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Kleio Reviews

Best neighbourhood cafe

This place is close to my house, n i keep visiting with friends. It is pocket friendly, clean, neat and has polite staff. The cakes are very good, the other sandwiches and baked items are decent..For the price of the food, their ambience is fantastic. I think most other reviews are misleading. It is way better in ambience than the usual "coffee days". Definitely a place to hang out with friends n play board games.




they had the perfect equation :
bad service+ dirty place+reservicing dirty napkins+ flie topped cakes= never again


October 7, 2011response from management at Kleio:

Thank you for your feedback.

We have always ensured best of the services to our customers. This is very unfortunate and we arent sure as when you found our place dirty or re-servicing dirty napkins. We do regret if your experience is what you have stated it to be. Would look forward for your visit to ensure a kleio experience.

Best Regards,
rajesh bysani


This place was recommended by one of my friends for cakes and true to his words, Kleio does have some really nice deserts and pastries. Unfortunately the admin is very very poor.
Biggest issue - hygiene! The restroom is right next to the food counter and is hardly ever closed. And to make it worse, the waiter serving the food visited the restroom atleast 4 times in the 2 hours that I was there, and once came out with a newspaper after 20 minutes. It's quiet disgusting and frankly, unacceptable!
Please learn to treat the place and the customers with some courtesy, and do not take such matters of hygiene lightly.


sagheero - Burrp User


93 Reviews

November 14,2010


False Information

I just called up to know whether they do home delivery, they are adamant that they dont! So much for truthfullness....


November 14, 2010response from management at Kleio:

thank you for your feedback.
We do deliver within 2 kms radius. we regret as our team has responded without asking for complete
details of delivery. We hope to serve you better on your next query or visit.


Sucks big time!

Went there yesterday for dessert and was shocked to see used napkins on the floor! Yuck! And the seats were all stained! WHere do we sit?? Well once we got over this initial shock and mustered courage to try the desserts, we were disappointed with what arrived! The dessert was awful and it came with paper napkins with stains on them!! Well, my point is, even if the food is average, atleast have staff with basic knowledge on cleanliness and hygiene.. Hated this place!


King_jay - Burrp User


5 Reviews

August 10,2010



We went there last evening and the first thing that greeted us at the door was the stale smell of the place. It was so unappetizing!

We ordered the below

1. Grill veg sandwich with mushroom
2. Chocolate chip cup cake
3. Truffle ball
4. Snicker bar shake
5. Cold coffee
6. cheese and corn nuggets

The sandwich was smelly and totally tasteless ! The cake was dry but edible. The truffle ball was the only thing passable! The shakes were pathetic – The snicker bar shake cost some 135 rs and was totally yuck! We wasted the cold coffee as well. They had an offer going- buy 2 drinks and get the 3rd free. We requested for a bottle of water as we had no guts to try another drink. The cheese and corn nuggets were again ok but smelled of stale oil. The staff was courteous but very inattentive and lethargic! Also they were loudly chatting among themselves which we found extremely unprofessional.

There was nothing note worthy about the interiors- the sofas were extremely dirty and stained and we also found one upturned sofa, looking very odd there! The cutlery was really nice in different shapes and they had some games/ books to kill time which we liked!

But given the food/ service and smelly ambience we would never visit again!


August 10, 2010response from management at Kleio:

We thank you for your feedback on your visit to kleio.

we have looked into this issue after your feedback and this was the first time ever that we have had a customer
to experience such unpleasantness.

if you dont like any of our food or beverages.... we aint gonna charge for it.

We hope to see you again.....


What an idea Sir Ji..........

I Searched Some Different Foods in Chennai Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes But i didn't got any Different with my taste in Chennai Hotels.
In that last day of my India tour just i saw your kleio and dine in
I am really felled in heaven,
Taste of Food, Service style of Food Handlers, Interiors of Cafe, Atmosphere its mesmerized myself.

My hearty thanking to that Admin & Production Peopeles.





sinful chocolate truffle

went on a sunday night with my friend after dinner to grab some dessert. the major disappointment is the location of this cafe as its a prime traffic location... coming to the food. we ordered for a strawberry mousse & chocolate trouffle. the mousse was ok . the chocolate trouffle was sinful asking us to indulge in more. it was so soft and shoul say the perfect truffle. melting in your mouth ... wow.. not rating it more than 3 as we did nt try much. hoping to go again to try more....


Pretty Average

First off, its a horrible location to have a coffee shop, amidst traffic and everything and its too small a place to actually feel comfy. The seating is one thing that turned me off, i donno why they ve to be stingy with the couches, there is just one or two, the rest are restaurant style seating which is not so apt for a cafe of this nature where u go to have ur leisure time. For the record, even the couches are not that comfy, the tables are too high for u to relax and sip on ur coffee...

Coming to the food, its not bad. Not many options though, very small menu. The hazelnut coffee was good and so was the Oreo Milk Shake, they claim their specialty, its pretty heavy and filling, nothing exotic about it tho, cream overdose! The food part is not that impressive as the drinks. We had a quiche and some roll i guess which was ok, nothing to write home about or even remember.

Service is the worst part, the waitress looks bored and uninterested, noone ever smiles at you. You almost feel unwelcome. Overall, 2.5/5 is a good rating for this one since its very average for a dessert place that's supposed to be exotic and take your taste buds for a trip. Not a place i wud die to go bak to, unless i run out of options completely.



Office Hangout!!!

I have been to Kleio quite often. A good place to hang out with friends.

We visit often during our lunch breaks just to have their coffee, sandwiches, cakes... Pricing is quite reasonable for a small place with less parking facility but they do have valet parking.

Their food stuffs look and taste good and they also serve us on time... I believe they do have Wifi too...

Do experience their stuffs and must-visit hang out !



The reviews below have just overrated this mediocre place. Nor is it the most happening thing in town. It just cannot be. Had a firsthand experience last night here.

Ambience: Cane furniture a hazy appearance. The lighting is poor and the AC does not seem to work. Not a crowded one though.

Service: Okay but poor. The water was kept upon request at the end of the meal. Most of the items listed in the menu have just "got over" eventhough it is just 7:30 in the night and there was just another customer besides me. The options are limited. You have to search for the waiter at every step.

Pricing is slightly below average, but so is the quality. I ordered a total of thirteen items including pasta and milkshakes for just Rs. 565

The quality is nothing to write about, just mediocre. Nothing compared to JCs or Sparkys or even 35 degrees. Authenticity is lacking as well. That applies to coffees and shakes as well.



writo - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 05,2009


Late Night Dessert

The only problem with Kleio is its location. If you want to get there anytime during the day, good luck. There's a constant stream of traffic that keeps you looking longingly within when you're stuck in a jam.

So head there after 9.30 in the night. They're open up to 11pm. The choice of pastries, breads and dessert is something we salivate for.

Choose the Chocolate Mousse - it's got a soft velvety texture. Don't gulp in down in huge spoonfuls - go easy. Dig into it in little bites. Hard to do, because when you take the first bite, you're already thinking of the second one!

Try the Apple Pie, buy the range of breads, sit back and enjoy the unobtrusive service.


Ramki  - Burrp User

Ramki , CA

7 Reviews

November 06,2009


A cool place for a tte--tte!

Nice place, Plum location, Good service, very economical (If you wanna know how crazy prices get check out my review on Kipling cafe!).

Our Usual Hangout was a place called coffee which was inside the music college in RA Puram. But that place put its shutters last year. I think Kleio would be a good substitute for that.

I'm loving this place!


Tulip - Burrp User


8 Reviews

September 13,2009


Great spread

I have been to Kleio a couple of times. A really good place to hang out.

The first thing that strikes you is "how did I miss this place earlier?" coz its really tucked away. Parking is limited, but then you can always pile-on the parking under the flyover.

The second thing is about the wonderful spread they have - wraps and sandwiches et al - ready for takeaway - an absolute WOW when you are strapped for time with a grumbling stomach.

The third thing is that the price is really reasonable given the location and quality of service. Triple thumbs up !

We stuck to some Coffee and Sandwiches. They were made well and came just about in time. The sandwiches were especially made well and browned to prefection in the toaster. Looked and tasted equally good !

I ordered a hot choclate on one of my visits and it was good. I like the hot chocolate at Coffee Central though - guess its the chocolate mix !

Am yet to sample their pastries - am on a diet - I am really tempted to get to them once I reach my diet goal !!

I real must-visit hang out !



To become a teetotaller.

My serious advice to all the beer addicts in the city. Please visit kleio and have their speciality drink "Coffee beer" I swear you would get over your addiction and will never even see beer ads !!!.

We were a bunch of 6 who met over for a cuppa, it was a nice cool evening and this place had a wonderful ambience,though the seats we took werent the coziest.

Cost wise,I shud rate it economical when compare to some of the upmarket coffee shops.Their milkshakes were upto the mark,rich with cream and sinfully tasty.But the other orders were BIG time spoilers.

The mochas and coffees ordered were cold..all the illusion of sipping on a hot cuppa on a cool evening was just that -illusion.The staff were totally clueless and we were in no mood to request for a re-heating.

The white chocolate muffin was more like horlicks in paste form,though it did not taste bad it tasted funny. Even the 5year old who came with us could not accept it,leave alone the adults.

Then came the killer punch - the coffee beer,the explanation from the waiter about this drink[its cofee which would taste like beer sir] gave us no idea about the impending tragedy from the kitchen. Finally it came, there was this huge layer of foam on top and it did resemble a beer lookwise. The first person who tasted the coffee beer rushed to munch down the horlicks..err..white chocolate muffin to avoid throwing up.

Then the who dares win contest took place,none of us could go over one sip.My taste buds suggested this cud be the recipe - decaffeinated coffee powder[the one that is leftover post a coffee is brewed] mixed with water and sugar,a tinge of lime added n presented with a foamy layer. The worst part was the sugar had not dissolved and added to the overall tragedy.

Their wraps and other pasteries did look very inviting,but thanks to the coffee beer we did not want to take any more risks.

I do have a snap of this drink,whenever I feel like going on a binge drinking spree am planning to have a look at it and pursue my teetotallership..thank you kleio!!


Koffee at Kleio

A Guns n Roses styled dark brown coloured 'chocolate' rose was definitely not what I was expecting to see at Chennai's newest cafe (am almost growing tired of this word). Christened Kleio, this snazzy one thousand sq. ft. eat out immediately conjures up positive vibes as you enter its bright, naturally lit interiors. Stylish cane furniture (needless to say, chocolate shaded) don't look comfortable but pleasantly surprise.

Food: Impressive arrays of quick eats (sandwiches, rolls, wraps, pastas etc) complement a selection of cakes, beverages and other interesting dessert.

My first experience to the outlet was rather surprising with almost everything I tried flooring me. But I decided to go back a few times before writing this and boy, am I glad I did. Glad we left behind love-at-first-sight in school.

All the food fare sampled till date has never disappointed - the chicken mayo sandwich, the Cole slaw sandwich (innovatively shaped like a pastry), paneer wrap, veg pasta (mixed on-location). Special mentions due to the Paneer wrap which unlike most wraps around the city, was actually palatable.

The beverage menu seems strongly 'inspired' from another city cafe though the concoction is anything but borrowed. The Snicker bar shake and Dream shake (Toblerone) are easily the best around town while the Oreo shake fell short of its contemporaries. The iced lemon tea was a hit as was the Cold Coffee Lite (sugarless).

It was the dessert department that interested me the most, especially thanks to the recent proliferation of dessert options in the city. The first dessert I sampled was the white chocolate muffin and I am still quite mesmerized by it - the white chocolate itself to be precise, was absolute heaven while the muffin could do with a better bake. The Nut corner was delicious, a biscuit made up of a mixture of nuts and served (on request) with ice cream, the apple pie was awry. My biggest disappointment was undoubtedly the Death by Chocolate. Along with Chocolate Truffle, any outlet that attempts to serve up the DBC will have to live with being benchmarked by these two landmark desserts. It was one of the poorer renditions of DBC I have come across, to be kind. The feedback was well received by the people in charge and they've set to work on getting it right.

Brand story: Kleio's tag line, Sinfully Expressive explains the chocolate rose. "We want Kleio to be a destination where people head to express themselves. The rose is synonymous with expression and served in chocolate, it was a perfect fit" explains Rajesh. Taking forward the theme of a destination cafe, a lot of space has been left underutilized to make space for a dais of sorts. Rajesh plans to use the venue to organize Stand up comedy, karaoke sessions, activity for children, etc to help keep the crowds enthused beyond just his food - not a bad plan on paper but time will tell its success. The in-store and display branding is very refreshing for this space. Credit to their design agency Yo Mama.

Location: Kleio operates from a centralized kitchen that caters to its 2 locations - opposite The Residency's in-gate on Dr. Nair road, T. Nagar and DLF IT Park, Porur. My four visits before penning this review have all been to the T Nagar outlet. All the food is made by an in-house team with its owner, Rajesh Bysani (31) himself assuming the role of Chief Taster & QC Head.

Staff: Courteous and friendly though finer knowledge about the products are limited to the seemingly experienced.
Facilities: The toilet is usable and hygienic, for men and women alike.

Cost: Very reasonable, almost under priced. Only the special shakes are in excess of Rs. 120. All else average around Rs. 40 each.

Date: 13th August, 2009
Place: Chennai, India
Reviewed by: Harish Anand Thilakan

Must Order: Paneer wrap, Chicken Mayonnaise sandwich, Dream Shake, White chocolate muffin.
Average Cost per person - Rs. 135

Address- Dr. Nair Road, T. Nagar, Chennai - 600017
Driving Directions -Opposite the in-gate to The (old?) Residency hotel, at the junction of GN Chetty road and TP Road.