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> > > > Kumarakom


NungambakkamChennai    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 52605677, 52605688, 9840281852
  • No. 3A/3, new no. 9, Kodambakkam High Road,
  • Keralan

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Kumarakom Reviews

Decent Kerala Fare!

A major craving for the beef fry and the malabar parathas got me here. The place is nice. The cleanliness can definitely be better.

The service is prompt too. The parathas were yummy. Flaky and soft. Not the types where you have to pull at it to break it!

The beef fry was yummmmmmmy. Reminded me of home instantly! The right amount of pepper and other spices. Mildly flavoured. Tender beef.

Couldnt get any better.

Would have given it 3 stars as the cleanliness was a question mark. However, the awesome beef makes me give it a 4/5


foodmaniak - Burrp User


7 Reviews

December 24,2012


Good food and decently priced

Good Kerala food. Consistent taste across the different branches!
Sometimes the wait is annoying! Otherwise, worth the money and taste!


Spoiler for chain name

Visited this place colleagues on a weekday for dinner - after a awful movie - wish we were thoughtful in the first place.
Here is the jist of observation:
- Order taken, but not passed-on (u expect apology - no, sir - u never gave the order !)
- Service very poor (remind them for water or spoons, you get that dirty look)
- Food quality ok-ok (do check your dish before consuming, we found fly in more than one dish)
- Staff (the language/tone is too rude for the guest)

& is it only us because we were a group of 10. No, when noticed - everyone on the floor get similar treatment (u feel happy or sad ?). Should say, this one can spoil the chain name - if it continues this way...




I have been to Anna Nagar branch quite few times and the service was very good. Thinking the same I went to Nungambakkam branch since its close by to my place, but it was not very good service, they are not even ready to serve. I had ordered for meals they say its unlimited but if u ask for curry & kootu they don't serve you. When they bring the order to your table they get hardly 2 spoons of curry & kootu. When u ask the next time its reduced to 1 1/2 spoons, third time they say no its limited. How can they they say so? But Anna Nagar branch is not like this. They charge for papad even, I have never heard of papad being charged for meals. I will never visit this branch again. rather i'll go to Anna Nagar branch (just for their good service).




Good food, decent enough service...why are people dissing this place? Authentic Keralan food man and believe me...I have had my share of Kerala food. The parathas n Appams were awesomely soft! The tapioca/fish curry combo was heavenly! Very authentic and rare to find in other mallu restaurants nowadays. The beef was passable...all in all good food for reasonable price!


detoriating quality

I have been wanting to try this place out with my family and finally went last weekend. I was utterly disappointed with the quality of food and cleanliness of the place.
Their signature fish and crabs were badly made and to make things worse, there was a cockroach on the table!
These guys were good at one point of time, but not anymore.


If you care only about Kerala food...

I went here today for the first time for lunch with my wife (and I am writing this the same day night!). It was around 2:15 pm and the place was crowded. We had to wait for around 15 min. No complaints there, since I have heard that you can expect this at this restaurant.

We ordered meals and since it was already around 2:30 pm, the typical Kerala rice was over and we had to settle with the white rice. It looked like they were running short on sambar and they have added some water to it to ensure enough supply; it was quite watery for Kerala style sambar.

We also ordered Seer fish tawa fry and was disappointed when the dish came. Just one thin piece of fish about the size of a small cutlet and we were paying Rs. 100 for that! We also had ordered Beef Urarthiyathu, which is always good in any Kerala joint.

When the bill finally came, we were surprised to find Rs.25 A/C charge! I am still wondering why this is for and I think this is atrocious given the fact that they do not have a non-A/C dining hall. The vegetarian meals is Rs. 50 and if one person comes here and have just the meals, he will be paying half the price of his food as A/C charge!

I have been to Kumarakom Adyar a few times and am going to stick with that place. Kumarakom Adyar do not charge for the A/C at least! I don't think I am going to visit Kumarakom Nungambakkom again.


madan80 - Burrp User


44 Reviews

November 20,2008


A good eating Joint!

I give Kumarakom a 4/5 simply because the food triumphs above all.

The ambiance leaves much to be desired, with the Karaoke singing bringing out the talent of the waiter, is not something i want to experience when I would like to be able to talk to my friends and family.

The very first place looked scary, however, the food was nice and the waiters making up for the poor infrastructure with their warm and contagious smiles.

The second one on KH Road (being reviewed now) is surely better, but the noise, crowds, completely inapt decour and a turn around time close to a QSR leaves you thinking- yes, I came out to eat.

for ambiance i give it a 3/5

The Food - yes, it gets a 4.5 / 5 - the fish quantities leaves much to be desired. Also, appam and putta kadala is not available for lunch but only dinner. Which is disappointing. The beef fry and the mushroom masala are my two favorites and my wife loves most of the items on the menu and to top it off quantities are also sufficient for an adult which is a good sign.

I just wish kumarakom can start a place where there is no karaoke but a nice restaurant like atmosphere where I can truly enjoy not just the great food but have a great dining experience.

note: The opinions expressed here are purely my own, and need not reflect the capabilities of either the establishment or of the management.


Dearth of supply

This place is very popular in Nungambakkam and is too crowded for lunch. But I dono if it was an off day for the restaurant, or if its my bad day for lunch, nothing on the menu was available. I love the velachery Kumarakom, its the yummiest place in the area to eat, so i had the same rather even better expectations since this place is more prime and senior to the velachery branch.

There was no appam, puttu, etc. which were only available in eve. There was no veg stew/avial or anything keralan for a veggie to eat for lunch. There was meals which had nothing keralan about it, typical south indian meals. So i ordered for egg parata and veg kurma. The lassi to drink, which again is punjabi? i guess! The egg parata was awesome, every bite was yummy. The veg kurma was kinda ok, its the coconut milk kurma with a lota spices, cudve been better. Frst of all, it was my last choice and hence i wasnt satisfied.

Maybe, i should go another time for dinner when everything is available. Somehow i dont feel welcome tho. Am sure this place is a lot better and less frustrating to fish-eaters, but for me i guess velachery Kumarakom back home is heaven!



Mallu Treat !!!

At chennai standards, this is one of the best Mallu Joint.

Just that they charge 200 bucks for a fish curry.

Otherwise, very decent pricing and i love their Beef and Pork prepration.

To freak out
1.Pork Fry
2.Syrian Beef Fry
3.Beef Curry
4.Fish Curry
8.Kappa -Red meen curry

To be avoided
1. Fish Fry
2. Prawns

My question to them - Why the F are you not serving Mutton/Beef stew??



authentic kerala Shtyle ;)

this is the best for awsome malayalee food..the taste is jus superb...they serve almost all varieties of kerala dishes..from cochin to central travancore.. there is whole kerala touch in everything..starting from the dishes to the waiters to the music..there is even an orchestra where u can go sing a "malayalam" movie song while waiting for ur order!! its a good place to go with ur family..and a defintely a no no for a multi-ethnic friends group coz they will feel out of place for sure...
ratings are
food 5/5
cost 4/5
ambience 5/5 (for mallus oly!)