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Jakob's Kitchen


  • 04442032808, 09840901173, 09840901174
  • 18/28, 1st Floor, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
  • South Indian, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 800

12 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Jakob's Kitchen Reviews






Oh Yeah

That title says it all.

Amazingly finger licking food, mind-boggling variety of south Indian cuisine, good crab/prawn/chicken/fish/anything under the sun, and dirt cheap.


Shiff - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 22,2013


Bursts of Flavour

It was a hot sunny Saturday afternoon and we just wanted to grab a quick bite.
We had driven by Jakob's Kitchen a couple of times, so we finally decided to try it out that day.
We settled for a chicken Karandi for starters. I had watched the chef flip some onions, spices and an egg into a small kadai and voila, out came the egg shaped karandi!
It was a tad bit spicy for me but my husband loved it. We had a go at some meen soru (fish biryani) as well. It was full of flavour and spiced up! The chicken kothu paratha was too tempting to stay away from and we walked out of the place with happy stomachs!
The pricing is medium and portion size served was pretty decent.

The only let down was the ambience of the place. The place could've done better with some comfortable furniture and traditional music in the background. We sat in a side room with pin drop silence, with the customers at the other tables staring uncomfortably at us.


tomtom123 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 16,2013


Don't Go

The worst place I have ever been. No hospitality. Treated like as if we went to eat since they called us. I would never suggest this place for anyone. I went for onam sadya and was waiting in queue since they said it takes10 mins. Literally saying, all people who came after us went in. We asked for our turn and no response. I went inside to check and the waiters tone was literally to go out. I cancelled the waiting and went to parambariyam. I should say they are 1000 times better than these people. Nice hospitality. I suggest parambariyam, but not this damn place.


Missed The Real Jakob @ Jakob's Kitchen

Having wanted to try this place for a while, I visited this place with my family a week before for dinner. The restaurant was on the first floor and had a valet parking to my surprise and was sparsely populated when we stepped in.

Now let me come to the food,
Soups:To our surprise, the Nandu Rasam and Nenjelumbu Rasam were mere spicy masala stalks of Crab and Mutton and never had a hint of any crab meat or mutton in it.

Mutton Uppu Kari: was quite good and tasted real nice, But for a price of Rs 190 plus tax it was quite bone full.
Meen Chintamini: was an absolute delight ,except for the pieces which were quite less for its price and disappeared in no time ;-)
Chicken Lollypop: This had to be ordered to compensate the less quantity served on the above starters.

Main Course:
Manpannai Mutton Biriyani: was awesome and just tasted perfect as it had the right mix of everything (Mix of Rice, Meat and Masala) cooked to perfection, It just tasted like a biriyani cooked to perfection by a veteran member of your house on a festival day(Like your Mom preparing an awesome biriyani on Deepavali)

Elaneer Payasam: was a definite let off on its taste,quality,quantity and for the huge price it incurred.

Verdict: Fondly Missed the Real Jakob at Jakob's Kitchen.


Authentic South Indian Food!! :)

Well I have often frequented this restaurant for lunch and I must say it has proved its mettle time and again. It is popular as the brainchild of celebrity chef Jakob.
The food is authentic South Indian and the spice variations in each of the dishes is delectable.
They do have the regular meals option for lunch which consists of quite a good spread. However I don't have a thing for meals and usually prefer to go A la carte.
Being a true blood Mallu, my favorite here is the Meen Kolumbu which is absolutely yummy and tastes just like Mom makes it at home. I would definitely go back the next time I crave home made food.
Their Parathas are also soft and well made and go very well with the gravies. The Nattu Kozhi gravy is also worth a try.
The staff is extremely courteous and I have always felt extremely welcomed every time I have visited the place.
Last but not the least, a must try is the Elaneer Payasam. It is a specialty of the restaurant and shouldn't be missed especially if you have a soft corner for anything coconut.
The ambiance is decent and it might be crowded during lunchtime so its wise to arrive early.


South Indian delight

Been to this place a couple of times whenever I have a craving for proper south indian food. The Appams and sides are awesome. Special mention should go to the Paya. Also the chicken starters are excellent. The Chicken Kothu Parotta also deserves a mention. The food is very moderately priced as well so it is a must visit. Hope this place continues to tradition the Chef Jakob has created. He will be missed !!



Disappointment on second visit

Ok so i was full of praises during my first visit to this place but second time the visit proved disappointing. The fish curry ordered was raw as in the fish still smelled and tasted raw. It wasn't cooked at all. Secondly, the fish fry had no salt and the same was the case with other curries. Hoping this place rebuilds its magic again.


nimmo10 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 15,2013


South Indian seafood at its best

So i had tried late chef jakob's fish in crimson chakra and wanted to try out this place for quite some time. So this Valentines day we went over to this place and for sure we were not disappointed.
Spicy fish fry and mutton sukkha were really good. further boneless fish curry nd appam were lip smackingly yummmm.
all non vegetrians, must visit



Authentic South Indian food

Visited Jakob's recently & I went gaga literally over the yummy food served there , Located in such a prime location , Jakob's is a must for all those no mads in search of authentic south indian food . The food tasted just like home made food & the taste still lingers in my buds . Will miss Chef Jacob though :(



Traditional south indian food

Last evening we went to jakobs kitchen wanting to try some traditional south indian food.We ordered jawahar jaloor parotta,veg kothu parotta,vetrilai poondu sadham,paneer varutha kari and elaneer payasam for desert.Jawahar jaloor parotta is stuffed with some chettinadu curry and wrapped in noodles.It was one fantastic dish.Never tasted something like this before.The veg kothu parotto was excellent too.One of the best i ve had in chennai.Next came the disappointment with the poondu sadham and paneer curry.Poondu sadham had vetrilai which made the dish sour.The rice did not also have sufficent garlic to get the aroma.The paneer varuval was paneer in a chettinadu curry.again i ve never had any paneer dish like this.Somehow both these dishes dint work with me but some might like it.The elaneer payasam was fantastic .It was light and tasted great.Service was very good and prices are reasonable.A must visit place if the right choice of food is ordered.My rating for both parottas-5/5 ,rice and paneer 1.5/5,elaneer payasam-4/5.



No-nonsense Tamil food, simplified!

After all the hype built up through newspaper ads, it seemed like a shame not to have tried out this place. So off we went on a rainy Saturday evening. Chef Jacob himself was there, greeting customers and making his presence felt, perhaps to ease that long wait outside as the restaurant was full.
Writing a review is never easy, especially one that's a healthy mix of bouquets & brickbats. So - for the bouquets first!
Jakob's Kitchen is an honest attempt to bring that home-cooked style into the limelight, and I must say he succeeds very well with that. This is not just because the dishes lack that touch of perfection, but they do have that motherly touch! The mutton fry should really top the list here, and its just like the one at Crimson Chakra! The Appams, curries are all good quality no doubt, and the Elaneer payasam also lives up to its name.
But, the Chicken Biriyani (cooked in a mud pot) was the BIG let down!!! Meager in quantity, the ready-mix masala almost gave it away - it was nowhere even remotely resembling a home-cooked biriyani!
On the whole, Jakob's Kitchen was a nice experience, though not quite something that would make people keep coming back. And for that, Chef Jacob has to keep pulling new tricks out of his hat - and I'm curious as to what he's going to come up with next!!!
And btw, those newspaper ads are full of english errors & Chef Jacob should get himself the services of a professional copywriter!



Luv the south Indian food

Been to this place recently for lunch. Had the veg thali which was fabulous. Especially the Sambar, Rasam, Payasam. Yummy is the least word coming to my mind. Came to know that non veg thali is also gr8. Keep the good work going. Cud not give all 5 stars for the delayed billing