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> > > > Kababish



  • 42048889
  • 60, Thirumalai Pillai Road, T.Nagar, Chennai
  • North Indian

6 Reviews / 6 Ratings

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Kababish Reviews







Dine-in experience - below average. Takes a long time to take the order and even more time to deliver. Taste is good. Location/parking facilities - poor

Home delivery experience: third rate. Ordered food at 2 pm. Had to call back at 3.30 pm to hear they are not delivering.


Just another Restaurant!

Around Chennai, there are a lot of restaurants bearing this name - my Chennai history is not so strong to tell which one of these is the original - but I can very well say that most of these serve moderate dishes. The one in T Nagar is nothing different.

Though it is on a bustling main road, somehow it gives the feeling that it is secluded from all the hustle and bustle, which is in a way good. The restaurant has two floors - I think that the first floor is used for custom parties or when the demand is heavy because the ground floor is where things happen.

The Kebabs are okay, not worth drooling over. The range is good but not exhaustive. You'd expect better from a joint that named itself after these flavorful munches.

The Biryanis are at best average and if you go at an hour that is not the peak time you could end up getting dried morsels, which is a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, I suggest that prawn lovers try their Prawn Biryani once - it is one of the better ones that I tried in Chennai; well marinated and perfectly garnished. The good thing is that their tastes are more or less consistent over time.

The raithas are disappointing. The rotis and the naans are average - nothing starkly different. The Chinese is also at best average. Indian Gravies are flavorful but again nothing different from an average Chennai restaurant.

The service is good - being a small restaurant, you can call up the waiters whenever you want to and dont have to search for them like you do in the larger floored restaurants. The waiters themselves are forthcoming, have an adequate knowledge of the food that they are serving and do a good job.

Compared to the costs they charge the quantity on offer is a little disappointing - especially with the rice varieties like Biryanis and fried rice - there are other restaurants that offer more for a similar price and similar quality.

In the afternoons they used to serve Combo lunches, which was a combo of Biryanis, lemon juice and a couple of regular Kebabs. This suits well if you are not a heavy eater because the quantity offered for the Combo biryani is often as I found out way lesser than the regular biryani.

Overall, I would suggest to give it a try only when you drive to your favorite restaurant to find it closed for the day.


Good and Consistent

I eat here for lunch frequently. The food has been consistently good, the service prompt and everyone has been very nice. I expect to have many more meals here.

The place is reasonably clean and the staff well turned out. The lunch combos from 65-95 are a great value for a sit-down, air conditioned place. I would confidently take anyone there to eat.



We had been to this place on Friday evening at around 10'o'clock. We had ordered two kinds of Kebabs, one of Chicken, while the other Mutton. As we try to churn it into our mouths, it completely felt like rubber, with a little too much spice. When reported the raw nature of the mutton to the captain, he was stubborn to take the plate back. Eventually he took it back to the kitchen, n returned with the same material, more burnt than before, but still raw from inside.
The good thing about this place was only the Rotis, which were (thank god) made of whole wheat. If you really are a non-veg lover, do not go to this place.



Excellent Kebabs

Located bang opposite vidodhaya school on thirumalai pillai road, this place definitely is a place to pig out at .
Make sure that you are sitting down rather than being offered a spot upstairs.
The ambiance is quiet, dim light and is just right for a good meal. May it be for lunch or dinner, the inside of Kababish is very elegantly maintained.
One must try their kebab platter. Their choice of meats and how they are done is excellent. The waiters are not much language friendly, but the restaurant owner, Mr Prem is extremely accommodating and very customer friendly.

The food at kababish is spicy ! That being said, their food is really delicious yet spicy. I have read somewhere that a meal is enjoyed when the doorways in your nose are opened.

Cleanliness is good, not top notch. But it just passes through the bar. Hospitality is good, food is excellent and the service is quick and prompt.

Do not fill up your stomach with water or lime juice if the food is spicy. Simply pause with the dish, chew a naan or some rice, that will take care of the spice. This food is way too good to be put aside for some juice to quench your burning tongue.

Overall, a great place to catch up for a good meal.



Good lunch combo

Kababish,as the name suggests specializes in kababs and northwest frontier cuisine. But the food is truly localised to serve the chennai tastebuds. They call themselves multi-cuisine, maybe cos they serve chinese too or maybe its one of those places with a fear to call themselves a speciality restaurant.

The restaurant looks dirty from the outside, but once you enter its not really that bad. Its a very small place, but gains a decent crowd once lunch time is on. This is probably cos of the lunch-combos they have here, which is tasty or not doesnt matter but are so easy on the pocket for officer-goers to eat heartily on a regular basis.

They definitely know their customers well, as the combo plans make a complete meal unlike many other restaurants. Considering that one side dish, say gobi 65 costs around 60 to 70 bucks, a lunch combo with a big bowl of egg biriyani, brinjal curry, raitha, gobi 65, and lemon juice for 60 bucks is a steal. But the biriyani is a little sticky and gobi had a lil bit of extra salt in it but was crispy. The raitha had no dahi to be seen, it was just onions. The brinjal curry was so yumm that it overshadows the taste of the rest.

The service is ok, no complains. Food arrives pretty quick. The place would ve done much better placed a few streets away, that is in nungambakkam and with a little more effort on the decor, outside appearance and ofcourse the quality of food. Otherwise, for a hard day at work when you wanna hog for your tummy and not your tongue, kababish is a very good choice.