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VelacheryChennai    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 42022277, 43036570, 9840738200, 9840081852
  • Velachery Tambaram Road, Vijayanagar Extn, Velachery, Chennai
  • Keralan
  • Meal for 2 - 500

22 Reviews / 22 Ratings

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Kumarakom Reviews

sethu M.nair - Burrp User

sethu M.nair

1 Reviews

September 16,2013


Horrible Food Experience.

I had been to kumarakom restaurant for an Onam meal package along with my better half. Through my pals I had been urged to build up a huge expectation which was totally shattered with the first intro of the kerala rice 'urula' into my mouth. All the side dishes of the so called 'sumptous Onam Meals' lacked sufficient sour and salt. The Sambar was horrible and the pachadi and Kalan had gone stale. For the not so democratic bill (Rs. 721 for 2 sets of meals) they could have paid a little more care to cater some food at least moderately palatable. We had to desert the restaurant with half filled stomach on the much awaited and expected occasion of a delicious 'Ona Sadya'. It is my sincere suggestion not to visit this place which is not advisable to depend for a good food experience. Service was okay.



Food not good

We went for lunch with office folks on a weekday. It was about 10 of us. When we entered the place seemed clean, not much hustle-bustle (it was less than half full). Nothing much to write about the ambiance, but all neat and spaced out. And the staff seemed eager to serve. So far, so good.

In comes food. With the 10 of us, we ordered almost 20 different items (starters, mains, sides etc). None of it got a comment - "this is good". Some of the dishes had same curries as base, just changed the vegetables. We ended up ordering more breads we could eat, as "what to eat with.. '. So to sum up, our team lunch at Kumarakom was a flop!

Wouldn't suggest it to friend. At least for the lunch. Their grills open only for dinner. Havent tried it, not sure if I want to.


Good kerala food!

Visited this place as it was walking distance from the guest house where we were put up. Ordered the kappa and meen curry and the karimeen pollichathu. Th kappa was a little bland and lacked salt. The meen curry was really good. Not over spicy.

The karimeen pollichathu was yummy too. The filling in the fish just lifted the fish totally.

The service was good. The place as such is good too. Nothing to rave about though.



Bad Food and Terrible Service

Karimeen that we ordered was extremely spicy and had no other flavors, it was as if they dipped it in chilli paste and served to us. When we complained about the super hot spice, they said that's how they make it everyday (so deal with it!!)
Rest of the order was quite as flavorless too.



Pathetic service and poor food

The worst and pathetic service in the city. The way they treat is too worst. The food was too bad and unhygienic. I would not recommend this place to any one.


mtmani - Burrp User


7 Reviews

April 12,2012


Once is ok.

Had chappathi with pepper chicken masala in the evening. Good enough and reasonably priced.



Fish was not cooked properly!

Its a horrible experience when i ordered for Aiyla Fish fry. It was not cooked properly and when i asked the waiter that it is not cooked,. he said the raw parts are onions. I continued to argue and pointed out that its not cooked and finally he broke a apologetic smile. The quality of food is becoming very low here and of course the servers neither understand English nor Tamil.


athulnair - Burrp User


13 Reviews

February 27,2012


Food quality average

In the beginning the food was good, later on the quality went down and price became inverse of quality.
Service varies from person to person (as I was a frequent visitor when I was in Chennai). Some will serve well (Lack of proper supervison). Attitude is anything can be served, people will not ask as there is no Kerala restaurant nearby.
All food tastes similar, can't differentiate.


Food quality going down with every visit

I have been a quasi-regular to Kumarakom. Almost every time I go there, I feel that the food quality is going down a one-way street. Agreed that the vegetarian meals still stay within reasonable limits of palatability and taste, but the non-vegetarian preparations leave a lot more to be desired each time I pay a visit, especially the Syrian Beef Fry, which at one time was their signature dish, gets worse every time I visit.It partly has to do with the quality of the meat they keep getting, I guess. Overall, I'll rate it just average. Decent value for money, but you can't go there looking for ambiance. The waiters don't really seem to mind the fact that you are at the restaurant. They go about minding their own business only otherwise called 3 or 4 times. You can, however, find them blankly staring at white spaces beyond customers, perhaps contemplating world peace. That's what has degraded my rating of the restaurant from average to poor.


Awesome wholesome Kerala meals

Nowadays I have been frequenting Kumarakom, Velachery for their unlimited Kerala meals. If you ask me if it is authentic, I would say they are nearly there.

Usually I go for their Kerala meals which is priced at 55rs. I find the price very reasonable for an unlimited Kerala meals in Chennai. Meals come with sambar, Pulisheri and rasam. The side dishes for the meals usually consist of aviyal (mixed vegetable cooked in cocconut paste), thoran/mezhukku purattiyathu (vegetable fried in oil with or without cocconut), Pickle and Kerala pappads. They have the option of Kerala rice or white rice. Everything they serve is unlimited except pappads. Extra pappads can be obtained by paying a very nominal price.

To accompany the meals, I usually go for fish vattichathu (spicy fish gravy) and Ayila Porichathu (Fish Fry) which turned out to be very yummy. On a weekend I even got the compliment of a fish thoran which was fantastic.

The meals as a whole package is too good when you are really hungry and you need to be filled in again and again. The waiters take care to cater to your needs and serve you unlimited whenever you need even if it is rush.

I have tried their paysam of the day which was ada pradhaman and it was very yummy and for one bowl they charged 30rs.

They also have home delivery on weekdays (not on weekends nor on public holidays). They pack and give neatly with extra set of rice for meals and fast if you are in Velachery.

Other than the meals not everything in their menu is good. I have tried their beef fry, fish moli, Kappa (Tapioca). They were not tasty and not prepared well. For that one star goes down. But I have tried some good stuff in their menu also such as egg curry, mushroom pepper fry, egg chilly fry, Kerala Parathas, Malabar sear fish curry. They were very tasty. Many more things for me to try as I haven't tried their Chinese nor their Tandoori items yet so I can't comment on that.

Will I go there again. Definitely yes especially for their awesome Kerala meals.



Aye to that!!!

I would second the previous 2 reviewers. Been here a couple of times. Stuck only to Kerala food. Food was good. We liked it a lot. But the service is really a problem for people who don't speak Malayalam. The waiters couldn't understand (in both English & Tamil) what we are talking about and vice versa. Most of the times, they just stand in their places and simply stare at us.

Also, the Kerala food menu is too small to have a complete meal out of it. If both these are worked on, its a good place to frequent.



Worst Service

We went to this restaurant for a peaceful dinner. On entering we ourselves took a empty table and for first 5 mins nobody even bothered to even serve water. After 5 mins we had to call the waiter for the menu card. we were informed that the order would take 20 mins. But actually we dint get even masala pappad and lime soda even after 50 mins, after which we again had to call the waiter and remind him about our order. This is the very worst service i have experienced among the many restaurants i have visited in chennai. I am sure nobody takes one hour to serve just the starters. So plzzzz avoid this place if you r dead hungry. Otherwise the food is ok.


pcaesar - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 10,2010


Good but it could be better

Good place for kerala food. I really like it. But unfortuately, We had a new person who was joined did the service for us and he was quite slow.

Need more smile on their face and need to be little more polish in way of talking


Sunil Inasu - Burrp User

Sunil Inasu

6 Reviews

December 07,2009


NIce place

I'm surprised by the bad reviews for this place. I'm rather finicky and find very few restaurants is chennai worth a second visit. and this is one of my staple places.

Ambience - fair to good

Food (go here only for Kerala food)- quite good, and is consistent (have found many restaurants in chennai where the food ranges from good to bad over a couple of visits).

Service - quite good


nidee505 - Burrp User


11 Reviews

September 09,2009


very expensive for bad food

i was very happy first when i saw kumarakom restaurant next to my hostel.....and i was waiting for the weekend to come to go there....all my friends including me went there and we ordered fish curry meals,chicken biriyani and the speciality karimeen,,,,,,i was expecting too much about the dish......what i got was total disappointment...the fish was wrapped in banana leaf and the leaf was bigger than the was too small and had only bones and nothing to eat from that......though the other dishes tasted good,......finally the bill came and it was too very expensive and still i cannnot digest paying so much for the bonny curry meen......horrible ...i was fooled


BeAware! Sodexo users!

Kumarkom accept sodhexo (its a ticket restaturant) but on the other hand it will accept it only from Monday to Thursday. They are making a huge money during the weekends and they are not bothered enough to get the coupons during these times! Hey i tell you fellow this is total crap! how the hell they can't accept these coupons! Either they dont accept throught the week else leave it as is! This is very self centered approach by the restaurant people!.



Nothing Keral abt it..

If you are looking to pay for the ambience and lil live music and some personal interaction from the manager then drop in. But if you are keen to taste Kerala delicacies then dont be dissappointed if you are served something that just looks like but not taste like...


1deepa - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 27,2009



we went out for a Treat at kumarakom at velachery

the taste was real good but unfortunately we ordered chicken , mutton and prawn biriyani wherein it tasted like a tomato rice and looked like a lemon rice
but i think the caters should go in for a RETRAINING in how to prepare biriyani
but Dragon chicken was mind blowing the taste was marvalous one can eat just one..




Costly affair

Kumarakom is too expensive. I can get the same quality of foor from Cresent Restaurant in Nungambakkam...


nautankey  - Burrp User


52 Reviews

December 29,2008


Unique one

kumarakom is pretty expensive and surely not a place where I would throw up a treat for anyone.

But then it's a unique place and one of its' kinds so wont mind for an occasional family outing. Loved all the dishes I had tasted there, the coconut oil flavor in the food gives the authentic kerala touch. Fish curry is the best in their menu card..


Kumarakom - From God’s Own Country

Being a foodie, I make it a point to visit one new restaurant every week. And guess what?? This time I hit on Kumarakom at Velachery, a new dot on the city map. For those of you who don’t know, Kumarakom is there in Velachery now on the Velachery-Tambaram Road in the same building as Nathella (nearby Sutherland). Now, I enter inside and find there is something completely ‘mallu’ about the place. Perhaps it is the coconut oil, curry leaf smell or the friendly achayans that do the wonders. The hotel’s interior resembles a Kerala-style house; brilliant décor, I must add - a sight that greets.

Kumarakom offers a repertoire of sea foods. To start with, I leaned towards the Appam and Kerala Chicken Curry. And to spice things up a little, I added a couple of more dishes. A seer fish tawa fry, Karemeen Pollichathu (karimeen fry) neatly wrapped in a banana leaf leaf – heavenly, makes me drool; a beef fry with coconut pieces - no idea about the taste; Chicken Lollypop - yummy and juicy, Kappa (Tapioca) and fish curry - a must try. Wait, it wasn’t all for me and before anybody jumps into conclusions about my gluttony, there were 3 other mouths to feed!

There is a list of vegetarian menu too at Kumarakom. But I am strictly non-vegetarian and therefore I cannot throw much light on it. It’s the non-vegetarian cuisine that’s alive and kicking in here! As we were munching, we listened to some pleasant classical songs in Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. At first, we mistook it to be a music system which played the songs, later we noticed it was actually sung by the employees! We had a surprise, albeit a very pleasant one. And trust me, they did a good job, superbly complimenting everything that had been laid out for consumption.

I have to air my everlasting grouse about eating here. The Karimeen Pollichathu is stunningly expensive about 120 bucks for a single fish! The AC charge was an unbelievable 30 bucks! Sure, we had a hole in our pockets in no time. But yes you can compromise when it comes to the killing taste and the excellent ambiance; not harmful once in a while don’t you think?

And yes, Kumarakom also has its presence in Anna Nagar and Kodambakkam High road too. In fact there are two outlets on Kodambakkam High Road. Sadly, one of them is a bit smaller and can accommodate only 40-50 members. We went to Velachery branch at around 9.30 pm and by the time we came out it was closing time at around 10.45 pm. In case you draw inspiration from my review and plan to drop in this weekend, let me warn you beforehand, this place is just mesmerizing and makes you addicted! Beware.


Keralicious and more!

Great food Less expensive A good place for the localites of Velachery to grab a quick and easy dinner while shopping in the so-many new outlets opened lately. Typical Kerala food. The appam is great. Try the egg fry and biriyani and ofcourse the puttu and kadla curry. I prefer it with sugar tho! Dont miss the paratta that comes at 10 bucks, it's so soft you cud eat a dozen! The place is definitely a delight for the fish eaters tho it does serve a variety to the veg/eggaterian tongues! Best thing in the restaurant is that it doenst just serve kerala food thats yummy but the northie stuff here like rotis and side dishes are awesome. I usually prefer only the specialities in a place but this one is an exception!