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> > > Jugghead Jones The Burger House

Jugghead Jones The Burger House


  • 64586455, 9551711777
  • 807/201, Velachery Main Road, Selaiyur, Tambaram HO, Chennai
  • American, Fastfood

4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Jugghead Jones The Burger House Reviews


Not all that great!

Decent ambience and decent food. Wouldn't call it great just because of the time they take to serve. Though the prices are average, I wouldn't recommend it just for the reason the time taken to serve. The food quality is average just like the price.



Yummy BBQ burgers and Club house S/Ws !!!

This place is seriously good ! They do have a big line up of burgers and S/w's !! My Fav would be -Burgers- Double Trouble , BBQ , The Billy Jones Burger . In Sandwiches - Jones in the club, Club house [veg], Chicken BBQ, Mighty Joe Club .
they have opened another outlet at tambram , close to vidhya theater .
End of it all - a good place for Burger and S/W maniacs !!!!



Great taste and VFM

I am a fan of authentic food that has a distinct flavor. Also, after eating factory-food (read Dominoes, Pizza Hut, etc), I have longed for some fresh made food. Jugghead fits the bill perfectly.
This restaurant has only western food like burgers, pastas and sizzlers. The menu does not try to cover all food types. But it has about 15 types of burgers ranging from creamy to hot & spicy. There are about 4 types of pastas, and they too are very authentic. The place itself has a simple ambiance. This is a place where the food is the star, and everything else are props. They have a decent door delivery service too. They try to cater to the vegetarians too. All their burger and pasta varieties come in vegetarian recipes.

Go to this place if you like real western food, that is made fresh and tasty.
Also the staff are good and try to customize the dishes for your taste.
This is definitely worth a try. First times can try the cajun pasta.


Attention needed Mr.Murugan!! Wru?

It was a unique restaurent in our locality for good burgers, fries, juices etc when it was started. We first tried it and found that the owner(or manager), Mr.Murugan was avery friendly innovative person. He took total care of us and i was totally impressed by the customer care.

Then we started frequenting this place and every time Murugan was around and he used to help us with the menu as the menu was full of innovative burger names, we not knowing what to choose and how each one tasted. We used to have a wide variety to choose from. He even used to select the best burger for us, suggest us the best combos. He used to make minor alterations and customizations in or order according to our liking.

And the burgers used to taste excellent for the cost, so authentic tasting, the buns being fresh and soft, the patty being exotic!!! The basic veg burgers were priced @ Rs40 and few others upto 60 and the basic non-veg burger starting from 50 and few othwers till 80 bucks. The burgers, fries, sandwitches and juices all tasted much above its cost! What else one can wish for in place like ours!

I started ordering home delivery quite frequently and the delivery was so quick and the service prompt. They used to take few customized orders too over the phone itself, at times we being a regular customer.

We started going there for every treat! The interior is also neatly done and there are few tables outside too, in the open. When we used to go for bday treats he used to reserve the small hall for us and make some minimal decorations and wall hangings as a compliment. He was a great friendly person and we enjoyed every treat at this place. It was a small party place!!

But slowly as time passed the good things started fading off. Later it will be rare to find Mr.Murugan, and no one else will be well trained with the menus, tastes and suggestions. Then Mr.Murugan dissappeared totally. Lot of mistakes started happening in home deliveries. Buns were not tasty! So i just took a break and stopped frequenting this place.

Now the taste is not so good, just okay and not so authentic. The place looks shabby too. The costs are a bit higher then b4. But the best part is still the menu is innovative, with large variety to choose from, even they ve included sizzlers. I found all this went i went there recently after a long gap due to my pregnancy and childbirth. But without even proper waiters who know the menu and something about their nice menu items, without proper service it was a pathetic experience. We decided never go there again. But still i tell that the food was ok and good VFM, but compared to how good it was this is nothing. So i desided to write this review.

Since the menu is still good, i guess their back end operations are still good but this place lacks good well trained professional waiters and supervisors. If not the whole trust and name built by the restaurent will soon be wiped off.

The main attraction was the charming interior, neatness, innovativeness, the customer friendly service and ahhh! the very authentic taste. But now i think all these things are getting detoriated at a very alarming rate. So where are you Mr.Murugan??? Pls come and save this place and re-establish its charm!!!

With the venture of dominoz and marrybrown outlets opened in camproad, its now time for them to be alert. I also saw their new branch at camproad but i m yet to try it. With more competetion now they must prove their place in the burger world. If improved well on their areas of weakness, one added advantage the jugghead ppl have over the others - The authenticity and cost effectiveness!!! All the best. Looking for good improvement...:-))