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> > > > Loyola Fast Foods

Loyola Fast Foods


  • Nelson Manickam Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai
  • Cakes

9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Loyola Fast Foods Reviews

piperer - Burrp User


16 Reviews

November 15,2012


Very very oily

Loyola fast foods is a glorified road side fast food stall. That means though it has seating and air conditioning, its rates are on par with the rates of fast food on the street. The food in Loyola too tastes just like most other places, nothing special except they put way too much oil and MSG in everything. I ordered their chop suey a terrible terrible idea and now I will never be able to eat chop suey ever again. The whole dish was an incongrous mass floating in a sea of oil. the noodles were fried in some really old and smelly oil. I was sick for two days and I can never go there ever again.



Unhygenic foods.

Not an hygenic place to have any kindof foods.

Happened to try their chicken fried rice and chilly chicken.

Both had the same pieces of chicken dipped in over corn flour.

Food much of corn flour fry in chicken pieces than the real chicken meat.

Too much oily and really unhygenic foods.


Desi Chinese

Top class. If you are low on budget and would still want to have a wholesome meal then you should be at the right place. Great for takeaways and friends meet. Been here several times and they don't disappoint us.


Desi Chinese

Top class. If you are low on budget and would still want to have a wholesome meal then you should be at the right place. Great for takeaways and friends meet. Been here several times and they don't disappoint us.


Desi-Chinese food. Cheap and best.

Having lived in the neighborhood for more than a decade, I have been a regular to this place since I was 15. It has been more than 6 years and yet the prices are still almost the same as they used to be when I was in school!

This place is the typical college-guys-low-budget hang out spot which serves surprisingly awesome food. I've tasted every single dish they serve and have no complaints about any of them! With my favorites being the szechwan fried rice and roast beef. Even their new addition, the roast duck, is amazing.

The best factor about this place is how pocket friendly it is! For a 100 bucks you can have a filling, delicious meal. Which includes flushing down everything with a bottle of 7up or coke. :D

This place is a must visit for anyone who cares about good food but is not too specific about hygiene or ambiance (ambiance? Lol. Why did I even use that term here?). Its a Classic Chennai Fast Food joint, exactly the way it is meant to be!


5 star food on a budget!!

I used to pass this food joint every day on my way to college and ever since the first instance of pocket money creeped in, I've been haunting this joint!! The chilly beef and egg fried rice is something other worldly!! The owner is very friendly and remembers you by name even if you visit after ages!! (at least he remembered me after 4 years!!) The chicken varieties are immense and lip smackingly tasty!! The place might look unhygenic with all the traffic, loud college crowd, but the food makes up for it all!! Excellent value for money and always ready with a smile to serve!!


Not a Gr8 Place

I have been to this place some time back.. Service levels were really poor ( pardon them... since they do not know, whatz the meaning of service). Unhygenic place, tastes also not good. No customers preferences for the making of the food. Though I live nearby and and go past this place for food, I AVOID it 100% to eat here. No positives for this joint. Only Negatives:
1. Poor interior - cramped
2. Not clean atmosphere be it tables and so on
3. Unfriendly staff ( should I say kitchen staff also...?)
4. Nil Service

Bye, EK - 09884481202


Feel at home, feed at the streets!

Well, this is a noisy local fast food but its home to many college kids and some who never get outa their college life mentally! I am a regular here tho i am not Loyola alumni! But the owner remembers u very well and gives a warm knowing smile and brings ur order asap.

You can order like in a friends place, the dirty tables won matter to u wen u taste the yummy omelets and fried rice, beyond words, typical street food! The best part is the egg white omelets they custom make for u and the salads for dieters! Teh menu options are surprising and everything is yummy! Must visit, unless ur too high maintenance, well then ur missing something!



Budget dining!

When you are studying in college, money IS tight, and when 4 people pool together cash to buy one dish and 6 people eat it.. you know it IS! :) that was our time in college.. more than 8 years ago.

the nice thing is that things have not changed much. except it looks a LOT more hep AND it hs an A/C room upstairs.

food is still the same, and sometime quite delicious. However, i just wish they have home delivery as there exists no car park and its dangerous even thinking of parking you car there.

The beef is world famous in Chennai, the fried rice is also something that MUST be tried.

Ambiance and cleanliness is something i wouldnt rate - but its something you get used to.