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> > > > Madera, The Raintree

Madera, The Raintree


  • 28309999
  • , The Raintree, 636, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai
  • Italian

1 Reviews / 1 Ratings

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Madera, The Raintree Reviews

Service goof ups

As you enter The raintree in Teynampet, on the extreme left is where Madera is located. The interiors are fairly simple, with earthy shades along the walls and the tables. Almost all the tables were taken, probably because it was Sunday! We occupied a table at the far corner and got down to catching up. My Friend was there with her colleagues and i was just joining them., The starters were already ordered, a mix of Non veg [Chicken and Prawn] and one veg [Vazhaipoo vadai] landed on the table with an assortment of chutneys.. They were quite good, simple and neat flavours...

For the main course, while the other 3 went in for meals, i chose Egg appam and Kadala Curry... The appam looked flat, literally, unlike the nice big fluffy ones i've had elsewhere, and the egg in the center was only semi cooked, not sure if that was intentional, i dint like the raw egg taste.. The kadala curry was good, delicious infact...My friend had requested for some avial which landed as she was about to be done with her thali...

The strangest thing kept happening through our meal.. There was a waiter [let us call him A"] who came bearing the cheque even before we were done ordering the main course, and we also noticed different waiters came to take order and serve us[ most places have a waiter assigned to a table and he is the one who cares through the meal].. And then when we were done with the main course and contemplating dessert, the same waiter A who brought us the cheque once again saying we had asked for it... We kinda lost it... And then there were those instances when they were happily dragging the tables and chairs around, making annoying screeching noises.....Apart from this the noise from the kitchen was also something we could not close our ears to.. There was constant screaming and vessels being moved around floating in the air.... We did take it up with the Matire de who said he will ensure it doesnt happen again.

We dint have dessert here, instead we decided to try some at the pastry shop in the Lobby..... The waiter did bring in a little tray with 3 different desserts saying it was part of the Thali- there was a jaggery based kheer, a scoop of ice cream and a Semiya kesari cake [which was literally sugar free]

if you overlook these service goof ups, the food was fairly decent, but then i dont want to decide based on one time visit....

I truly believe an experience includes the ambiance, the service, and ofcourse the food!!

Food- 7/10
Ambiance- 7/10 [if u ignore the noises and screeches]
Price- 7/10 [decent and not over the top pricing]
Good balance between veg and non veg dishes
Music playing in the background was quite nice, tempted to go ask what it was...

Overall rating -6/10
Go here if you are an ardent South Indian food fan!!