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> > > > Italy Pizzeria, Malles Manotaa

Italy Pizzeria, Malles Manotaa


  • 45502025, 45502026, 45502026, 9841842432
  • Roof Top, Malles Manotaa, 1, Periyar Road, T.Nagar, Chennai
  • Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 500

9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Italy Pizzeria, Malles Manotaa Reviews


Just another Pizzeria!

I really did not go to the Pizzeria to have their pizzas... I availed their home delivery service!

First things first, their delivery was real quick and so I assumed it wouldbe complemented by their taste. But, I was badly disappointed by the way the pizza was made, it was just like another Pizza Corner pizza which was little undercooked.. Their Margherita was lovely though!

The Italian taste to the pizzas was not that evident and it was just like having it from another restaurant!


piperer - Burrp User


16 Reviews

November 14,2012


Quality standards dropping

I ve been to this place a few times and sadly enough the standard of the place has been dropping considerably. The first time I went, the pizzas had plenty of cheese and meat and vegetables and were done well. Over the past the quantity of vegetables, cheese and meat has reduced and this cost cutting measure has affected the quality. All the pizzas are thin crust cooked in a wood furnace, hence they have a nice smoky taste or at least they used to. I ve decided not to go here again because the service is not too great and they take an eternity to settle the bill. If only they d up their standards and restore their quality to the way they started.


foodie2485 - Burrp User


15 Reviews

November 14,2012


Value for money

One of my favourite places for wood fired pizzas used to be Applewood in Anna Nagar. They were cheap and tasty. The place closed down, but then Italy Pizzeria happened. It's a tiny dining place at the Malles Manotaa Hotel in T Nagar and their pizzas, though slightly oily, are good value for money. I had the Cipollatto Pizza, and although I would have preferred more flavour (it was a bit bland), I devoured it. You cannot complain because it is almost authentic, in terms of preparation, and is much cheaper than the likes of Pizza Hut or Dominos. Give it a try. It's worth it.


Ram  - Burrp User


11 Reviews

October 30,2012


oily pizzas

Overall a nice little place, rather a hideout. Access to the eatery is cumbersome, nestled inside a serviced apparent.

Fire wood Pizza is cheap, oily, meagre toppings. Overall not a good experience. Wondering, i met the chef and had a few words. He is a first timer pizza chef, no prior experience in pizza making. Leave alone experience in fire wood pizza.

Pizza ingredients were not up to mark, the cheese was bitter, we ordered 2 large pizzas and 2 garlic breads, and a sandwich. first pizza had least cheese, the next came with more cheese, both bitter and oily to the core.

With many a experience in wood fire pizzas, i would certainly rate this a poor attempt.

Compared to the pizza giants, the price is cheap, the ingredients as well.

Stay away, i wonder why there are good reviews for this place anyway.


Decent Place for VFM pizza

Made up my mind to have Pizza for dinner on 22-Oct night with my colleague who was not interested in Pizza. After searching over burrp for new pizza joints, finalized this place. Tried calling them to know the directions/locations. But no one was picking up. As I had made up my mind to have Pizza at this place, tried the regular way of finding a place by asking people nearby to the place. Initial plan was after having Pizza there, I need to take my friend to another joint for regular Indian menu. :(

So with hard time with couple of enquiries at local shops and u-turn at the Kodambakkam Bridge atlast able to find this place which is on the way towards Valluvar Kottam from Kodambakkam opp. street to Thahir Hardwares. It's on roof top of Malles Manotaa, Serviced apartment. No frills or fancy about the place. It's conversion of a regular roof-top of an apartment building into a restaurant. It's on the 4th floor for which we can get into a lift upto 3rd floor and take steps. Right hand side they have neat seating place like a corporate company canteen (non a/c) and the left hand side, a seating place with around eight to nine 4 seaters tables.

The waiter helped us in arranging a seat for 2 and gave over two menu cards. Initially I thought, one is for Pizza and another for Booze. But to my surprise, the second one is a menu card for their indo-asian restaurant menu Hype. How many times, we had seen an restaurant serving Pizza and Indo-Asian menu at the same place (I like this a arrangement a lot as it will be helpful when we visit there with kids). I was taken aback, as I can make my friend to enjoy the indian food when I was enjoying Pizza. :)

Coming to the Pizza menu, it's simple with couple of starters, pizza menu with clear demarcation of Greens (Veg), Chicken, Meat (They do serve couple of Beef/Pork pizzas). They have both Medium and Large types. I asked the waiter for his help in selecting a Veggie Pizza and he suggested Cheppys. I also had seen couple of reviews on Cheppys and due to my love for Spinach, I decided to go for it. My friend ordered Fried rice. But when I turn over the pizza menu card, I was excited to see "Make your own Pizza" option with a choice of toppings on both veg and non-veg. I asked the waiter about the same and verified the pricing and he told that for Rs.200/- I can order a medium pizza with max of 5 toppings from the choices. I decided to go for it and I ordered one with my favourites toppings of Jalapeno, Olives, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Button Mushroom and Spinach. We also ordered Garlic Bread as starter. There was a huge screen which was telecasting cricket CLT20. Another 6-7 mins, we got the Garlic Bread delivered on the table. I love the way the Garlic bread was prepared with chopped garlic on top with fair dosage of olive oil. But the Garlic bread was not ideal to my mouth as the Bread crust was hard. But the taste was Ok. They need to something over the crispiness/hardness of the crust.

After the starter, the Pizza was served with bit more oil on the top. The Pizza is a thin crust one with decent loads of toppings, cheese and olive oil. The Pizza taste real good and it's VFM. The waiter had told that it's wood fired. The fried rice served for my friend was also decent.

I enquired whether they do door delivery and they confirmed that they do. Overall experience, it's VFM and their service was real fast on that day.

Will definitely visit more times to try other types. It's worth a try...

Definitely would have given 5 ratings, if not the Bread Crust of Garlic bread was not harder.


Very authentic

I had pizza in Italy pizzeria
With a live Pizza making with our own choice
I had (meat lovers)




Best Pizza i hv ever eaten in chennai.
I had ordered cipollatto pizza(medium) for home delivery.
As well as its cheap.
Comparing to Dominos or Pizza Hut definitely better.


July 16, 2012response from management at Italy Pizzeria, Malles Manotaa:

Thanks for the review, We look forward to see you at our dine in restaurant.

Can try it once in a while

This restaurant is located in a hotel called manes mantolla near kodambakkam bridge.The hotel is small and looks neat but the restaurant looks really bad.Any road side dhabha would have a better ambiance than this one.I was wondering whthere i have landed in a wrong place.The waiter helped me to select one of their pizza called cheppys.The pizza which arrived tasted pretty decent with loads of mozarella cheese,mushroom and sundried tomatoes.The pizzas here is wood fire and thin crust and the prices are pretty reasonable.Overall if im left with no choices i might visit this place to try some of their other pizzas.


July 10, 2012response from management at Italy Pizzeria, Malles Manotaa:

We are really happy that you have visited our place, we thank you for your valuable comment, about the place it is naturally done and we have not tried to make it a posh place as we have priced the pizza's very reasonable. we are happy that you have liked the pizza and we will continue to serve the best wood fired pizza's as always we do. We always concentrate on the product what we give. we look forward to see you soon again. Thank you once again.

d  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

June 28,2012


Really Authentic

authentic wood fired pizza, crispy crust, very tasty, value for money