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> > > > Karthick Tiffins

Karthick Tiffins

Anna NagarChennai  


9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Karthick Tiffins Reviews


Not clean. Average food

It is near the 12th main road, just adjacent to Hot chips. It is more a road side shop. I tried the sambar vada. It was not hot but tasted good. If you are looking for something fresh and served in nice place just goto hsb.


4quality - Burrp User


8 Reviews

November 17,2012


Mixed Price but tasty

If you are person not much concerned about hygiene and healthy food then this place could be a good try. Tried the peas dosa they are priced close to Rs.30 each and are tasty, Idly was not so good and its priced Rs.9 each which is a price close to a hotel.
Its self service and you need to have it in the platform as its on the road side, enjoying some good vehicle smoke and ofcourse the oil they use is unknown as in any other restaurant.


piperer - Burrp User


16 Reviews

November 14,2012


Cheap but not the cleanest place

This “pure veg” fast food joint’s vast popularity can be measured by the constant buzz of people around it in spite of the fact that it is located next to another very popular veg food chain. It specializes in all the foods what we popularly know as “tiffin”.Though the place can do a lot to improve its standard of hygiene I guess you get what you pay for and in a place like this you hardly pay. Though I must admit it disturbs me every time is see someone using a broom to clean the dosa stove which is what happens here.
Must try: The special Medhu Vada, the sambhar vada, the pongal and the chilly parotta are a must try if you ever visit here.



Cheap Food

dont want to spend too much money but need great Dosa's, head to KTC! shud be ready to ignore the hygeine, cannot expect from a roadside stall! But food is very good!



Good Dosas, but extremely unhygeinic

I must be the odd man out here giving my thumbs down for this place. Extremely unhygienic in one word. Nothing more I could add :)


Amazing Dosas

If you want to experience the best dosas of chennai, go here. Its cheap and its incredibly tasty!


good taste

Nice place to eat anything and everything vegetarian. they have a great variety in their menu, and the shops is crowded morning to midnight. but hey, who cares ! they do more orders in a minute, more than the nearby top-class hotels.
good to eat tiffin after a tiring cricket match in the nearby P&T grounds. their chinese is great in the evenings, especialy if you are a student preparing for late night exam studies. you can meet the entire anna nagar student gamut chatting here. hope you make friends fr combined studies :P


Its Heaven on Roadside

I am regular to Karthick Tiffin Center we fondly call as KTC for the past 10 years. It just an awesome roadside joint. It gives stiff competition to Hot chips and Hotel Virudhunagar which is in the same building.

U can be assured that u will get a hot dosai even at 12 in the night.

My fav is Pattani dosai, Podi dosai and Appam. other fav are Cauli dosai, pongal, Parotta and Vaada.

Everything is served hot and u should see the way dosa master puts butter on the dosas.

The preparation is Clean and if you go in the evening it would be choc - o - block with ppl wanting to have a grab on delicious dosas.

The variety rice for lunch is also damn good.

If you are person who love road side joint and u cross by Annanagar u have to make a pit stop at KTC

5/5 on Quality
5/5 on Quantity
4/5 on Service
5/5 on Price

Note : Its advisable to have patience when KTC is crowded but dont miss out the dosa.


This place is amazing!!!

The taste is amazing... all points.. 5 out of 5... Check out the very special Gobi Fried rice here.... These guys sell 8 dosas in 1 minute!!!! This roadside shop is also featured in "THE HIDNU" newspapers for it's financial achievements.... For all people who haven't visited this place... ITS A MUST GOOOOO.....