this will be heard in the media. No reaction, no response. Abominable service! Will never step in again!


Great Food and nothing else matters.

Place is clean for a small place. The value for money is brilliant when compared to the nearby Saravana Bhavan.

Breakfast menu doesn't contain their special variety dishes. Nevertheless, the Guntur idly is just brilliant, their Chutneys are awesome (4 different ones), don't miss the payasam (milk and rice based dessert)... mmm soothingly delicious.

Service.. ok.. they don't have professional fine dining type of waiters, so cannot expect much apart from ordering and getting served.

The taste is great, and therefore they have a lot of regular patrons, the service gets better when you are a regular.



Good Food - Bad Service and Little Expensive

My friend who visited this place assured great taste - but at first look, the place was bit nasty. We were 8 of us. I was greeted by the man at the door and they gave us a decent 8 seater. The table looked little dirty with water and when asked to clean - they gave a reply ITS JUST WATER - then one person came and cleaned the table. Then they gave neat banana leaves and started serving chutneys - they were four of them and my mouth started watering. But they served it only for the six persons and their chutneys ran out of stock. When asked, they said - they'll serve along the food. We ordered Sambar Idlies, Rasa Vadai, Pongal and Garlic Rasam Idliy and they served Pongal immediately. Taste was very very good though. They had served for four of us and other four were waiting with two people having chutneys alone in their plates. When asked for Sambar, the server vanished and we could not figure him out for another five mins. Then he came back with Garlic Dosa (we had actually ordered Garlic Rasam Idly) and insisted that we ordered it. Since we were ok with trying something new, we accepted it and it was also good. Most of the time, the server doesnt seem to be available at and we had to wait with empty plates. With respect to food, everything except Rice Upma was good. We ordered Rose Milk and Coffee to finish the dinner. Then the server presented the bill to me. It was a hand written bill and the server ensured that I dont understand a single item in it. We had ordered for around 12 different items and I had count them and I gave my credit card (after checking that they accept cards). After five mins, the server came back asking for my PIN - since it was a credit card - I was little surprised. When I went along with him, I found the person using the unit was not at comfortable. After we both of us had a tug of war with the device we managed to get it working. Though it was a bitter service, the food was very tasty. Though the service was next to pathetic, I generously tipped the server keeping the food taste in my mind. But, when I came back home and was reviewing the bill - realized that the server had billed 30 Rs for Rose Milk while the menu card read 25 Rs. 7 of us had ordered rose milk which translates to 35 Rs. Second, they had advertised throughout saying filter coffee is 10 Rs (I remember reading the same in the menu card), but this guy had charged 15 Rs (we had three coffees). I was totally charged Rs. 50 extra. Not sure if its a mistake of oversight or if its a done knowingly - but definitely adds up a bad name to the place.

Thanks & Regards,

Raajesh N


Good Variety....but Poor service

Decent food...a bit pricy...considering d place...Just poor service during peek hours...ideal for oldies & beware...Awsome variety....tasty & hygienic food...overall way to go