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Kebab Court

Anna NagarChennai  


4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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Kebab Court Reviews


Worst Kebabs

A kebab place where they serve the worst kebabs I have ever had. heard a lot about this place before i went there but it seems to be just a name. For the service, it is far worse when the waiter seems to be confused on what we ordered.
A bit over priced for the quality of food and i wouldn't recommend it for a tandoori/kebab lover.


KrithikaN - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 14,2010



That's the best word to describe this place. The waiters were unavailable most of the time. When they did deign to show up, they messed up our orders. The starters took almost 2 hours to trickle in by bits and pieces. The orders were brought in piecemeal and not all at a go. When they did turn up, the chicken achari tikka was undercooked and frozen in the centre. Further, when the final bill was brought in, each order was misnamed so that we could hardly tell whether the bill was ours. All put together an experience NOT worth remembering.


Sort of O.Kebab

The term "Tandoori/Punjabi" restaurant is unfortunately a classic Indian cliche. There are way too many of these all over India, and as with anything common place, it becomes extremely hard to be different, unique and special. And Kebab Court, despite its exotic, meditterranean sounding name serves the same Dal Makhani, Chicken Tikka, Butter Naan fare that is the bane of Indian cuisine world wide. They do have a "Kebab" menu, but as the earlier reviewer points out, the items on this list tend to be not available most of the time.
But the food is passable, and to be fair to Punjabi cuisine, its shortcomings are not the cuisine itself, but its ubiquity, and Kebab Court does little to elevate itself from this stereotype


not a very nice place to be

One look from outside will definitely tempt one to take a chance and experience the delight of Tandoori meat, mouth watering Indian delights and of course, the Kebabs.... Take the elevator to the second floor and the ambience takes your stomach to flight. Once seated, thats when the interesting bits begin.

Well, the place is exotic, the ambience good, the quality of kebabs pretty good, the quantity half decent and the level of service extremely poor. Once you've placed your order, kindly expect to be ushered by the waiter to inform that the placed order is not available and to to choose another choice. There are about 8 - 10 of these guys hustling and bustling all around, but none to look at your waving hand or pleading excuses. The F & B manager does not take responsibility of the shoddy service nor does he respond appropriately.